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(Bishop's Transcripts)

BT Register Transcriptions

kindly donated by

Shirley West

No.YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
.180130 AprSTEVENSHenry. Bridportby William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180101 MayTHORNERElizabeth. .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180230 DecVINCENTRobert.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180230 DecHANSFORDRobert.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180406 DecTOMKINSSusannahInfant .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180512 MayVINCENTJane.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180607 JanCHURCHILLElizabeth. .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180611 MayDRAKESusannah William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180817 MayKEECH-HARDYMary.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180823 DecVINCENTRhoda.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180921 OctTOMKINSJohn.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.180905 DecVINCENTSarah.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181011 JanREADMary.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181005 AprTREVETTEustace.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181107 JulTREVETTElizabeth. .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181205 JanTHORNERRobert.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181226 MarHARDYRobert.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181209 SepTREVETTElizabeth. .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181213 SepVINCENTDorothy.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181216 OctCHAINEYJamesInfant .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181218 NovHANSFORDElizabeth. .by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181229 DecGRAYWilliam.. by William DaubneyPuncknowle BT
.181328 JanWALLBRIDGEHezekiah15 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181301 FebSTEVENSRichard68 Druceby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181312 JunTREVETTElizabeth65 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181322 JulGRAYJane56 Banton?by Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181324 JulHANSFORDAnne31 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.1814?? ???HANSFORDGeorge.. .Puncknowle BT
.1814?? ???MOOREMary.. .Puncknowle BT
.1814?? ???STEVENSJoan.. .Puncknowle BT
.181502 MarGRAYGeorgeInfant Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181525 MarSAMWAYSSamuel82 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181529 OctTHORNERMary55 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181620 MayTREVETMary78 Long Bredyby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181620 JulHANSFORDHonor40 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181715 OctKELLAWAYElizabeth75 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181824 JulCOXUni12 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181917 MarTHORNERJane64 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181917 MarCHURCHILLThomas64 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181928 MayCHENEYAnn4 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.181905 DecHANSFORDEdith. Puncknowleby R. CoxPuncknowle BT
.181913 DecKELLAWAYWilliam13 Puncknowleby R. CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 25182025 JanTHORNEMary90 Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 26182018 AprCHURCHILLCharles InfantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 28182017 MayTREVETTEdward 79Long Bredyby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 29182020 DecCHENEYThomas InfantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 27182122 FebVINCENTAnne 22Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 28182111 MarCHURCHILLJohn 20Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 29182103 JunTHORNERJoseph ?Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 30182119 AugCLARKPatience 58Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 32182130 SepVINCENTRichard 25Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 33182103 OctCHURCHILLHenry ?Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
.182310 AprSTEVENSJames 41Druce near Dorchestorby R CoxPuncknowle BT
.182322 MayDRAKEThomas 47Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
.182314 SepTREVETTEdward 48Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
.182303 DecHANSFORDElizabeth 85Puncknowleby R CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 49182530 SepCOZENSRobert 2 DaysPuncknowleby Geo CornellPuncknowle BT
No. 50182520 DecHANSFORDJoseph 18 MonthsPuncknowleby Geo CornellPuncknowle BT
.182722 FebCHAINEYJoseph InfantPuncknowleby G.C. FromePuncknowle BT
No. 61182725 AprHANSFORDGeorge InfantPuncknowleby J. CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 62182718 NovCHURCHILLWilliam 68Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.182730 DecHANSFORDWilliam 79Puncknowleby G.C. FromePuncknowle BT
No. 65182802 JanKELLAWAYSarah 65Puncknowleby J. CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 65182802 JanKELLAWAYSarah 65Puncknowleby J. CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 66182816 FebVINCENTSarah 73Puncknowleby J. CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 67182827 MarCHAINEYJohn 36Puncknowleby J. CoxPuncknowle BT
.182819 JunTOMKINSNicholas 83Puncknowleby Richard CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 71182917 JanGRAYSarah 76Chideockby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 72182926 JanCHAINEYMary Ann 1 yearPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.182915 MayDRAKEWilliam 31Ashleyby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 75182914 SepKELLAWAYElizabeth 46Bexingtonby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 76182922 OctTOMKINSJane 84Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 77183007 OctCOXElizabeth infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 78183014 OctTOMKINSGeo infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 79183031 OctCHENEYThurza 2Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 80183024 NovKELLAWAYWilliam 1Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 81183016 MarVINCENTAnne 63Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 82183130 JanHANSFORDRichard 4Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 82183116 MarTREVETTElizabeth 63Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.183125 SepMOOREWilliam 6 monthsPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.183127 DecTHORNERWilliam 37Puncknowleby Rev. D. Cox Rector of Litton Cheney Puncknowle BT
