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YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
181314 MayWHITTLEHenryInfant ..Langton Herring PR
181318 SepTRIVERSAnn63 .WidowLangton Herring PR
181313 OctLOVELLJames5 ..Langton Herring PR
181516 FebCARTERElizabeth72 .Wife of LaurenceLangton Herring PR
181517 AprDAMONWilliam1 .Son of Christopher and HannahLangton Herring PR
181528 AprOLDISJohn84 ..Langton Herring PR
181501 MayCRITCHELLThomas1 .Son of Richard & SusannahLangton Herring PR
181516 MayVIVIANSarah78 ..Langton Herring PR
181518 AugPOPLEEsther1 .Daughter of John & EstherLangton Herring PR
181623 FebROSEDorothy70 .WidowLangton Herring PR
181627 JunVIVIANJoseph19 .Son of ThomasLangton Herring PR
181622 DecPARKINSWilliam1 .Son of Joseph & Eliz.Langton Herring PR
181710 MarTRIVERSThomas32 ..Langton Herring PR
181701 AprLAURENCEAbraham1 Month ..Langton Herring PR
181703 AprROSEJoseph65 ..Langton Herring PR
181806 AprMEECHGeorge84 ..Langton Herring PR
181827 SepMOWLAMPhillis23 ..Langton Herring PR
181924 MarLOVELLSusannah80 ..Langton Herring PR
181914 JulVIVIANAnn18 ..Langton Herring PR
181916 JulVIVIANMary88 ..Langton Herring PR
182028 FebHUTCHINSGertrude2 ..Langton Herring PR
182005 AprHUTCHINSSarah4 ..Langton Herring PR
182007 MayHARDYAmey2 ..Langton Herring PR
182010 MayRIGLARRichard2 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
182028 SepTRIVERSEStephen68 ..Langton Herring PR
182030 DecCHURCHHOUSEJane70 ..Langton Herring PR
182103 AprBARTLETTGeorgeInfant .Son of Henry & MarthaLangton Herring PR
182121 AprJERRARDJohn70 ..Langton Herring PR
182101 MayMOWLAMHenryInfant ..Langton Herring PR
182129 JulROSEMichael29 ..Langton Herring PR
182118 SepHARDYJohn78 ..Langton Herring PR
182224 FebHARDYElizabeth62 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
182225 MarFLOWERWilliam2 StaffordGeorge & SarahLangton Herring PR
182206 JunJERRARDMichael70 Rodden.Langton Herring PR
182301 MayHARDYHannah2 .Daughter of William & AnnLangton Herring PR
182317 JunCARTERLaurence77 ..Langton Herring PR
182312 JulWHITTLEElizabeth19 ..Langton Herring PR
182306 SepROSERichard82 ..Langton Herring PR
182317 OctCOXWilliam76 .Clerk (Rector)Langton Herring PR
182321 DecMOWLAMSarah Phyllis1 year 2 MonthsWyke RegisDaughter of Thomas & AliceLangton Herring PR
182417 FebBARTLETTHenry Frederic. Stafford nr Dorchester.Langton Herring PR
182419 AprMOWLAMHenry14 Days. Son of John & HannahLangton Herring PR
182419 OctHARDYSarah1 year 10 Months .Daughter of Henry & MariaLangton Herring PR
182531 JulPARKINSElizabeth45 ..Langton Herring PR
182507 DecHANNSarah9 Frome, Somerset.Langton Herring PR
182530 DecHANNHugh7 Months Frome, Somerset.Langton Herring PR
182615 JanHANSFORDRobert69 ..Langton Herring PR
182619 MarMOWLAMAlice40 Wyke Regis.Langton Herring PR
182610 MayGREENJohn74 Fleet.Langton Herring PR
182604 JulMEECHGeorge12 ..Langton Herring PR
182610 JulHANNElizabeth6 Eliot's Green, Somerton, Somerset.Langton Herring PR
182605 AugMOWLAMJohn5 Months Wyke RegisSon of ThomasLangton Herring PR
182623 OctFLOWERSarah Delia8 Months Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
182620 NovBARTLETTWilliam23 ..Langton Herring PR
182707 FebVIVIANMargaret67 ..Langton Herring PR
