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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurnameForenameFatherMotherBirthdate and PlaceAbodeFather's OccupationCommentSource
180214 NovSTICKLEYJames.Ann Stickley...BastardBere Regis BT
180627 DecHUXFORDMariaWilliam. ....Bere Regis BT
181120 JulSTANDFIELDJames Archibald John.....Bere Regis BT
181416 OctCOBBMargaretJohn Susanna....Bere Regis BT
181404 DecHUXFORDAnne MaryWilliam Ann....Bere Regis BT
181505 FebSTANDFIELDRobertJohn Matilda..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
1816/1717 JunHUXFORDElizabeth William JnrAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
181621 JulCOBBWilliamJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
181705 OctSTANDFIELDSamuelJohn Matilda..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
181814 JunCOBBHannahJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
181814 OctHUXFORDWilliam WilliamAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
1818?? OctBE(A)TTRICKSusannaJohn BEATTRICKMargaret Stickley..ShoemakerMother Wife of John StickleyBere Regis BT
182009 AprCOBBMarkJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
182129 AprHUXFORDElizabeth WilliamAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
182129 AprHUXFORDWilliam WilliamAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
182129 AprHUXFORDJane WilliamAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
182210 MarCOBBSamuelJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
182301 JunFUDGESylvester SylvesterElizabeth....Bere Regis PR
182303 AugHUXFORDFanny WilliamAnn..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
182408 FebSTANDFIELDWilliam. Clementina...BastardBere Regis PR
182624 DecCOBBFannyJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
182902 AugCOBBHarrietJohn Susanna..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
183025 AprCOBBGeorgeJohn Catherine..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
183110 OctCOBBCarolineJohn Catherine..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
183321 JulSTANDFIELDHarriet Maria .Clementine....Bere Regis BT
183321 JulSTANDFIELDCharles Henry .Clementine....Bere Regis BT
183306 OctCOBBJamesJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
183419 MarCOBBMary Ann. Margaret....Bere Regis BT
183525 MaySTICKLEYElizabeth JoyceJamesJane....Bere Regis BT
183507 JunCOBBJohnJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
183630 OctCOBBMark. Mary Ann....Bere Regis BT
183702 JulHUXFORDElizabeth Jane WilliamElizabeth..Cordwainer.Bere Regis BT
183709 JulSTICKLEYWilliam JamesJane....Bere Regis BT
183730 JulCOBBSethJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
183811 MarCOBBThyrza. Margaret....Bere Regis BT
183927 JanHUXFORDJohn WilliamElizabeth..Cordwainer.Bere Regis BT
183904 AugCOBBEliJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
183912 AugCOBBHonnorJoseph Eliza....Bere Regis BT
184016 AugHUXFORDJames WilliamElizabeth..Cordwainer.Bere Regis BT
184128 FebCOBBMary JaneWilliam Elizabeth....Bere Regis BT
184121 MarCOBBCharles. Margaret....Bere Regis BT
184115 AugSTICKLEYJames Melmoth? DavisJamesJane....Bere Regis BT
184112 SepCOBBElizabeth AnnThomas Sarah..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184120 OctCOBBEdmundJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
184206 FebCOBBElizaJoseph Eliza....Bere Regis BT
184201 MayHUXFORDGeorgeWilliam Elizabeth..Cordwainer/Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
184201 MayHUXFORDCharlotteWilliam Elizabeth..Cordwainer/Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
184207 AugCOBBMary Hobbs. Mary....Bere Regis BT
184318 MarSTICKLEYMaryJames (Shepherd)Jane Stickley.of Hyde..Bere Regis BT
184324 MarHUXFORDKiziahWilliam Elizabeth..Shoemaker.Bere Regis BT
184312 DecCOBBElizabethJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
184418 AugCOBBLouisaWilliam Elizabeth....Bere Regis BT
184505 OctCOBBIsraelJoseph Eliza....Bere Regis BT
184528 DecCOBBJosephJohn Catherine....Bere Regis BT
184612 SepCOBBSamuel CharlesSamuel Mary Ann..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184613 SepSTANDFIELDAnn .Clementine....Bere Regis BT
184613 SepSTANDFIELDJames .Clementine....Bere Regis BT
184613 SepSTANDFIELDGeorge .Clementine....Bere Regis BT
184605 DecCOBBLeviWilliam Elizabeth....Bere Regis BT
1847/820 FebCOBBVirtueJohn Maria....Bere Regis BT
