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(Bishop's Transcripts)

BT Register Transcriptions

kindly donated by

Shirley West

No.YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
.173103 ???WALLBRIDGEJohn. .son of Henry & ? by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.1734?? MarSAMWAYSLouisa. .dau. of James & Elinor by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173430 MarHARDYMary. .dau. of Thomas & Mary by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173431 MarVINCENTHenry. .son of Richard & Jane by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173431 MarNOTHERJames. .son of James & Jane by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173431 MarVINCENTMary. .dau. of Henery & Mary by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173431 MarWALLBRIDGELouisa. .dau. of George & Martha by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.1735?? FebCROOKSMary. .wife of Richard by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173509 MarWINZARJane. .dau. of Richard & Jane by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173621 NovWALLBRIDGELucy. .dau. of George & Martha by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173621 NovWALLBRIDGEJohn. .son of George & Martha by Thomas BurtSwyre BT
.173823 FebCLARKEEdward. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174412 FebNORTHOVERMary. .dau. of James & Mary by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174416 SepWALDRONElizabeth. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174630 MarTOMKINSElizabeth. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174618 OctWALLBRIDGEGeorge. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174731 JanHARDYRobert. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.174902 AprCLARKAnne. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175129 NovANGELThomazin. wife of Richardby W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175217 SepHANSFORDRuth. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175208 OctCLARKElizabeth. .wife of John by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175426 MarRANDELLRobert. .by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175420 OctTREVETTMary. .son of John Gale & Mary Trevett by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175729 JunSAMWAYSJane. .dau. of Henry & Mary by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175703 JulSAMWAYSCatherine. .dau. of James & Grace by W Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175727 DecBISHOPHenry. .by Wm Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175805 JanNORTHOVERElizabeth. .Dau. of James & Mary by Wm Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175801 FebNORTHOVERElizabeth. .wife of John by Wm Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175809 SepTRAVERSElizabeth. Wm Hunt, CurateSwyre BT
.175920 NovTOMKINSMary. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176110 SepNORTHOVERJames. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176231 OctCLARKRichard. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176309 JanBISHOPWilliam. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176505 MaySAMWAYSHenry. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176513 AugWALDRONElizabeth. .Wife of George by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176530 AugNORTHOVERHenry. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176618 MayCLARKEJohn. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176605 DecWALLBRIDGEMartha. .by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176709 JulHINEGrace. .dau. John & Elizabeth by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176713 OctSAMWAYSEleanor. .wife of James of Puncknowle by Geo BurtSwyre BT
.176822 JulNORTHOVERMary. .Widow by FromeSwyre BT
.176829 OctCLARKERichard. .son of Richard & Edith by FromeSwyre BT
.176820 DecBISHOPAvis. .by FromeSwyre BT
.176910 MarWALLBRIDGEHenry. Chilcombeby FromeSwyre BT
.176923 AprTOMKINSJames. .son of Richard & Susannah by FromeSwyre BT
.177011 JanKEECHAnn. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177124 MarTRAVERSEElizabeth. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177116 JunSAMWAYSJane. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177105 OctCLARKRichard. .son of John & Joan by FromeSwyre BT
.177109 NovANGELRichard. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177308 FebTHORNERJoseph. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177328 MarWALDRONGeorge. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177328 SepCLARKRichard. .by FromeSwyre BT
.177422 MayCLARKMary. .dau. of Richard & Edith by FromeSwyre BT
.177519 OctNORTHOVERSara. .dau. of James & Sara by FromeSwyre BT