182709 FebBALSTONERobert88 ..Langton Herring PR
182722 MayHODDERMary40 BradfordWife of DavidLangton Herring PR
182711 SepKELLAWAYThomas57 Elworth, Abbotsbury.Langton Herring PR
182819 AprKELLAWAYMartha86 Elworth.Langton Herring PR
182910 MarSPARKSWilliam70 ..Langton Herring PR
182908 AprAXESarah Ann9 Months ..Langton Herring PR
182911 NovHAREElizabeth87 ..Langton Herring PR
183004 JanWALBRIDGEJohn4 .Son of James amd SarahLangton Herring PR
183006 JanHUNTGrace73 .WidowLangton Herring PR
183002 FebBROWNAnn79 Waddon (Portesham).Langton Herring PR
183014 FebCARTERHannah6 .Daughter of Thomas & MaryLangton Herring PR
183020 FebBARTLETTHenry68 ..Langton Herring PR
183028 MarAXEHenry7 Months .Son of John & GraceLangton Herring PR
183004 JulWHITTLEHenry Rose23 ChickerellSon of William & MaryLangton Herring PR
183010 JulWHITTLEMartha12 ChickerellDaughter of William & MaryLangton Herring PR
183106 FebWHITTLEJoseph6 .Son of Thomas & CatherineLangton Herring PR
183107 SepWALLISJames John6 Weeks RoddenSon of John & JaneLangton Herring PR
183110 OctHANSFORDFrancis22 ..Langton Herring PR
183107 NovFLOWERElizabeth A.17 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183223 FebCARTERHannah3 Months ChickerellDaughter of Richard & RebeccaLangton Herring PR
183206 MayVALLENSJohn Richard3 ChickerellSon of Robert & AliceLangton Herring PR
183203 AugVIVIANCharles8 .Died in Limekiln, Son of John & SusanLangton Herring PR
183203 AugMOWLAMHenry8 .Died in Limekiln, Son of John & HannahLangton Herring PR
183203 AugMOWLAMRichard6 LimekilnSon of John & HannahLangton Herring PR
183203 AugHARDYJohn7 LimekilnSon of Henry & MariaLangton Herring PR
183214 OctHARDYGeorge1 Week .Son of William & AnnLangton Herring PR
183307 JunPARKINSJohn79 Chickerell.Langton Herring PR
183311 JulFLOWERRosetta9 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183318 JulHURDENSarah83 .WidowLangton Herring PR
183328 OctHARDYAnn37 .Widow of WilliamLangton Herring PR
183427 FebRAGLERMary43 WeymouthWidow of RichardLangton Herring PR
183423 NovPOVERJohn James3 Months Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183424 NovROSEHannah82 .WidowLangton Herring PR
183522 AprWHITTLEHenry21 ..Langton Herring PR
183518 SepHARDYHannah77 .Widow of WilliamLangton Herring PR
183616 MarPOYNTERAnn5 ElworthDaughter of Thomas & AnnLangton Herring PR
183611 JunVIVIANCharles3 ..Langton Herring PR
183601 DecHARDYWilliam76 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183713 FebFOOTAgnes1 year 2 months .Daughter of John & ElizabethLangton Herring PR
183718 FebMcGILLAnn37 ..Langton Herring PR
183719 JunVIVIANJacob41 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183728 OctMOWLAMEliza2 ..Langton Herring PR
183824 JanVIVIANJohn37 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
183828 MarDAYElizabeth Lovelace2 years 6 months..Langton Herring PR
183819 AprWHITTLESarah23 ..Langton Herring PR
183807 MayMAJORIsabella5 ..Langton Herring PR
183820 MayVALLENCEAlice43 Chickerell.Langton Herring PR
183820 MayVALLENCEAlice4 months Chickerell.Langton Herring PR
183803 JunBARTLETTJames4 years 11 months..Langton Herring PR
183807 JunMcGHIEJames50 .Lt RN, Preventative StationLangton Herring PR
183801 DecWHITTLEPhillis1 Year 6 months..Langton Herring PR
