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YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
157812 AprLODERJohn. .Son of John baptised 6 April 1578Sherborne PR
161809 FebLODERAnnis. .WidowSherborne PR
162122 FebLODERWilliam. ..Sherborne PR
162730 JanLODERAnne. .Widow of Richard LoderSherborne PR
1634?? DecLOADERRichard. .Son of WilliamSherborne PR
163528 FebLOADERJuditha. .Daughter of RichardSherborne PR
163712 NovLOADERAlicia. .Daughter of Christopher and AdrianneSherborne PR
163703 SepLOADERMaria. .Daughter of KatherineSherborne PR
164130 DecLOADERJacob. .Son of JacobSherborne PR
164314 JunLOADERWilliam. .Son of William and Maria LoaderSherborne PR
165129 JanLOADEREdith. .Wife of NicholasSherborne PR
169425 MayCHANTRichard. Ye AlmshouseWidowerSherborne BT
169430 MayCHANTElizabeth. .Daughter of Richard and JoanSherborne BT
169520 SepTHOMSONAnn. .Daughter of Thomas and JaneSherborne PR
169524 SepKOHGrace. .WidowSherborne PR
169526 SepMILLERSarah. .Wife of ThomasSherborne PR
169526 SepKINGSarah. .Wife of RobertSherborne PR
169526 SepREEVESSusanna. .Wife of WilliamSherborne PR
169502 OctRIDOUTFfrances. ..Sherborne PR
169503 OctFfORISTERMr Robert. .Vsher of the Free-schoolSherborne PR
169504 OctTHORNJohn. .uxSherborne PR
169518 OctSAUNDERSMary. .John and MarySherborne PR
169522 OctLODGEJoane. .Wife of JeremiahSherborne PR
169525 OctWILLIAMSElizabeth. .Wife of WilliamSherborne PR
169508 NovHAYESElizabeth. .Daughter of Thomas and ElizabethSherborne PR
169509 NovPEARCEDorothy. .WidowSherborne PR
169512 NovLINZEYSusanna. .Daughter of ElizabethSherborne PR
169520 NovWALTERJohn. .Son of John and AnnSherborne PR
169526 NovTHORNEJane. .WidowSherborne PR
169502 DecROGERSJohn. .Son of ElizabethSherborne PR
169502 DecDOBERMary. Ye Alms-houseWidowSherborne PR
169513 DecPRIDEJeremiah. ..Sherborne PR
169523 DecWHETCOMBEJohn. .Son of John GentSherborne PR
169524 DecSTONENicholas. Ye Alm's-houseSherborne PR
169501 JanREADJohn. .WidowerSherborne PR
169501 JanHEARTMabel. ..Sherborne PR
169506 JanBROWNMary. .Daughter of Abraham and DeborahSherborne PR
169507 JanMILLERRichard. .Senior - WidowerSherborne PR
169513 Jan????????. .A stranger a ladSherborne PR
169516 JanAVOAKEWilliam. .JuniorSherborne PR
169530 JanNOAKEJane. .Daughter of Thomas and GraceSherborne PR
169507 FebMATTHEWSKathrine. .WidowSherborne PR
169511 FebSIMONDSThomazin. .Wife of ChristopherSherborne PR
169512 FebLINCHJohn. .Son of Patrick and DeborahSherborne PR
169513 FebGOULDINGMary. .WidowSherborne PR
169513 FebFfULLERWilliam. .WidowerSherborne PR
169513 FebMARTINElizabeth. .Daughter of Henery and ElizabethSherborne PR
169514 FebFfOOKSThomas. .Son of KathrineSherborne PR
169514 FebPARSONSJohn. .Son of Edward and MarySherborne PR
169519 FebWATTSJoane. .WidowSherborne PR
169502 MarJOLLEFJohn. Ye Alms-houseWidowerSherborne PR
169513 MarPRESTONThomas. .Son of James and MarySherborne PR
169517 MarWATERSJoan. .Wife of JohnSherborne PR
169517 MarBROWNEAnn. .Daughter of Abraham and DeborahSherborne PR