.177631 DecTOMKINSSarah. .by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177824 AprNORTHOVERSarah. .dau. of James & Sarah by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177822 NovTOMKINSGrace. .wife of John by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177930 MarMOTYERJoseph. .by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177928 AprTRAVERSCattorn. .wife of John by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177911 JunNOTHERMary. .by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177925 JulNORTHOVERJoan. .widow by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177921 AugWALLBRIDGESarah. .by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177905 SepNORTHOVERJohn. .by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177905 SepKEECHJohn. .son of John & Mary by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177917 OctNORTHOVERMary. .wife of James by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.177914 NovTOMKINSRichard. .son of John & Ann by Wm Davis, CurateSwyre BT
.178026 FebTOMKINSRichard. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178030 JulMOTYERMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178009 AugNORTHOVERElizabeth. .dau of James & Sarah by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178009 AugNORTHOVERWilliam. .son of James & Sarah by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178013 AugNORTHOVERAnn. .dau of Richard & Elizabeth by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178004 SepMOWLEMJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178027 SepTRAVERSElias. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1784?? FebTRAVERSElizabeth. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178425 JulNORTHOVERJames. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178425 JulNORTHOVERRichard. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178426 AugCLARKEJean. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178524 SepNORTHOVERRichard. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178528 SepMOUCHERSarah. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178525 DecTOMKINSSusannah. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178525 DecTHORNBetty. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178612 MarSAMWAYSJane. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178725 MarBOARSWAINHugh. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178806 SepHARDYElizabeth. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.178812 SepNORTHOVEREliza. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1789?? MarBOATSWAINMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1789?? MarBOATSWAINHugh. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1789?? AprCLARKAnn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1790/125 JulBISHOPAnn. .by J HodgeSwyre BT
.1790/116 NovSYMESJane. .by J HodgeSwyre BT
.179306 JanCLARKJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179306 FebSAMWAYSHenry. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179309 FebPURCHASERobert. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179319 FebCLARKMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179419 FebTOMKINSRobert. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179411 MaySYMESBetty. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179407 SepTOMKINSEliza. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179504 JanPURCHASEJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179520 MaySYMESJames. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179529 JunSAMWAYSMartha. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179603 MayTREVETTJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179629 MaySYMESEsther. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179727 AprCLARKAnn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1798?? ???HINEElizabeth. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.179920 FebSYMESJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180125 FebCLARKAbigail. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180114 AprTHORNLydia. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180108 OctSYMESJudith. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180121 DecCLARKAnn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1802?? ???NORTHOVERJames. ..Swyre BT
.180425 DecCLARKJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180425 DecWALDRONAnn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180503 JanBISHOPIsabella. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180522 AprCLARKJoseph. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180602 FebBISHOPRichard. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180604 SepSAMWAYSJohn. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180629 OctMOTYERJoseph. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180608 DecNORTHOVERFrederick. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180725 FebTRAVERSSarah. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180714 JunNORTHOVERRichard. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180819 FebSAMWAYSMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180826 JunSYMESMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.1808/926 JunBISHOPMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180911 DecKEECHMary. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.180928 DecTOMKINSSarah. .by Robert Hunter, CurateSwyre BT