1847/820 FebCOBBAnnJohn Maria....Bere Regis BT
1847/820 FebCOBBJohnJohn Maria....Bere Regis BT
184820 FebCOBBAdolophusJohn Maria....Bere Regis BT
184811 JunCOBBCharlesJohn Catherine..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184803 DecSTICKLEYAnn RichardHarriet..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184914 JanCOBBEdaGeorge Priscilla Standfield..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184911 FebCOBBMosesJoseph Eliza..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184911 MarCOBBElizabeth MarthaSamuel Mary Ann..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184911 MarCOBBMary JaneSamuel Mary Ann..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
184931 OctCOBBSusannaJohn Catherine..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185121 AugCOBBDaniel JohnSamuel Mary Ann..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185107 DecCOBBFannyJohn Caroline..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185514 OctCOBBMarkJohn Caroline..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185530 DecSTICKLEYGeorge RichardHarriet..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185708 FebCOBBCharles JohnSeth Ann Maria..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
185705 JulCOBBElizaWilliam Elizabeth..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186005 FebCOBBEmilyWilliam Elizabeth..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186004 MarCOBBArthur HenrySeth Ann Maria..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186106 OctSTICKLEYJames RichardHarriet..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186205 AprCOBBJulia AnnSeth Ann Maria..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186304 JanHUXFORDWilliam George GeorgeHarriet..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186304 JanSTANDFIELDAnn CharlesHannah..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186301 MarCOBBCatherine Mary Mirium EdmundMary..Soldier in 1st Batt. 60th Rifles .Bere Regis BT
186625 FebSTICKLEYFannyRichard Harriet.Of Woodbury HillLabourer.Bere Regis BT
186605 MayCOBB?inien?Edwin Mary..Soldier.Bere Regis BT
186710 MarCOBBMary SusanSamuel Mary.Woodbury HillYeoman.Bere Regis BT
186707 AprSTANDFIELDSamuel Charles CharlesHannah..Shepherd.Bere Regis BT
186702 JunCOBBFrankSeth Ann..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186709 DecSTICKLEYFrank RichardHarriet..Farmer.Bere Regis BT
186916 JunCOBBGeorgeCharles Hannah..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
186929 OctCOBBMisconich? Hannah SamuelMary.Woodbury HillFarmerPrivate Baptism. Then recieved into the Church 25 December 1869Bere Regis BT
187027 JulCOBB?ermick StephanCharles Elizabeth.Of the HeathLabourer.Bere Regis BT
187006 NovSTANDFIELDEmma Elizabeth WilliamVirtue..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187116 JulSTANDFIELDHarrietCharles Hannah..Shepherd.Bere Regis PR
187228 AprCOBBMichael MorrisCharles Elizabeth..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187424 MarCOBBJuneEdmund Mary..Soilder.Bere Regis BT
187424 MarCOBBWalterSeth Ann....Bere Regis BT
187430 AugCOBBMargaret LucyCharles Elizabeth..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187418 OctSTANDFIELDLevi WilliamVirtue.Shitterton..Bere Regis BT
187524 MarCOBBFrederick Charles Samuel CharlesHannah.Woodbury HillLabourer .Bere Regis BT
187531 MarCOBBDaniel FrankDaniel JohnSarah.Woodbury HillDealer.Bere Regis BT
187519 SepSTICKLEYMathewRichard Harriet..LabourerOf Woodbury HillBere Regis BT
187923 FebCOBBAlbert JamesFrank Isabella Louisa..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187914 JunCOBBA??ie?Samuel Charles Emma.Woodbury HillFarmer.Bere Regis BT
187917 JulCOBBSarah AnnJoseph Eliza..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187917 JulCOBBRosannaJoseph Eliza..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187917 JulCOBBEmily JaneJoseph Eliza..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187917 JulCOBBJoseph GeorgeJoseph Eliza..Labourer.Bere Regis BT
187921 DecSTICKLEYGeorgeWilliam Annie..Labourerof Brick KilnBere Regis BT
188829 JanSTANDFIELDElsie Maud HenryEllen13 October 1887.Carter.Bere Regis PR
189016 NovSTANDFIELDHilda Bessie HenryEllen.1 September 1890Labourer.Bere Regis PR
189316 JulSTANDFIELDArthur George HenryEllen.15 June 1893Bricklayer.Bere Regis PR

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