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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateGROOM'S SURNAMEForenameStatus AgeOccupationResidenceGrooms Father BRIDE'S SURNAMEForenameStatusAgeOccupation ResidenceBrides FatherWitnessesCommentReference
176702 MarSTICKLEYJames.. ...WOOLSEY?Ann...... .Bere Regis BT
176920 AugSTICKLEYWilliam.. ...SQUIBMary...... .Bere Regis BT
1769?? ???STOCKLEY?.. ...HUXFORD?Betty...... .Bere Regis BT
180122 JunALLINGHAMJames.. ...STICKLEYElizabeth...... .Bere Regis BT
180229 JulSTANDFIELDJohn.. ...HENWOODMatilda..... William Rawles & Edward CasherOfficiating Minister: Thomas Williams, VicarBere Regis PR
180602 AugSTICKLEYStephan.. ...TOMMMaria...... .Bere Regis BT
181529 NovSTICKLEYJohn jnr.. ...BATTRICKSusanna..... Thomas WALSH & Thomas TILLY.Bere Regis BT
182819 FebSTICKLEYJamesWidower. ...DAVISJane..... John STICKLEY & Elizabeth STICKLEY.Bere Regis BT
182815 AprROMAINE?George.. ...STICKLEYMaria..... James ASH & James FANNVIEL?.Bere Regis BT
183013 NovSTICKLEYGeorge.. .Milborne Stylham(Stileham?).HALLEliza. ....R? HALL & Thomas STICKLEY.Bere Regis BT
183025 DecBATTRICKGeorge.. ...STANDFIELDDorothy..... Isaac Gibbons & Charlotte Ricketts.Bere Regis PR
183308 AprSTICKLEYIsaac?.. .Milborne Stylham.DAVISElizabeth. ....George STICKLEY & Thomas TILLY.Bere Regis BT
183426 FebSTANDFIELDJames.. ...POPEMary..... Robert Standfield & Thomas Tilley.Bere Regis PR
183426 AugBROWNPhilip.. .Milborne Stylham.STICKLEYGrace. ..Milborne Stylham.Thomas WELLSTED & May Ann CUFFE.Bere Regis BT
183517 MayBATTRICKGeorge.. ...WOODROWGrace..... John & Susanna STICKLEY.Bere Regis BT
183628 FebSTANDFIELDJohn.. ...HAWKINSAnn..... Eliza Hawkins & James StickleyOfficiating Minister: G RickardsBere Regis PR
186021 SepSTANDFIELDWilliambachelor 20.Bere RegisJohn StanfieldCOBBVirtue spinster17.Bere RegisJohn CobbJohn Standfield & Mary Phillips.Bere Regis PR
186104 JulSTANDFIELDCharles Henry bachelor27LabourerBere Regis.GIBBONSHannah spinster18.Bere RegisIsaac GibbonsPhillips & Sarah RiggsOfficiating Minister: Thomas Studholme, VicarBere Regis PR
188202 FebPUCKETTFrankbachelor 35Plate Layer on RailwayBriantspuddleWilliam Puckett STANDFIELDEmmaspinster35.Bere RegisJohn StandfieldWilliam Standfield & Emma Stickley.Bere Regis PR
188520 SepSTANDFIELDHenrybachelor 21Plate Layer on RailwayBere RegisWilliam Standfield THOMASEllen Janespinster26.Bere RegisGeorge ThaomasFrank Puckett & Emma Puckett.Bere Regis PR
188801 OctSTICKLEYFrankbachelor 21WoodmanBere RegisRichard StickleySTANDFIELD Louisa Janespinster21.Bere RegisWilliam StandfieldWilliam Stickley & Fanny StickleyOfficiating Minister: C F L Sweet, VicarBere Regis PR
189228 NovCOAKESHarveybachelor 31LabourerBloxworthReuben CoakesSTANDFIELDEmma Elizabethspinster22.Bere RegisWilliam StandfieldHarry Standfield & Ellen Jane StandfieldOfficiating Minister: William Farrer, VicarBere Regis PR
190004 JunSTANDFIELDLevibachelor ..Bere RegisWilliam StandfieldTARRANTEleanor spinster..Bere RegisGeorge William Tarrant Harry Standfield & Agnes Standfield.Bere Regis PR

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