.181021 SepNORTHOVERSarah70 Swyreby Evan LewisSwyre BT
.181219 JanTOMKINSMary6 months Swyreby Evan LewisSwyre BT
.181222 MarCLARKJohn. .by Evan LewisSwyre BT
.181211 OctTOMKINSAnn6 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
.181324 JanTOMKINSAnn9 weeks Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 2181427 JanTOMKINSJames38 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 3181429 MayTOMKINSRichard75 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 4181507 JanSYMESHenry50 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 5181512 MarNORTHOVERHenry3? Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 7181524 SepNORTHOVERJane24 weeksSwyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 8181531 DecNORTHOVERMary30 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No. 9181704 SepSYMESRichard25 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.13181906 JunTOMKINSMary2 monthsSwyreby Richard Cox, Curate of BurtonSwyre BT
No.14181911 JulNORTHOVERRichard9 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.16181919 SepTOMKINSMartha8 monthsSwyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.17182009 JanKEECHJohn74 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.17182009 JanKEECHJohn74 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.18182002 AprTOMKINSJames6 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.19182015 MayNORTHOVERDinah39 Swyreby Evan Lewis, CurateSwyre BT
No.20182211 JanSAMWAYSMary54 Swyreby ThornburySwyre BT
No.21182210/6 DecSAMWAYSHenry63 Puncknowleby Richard Cox, Curate of Burton BradstockSwyre BT
.182307 SepPURCHASEJames66 Swyreby T R ColesSwyre BT
.182316 NovCLARKMargaret81 Swyreby T R ColesSwyre BT
.182316 NovCLARKEdith79 Swyreby T R ColesSwyre BT
.182327 NovHINEMary21 Swyreby T R ColesSwyre BT
No.28182408 JanTOMKINSSusannah 85Swyreby T R ColesSwyre BT
No.29182425 JanBISHOPEleanor32 Swyreby T R Coles, Off MinisterSwyre BT
No.30182409 FebHINEEleanor73 Swyreby Wm PluncketSwyre BT
.182624 DecNORTHOVERRobert1 Swyreby FromeSwyre BT
No.42182924 JunPURCHASEJoseph8 Swyreby FromeSwyre BT
No.43182923 AugTREVETTJames1 weekSwyreby FromeSwyre BT
.183024 OctNORTHOVERSusan8 Swyreby Geo Stones?Swyre BT
.183102 JanHINENicholas74 Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183126 AprCLARKJoseph81 Swyreby J CoxSwyre BT
.183115 MaySAMWAYSEdith64 Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183103 AugSAMWAYSRichard31 Swyreby J CoxSwyre BT
.183201 FebPURCHASEMary67 SwyreRev Dr Cox, Rector of LittonSwyre BT
.183215 AprTREVETTMaryInfant Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183227 AprTREVETTJane29 Swyreby Alfred CoxSwyre BT
.183231 AugSTEVENSSarahinfant Swyreby James CoxSwyre BT
.183201 NovBISHOPAnn45 Swyreby James CoxSwyre BT
.183215 NovNORTHOVERMary77 Swyreby James CoxSwyre BT
.183230 NovNORTHOVERElizabeth 85Swyreby James CoxSwyre BT
.183225 DecBISHOPElizabeth Caroline 6Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183310 AprVINCENTMary 70Swyreby J CoxSwyre BT
.183302 MaySAMWAYSHenry infantSwyreby J CoxSwyre BT
.183324 MaySYMESJohn 6Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183426 AprWALDRONRobert 75Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183503 FebHINEJohn 75Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183515 FebCLARKElizabeth 54Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183507 AprPURCHASEAnn 63Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183507 MaySYMESRichard 69Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183504 OctTHORNERElizabeth 70Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183631 JanNORTHOVERRobert 83Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183625 FebNORTHOVERHenry 61Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183607 AugCLARKERichard .Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183716 FebWALDRONDeborah 78Netherburyby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183702 MarTOMKINSAnn 79Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183705 NovSTEVENSLouisa 2Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183704 DecPOWELLCatherine ?Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183807 JanPURCHASEJane Maria 3Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183821 JanNORTHOVEREmma infantSwyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183810 AprSYMESMary Ann infantSwyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183815 AprSYMESCharity 31Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183811 NovCLARKEMary 77Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.183813 DecTOMKINSJane 60Stafford?by Cox of LittonSwyre BT
