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Free Census Project Bedfordshire, England

Please note that this page is still being developed: the census table for 1851 is awaiting data.

Thank you for your patience.

County status

  • The transcription of Bedfordshire 1891 is complete and all pieces are online and searchable. With many thanks to Mike Strange and his team of volunteers.
  • The transcriptions of Bedfordshire 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 are all underway, with a few pieces online. Transcribers and Checkers are needed — please contact me, Terry Waters-Marsh, to volunteer.

Bedfordshire 1841

Transcription progress by piece. The piece order is alphabetical by hundred, with Bedford Borough at the foot of the table.
Piece: HO107/ Hundred or City Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
1 Barford Great Barford, Colmworth, Eaton Socon, Wyboston, Goldington, Ravensden, Renhold, Roxton, Chawson, Wilden
2 Biggleswade Biggleswade, Astwick, Little Barford, Holme, Stratton, Cockayne Hatley, Dunton, Millo, Newtown, Edworth, Everton, Eyworth, Langford, Potton, Sandy, Girtford, Sutton, Tempsford, Wrestlingworth
3 Clifton Clifton, Arlsey, Campton, Shefford, Chicksands Priory, Henlow, Holwell, Meppershall, Shefford Hardwicks, Great Hardwick, Little Harwick, Shitlington, Holwell, Lower Stondon, Upper Stondon, Stotfold
4 Flitt Barton in the Clay, Caddington, Clophill, Flitton, Silsoe, Lower Gravenhurst, Upper Gravenhurst, Hawnes or Haynes, Higham Gobion, Luton, East & West Hyde, Leegrave, Lightgrave, Limbury cum Biscott, Stopsley, Pulloxhill, Shillington, Streatley, Sharpenhoe, Sundon
5 Manshead Aspley Guise, Battesden, Chalgrave, Tebworth, Wingfield, Dunstable, Eaton Bray, Eversholt, Harlington, Hockliffe, Holcutt, Hulcote, Houghton Regis, Husborn Crawley, Leighton Buzzard, Billington, Eggington, Heath & Reach, Stanbridge, Milton Bryant, Potsgrove, Salford, Studham [1], Humbershoe, Markyate Street or Market Street [2], Tilsworth, Tingrith, Toddington, Chalton, Tottenhoe, Tattnall, Westoning, Whipsnade, Woburn
6 Redbornestoke Ampthill, Cranfield, Elstow, Flitwick, Houghton Conquest, Kempston, Lidlington, Marston Moretaine, Maulden, Millbrook, Ridgmont, Steppingley, Wilshampstead, Wootton
7 Stodden Bolnhurst, Clapham, Nether & Upper Dean, Keysoe, Knotting or Notting, Melchbourne, Milton Ernest, Oakley, Pertenhall, Riseley, Shelton, Little Staughton, Tilbrook, Yielding or Yelden
8 Willey Biddenham, Bletsoe, Bromham, Carlton, Chellington, Farndish, Felmersham, Radwell, Harold, Odell, Pavenham, Pavingham, Puddington, Poddington, Hinwick, Sharnbrook, Colworth Ville, Colwith Farm, Souldrop, Stagsden, Stevington, Steventon, Thurleigh, Turvey, Wymington
9 Wixamtree Blunham, Muggerhanger, Cardington, East Cotts, Cople, Northill, Beeston, Upper Caldicott, Lower Caldicott, Ickwell, Thorncote, Brookend & Hatch, Sandy, Beetson, Southill, Broom, Stanford, Warden or Old Warden, Willington
10 Bedford Borough Bedford, St Cuthbert, St John, St Mary, St Paul, St Peter


  1. Studham is divided between pieces 5 and 442 (Dacorum Hundred, HRT)
  2. Market Street (Markyate Street) is divided between pieces 5, 440 and 441 (both Dacorum Hundred, HRT)
  3. See a Cambridge University Department of Geography map of the Bedfordshire Hundreds as they were around 1830

Bedfordshire 1851

Awaiting full table data.
Piece: HO107/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Bedford RD
1751 Riseley
Bedford & Kempston
1752 Bedford & Cardington
Biggleswade RD
1753 Potton
Ampthill RD
1754 Shillington
Woburn RD
1755 Woburn
Leighton Buzzard RD
1756 Leighton Buzzard
Luton RD
1757 Dunstable

