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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
175629 OctSTONEMary. .Daughter of John and GraceAllington PR
175927 SepSTEVENSElizabeth. ..Allington PR
176104 MarSTONEFrances. ..Allington PR
176103 MaySTONEDaniel. ..Allington PR
176419 OctSTONEGrace. ..Allington PR
177304 AprSTONEJohn. ..Allington PR
177331 DecSTONEGrace. .wife of John StoneAllington PR
1781?? JanLONGJane. ..Allington PR
178111 JanWHITTLEAndrew. ..Allington PR
178118 MarLONGElizabeth. ..Allington PR
181828 AugEWENSSamuel25 ..Allington PR
182112 MayEWENSJohn33 ..Allington PR
182210 MayEWENSJohn F1 ..Allington PR
182730 MarEWENSAlexander1 ..Allington PR
182717 DecEWENSGeorgeina14 ..Allington PR
183209 JanFOWLERSarahInfant ..Allington BT
183216 AugFOWLERJohn24 ..Allington BT
183230 DecORCHARDSeline7 ..Allington BT
183415 JunMARSHWilliam. ..Allington BT
183419 AugFOWLERSarah2 ..Allington BT
183423 NovEWENSMartha77 ..Allington PR
183412 DecEWENSSamuel16 ..Allington PR
183501 FebORCHARDJohn34 Allington.Allington BT
183512 FebEWENSWilliam George12 ..Allington PR
183606 SepEWENSJoseph50 ..Allington PR
183814 FebFOWLERJohn Peaden1 Allington.Allington BT
183901 MayFOWLERPamela AnneInfant ..Allington BT
183901 SepFOWLERHenry25 ..Allington BT
184123 MayMARSHMariaInfant ..Allington BT
184209 JunFOWLERWilliam31 Bridport.Allington BT
184231 DecORCHARDJohn2 ..Allington BT
184403 MarDOWTONGeorge78 Allington.Allington BT
184420 NovMARSHJamesInfant ..Allington BT
184804 JanMILLERRichard4 ..Allington PR
184816 MayWHEADONAnne56 ..Allington PR
184814 JunHELYARJesse34 ..Allington PR
184825 JulSTONEAnne40 Bridport Union House.Allington PR
184815 SepHELYARJane40 Forster Asylum in the Parish of Charminster.Allington PR
184921 JanMILLERPhoebe29 ..Allington PR
184922 JanDOWNEElizabeth27 Allington.Allington BT
184915 AprLONGLydia21 ..Allington PR
184922 AprMARSHJaneInfant ..Allington BT
184903 OctDIMENTPhiladelphia7 ..Allington PR
184923 OctSYMESEdithinfant ..Allington PR
184921 NovWHEADONCaroline1 ..Allington PR
184906 DecLONGEli25 ..Allington PR
184907 DecWHEADONSamuelinfant ..Allington PR
185114 FebRICHARDSEmily3 ..Allington PR
185308 MayPERROTTHannah74 ..Allington PR
185327 JulHARDYWilliaminfant ..Allington PR
185504 FebORCHARDHenry77 ..Allington PR
185504 FebORCHARDHenry77 ..Allington BT
185511 FebDIMENTSolomoninfant ..Allington PR
185530 MarFOWLERAnne42 ..Allington BT
185529 AprFORSEYRichard69 ..Allington PR
185506 MayDIMENTRichard59 ..Allington PR
185527 MaySYMESJames66 ..Allington PR
185524 AugRICHARDSAlfredinfant ..Allington PR
185513 NovMARSHHannah9 ..Allington BT
185715 OctMARSHJohnInfant ..Allington BT
185720 OctLONGWilliam3 ..Allington PR
185701 NovSYMESSusan80 ..Allington PR
185904 MarRICHARDSHannah Eliza5 Bridport.Allington PR
185920 MarPERROTTAnne73 ..Allington PR
185910 JulSTONEEliza59 ..Allington PR
186008 FebPERROTJoseph80 Bridport.Allington PR
186016 FebRICHARDSCharles George2 mths..Allington PR
186017 AprLONGElizabeth13 ..Allington PR
186024 MayBAGGMary Ann4 ..Allington PR
186011 NovDOWNTONMary106 ..Allington BT
186120 JanFORSEYCaroline Jane17 ..Allington PR
186110 JunMARSHHenry9 months ..Allington BT
186105 JulRICHARDSHenry76 ..Allington PR
186126 JulMARSHLevi5 weeks ..Allington BT
186126 DecFORSEYAnna53 Bridport.Allington PR
186308 JanMARSHMary Ann53 ..Allington BT
186329 MarSTONEElizabeth10 mths ..Allington PR
186303 MayWHEADONMary54 ..Allington PR
186323 JulWHEADONAlfred16 mths ..Allington PR
186324 JulRICHARDSGeorge6 mths ..Allington PR
186324 JulDOWNWilliam Henry39 Allington.Allington BT
186313 SepBAGGThomas79 ..Allington PR
186307 DecPERROTTMary Anna. ..Allington PR
186320 DecDOWNEmily Alice4 months ..Allington BT
186619 FebDIMENTMary Jane4 mths ..Allington PR
186606 MaySTONEAnne89 ..Allington PR
186608 MayRICHARDSSarah82 ..Allington PR
186619 AugBOWSELLCharles Symes14 wks ..Allington PR
186612 OctSTONESarah72 ..Allington PR
186703 FebBAGGWilliam15 mths ..Allington PR
186704 AugPERROTTEliza Jane9 months ..Allington PR
186711 AugMARSHAnn56 ..Allington BT
186723 AugMARSHSarah53 ..Allington BT
186923 FebMAJORCharles38 Brecklesbury Berks.Allington PR
186914 AprSTONEJames64 ..Allington PR
186910 NovHOSKINSHerbert William Symes 5..Allington PR
187030 JanRICHARDSSarah71 ..Allington PR
187015 MayFOWLERMary91 ..Allington BT
187001 SepDIMENTJohn3 mths ..Allington PR
187229 JanLONGAnnie22 ..Allington PR
187211 FebRICHARDSHerbert3 wks ..Allington PR
187407 JanMARSHJohn George2 ..Allington BT
187407 JanMARSHRichard George2 ..Allington BT
187413 MaySYMESEliza80 Bridport.Allington PR
187418 NovORCHARDHannah84 ..Allington PR
187418 NovORCHARDHannah84 ..Allington BT
187427 NovRICHARDSAda3 wks ..Allington PR
187504 AprDIMENTSJohn James8 mths ..Allington PR
187512 DecRICHARDSCharles66 ..Allington PR
187718 AprLONGGeorge87 ..Allington PR
187723 MayMARSHEliza70 ..Allington BT
187826 OctDIMENTJane71 ..Allington PR
187913 FebORCHARDFrancis70 Bridport.Allington PR
187913 FebORCHARDFrances70 ..Allington BT
187920 FebRICHARDSGeorge10 ..Allington PR
187922 AprCLAREHannah75 ..Allington PR
187907 JulLONGLucy83 ..Allington PR
187913 OctSYMESWilliam1 ..Allington PR
187925 OctSYMESAnne72 Allington.Allington PR

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