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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurnameForenameAge at deathAbode and/or CommentsSource
184924 AprCRANNHenry3 Days .Melplash PR
185009 NovWAYThomas75 Years .Melplash PR
185114 DecHODDERJacob84 or 34? Years .Melplash PR
185207 MayHALLETTMarina39 Years .Melplash PR
185217 OctTRAVERSAnn77 Years .Melplash PR
185316 JanHANSFORDJoan69 Years .Melplash PR
185317 JanLEGGJob23 Years .Melplash PR
185305 AprMACEYAnn83 Years .Melplash PR
185306 MayGALERobert75 Years .Melplash PR
185325 DecWHITTLEMary45 Years .Melplash PR
185422 OctSIBLEYThomas33 Years at MangertonMelplash PR
185511 FebWRIXONMary69 Years .Melplash PR
185620 JanDIMONTFrancis67 Years .Melplash PR
185630 MarCRANNFrancis71 Years .Melplash PR
185619 AprFRAMPTONElizabeth69 Years .Melplash PR
185605 JulCRABBWilliam39 Years .Melplash PR
185730 AprGALE (GILL)John15 Years .Melplash PR
185830 JanTIZARDJohn1 Year .Melplash PR
185809 FebWRIXONRobert50 Years .Melplash PR
185803 JunGALESarah83 Years .Melplash PR
185817 JunGILLAnn45 Years .Melplash PR
185820 JulDUNHAMThomas56 Years .Melplash PR
185804 NovMACEYWalter William2 1/2 Yearsat NetherburyMelplash PR
185929 JanTIZZARDThomasInfant .Melplash PR
185922 MarHODDERDinah84 Years at LodersMelplash PR
185913 JulSAMWAYSKate Elizabeth74 Yearsat Wayside, Shipton Lane, Burton BradstockMelplash PR
185905 AugCRANNAnn Daisy11 Years .Melplash PR
185911 AugCRANNJohn9 Years .Melplash PR
186025 JanWRIXONJohn87 Years .Melplash PR
186012 MaySTRODEWilliam87 Years .Melplash PR
186005 OctTRAVERSSamuel76 Years At Beaminster UnionMelplash PR
186009 NovWHITTLEWilliam81 Years at MappertonMelplash PR
186002 DecTRAVERSSarah5 Months .Melplash PR
186124 MarGILLSamuel24 Years .Melplash PR
186112 MayTRAVERSSarah59 Years .Melplash PR
186123 AugFRAMPTONJohn76 Years .Melplash PR
186121 MayTRAVERSJacob10 Years .Melplash PR
186311 FebDIMONTSarah78 Years at NetherburyMelplash PR
186313 JulMACEYMary60 Years .Melplash PR
186508 JanCRABBJames - . .Melplash PR
186508 JanCRABBJames62 Years at MountMelplash PR
186531 JanSTONEJohn67 Years .Melplash PR
186517 FebWALDENBetsy-Mary7 Days at H. ElwellMelplash PR
186512 MarGILLHAMJane9 months at OxbridgeMelplash PR
186508 AugGALEAnn82 Years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
186618 JanGALESarah46 Years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
186612 FebHINEElizabeth29 Years at LodersMelplash PR
186601 MarCRABBEmma2 Months at MountMelplash PR
186618 NovTIZZARDElizabeth Mary2 2/3 Yearsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
186704 NovTRAVERSHenry26 Years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
186723 NovSTONEDiana75 Years at CorscombeMelplash PR
186913 JunSWAFFIELDGeorge15 Months at OxbridgeMelplash PR
186902 DecWILLMOTTHenry54 Years at WaytownMelplash PR
187011 MayGILLHAMGeorge37 Years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
187116 AprTRAVERSFrederick Charles4 Monthsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