Bedfordshire 1861

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG9/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Bedford RD
985 Riseley Bolnhurst, Keysoe, Riseley, Melchbourn, Yelden
986 Sharnbrook Knotting, Souldrop, Sharnbrook, Colworth Farm, Farrars Farm, Bletsoe, Thurleigh, Milton-Ernest
987 Harrold Harrold, Pavenham, Felmersham, Radwell, Odell, Chellington, Carlton
988 Turvey Turvey, Steventon, Stagsden
989 Bedford & Kempston Bedford Eastern Ward, St Peter, St Cuthbert, St Paul, Holy Trinity, St Mary, St John
990 Wootton, Kempston, Biddenham, Bromham, Oakley, Clapham
991 Bedford & Cardington Bedford Western Ward, St John, St Mary, St Paul, Holy Trinity, St Peter
992 Elstow, Wilshampstead, Cardington, East Cotts, Cople, Willington, Goldington, Renhold
993 Barford Ravensden, Wilden, Colmworth, Roxton, Great Barford
Biggleswade RD
994 Potton Tempsford, Sandy, Beeston, Northill, Everton, Potton
995 Blunham, Muggerhanger, Northill, Ickwell, Thorncote with Brookend Hat, Beeston, Upper Caldecott, Lower Caldecott, Cockayne Hatley, Wrestlingworth, Sutton, Eyworth, Dunton
996 Biggleswade Biggleswade, Edworth, Astwick Allocated
997 Henlow, Clifton, Langford, Campton, Shefford Hardwick, Chicksands Priory, Meppershall, Upper Stondon Allocated
998 Stotfold, Warden, Old Warden, Southill, Stanford, Campton, Shefford Transcribed
Ampthill RD
999 Shillington Shillington, Upper Gravenhurst, Lower Gravenhurst, Higham Gobion, Flitton, Silsoe, Clophill Transcribed
1000 Ampthill Ampthill, Flitton, Flitwick, Hawnes, Houghton Conquest Transcribed
1001 Maulden, Millbrook, Pulloxhill, Steppingley, Westoning Transcribed
1002 Cranfield Cranfield, Marston Moretaine, Lidlington Transcribed
Woburn RD
1003 Woburn Salford, Holcutt, Aspley Guise, Husborne Crawley, Ridgmont, Woburn, Potsgrove, Battlesden, Milton Bryant, Eversholt Transcribed
1004 Toddington Tingrith, Harlington, Toddington, Chalgrave, Tilsworth, Hockliffe Transcribed
Leighton Buzzard RD
1005 Leighton Buzzard Leighton Buzzard, Eggington, Heath & Reach, Billington Transcribed
1006 Leighton Buzzard, Stanbridge, Grove (BKM), Linslade (BKM), Stoke Hammond (BKM) Transcribed
1007 Wing Soulbury (BKM), Wing (BKM), Mentmore (BKM) Transcribed
1008 Ivinghoe Cheddington (BKM), Ivinghoe (BKM) Transcribed
1009 Edlesborough Edlesborough (BKM), Slapton (BKM), Eaton Bray Transcribed
Luton RD
1010 Dunstable Dunstable, Totternhoe, Houghton Regis Online
1011 Dunstable, Whipsnade, Studham (HRT), Humbershoe, Kensworth (HRT) Online
1012 Luton Luton, East Hyde, West Hyde, Stopsley, Limbury cum Biscott, Leegrave Online
1013 Luton Online
1014 Luton Online
1015 Sundon, Streatley, Sharpenhoe, Barton in the Clay, Caddington (HRT) Online