.184008 MarNORTHOVERCharles infantR?pale?by Geo FromeSwyre BT
.184015 MarNORTHOVERWalter 8 monthsSwyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.184015 AprSAMWAYSAmelia 3 monthsSwyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
.184116 MarKEECHEliza 78Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
No.88184229 MarBISHOPSarah 43Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
No.89184208 AugNORTHOVERAnne 5Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
No.90184323 AprNORTHOVERElizabeth 5 monthsSwyreby EstridgeSwyre BT
No.91184316 JunTHORNGeorge 81Swyreby Alfred Cox, Rector of AskerswellSwyre BT
No.92184328 SepBELLRINGERAnne 68Abbotsburyby J J Estridge, Off MinisterSwyre BT
No.93184302 NovNORTHOVERDinah 22Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
No.94184325 NovCLARKCharlotte 67Swyreby J Cox, Rector of LittonSwyre BT
No. 95184414 JanNORTHOVERJohn 18Swyreby Geo FromeSwyre BT
No. 96184410 FebKEECHJemima 22Swyreby J Cox LittonSwyre BT
No. 97184419 MayBISHOPRobert 48Swyreby R.W. James, Burton BradstockSwyre BT
No.100184526 MarPURCHASERobert 68Swyreby James CoxSwyre BT
No.101184504 AprSAMWAYSThomas 2Swyreby J J EstridgeSwyre BT
No.102184530 AprSYMESHenry 5 weeksSwyreby J J EstridgeSwyre BT
No.103184531 MarSYMESSarah 85Swyreby J J EstridgeSwyre BT
No.104184529 OctNORTHOVERElizabeth 32Swyreby J J EstridgeSwyre BT
No.105184524 DecSAMWAYSHenry 47Swyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.106184602 JanNORTHOVERHenry 3 monthsSwyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.107184623 JanNORTHOVERDinah 3 monthsSwyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.108184608 MaySYMESHenry 4 daysSwyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.109184630 AugSTEVENSHenry 1Swyreby CoxSwyre BT
No.110184601 NovNORTHOVERShadrach James4 monthsSwyreby CoxSwyre BT
.184725 NovMOUCHERPatience 84Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.184914 MarTOMKINSRichard 44Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.184925 MarTOMKINSWilliam 64Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.184922 AugNORTHOVERAlfred 2 monthsSwyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185111 FebSAMWAYSElizabeth 19Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185104 JulNORTHOVERRobert 82Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185207 MarCLARKRichard 77Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185204 AprNORTHOVERJohn 55Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185208 AugSAMWAYSJohn 2 weeksSwyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185221 NovCOOMBESWilliam 51Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185323 MaySYMESWilliam 56Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185308 NovSYMESJane 1Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185309 DecSAMWAYSEdith 24Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185415 JanNORTHOVERElizabeth 14Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185420 JanSTEVENSEmily 3Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185419 SepSYMESAnn 23Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185403 NovNORTHOVERRobert 21Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185403 DecCLARKJohn 79Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185410 DecNORTHOVERRichard 22Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185421 DecSTEVENSEmily 1Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.147185510 FebNORTHOVERMary 72Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.148185525 FebPURCHASEJoseph 9 MonthsSwyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.149185520 MaySAMWAYSJames 62Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.151185510 JunSAMWAYSMary Ann 3 weeksSwyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.152185516 OctNORTHOVERRichard 9 monthsSwyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.153185521 OctSAMWAYSRhoda 21Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
.185619 FebNORTHOVERMary 64SwyreJohn Symes, Church Warden by WilliamsSwyre BT
No.156185602 NovMOTYERMartha 4Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.157185718 JanNORTHOVEREmily 3Swyreby WilliamsSwyre BT
No.159185723 AprSTEVENSJohn 43Swyreby Bartlett, Off MinisterSwyre BT
No.160185726 JunNORTHOVERRichard 1Swyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.163185807 FebMOTCHERAnn Maria 29Swyreby Thomas Bartlett, CurateSwyre BT
No.164185813 MarKEECHHenry 80Swyreby Estridge, Off MinisterSwyre BT
No.165185826 AprRENDELLEliza 2SwyreBuried by coroners warrantSwyre BT