183923 JanVIVIANJohn70 ..Langton Herring PR
183927 JanVIVIANCharles3 months ..Langton Herring PR
183906 FebWHITTLEJoan17 ..Langton Herring PR
183920 FebWHITTLESamuel15 ..Langton Herring PR
183913 JulCROOKElizabeth65 ..Langton Herring PR
183910 OctFOOTJenny73 ..Langton Herring PR
184006 MarMOWLAMPhillis28 ..Langton Herring PR
184013 AprWHITTLEMartha28 ..Langton Herring PR
184017 AprPOVERChristopher4 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
184020 SepMATTHEWSMary Ann9 Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184016 OctLEAHYMichael18 Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184120 MarWHITTLEWilliam57 ..Langton Herring PR
184104 AprMOWLAMSarah AnnInfant ..Langton Herring PR
184130 AprALLENAlice75 Chickerell.Langton Herring PR
184120 SepPOVERChristopher John 6 weeksWeymouth.Langton Herring PR
184213 JunWHITTLESarah60 .WidowLangton Herring PR
184201 OctROSESarah88 ..Langton Herring PR
184203 OctMULLINSAnne53 ..Langton Herring PR
184228 OctLEAHYCornelius16 Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184330 AprGODDINGJohn55 ..Langton Herring PR
184316 JulSAMWAYJane61 RoddenWidow of JohnLangton Herring PR
184313 AugVALLENCEElizabeth16 Buckland Ripers.Langton Herring PR
184312 Oct???????????65? .unknown man, found on beachLangton Herring PR
184306 DecHODDERDavid63 Elworth.Langton Herring PR
184321 DecWHITTLEThomas Joseph 5 monthsWeymouth.Langton Herring PR
184416 JunMOWLAMHannah 25..Langton Herring PR
184420 NovPOYNTERSarah 3 monthsElworthDaughter of Thomas & AnnLangton Herring PR
184503 AprFOOTJames83 ..Langton Herring PR
184519 JunKELLAWAYMargaret78 Abbotsbury.Langton Herring PR
184520 SepRUSSELLNanny80 ..Langton Herring PR
184529 DecPOYNTERCharles31 Abbotsbury.Langton Herring PR
18462 AprROSEElizabeth56 Workhouse, Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
184620 JunBARTLETTGeorge10 ..Langton Herring PR
184707 JanHARDYAnn54 ..Langton Herring PR
184703 MarWHITTLEEdmund John1 week ..Langton Herring PR
184717 MarMOWLAMMary62 Wyke.Langton Herring PR
184708 AprVIVIANJane2 ..Langton Herring PR
184704 OctBLAIRMargaret30 Prev/Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184702 NovSTRONGEliza30 Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184810 FebFLOWERJerrard20 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
184804 MarMULLINSMary37 ..Langton Herring PR
184803 AprHARDYWilliam57 ..Langton Herring PR
184817 AprBARTLETTMary Ann47 Laverstock nr Salisbury.Langton Herring PR
184823 AprGREENElizabeth87 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
184823 AprMOWLAMJamesInfant ..Langton Herring PR
184803 MayWALLBRIDGEJames46 Rodden.Langton Herring PR
184821 SepMULLINSMary Elizabeth Infant..Langton Herring PR
184810 DecCARTERTemperance88 ..Langton Herring PR
184906 MarFRAMPTONElizabeth73 ..Langton Herring PR
184914 JunHARDYGeorge2 ..Langton Herring PR
184927 AugSATCHELLEliza39 ..Langton Herring PR
184907 SepVIVIANSusan2 ..Langton Herring PR
184910 SepEMMETTMary Hannah2 years 5 monthsCoast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
184923 SepFOOTJames4 ..Langton Herring PR
184905 OctCARTERLouisa9 ..Langton Herring PR
184926 OctCARTEREllen7 ..Langton Herring PR
184904 NovCARTERRebecca3 ..Langton Herring PR