169518 MarHUTCHINGSElizabeth. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne PR
169520 MarCADDYSarah. ..Sherborne PR
169523 MarCOLLIERSamuel. .Son of Hugh and MarySherborne PR
169625 MarPARSONSRobert. CastletonUxSherborne BT
169626 MarHIDESusanna. .Daughter of Osmond and SusannaSherborne BT
169601 AprPEARCEJohn. .Son of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
169602 AprDAVISThomas. ..Sherborne BT
169606 AprVOWELGrace. .Wife of JohnSherborne BT
169607 AprGOULDINGMartha. .Daughter of Thomas and MarthaSherborne BT
169609 AprMILLERWilliam. .UxSherborne BT
169611 AprMITCHELElizabeth. Ye Alms-houseWidowSherborne BT
169615 AprZUGGMary. .Wife of WilliamSherborne BT
169615 AprDAYElizabeth. .WidowSherborne BT
169623 AprMILLERJane. .Daughter of John and JaneSherborne BT
169624 AprKNIGHTChristopher. Ye Alms-houseUxSherborne BT
169628 AprLANEMary. .Daughter of John and JoaneSherborne BT
169628 AprLANEThomas. .Son of John and JoaneSherborne BT
169628 AprWHITEThomas. .Son of John and JoaneSherborne BT
169628 AprBOR?NEJoane. .WidowSherborne BT
169630 AprBALSONJoan. .Wife of JohnSherborne BT
169601 MaySPRATTENJudeth. .Wife of WilliamSherborne BT
169606 MayOLIVERAlisen. Ye Alms-houseWidowSherborne BT
169611 MayPITMANElizabeth. .Daughter of Jonathen and ElizabethSherborne BT
169619 MayTHOMSONJane. .Wife of ThomasSherborne BT
169619 MayPERHAMMary. .Daughter of Richard and AnnSherborne BT
169619 MayHANHUMAnn. .Daughter of William and AnnSherborne BT
169619 MaySTURMYElizabeth. .Wife of HenerySherborne BT
169622 MayLOADENDavid. Castle-townWidowerSherborne BT
169624 MayJUSTINESHenery. .Son of Henry and MargretSherborne BT
169601 JunCADYNicolas. .Son of Nicolas and ElizabethSherborne BT
169604 JunFITZGERALDOliver. .UxSherborne BT
169604 JunHUTCHINGSAnn. .WidowSherborne BT
169610 JunWHITEHenery. .Ux Church WardenSherborne BT
169625 JunSCOVELLRichard. .A StrangerSherborne BT
169626 JunCORPSarah. .Daughter of John and SarahSherborne BT
169626 JunGREENSimon. .Son of Robert and MarySherborne BT
169629 JunHODDERJoan. .Daughter of Thomas and ElizabethSherborne BT
169630 JunDUNHAMJohn. .UxSherborne BT
169603 JulHURFORDMary. .Daughter of Thomas and EllenorSherborne BT
169609 JulAMANWalter. .Son of Walter and MagdaleneSherborne BT
169617 JulCHANTRichard. .UxSherborne BT
169620 JulYEATMANJoan. .Wife of EllisSherborne BT
169624 JulSTEEVENSPeter. .Son of Thomas and MarySherborne BT
169624 JulLAMBERTElizabeth. .Wife and SamuelSherborne BT
169627 JulEDWARDSWilliam. .Son of Richard and DorothySherborne BT
169631 JulDININGHenery. .WidowerSherborne BT
169631 JulJEFFERYElizabeth. .Daughter of James and AnnSherborne BT
169603 AugHODDERJohn. .UxSherborne BT
169631 AugKELOWAYAbigail. .WidowSherborne BT
169604 SepNOAKEEdward. .Son of Thomas and GraceSherborne BT
169614 SepHOOPERWalter. Ye Alms-houseUxSherborne BT
169614 SepCORPESarah. .Daughter of John and SarahSherborne BT
169625 SepSIMONDSMargaret. .Daughter of Robert and MarySherborne BT
169604 OctBARTONAmey. .Daughter of Christopher and MargreatSherborne BT
169606 OctRIDOUTWalter. .Son of Walter and AlisonSherborne BT