.185827 NovNORTHOVERRichard 81Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185911 JanNORTHOVEREdmund 35Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185918 MarNORTHOVERMary 1Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185929 AprNORTHOVERJane 48Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185930 AprNORTHOVERHenry 3Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185915 MaySTEVENSRobert 79Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185926 JunSAMWAYSEllen 18Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185910 JulSAMWAYSWilliam 9 monthsSwyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.185921 SepNORTHOVERArthur 79Swyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
No.177186005 JanNORTHOVERJames 3 years 11 monthsSwyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
.186022 JanCHURCHILLKitty Forks 1 monthSwyreby John BoltonSwyre BT
No.179186021 JunTOMKINSAnn 77Swyreby MaskewSwyre BT
No.180186031 JulBISHOPSusannah 62Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.191186215 FebTOMKINSMary 79Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.192186222 JulNORTHOVERJemima 53Puncknowleby BoltonSwyre BT
No.193186206 SepPURCHASECaroline 4 monthsSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.194186309 JanNORTHOVEREllen 19Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.195186314 JanHINEMary 83Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.197186304 JulSYMESElizabeth 3 daysSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.198186303 OctPOWELLWilliam 65Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.199186319 NovPURCHASEMary Jane 2 monthsSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.200186328 NovSYMESRichard 2 weeksSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.207186524 JanNORTHOVERAdrey 82Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.208186519 FebTOMKINSEdmund 19 monthsSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.210186502 MaySAMWAYSElizabeth 4 monthsSwyreBy William Templar, Rector of BurtonSwyre BT
No.212186524 DecSAMWAYSWilliam 2Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.213186527 DecSYMESFanny Elizabeth 3 years 10 monthsSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.217186714 AprNORTHOVERSarah Ann 25Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.218186709 JulTOMKINSMartha 1 weekSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.220186708 SepNORTHOVERElizabeth 86Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.221186724 NovSAMWAYSMary 62Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.222186717 DecBISHOPSarah 77Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.223186904 FebSAMWAYSAnn 66Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.224186929 MarSTEVENSMary 80Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.225186908 AprBISHOPHenry 82Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.226186923 MayNORTHOVERMartha 72Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.227186922 JunSAMWAYSJane 27Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.229186927 AugSYMESJoseph 69Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.230186918 OctSAMWAYSElizabeth Caroline11Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.231186919 DecNORTHOVERJane 33Swyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.232187010 AprNORTHOVERJames 18 monthsSwyreby BoltonSwyre BT
No.233187023 OctNORTHOVEREmily 12Swyreby LeggeSwyre BT
No.234187117 JanSTEVENSAnne 56Swyreby James A Cox, Litton CheneySwyre BT
No.235187119 JanNORTHOVERElizabeth 69Swyreby James A Cox, Litton CheneySwyre BT
No.236187109 FebPOWELLJoseph 37Swyreby Geo Pouncy of AbbotsburySwyre BT
No.237187102 JulNORTHOVERCaroline 14Swyreby James A CoxSwyre BT
No.239187117 DecCLARKEMartha ?Swyreby GarstonSwyre BT
No.240187228 JanCOOMBESThurza 36Swyreby GarstonSwyre BT
No.241187204 MarKEECHJane 82Swyreby GarstonSwyre BT
No.242187207 AprNORTHOVERWilliam 67Swyreby GarstonSwyre BT
No.247187420 MayCOOMBESSarah 68Swyreby GarstonSwyre BT
No.248187431 MayPOWELLRobert 44Pymourby GarstonSwyre BT
No.249187410 JunNORTHOVERAnn 69Swyreby Wm FramptonSwyre BT
No.250187404 OctPURCHASERobert 33Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.251187421 OctCHURCHILLLydia 31Bexingtonby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.252187420 DecSYMESHenry 66Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.253187519 FebPURCHASERichard 86Bridport Workhouseby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
.187504 AprNORTHOVERRichard 68Swyreby Allen, Rector of ChilcombeSwyre BT
No.255187519 NovPOWELLCatherine 82Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.256187529 NovBISHOPHenry 32Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.258187621 JanKEECHCharles 56Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.259187602 AprNORTHOVERFrederick 44Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.260187615 AprTOMKINSSarah 58Swyreby W. J. StobardSwyre BT
No.274188026 AprSYMESGeorge 48Swyreby Spencer SmithSwyre BT

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