No. 88183230 JunHANSFORDSarah infantPuncknowleby Rev. D. Cox Rector of Litton Cheney Puncknowle BT
No. 89183227 AugHANSFORDWilliam infantPuncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
.183227 AugCHAINEYJohn 74Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 91183312 MayTHORNERRhoda 23Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No. 92183315 MayWALLBRIDGEWilliam 70Puncknowleby James CoxPuncknowle BT
No. 93183326 MayTHORNERRhoda infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 94183310 JunTOMKINSElizabeth infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 95183309 NovCHENEYUni infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 97183404 FebTOMKINSRichard 58Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 98183417 FebSTEVENSJohn 33Woodford Castleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No. 99183419 MarWALBRIDGEJane 77Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.100183419 AprWALBRIDGEElizabeth 50Lookby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.107183513 JulCHENEYJoseph 76Puncknowlefound drowned in Parsonage Pond Coroner verdict ???? by Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.110183512 DecGRAYWilliam 23Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.1111835?? ???THORNE? 64Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.112183520 DecTREVETSusan infantPuncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.116183606 OctGRAYSarah 42Forston?by Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.118183728 MayTOMKINSAnn Cheney 4Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
.183720 JulCHAINEYThomas 76Puncknowleby Geo FromePuncknowle BT
No.121183707 NovGRAYSelina Bird 82Puncknowleby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.122183724 NovPURCHESRobert 79Puncknowleby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.125183824 AprTOMKINSKezia 27Weymouthby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.1261838?? MayTREVETTGeorge 18 monthsPuncknowleby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.127183803 JunMOOREWilliam 3Sturthillby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.128183830 JunHANSFORDMary 67Puncknowleby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
.183829 NovTREVETTJohn 86Puncknowleby Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
.183911 JanHANSFORDMatthew 68Puncknowleby J. Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.131183920 MarMOOREThomas 58Puncknowleby J. Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.133183908 JunTHORNEREdith 79Puncknowleby J. Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.134183921 DecTOMKINSRichard 40Puncknowleby J. Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.137184029 AprTHORNERWilliam 62Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
.184011 AugNORTHOVERSarah infantPuncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.141184120 MarCHENEYElizabeth 84Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.143184120 SepTOMKINSAnn 36Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.144184221 FebGRAYAnne 50Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.145184228 FebTOMKINSJames 58Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.147184204 AugGRAYMary 48Bothenhamptonby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.148184223 SepSTEVENSMartha 23Puncknowleby James Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
No.150184224 DecGRAYElizabeth 66Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
.184304 FebCLARKJohn 79Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
.184329 AprGRAYRobert 60Puncknowleby James Cox of LittonPuncknowle BT
.184330 JulTREVETTWilliam 53Bexingtonby G. FromePuncknowle BT
.1843?? SepDEVENISHJohn William 1 year 2 monthsMaiden Newtonby G. FromePuncknowle BT
.184321 OctTOMKINSRichard 1Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
.184319 DecCHENEYJames 1Puncknowleby G. FromePuncknowle BT
No.155184413 AugTHORNERSusannah 84Bridport Unionby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.156184410 OctTHORNERGrace 65Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.159184502 FebHANSFORDChristian 79Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.160184514 MayGRAYWilliam 20Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.161184514 MayGRAYJohn 2Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.162184519 MayDEVENISHAnne BartlettinfantMaiden Newtonby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.163184521 JulWALBRIDGEJohn HawkinsinfantLookby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.1641845?? ???CHURCHILLSarah ...Puncknowle BT
No.168184516 OctTREVETTMary 72Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.169184527 DecTOMKINSDinah 66Puncknowleby Rev. James CoxPuncknowle BT
No.178184610 MarGRAYJohn 33Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.181184623 NovTHORNERMary 70Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.182184624 DecGRAYSameul 19Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.183184624 DecTREVETTGeorge infantPuncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.184184631 DecCHENEYThomas infantPuncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.186184707 JanSTEVENSJohn 79Sydling St Nicholasby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.188184724 JanTREVETTWilliam 78Bexington in Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.191184701 MarTOMKINSGeorge 33PuncknowleParish Clerk by J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.193184717 AprGRAYDavid 17Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.194184727 AprTREVETTJames 4Bexington in Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.195184701 MayHANSFORDSarah 75Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.197184722 AugGRAYSelina 22Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.199184808 JanTOMKINSJoseph 73Puncknowleby J. EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.200184829 FebGRAYJames31 Puncknowleby David Williams Curate of SwyrePuncknowle BT
No.201184811 MarGRAYElizabeth 26Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.202184811 MarCHENEYJane 2monthsPuncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.203184812 MarTOMKINSHezekiah 4Bexington in Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.204184822 MayCLARKJob 2Puncknowleby EstridgePuncknowle BT
No.207184820 OctTOMKINSRichard 42Cheselbourne a parishioner of Puncknowleby Estridge Puncknowle BT

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