169613 OctHORNEGustavus. .WidowerSherborne BT
169613 OctDYERJoane. .WidowSherborne BT
169622 OctMITCHELJohn. .Son of John and JaneSherborne BT
169608 NovWILLISHannah. .Wife of AmbrosSherborne BT
169609 NovMUNNINGSEmma. .WidowSherborne BT
169610 NovJEFFERYDorcas. .Daughter of James and MarySherborne BT
169612 NovCORPESarah. .Wife of JohnSherborne BT
169616 NovVOWELLMary. .Daughter of Samuel and JoanSherborne BT
169617 NovYEATMANElizabeth. .Daughter of Elles and JoanSherborne BT
169619 NovKINGJoseph. .UxSherborne BT
169626 NovPLOWMANAnn. .WidowSherborne BT
169602 DecFfORRESRTElizabeth. ..Sherborne BT
169607 DecVOWELLRachel. .Wife of EdwardSherborne BT
169614 DecDENFORDStephen. Ye Alms-houseUxSherborne BT
169614 DecMILESThomas. .WidowerSherborne BT
169619 DecPEIRCEEdward. .UxSherborne BT
169621 DecCHETMELWilliam. Ye Alms-houseWidowerSherborne BT
169621 DecDOWNMary. .Daughter of John and AnnSherborne BT
169626 DecJUSTINSEdward. .UxSherborne BT
169628 DecCOLIERKathrine. .WidowSherborne BT
169606 JanWHITEHEADJohn. .UxSherborne BT
169612 JanCREWMargreat. .WidowSherborne BT
169618 JanDODGESybil. .WidowSherborne BT
169618 JanWILLISElizabeth. .Daughter of Ambros and HannahSherborne BT
169620 JanWODDSFORDWilliam. .Son of William and ElizabethSherborne BT
169620 JanPURCHISEdoth. .WidowSherborne BT
169628 JanBONIELJoan. .WidowSherborne BT
169628 JanPEIRCEJulian. .Daughter of Edward and ElizabethSherborne BT
169629 JanRIDOUTOlive. .Wife of RobertSherborne BT
169602 FebGRIGEORYJohn. ..Sherborne BT
169605 FebVOWELLAnn. .Wife of ????Sherborne BT
169609 FebKEEPINGDorothy. .Wife of ????Sherborne BT
169616 FebDANIELJames. .WidowerSherborne BT
169617 FebGILLKathrine. ..Sherborne BT
169622 FebBARNARD?George. .UxSherborne BT
169624 FebKINGLaurence. .Son of John and MarySherborne BT
169626 FebHODDERWilliam. .UxSherborne BT
169613 MarMANDEFILDESamuel. Ye Almshouse.Sherborne BT
169618 MarMILLERThomas. .Son of Thomas and SarahSherborne BT
169623 MarBONIELJoan. .Wife of AmbrosSherborne BT
169725 MarLEMONJoan. .Daughter of Benjamin and ElizabethSherborne BT
169730 MarDYERGeorge. .WidowerSherborne BT
169730 MarHIBDIDGEElizabeth. .WidowSherborne BT
169707 AprREEVESAnne. .WidowSherborne BT
169714 AprBROWNAbigail. .Daughter of James and MarySherborne BT
169714 AprCHIPPUTMary. .Base born daughter of FfrancesSherborne BT
169715 AprCOLLERIsabella. .WidowSherborne BT
169716 AprDOWNRichard. .Son of John and ?????Sherborne BT
169719 AprPERHAMElizabeth. Ye AlmshouseWidowSherborne BT
169723 AprGLOVERThomas. .Son of Thomas and EdothSherborne BT
169726 AprGOULDINGJohn. .Son of John and JoneSherborne BT
169726 AprMATTHEWSThomas. .UxSherborne BT
169726 AprDENFORDJone. .WidowSherborne BT
169728 AprBENETThomas. .Son of Richard and AnneSherborne BT
169704 MayVOWELGeorge. .Son of John and GraceSherborne BT
169705 MayMIDDLETONChristian. .WidowSherborne BT
169710 MayHOPKINSWilliam. .UxSherborne BT
169710 MayLANERichard. Ye AlmshouseWidowerSherborne BT
169711 MayKEMPMary. .Daughter of Christopher and MarySherborne BT
