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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

No.YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
.174324 AugWINSORMary. .Dau of Simon and MaryPiddlehinton BT
.176010 JulWINSORMary. .Wife of SimonPiddlehinton BT
.177108 AprWINDSORMargaret. ..Piddlehinton BT
.177218 OctWATTJames. ..Piddlehinton BT
.177427 OctWINDSORSusannah. .Wife of SimonPiddlehinton BT
.177825 AugSIMMSJane. PiddletrenthideWife of JohnPiddlehinton BT
.178525 MayMOORESarah. ..Piddlehinton BT
.178903 FebWINSORSimon. ..Piddlehinton BT
.179621 AugWATTSSarah. ..Piddlehinton BT
.1807?? ?????????????. ..Piddlehinton BT
.181116 MaySTEVENSMartha. ..Piddlehinton BT
No.147183705 FebCAKEElizabeth 50Piddlehintonby ColstonPiddlehinton BT
No.160183712 DecGUYGeorge26 Piddlehintonby Morton ColstonPiddlehinton BT
No.172183810 MayLEGGWilliam26 Little Piddleby CarterPiddlehinton BT
.184105 JulCAKEMary21 Piddlehinton.Piddlehinton BT
No.257184807 DecGUYWilliam80 PiddlehintonBy George CokePiddlehinton BT
No.287185102 FebVINCENTJacob85 PiddlehintonBy Wm BarnesPiddlehinton BT
No.291185116 JunGUYJames66 PiddlehintonBy CokePiddlehinton BT
.185515 AugGUYAlma6 months PiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.339185612 JanJEANESRobert InfantPiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.356185801 MarTREVETTMary80 Whitehall, PiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.368185911 FebJEANESSarah 72PiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.376186002 MarJEANESJohn 74PiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.398186211 DecJANESMartha 68PiddlehintonBy Geo Francis CokePiddlehinton BT
No.411186404 AugVINCENTRobert 63PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.426186618 MayCAKEJohn 81PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.461187222 JanVINCENTElizabeth 83PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
.187216 AugBISHOPMary Ann 10 MonthsPiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.482187302 DecWINZERAnn 82PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.498187505 FebJEANESRobert John 3PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.500187526 AprHANSFORDRichard 74PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.502187512 MayWINZERJames 85PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.522187725 MayROPERJohn Cecil Woodd17The Recyory, PiddlehintonBy Herbert CadyPiddlehinton BT
No.549188028 JanVINCENTThomas 87Dorchester Union HouseBy RoperPiddlehinton BT
No.550188021 FebVINCENTMartha 77PiddlehintonBy RoperPiddlehinton BT

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