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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
172611 MayBICKNELAnn. .Daughter of Andrew and MaryOver Compton PR
172916 DecBEATONFrancis. ..Over Compton PR
173027 OctBICKNELMary. .Wife of JohnOver Compton PR
173115 DecBICKNELElizabeth. ..Over Compton PR
173405 MarBICKNELJohn. ..Over Compton PR
173720 DecBICKNELAnn. .Daughter of AndrewOver Compton PR
174031 DecBICKNELGrace. ..Over Compton PR
174108 NovBICKNELOnosiphorus. ..Over Compton PR
174822 AprBICKNELLJohn. .Son of OnesiphorusOver Compton PR
174907 OctBEATONWilliamInfant ..Over Compton PR
175406 SepBICKNELLAnne. .WidowOver Compton PR
175501 MarBEATONJoshua. ..Over Compton PR
175709 AprBICKNELLAnn. .Daughter of Onesiphorus & ElizabethOver Compton PR
175717 AprBICKNELLJohn. .Son of Onesiphorus & ElizabethOver Compton PR
176026 JulBICKNELLAndrew. ..Over Compton PR
176222 MarBICKNELLMary. ..Over Compton PR
176314 MarBICKNELLJohn. ..Over Compton PR
176511 NovBEATONElizabeth. .WidowOver Compton PR
176618 AugBICKNELLHannah. .Wife of AndrewOver Compton PR
176819 FebBICKNELOnosiphorus. ..Over Compton PR
177010 MayBICKNELLElizabeth. .Wife of Andrew - YeovilOver Compton PR
177309 AprBICKNELLElizabeth. .W JohnOver Compton PR
177423 FebBEATONFrancis. ..Over Compton PR
177716 OctBICKNELLJoanna. .Daughter of Joseph & MaryOver Compton PR
178106 JunBICKNELLJohn21 .Son of John & ElizabethOver Compton PR
178112 OctBICKNELLElizabeth77 .Wife of BradfordOver Compton PR
178214 FebBICKNELLJoseph68 ..Over Compton PR
178409 NovBICKNELMary54 .SpinsterOver Compton PR
178429 DecBICKNELHester91 .WidowOver Compton PR
178929 JanBICKNELLEdward42 Pinford.Over Compton PR
179030 DecBICKNELLFaith59 .Wife of JohnOver Compton PR
179103 MarBICKNELLMary75 .Wife of JosephOver Compton PR
179201 JulBICKNELLJonathon52 .Widower & pauperOver Compton PR
179312 MayBICKNELLOnosiphorus42 .Widower of BradfordOver Compton PR
180229 DecBICKNELLGeorge67 Bradford Abbas.Over Compton PR
180513 JunBICKNELLOnosiphorus36 .Servant of Robert GoodenOver Compton PR
180601 JanBICKNELLElizabeth11 Months .Daughter of MaryOver Compton PR
180613 JulBEATONThomas22 ..Over Compton PR
180625 NovBEATONRobert19 .Volunteer with Military HonoursOver Compton PR
180703 DecBICKNELJohn72 ..Over Compton PR
180917 MayBEATONCharles11 Months .Son of John & HarrietOver Compton PR
181107 JunBICKNELLHenry05 .Son of James & MarthaOver Compton PR
181406 FebBEATONFrancis78 .Army PensionerOver Compton PR
181621 JulBEATONHannah77 .Wife of FrancisOver Compton PR
181928 MayBICKNELMary42 .Wife of James, CarpenterOver Compton PR
182005 MarBEATONMary88 .Unmarried WomanOver Compton PR
182121 MayBICKNELLSusanna72 .wid OnesiphorusOver Compton PR
182706 MayBICKNELLJames50 ..Over Compton PR
182810 FebBICKNELLMaria43 .2nd wife of late JamesOver Compton PR
183027 JulBICKNELLSarah. .Daughter of late James &SarahOver Compton PR

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