169711 MaySANSOMAnne. .Baseborn daughter of ElizabethSherborne BT
169714 MaySHEPARDSamuel. .Son of Charles and AliceSherborne BT
169714 MayPIERCEWilliam. .Son of John and MarySherborne BT
169714 MayBUTTMary. .Wife of FfrancisSherborne BT
169726 MayCURTISThomas. .UxSherborne BT
169726 MayCHANTDorothy. .Daughter of Richard and JoneSherborne BT
169709 JunPRANKARDWilliam. .Son of Thomas and JaneSherborne BT
169712 JunPERHAMRoger. .Son of Richard and AnneSherborne BT
169713 JunWHITEHEADEllenor. .WidowSherborne BT
169716 JunPITMANJohn. .WidowerSherborne BT
169703 JulAMANSChristopher. .WidowerSherborne BT
169707 JulPEECKElizabeth. .Daughter of Robert and ElizabethSherborne BT
169716 JulPALMERChristian. .Daughter of John and ChristianSherborne BT
169720 JulGREENMary. .Wife of RobertSherborne BT
169723 JulBONIELElizabeth. .Daughter of Henery and ElizabethSherborne BT
169728 JulGLOVERElizabeth. .Daughter of Thomas and EdothSherborne BT
169704 AugBRAGGChristian. .Daughter of William and PatienceSherborne BT
169706 AugAMANSMagdalen. .Daughter of Walter and MagdalenSherborne BT
169709 AugNAPEGrace. .WidowSherborne BT
169713 AugGOULDINGPeter. .Son of Peter and EdithSherborne BT
169720 AugMORRISKathrin. .Daughter of Thomas and Eliz.Sherborne BT
169720 AugKELOWAYElizabeth. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
169723 AugWHITEHEADJacob. .Son of Jacob and SarahSherborne BT
169723 AugOLD??Elizabeth. .Daughter of William and SarahSherborne BT
169725 AugSMALLAgnis. .Daughter of Thomas and SarahSherborne BT
169726 AugSTONY?????. .WidowSherborne BT
169726 Aug??????????. .BasebornSherborne BT
169714 SepGOULDINGElizabeth. .Daughter of John and SarahSherborne BT
169714 SepPIERCEElizabeth. ..Sherborne BT
169715 SepCORPERichard. .UxSherborne BT
169715 SepDANIELAnne. .WidowSherborne BT
169701 OctSHERLOCKRebecca. .Wife of RichardSherborne BT
169705 OctARNOLD?Mary. .Daughter of JudithSherborne BT
169712 OctPEECKMichael. .Son of George and ElizabethSherborne BT
169712 OctBENNETAnne. .Daughter of Richard and AnneSherborne BT
169718 OctCHAFENMary. .Daughter of William and MarySherborne BT
169722 OctSPEED?James. .UxSherborne BT
169725 OctLESTER?Mary. .Wife of ?????Sherborne BT
169701 NovBENNETElizabeth. ..Sherborne BT
169708 NovGLIDEMary. .Daughter of John and MarySherborne BT
169722 NovNUMANWilliam. .UxSherborne BT
169722 NovSHERLOCKWilliam. .Son of Richard and RebeccaSherborne BT
169722 NovMILLERCicely. .WidowSherborne BT
169722 NovMEAD?Elizabeth. YetminsterWidowSherborne BT
169726 NovBISHOPMargret. .WidowSherborne BT
169706 DecPINELionel. ..Sherborne BT
169706 DecPARSONSFfrances. .WidowSherborne BT
169709 DecPERHAMRoger. Ye AlmshouseWidowerSherborne BT
169710 DecBEALYRobert. ..Sherborne BT
169716 DecWARE?Mr Richard. ..Sherborne BT
169717 DecARNOLDElizabeth. ..Sherborne BT
169721 DecOAKERobert. ..Sherborne BT
169723 DecLAMBERTDeborah. Ye Alms house.Sherborne BT
169725 DecNUMANEdward. .Son of William and ElinorSherborne BT
169725 DecPOPEHannah. .Daughter of GeorgeSherborne BT
169727 DecCHAUNTWilliam. .Son of Richard and JoneSherborne BT