187215 AugHANSFORDChristopher73 Yearsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
187227 SepWHITTLESarah26 Years at SymondsburyMelplash PR
187422 NovTRAVERSElizabeth Helen2 Yearsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
187510 JanWRIXONMary Ann2 Years at HincknollMelplash PR
187525 FebHARDINGWilliam63 Years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
187515 MarWILLMOTTJoanna69 Years at Perry in NetherburyMelplash PR
187501 JunHANSFORDSarah65 Years at LoscombeMelplash PR
187522 JulWILLMOTTGeorge66 Years at Perry in NetherburyMelplash PR
187606 JanTRAVERSRobert67 Years at MangertonMelplash PR
187716 MarGILLMartha54 Years at Lower WoodcombeMelplash PR
187721 MarGILLJob62 Years at Higher WoodcombeMelplash PR
187727 MarPEACHWilliam79 Years at waytown in NetherburyMelplash PR
187703 JulFRAMPTONJohn70 Years at LoscombeMelplash PR
187712 AugWILLMOTTDan Henry29 Years at BinghamsMelplash PR
187715 AugMACEYWilliam79 Years at CamesworthMelplash PR
187917 FebROLLSHannah70 .Melplash PR
187920 FebTRAVERSThomas18 Months at OxbridgeMelplash PR
187923 OctWILLMOTT-HINEMartha37 Years.Melplash PR
188009 FebLANEElizabeth83 Years at LambrookMelplash PR
188011 DecWRIXONAlban Thomas1 1/2 Yearsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
188101 MayWRIXONMarion Lillie1 Yearsat MappertonMelplash PR
188111 SepCRABBFrederick2 Years.Melplash PR
188207 MayROLLSHenry79 .Melplash PR
188316 JanWHITTLEWilliam70 Years .Melplash PR
188319 AugWILLMOTTLouisa67 Years .Melplash PR
188312 OctDUNNHenry Hallett78 Yearsat BeaminsterMelplash PR
188419 OctCRANNJames84 Years Burnt to deathMelplash PR
188527 JanCRABBElizabeth59 Years.Melplash PR
188514 FebWRIXONEmma1 Day .Melplash PR
188506 SepWRIXONCharles38 Years .Melplash PR
188505 NovWRIXONMary78 Years at NetherburyMelplash PR
188611 MarWRIXONHerbert William10 Months.Melplash PR
188708 MayTRAVERSSusan69 Years.Melplash PR
188724 NovWHITTLEThomas81 Yearsat MarshwoodMelplash PR
188803 JanGILLHAMGeorge10 Hours.Melplash PR
188803 JanGILLHAMElizabeth16 Hours.Melplash PR
188806 FebWHITTLEAnn82 Yearsat SymondsburyMelplash PR
189015 AprGILLHAMBertrand James9 Monthsat ChideockMelplash PR
1890St.Stephens DayWRIXONMary Ann87 Years.Melplash PR
1891EpiphanyCRABBHarriet Miller53 Years.Melplash PR
189127 JanHALLETTGeorge82 Years.Melplash PR
189126 JunHANSFORDRaymond William1 Month.Melplash PR
189211 MayBOWDITCHSimon63 Years.Melplash PR
189314 JanWRIXONThomas85 Years.Melplash PR
189312 MarCRABBMary Frances57 Years.Melplash PR
189403 JulHINEJames Wallbridge60 Years.Melplash PR
189516 AprHALLETTHannah77 Years.Melplash PR
189618 JanWRIXONLily Susan14 Years.Melplash PR
189623 MarMABYWilliam93 YearsHand Amputated in 1826Melplash PR
189604 OctCRANNMary89 Years.Melplash PR
189727 FebSTONEAnn74 Years.Melplash PR
189717 MarHINEDavid60 Years.Melplash PR
189823 AugGILLHAMWilliam Henry16 Monthsat OxbridgeMelplash PR
189813 OctCRABBMary55 Years.Melplash PR
1898-1903Feast of St. LukeCRABBAlbert Edward3 Months.Melplash PR
190322 AprWRIXONRobert58 Years .Melplash PR