184907 NovEMMETTElizabeth Street5 monthsCoast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
185016 OctPROSSERWilliam4 months..Langton Herring PR
185126 JanTEWKESBURYElizabeth75 ..Langton Herring PR
185120 FebTRENOWEdward Cox17 ..Langton Herring PR
185103 AprMOWLAMEdwardinfant ..Langton Herring PR
185129 JunVALLENCEJames19 Buckland Ripers.Langton Herring PR
185206 JanVIVIANThomas91 ..Langton Herring PR
185212 AprWHITTLEAnn77 Rodden.Langton Herring PR
185221 AprGOSLINGElizabeth Susan2 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
185213 AugDAVISRebecca75 Rodden.Langton Herring PR
185215 DecDRININGMary Ann6 months Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR
185215 DecVIVIANSusannah72 .WidowLangton Herring PR
185325 MarVIVIANEsau58 Dorchester.Langton Herring PR
185309 AprFOOTJohn47 ..Langton Herring PR
185417 MayMOWLAMBarbara67 ..Langton Herring PR
185405 SepCRITCHELLHenry54 Tatton (Buckland Ripers).Langton Herring PR
185425 NovMOWLAMSusannah40 ..Langton Herring PR
185430 NovMOWLAMRichard Vivian1 week ..Langton Herring PR
185430 DecROSEJohn70 ..Langton Herring PR
185529 MarHURDENThomas74 ..Langton Herring PR
185523 MayBARTLETTMartha78 ..Langton Herring PR
185502 JulMEECHJoan75 ..Langton Herring PR
185507 OctWALLISMary Hesterinfant ..Langton Herring PR
185519 OctTRENOWFrederick Joseph Cox 68..Langton Herring PR
185525 DecMENEARSamuel45 .Mate, "John" of Fowey, drownedLangton Herring PR
185527 DecVIVIANDavid89 ..Langton Herring PR
185610 FebHUTCHINGSAlice68 Chickerell.Langton Herring PR
185613 AprBARTLETTSelina3 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
185609 MayTERNOWHannah67 ..Langton Herring PR
185631 JulLEGGMary7 ..Langton Herring PR
185707 JanPOYNTERRichard. Dorchester.Langton Herring PR
185722 FebHANSFORDThomas21 ..Langton Herring PR
185726 MarHANSFORDSusannah50 ..Langton Herring PR
185708 AprMOWLAMHarrietinfant ..Langton Herring PR
1857?? ???WITHERIDGEThomas1 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
1857?? JulWALLISJohn69 Bridge Lane.Langton Herring PR
185718 AugFLOWERCharles27 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
185723 AugCOLLINSSarah2 ..Langton Herring PR
185821 FebHANSFORDJames16 ..Langton Herring PR
185827 FebCOLLINSSarah26 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
185812 MayPOYNTERCharles78 Abbotsbury.Langton Herring PR
185816 MayPITCHERElizabeth3 weeks ..Langton Herring PR
185825 JunFRAMPTONEliza35 Weymouth.Langton Herring PR
185823 JulVIVIANJames96 ..Langton Herring PR
185809 DecWALLISMary33 ..Langton Herring PR
185902 JanWITHERIDGEWilliam Thomas 10 weeksWeymouth.Langton Herring PR
185922 JanLOWDERHenry11 months ..Langton Herring PR
185913 FebVIVIANElizabeth91 ..Langton Herring PR
185902 MayWHITTLEThomas77 ..Langton Herring PR
185909 JunPOYNTERAnn78 ..Langton Herring PR
185923 JunMULLINSEllen18 ..Langton Herring PR
185902 JulCARTERRichard59 ..Langton Herring PR
185907 AugMOWLAMHarriet Ann17 months ..Langton Herring PR
186026 FebBRIDLEThomas Charles3 Wyke Regis.Langton Herring PR
186001 MarMOWLAMBarbara-Hannah3 monthsChickerell.Langton Herring PR
186020 MayWALLISJane62 Bridge Lane.Langton Herring PR
186010 AugGIBSONKate2 years 3 months Coast Guard Station.Langton Herring PR

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