Bedfordshire 1871

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG10/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Bedford RD
1537 Riseley Riseley, Keysoe, Brook End, Keysoe Row, Bolnhurst, Melchbourne, Yelden, Newton Bromshold, Knotting, Souldrop, Colworth Farm, Sharnbrook, Bletsoe, Milton Ernest, Thurleigh
1538 Sharnbrook Sharnbrook
1539 Harrold Harrold, Felmersham, Radwell, Pavenham, Carlton, Chellington
1540 Turvey Turvey, Picts Hill, Stagsden, Stevington or Steventon, West End
1541 Bedford & Kempston Bedford, Eastern Ward, St Cuthbert, St Mary, St John, St Paul, St Peter
1542 St Peter, Biddenham, Bromham, Bridge End, Clapham, Oakley, Kempston, Wooton, Keely Wootton
1543 Bedford & Cardington Bedford, Western Ward, St Mary, St John, St Peter, St Paul
1544 St Paul, Elstow
1545 Cardington, Eastcotts, Harrowden, Fenlake, Cople, Goldington, Renhold, Willington, Wilshamstead
1546 Barford Great Barford, Colmworth, Channels End, Ravensden, Roxton, Colsden, Chawson, Wilden, East End
Biggleswade RD
1547 Potton Sandy, Girt Ford, Beeston, Potton
1548 Potton, Blunham, Chalton, Muggerhanger, Morhanger, Tempsford, Langford End, Everton
1549 Northill, Ickwell, Beeston, Thorncote, Brookend Hatch, Lower Caldecote, Upper Caldecote, Cockayne Hatley, Dunton, Eyworth, Sutton, Wrestlingworth
1550 Biggleswade Arlesey, Astwick, Edworth, Biggleswade, Holme
1551 Chicksands Priory, Shefford Hardwick, Clifton, Henlow, Langford End, Campton
1552 Campton, Shefford, Ireland, Meppershall, Upper Stondon, Southill, Broom, Stanford, Stotfold, Old Warden, Warden, Biggleswade
Ampthill RD
1553 Shillington Shillington, Holwell, Upton End, Lower Stondon, Apsley End, Pegsdon, Holwell Bury, Lower Gravenhurst, Upper Gravenhurst, Higham Gobion, Flitton, Silsoe, Clophill
1554 Ampthill Hawnes, Houghton Conquest, Chapel End, How End, Ampthill, Maulden, Lower End, The Brach
1555 Maulden, Water End, Duck End, Snowhill, Millbrook, Flitton, Greenfield, Lower End, Westoning, Dennel End, Steppingley
1556 Cranfield Cranfield, Lidlington, Boughton End, Marston Moretaine, Marston Pillinge, Upper Shelton, Lower Shelton, Shelton Green, Woodend
Woburn RD
1557 Woburn Apsley Guise, Aspley Heath, Woburn Sands, Evershot, Wit End, Rads End, Berry End, Hills End, Holcutt, Husborne Crawley
1558 Milton Bryant, Potsgrove, Sheeplane, Rigmount, Salford, Woburn
1559 Toddington Toddington, Chalton, Harlington, Chalgrave, Tebworth, Wingfield, Hockliffe, Tilswirt, Tingrith
Leighton Buzzard RD
1560 Leighton Buzzard Linslade, Southcourt, Surcott, Stoke Hammond, Leighton Buzzard, Stoke Hammond, Leighton Buzzard, Billington, Clipstone, Eggington
1561 Leighton Buzzard, Heath & Reach
1562 Leighton Buzzard, Stanbridge
1563 Wing Wing (BKM), Littleworth (BKM), Burcott (BKM), Grafton (BKM), Ascott (BKM), Soulbury (BKM), Great Hollingdon (BKM), Little Hollingdon, Mentmore (BKM), Ledburn (BKM)
1564 Ivinghoe Ivinghoe (BKM), Ringshall (BKM), Ivinghoe Aston (BKM), Horton (BKM), Cheddington (BKM)
1565 Edlesborough Edlesborough (BKM), Dagnall (BKM), Northall (BKM), Ringshall (BKM), Horton (BKM), Slapton (BKM), Eaton Bray
Luton RD
1566 Dunstable Dunstable, Houghton Regis, Totternhoe, Kensworth (HRT), Studham (HRT)
1567 Studham (HRT), Humbershoe, Markyate Street, Whipsnade, Dunstable
1568 Luton Caddington (HRT), Aley Green, Woodside, Markyate Street
1569 Luton, West Hyde, Kingsbourne Green, East Hyde, Chiltern Green, Round Green, Stopsley, Leegrove, Limbury cum Biscot
1570 Luton
1574 Luton, Barton in the Clay, Sharpenhoe, Streatley, Sundon, Caddington (HRT), Chaul End, Slip End