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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
173209 NovDOWNWilliam. ..Bradpole BT
173421 JulDOWNElizabeth. ..Bradpole BT
173411 AugDOWNThomas. .son of John and MaryBradpole BT
173425 AugDOWNJoseph. .son of John and MaryBradpole BT
173629 AugDOWNJohn. ..Bradpole BT
174129 JunDOWNThomas. ..Bradpole BT
174214 FebDOWNSusanna. ..Bradpole BT
174622 FebDOWNWilliam. ..Bradpole BT
177907 MarLEGGWilliam. .Son of Edward and MaryBradpole BT
178820 MayLEGGMatthew. ..Bradpole BT
179421 OctBAGGJoseph. ..Bradpole BT
179818 MarBAGGJohn. ..Bradpole BT
1798?? JulBAGGMary. ..Bradpole BT
179904 AugBISHOPSarah. ..Bradpole BT
1800?? JulHANSFORDHannah. ..Bradpole BT
180004 SepBISHOPWilliam. ..Bradpole BT
180513 AugBAGGDeborah. ..Bradpole BT
180526 AugBAGGDeborah. ..Bradpole BT
180906 AugBAGGElizabeth. ..Bradpole BT
181511 AprKEECHBenjamin1 BradpoleBy HartwellBradpole BT
181521 AprLEGGJohnInfant .By HartwellBradpole BT
182217 JulHANSFORDMary30 .by Sam WillisBradpole BT
182324 MarHANSFORDMarena3 .by PayneBradpole BT
182910 SepBAGGElizabeth55 .by Evan NepeanBradpole BT
183004 AugHANSFORDRichard52 .By T. TaylorBradpole BT
183018 AugHANSFORDMary22 .By T. TaylorBradpole BT
183104 DecLEGGEHenryInfant .By T. TaylorBradpole BT
183414 JunHANSFORDCharlotte25 .By T. TaylorBradpole BT
183614 JunSYMESMary82 .By Francis OakleyBradpole BT
184130 DecVINCENTJane84 Union House in BradpoleA Pauper belonging to parish of Puncknowle By Francis OakleyBradpole BT
1844?? ???STEVENSElizabeth71 ..Bradpole BT
188706 JanTRAVERSAnn74 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
188720 AugTRAVERSDavid60 Pymore.Bradpole PR
188805 FebHILESarah81 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189315 MayHILEJohn59 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189514 MayGIBBSAnne79 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189512 AprTRAVERSMary Ann68 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189515 AprPATTENElsie Elizabeth Caroline 14 monthsBradpole.Bradpole PR
189518 AprPARSONSAlexander38 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189502 MayLATHEYRobert80 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189502 MayWILCOXAnnie Emily17 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189520 JunFURMADGEMariana7 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189523 JunSTONEEli67 Middle Street, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189607 JanTUCKCharlotte66 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189720 OctLACEYSamuel83 St. Andrew's Well, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189728 OctTHOMASJohn Wilkins53 1 St. Andrew's Terrace, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189709 NovSTONEWalter Harold21 Tunis Terrace, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189710 NovTRAVERSRichard73 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189803 JanWARRENElizabeth82 Bedford Terrace, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189803 FebTHOMASElizabeth Harding82 Bradpole Road, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189803 FebMATTHEWSJohn82 St. Andrew's Well, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
189805 FebTHOMASJohn70 Bradpole Road, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190008 MarPERROTTJames62 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190112 MarPERROTTMary Ann77 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190123 MayTRAVERSThomas56 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190706 MarTRAVERSSarah Ann66 St. Andrew's Road, Bridport.Bradpole PR
190701 JunHERRINGElizabeth79 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190712 JunPOOLEGordon Samuel9 months St. Andrew's Road, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190704 JulTRAVERSJohn68 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190711 JulGREENINGJohn84 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190713 JulFOOTEGeorge8 Months 3 Knapp Cottages, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190724 JulGALESarah69 Pymore.Bradpole PR
190708 AugSHEPPERDElizabeth Ann71 St. Andrew's Road, Bridport.Bradpole PR
190701 NovSTRONGPeter93 Pymore, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
190804 SepTRAVERSGeorge69 St. Andrew's Road, Bridport.Bradpole PR
191214 SepTRAVERSElizabeth80 4 Pymore Buildings, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191425 JulTRAVERSElizabeth Blanche23 St. Andrew's Road, Bridport.Bradpole PR
191624 JanGALELouisa23 Fishweir Lane, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191609 MarGALEDorothy Louisa13 monthsFishweir Lane, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191630 MarMILLERAlfred58 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191620 AprBRADLEYAlexander Meyrick 69Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191601 MayTRAVERSElizabeth Caroline 78Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191606 MayLEGGEllen69 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191620 MayCRABBBessie8 Walford Farm, Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191627 MayTURNEREllen Jane35 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191724 SepTRAVERSFrederick William51 Bradpole.Bradpole PR
191830 OctLATHEYCharles41 Bradpole.Bradpole PR

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