190301 JulCRABBMabel Daisy20 Months .Melplash PR
1904Feast of AnnunciationSTONEEsua Samuel82 Years.Melplash PR
190502 MayGILLHAMFrances81 years Corfe Farm PowerstockMelplash PR
190604 MayWRIXONJohn21 years .Melplash PR
190604 MayWRIXONJohn21 years .Melplash PR
190611 MayHANSFORDReginald Albert John 3 years.Melplash PR
190806 SepTRAVERSMary Elizabeth41 years.Melplash PR
190908 DecHALLETTHannah86 yearsat LoscombeMelplash PR
191015 JunTRAVERSErnest45 years at Nettlecombe, PowerstockMelplash PR
191131 JanGILLHAMBertram Frederick 20 years.Melplash PR
191204 OctCRABBJohn84 years In Union WorkhouseMelplash PR
191327 MarCRABBMarina77 years .Melplash PR
191330 MayGALEGeorge72 years at Bingham, NetherburyMelplash PR
191511 MarWRIXONThomas73 years .Melplash PR
191525 DecMUNDENRoland24 hours at OxbridgeMelplash PR
191525 DecMUNDENCharles3 days at OxbridgeMelplash PR
191621 JanGILLHAMAlbert4 days .Melplash PR
191619 NovDUNHAMGrace56 years at Elwell Farm, MelplashMelplash PR
191705 MayEKINSHannah76 years at WaytownMelplash PR
191820 AugCRABBEKatherine75 years .Melplash PR
191908 MayWRIXONJane75 years .Melplash PR
192007 JanGALEEmma42 years House, Stoke AbbottMelplash PR
192130 JulCRABBJohn George D.74 years.Melplash PR
192102 DecTRAVERSCharles76 years .Melplash PR
192219 AprGALEJane52 years .Melplash PR
192310 MayGILLMary Jane Scaddens64 yearsat Mount, MelplashMelplash PR
192303 AugCRABBJames85 years at ParkstoneMelplash PR
192531 OctCRABBAlbert46 years at Higher Ford Farm, MelplashMelplash PR
192827 AugGILLAlfred71 years at Level Crossing, BradpoleMelplash PR
193107 JulGALEGeorge66 years at The Mount, MelplashMelplash PR
193628 SepWRIXONSylvanus George55 yearsat Stoke Water House, Stoke AbbottMelplash PR
193802 MarWRIXONWilliam61 years .Melplash PR
193914 OctCHUBBLouis54 years at LoscombeMelplash PR
193909 JunMUNDENAlice74 years at Stonebridge, MelplashMelplash PR
194613 MarDUNHAMJohn83 years at Honeycombe Farm, BroadwindsorMelplash PR
194629 AprRAWLSThomas George84 .Melplash PR
194626 JunCHUBBLouisa68 years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
194610 SepGILLHAMGladys5 Days at Thatch Cottage, MelplashMelplash PR
194616 NovCHILDSMary Ann73 years at Lambrook FarmMelplash PR
194720 FebGILLHAMMary Hardy29 years at Mangerton ManorMelplash PR
194918 JanSPILLERGeorge75 years at Mount Farm, MelplashMelplash PR
195016 JanGILLHAMFrederick83 years at Mangerton ManorMelplash PR
195622 FebGILLHAMBertram56 years of 14 Twinways died Bridport HospitalMelplash PR
195619 MarCHUBBFrederick85 years at OxbridgeMelplash PR
196221 NovGILLHAMNancy May54 years Coneygar, BridportMelplash PR
196308 JanWARRENBessie80 years the ashes ofMelplash PR
196426 MarHYDEJohn Robert Charles64 yearsElcombe Farm, Melplash, cremated at WeymouthMelplash PR
197325 AprWARRENFlossy Mabel83 years of Netherbury at North Allington HospitalMelplash PR
198410 AugGILLHAMGordon Bertram42 yearsat 115 St. Swithin Road, BridportMelplash PR

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