169701 JanWILLSSaul. .UxSherborne BT
169701 JanPITMANGillian. .Wife of JamesSherborne BT
169714 JanJUSTENSMagdalen. .Daughter of Henery and MarySherborne BT
169719 JanWOODMANSusanna. .WidowSherborne BT
169721 JanKEEPINGThomas. .Son of Thomas and DorothySherborne BT
169725 JanHOPKINSHannah. .Daughter of William and ElizabethSherborne BT
169714 FebPEECKSamuel. .Son of Saull and HannahSherborne BT
169715 FebMARTINMary. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
169723 FebRIDOUTWilliam. .UxSherborne BT
169724 FebKINGHannah. .Wife of JohnSherborne BT
169704 MarSCOTGeorge. .UxSherborne BT
169704 MarLOUDENElizabeth. ..Sherborne BT
169707 MarCHAPLENJohn. .Son of Thomas and ElizabethSherborne BT
169709 MarCOXHester. .Daughter of Thomas and JaneSherborne BT
169714 MarBEALYJohn. .UxSherborne BT
169718 MarDINNINGElizabeth. .Daughter of William and FfrancesSherborne BT
169721 MarHAMBLENDaniel. .Son of Samuel and JaneSherborne BT
170028 MarSCOTTElizabeth. .Daughter of John and EdithSherborne BT
170029 MarANTRUMElizabeth. .Daughter of Samuel and MarySherborne BT
170029 MarMERIEFIELDThomas. .WidowerSherborne BT
170029 MarAGLINWilliam. .Son of William and ElizabethSherborne BT
170001 AprMALBYGrace. .WidowSherborne BT
170001 AprVINCENTAnn. .Daughter of Richard and AnnSherborne BT
170002 AprSANSOMGraceCastleton .WidowSherborne BT
170008 AprHODDERJames. .Son of Thomas and ElizabethSherborne BT
170014 AprELLAWAYSarah. .Wife of PhilipSherborne BT
170025 AprTOGOODJohn. ..Sherborne BT
170003 May??????Katharine. .Wife of ThomasSherborne BT
1700?? May??????Joseph. .Son of William and SusannaSherborne BT
170015 MayJEFFERYRobert. .Son of Robert and ElizabethSherborne BT
170017 MayHIDERoger. .Son of Roger and SusannaSherborne BT
170017 MayMANFIELDGrace. North WoottonA WidowSherborne BT
170017 MaySTITSTONRebecca. .Daughter of John and RebeccaSherborne BT
170020 MayMICHELRichard. .Son of William and PhebeSherborne BT
170024 MayLUFFERichard. ..Sherborne BT
170024 MayPITMANJone. .WidowSherborne BT
170003 JunGARDNORAnn. .WidowSherborne BT
170004 JunPRUTINFfrancis. .Son of John and MarySherborne BT
170004 JunMORRISElizabeth. .Daughter of Thomas and ElizabethSherborne BT
170010 JunRIVESJohn. .Son of John and AnnSherborne BT
170012 JunMAUNDEFIELDMartha. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
170013 JunBROWNJames. .Son of James and MarySherborne BT
170025 JunHIDEElizabeth. .Wife of RogerSherborne BT
170026 JunSHORTElizabeth. .Daughter of John and MarySherborne BT
170002 JulSMALLMary. .Daughter of Edward and JoneSherborne BT
170005 JulWALKTONMargaret. .WidowSherborne BT
170007 JulPITMANWilliam. ..Sherborne BT
170017 JulAVOKEMary. .Wife of RichardSherborne BT
170020 JulSHERLOCKEMary. .Daughter of William and FfrancesSherborne BT
170008 AugDAVISJoseph. .Son of Arthur and FfrancesSherborne BT
170009 AugGULLYAgnes. .Wife of BenjaminSherborne BT
170009 AugHIBDICHElizabeth. .Daughter of William and Elizab.Sherborne BT
170011 SepFFISHERMartha. .Daughter of William (Gent)Sherborne BT
