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These entries were submitted by those researching the listed families entered. It is not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurnameForenameFatherMotherBirthdateAbodeFather's OccupationCommentSource
156316 JunLODERMargaret. .....Pimperne PR
156906 JanLODERNicholas. .....Pimperne PR
158211 FebLODERSycheChristopher .....Pimperne PR
158403 NovLODERThomasChristopher .....Pimperne PR
159408 JunLODERDorotheNicholas .....Pimperne PR
159806 JanLODERMargaretNicholas .....Pimperne PR
159923 NovLODERMargaretNicholas .....Pimperne PR
160129 MarLODERThomasNicholas .....Pimperne PR
160217 JunLODERAlliciaNicholas .....Pimperne PR
160328 DecLODERWiilliamNicholas .....Pimperne PR
160621 JunLODERElinorNicholas .....Pimperne PR
160805 JanLODERChristoferNicholas .....Pimperne PR
161517 MarLODERWilliam. Dorothea....Pimperne PR
163029 OctLODERPhylissThomas .....Pimperne PR
163127 MarLODERMaryThomas .....Pimperne PR
163413 AprLODERElinorThomas .....Pimperne PR
163624 AprLODERThomasThomas Phillis....Pimperne PR
163612 AugLODERGeorgeWilliam Margaret....Pimperne PR
163723 JulLODERJohannaThomas Phillis....Pimperne PR
163928 AprLODERWilliamWilliam Margaret....Pimperne PR
163908 MarLODERMargaretThomas Phillis....Pimperne PR
164103 OctLODERRogerRoger Jane....Pimperne PR
164215 AugLODERJohnWilliam Margaret....Pimperne PR
164428 FebLODERThomasWilliam Margaret....Pimperne PR
164517 AprLODERChristoferRoger Jane....Pimperne PR
164601 NovLODERSaraWilliam Margaret....Pimperne PR
181327 DecPIKEPealey (son)George Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
181428 DecPIKELoveCharles Mary..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
181607 AprPIKEElizabethWilliam Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
181620 AprPIKEPenuel (Dau)George Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
181805 MarPIKEPenuel (Dau)George Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182219 JunPIKEHester MaryGeorge Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182425 DecPIKEHarriet LucyGeorge Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182713 JulPIKEJohnPeter Alice..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182828 MarPIKENathanielWilliam Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182830 NovPIKEHester MaryGeorge Hester..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
182928 OctPIKEAnnPeter Alice..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183008 AprPIKEFrances (son)William Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183120 NovPIKEEmilyPhineas Mary Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183204 MarPIKESarahWilliam Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183325 SepPIKEGeorgePeter Sarah..Labourer.Pimperne PR
183410 AprPIKEJanePeter Alice..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183418 MayPIKECharlesWilliam Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183501 MarPIKEEdmund ThomasPeter Sarah..Labourer.Pimperne PR
183508 SepPIKEJosias. Elizabeth...Base BornPimperne PR
183520 DecPIKEAlfredPhineas Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183622 MayPIKEElizabethPeter Catherine..Labourer.Pimperne PR
183610 AugPIKEPercivalPeter Alice..Carpenter.Pimperne PR
183719 MarPIKEMarkPeter Sarah..Labourer.Pimperne PR
183714 AugPIKEMosesWilliam Ann..Carpenter.Pimperne PR

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