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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbode and/or CommentsSource
163609 AugHANSFORDAgnis. .Loders PR's
163611 JanHANSFORDEdith. .Loders PR's
163706 MayHANSFORDJoane. .Loders PR's
163808 AprHANSFORDJohn. .Loders PR's
163806 OctHUNNIBORNEAnnis. .Loders PR's
163919 AprHANSFORDJohn. .Loders PR's
163906 JulHANSFORDEidith. .Loders PR's
164007 MayHANSFORDEdith. .Loders PR's
164315 DecTRAVERSHenry. .Loders PR's
164316 DecTRAVERSWilliam. .Loders PR's
164323 DecTRAVERSJohn. .Loders PR's
164312 JanTRAVERSCharles. .Loders PR's
164402 DecTRAVERSThomas. .Loders PR's
164504 JulHUNNIBORNEHen.. .Loders PR's
164508 OctTREAVERSEJoane. .Loders PR's
164725 NovHANSFORDSusan. .Loders PR's
164710 MarHONIBORNEJohn. .Loders PR's
164812 MayTRAVERSAgnes. .Loders PR's
164825 NovHONIBORNEAnne. .Loders PR's
164910 MarHANSFORDJoane. .Loders PR's
172921 DecHUTCHINSWilliam. .Loders PR's
173504 AugWILLIAMSMary. Loders- LamiatLoders PR's
173810 MayPARKERFrances. Wife of AbrahamLoders PR's
174219 SepHUTCHINSMary. .Loders PR's
174628 MayWILLIAMSElizabeth. Loders - Wife of JosephLoders PR's
178211 AugHUTCHINGSAnne (Widow). LodersLoders PR's
1774?? AprPARKERRuth. Wife of AbrahamLoders PR's
178310 JanCHILCOTTAnn. .Loders PR's
180918 OctWILLIAMSGeorge. .Loders PR's
182217 MarHYDEWilliam55 Years LodersLoders PR's
182325 JulWILLIAMSAnne96 Years LodersLoders PR's
182516 JanWILLIAMSJohn72 Years LodersLoders PR's
183208 JanGALEMary82 Years .Loders PR's
183309 SepHYDESusan15 Years LodersLoders PR's
184410 AprHYDESarah79 Years LodersLoders PR's
185526 FebGALEDavid65 Years LodersLoders PR's
185527 MayHYDEThomas27 Years LodersLoders PR's
185501 AugWILLIAMSSarah48 Years LodersLoders PR's
185715 MarGALEElizabeth71 Years LodersLoders PR's
185812 SepWILLIAMSAnn90 Years LodersLoders PR's
185918 JanHYDEMatthew21 Years LodersLoders PR's
186210 MarHYDESarah51 Years LodersLoders PR's
186820 JanGALEHugh Samways52 Years Up LodersLoders PR's
186828 JunGALEJohn71 Years LodersLoders PR's
186824 NovWILLIAMSThomas. LodersLoders PR's
187107 JulSTEELEAda?66 Years LodersLoders PR's
187131 DecHYDESarah79 Years Up LodersLoders PR's
187228 JanSTEELEAlice11 Years LodersLoders PR's
187227 OctSTEELEFloura Ann3 Years LodersLoders PR's
187201 NovGALECharles49 Years LodersLoders PR's
187320 AprHYDEThomas26 Years Up LodersLoders PR's
187330 AugHYDEJohn Travers. Little BredyLoders PR's
187416 FebHYDEHannah54 Years White House, BradpoleLoders PR's
187502 SepGALEJohn25 Years LodersLoders PR's
187503 SepHYDEJohn40 Years LodersLoders PR's
187628 MayGALESamuel Robert4 Years LodersLoders PR's
188028 JanGALEEliza3 Months Up LodersLoders PR's

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