170016 SepHOOPEREdward. .Son of Edward and HesterSherborne BT
170019 SepSCOTTEdward. Alms? HouseWidowerSherborne BT
170020 SepTHRINGAlice. .????Sherborne BT
170030 SepPORTAbigail. .WidowSherborne BT
170004 OctSCOTTWilliam. .Son of John and EdithSherborne BT
170014 OctCHAUNTRichard. Alms HouseWidowerSherborne BT
170015 OctCORPEElizabeth. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
170023 OctBARTLETFfrances. Alms HouseWidowerSherborne BT
170026 OctSYMSJoyce. .Wife of William a strangerSherborne BT
170029 OctBOYSWilliam. .Son of John and JoneSherborne BT
170029 OctKINGThomas. .Son of John and MarySherborne BT
170001 NovSTONEYKatharine. .Wife of RichardSherborne BT
170005 NovJUSTINSEdward. .Son of Edward and SusannaSherborne BT
170005 NovHODGESJohn. .Son of Samuel and AnnSherborne BT
170007 NovRIDOUTJone. North WootenWidowSherborne BT
170012 NovMICHELSarah. .WidowSherborne BT
170013 NovNOAKEJone. .Wife of JohnSherborne BT
170013 NovCORPEMartha. .Daughter of Richard and MarySherborne BT
170013 NovGOLDINGMartha. .Daughter of Joseph and MarthaSherborne BT
170020 NovHUTCHINSWilliam. .Son of William and JoneSherborne BT
170021 NovHIDESarah. .Daughter of Roger and SusannaSherborne BT
170021 NovLAMBHester. .Daughter of Roger and MarySherborne BT
170026 NovGLOVERThomas. Alms HouseUxSherborne BT
170026 NovBENETTAnn. .Wife of RichardSherborne BT
170015 DecHOBBSFfrancis. .UxSherborne BT
170016 DecGREENRobert. Alms HouseWidowerSherborne BT
170016 DecWHITEJone. .Head of Alms House, Wife of WilliamSherborne BT
170019 DecRIDOUTBernard. .Son of Henry and JoneSherborne BT
170027 DecWOOLFORDMichael. .Son of William and Elizab.Sherborne BT
170028 DecBUGLERJane. Alms HouseWidowSherborne BT
170030 DecWHITEHEADSarah. .Daughter of ????? and SarahSherborne BT
170001 JanBROWNRichard. .Son of Abraham and DeborahSherborne BT
170014 JanHEATHMANJone. ..Sherborne BT
170015 JanSTITSTONThomas. .Son of John and RebeccaSherborne BT
170024 JanBARTLETTJohn. .WidowerSherborne BT
170024 JanPENNYFfrances. .WidowSherborne BT
170028 JanMANFIELDRichard. .Base born son of JoneSherborne BT
170031 JanLINKHORNMargaret. Alms HouseWidowSherborne BT
170011 FebPEARCEEdith. .Daughter of John and ElizabethSherborne BT
170012 FebSTURINGMary. .Daughter of Will. and MarySherborne BT
170012 FebSTURINGSarah. .Daughter of Will. and MarySherborne BT
170017 FebWILLIAMSMary. .Daughter of William and MarySherborne BT
170019 FebTIZERHester. .???Sherborne BT
170026 FebSTONEGrace. Castleton.Sherborne BT
170005 MarTHRESHERHannah. CastletonWife of GeorgeSherborne BT
170014 MarDAMPHERHannah. .Wife of WilliamSherborne BT
170016 MarZORVELJane. .Daughter of Edward and DorothySherborne BT
170019 MarPARSONSFfrancis. .UxSherborne BT
170024 MarKINGLydia. .Wife of ThomasSherborne BT
170024 MarHIDESusanna. .Daughter of Bartholomew and AnnSherborne BT
170106 FebCHANTJane. AlmshouseWife of ?Sherborne BT
183415 AugBEATONElizabeth Mary05 ..Sherborne PR
183527 MayBEATONEmma01 ..Sherborne PR
183603 OctBEATONCharles26 ..Sherborne PR

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