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Free Census Project Herefordshire, England

County status

  • Herefordshire 1871 is online and searchable, with many thanks to Jane Earles and her team of volunteers.
  • The transcriptions of Herefordshire 1841, 1861 and 1891 are all underway.
  • Transcribers and Checkers are needed — please contact me, Terry Waters-Marsh, to volunteer.

Herefordshire 1841

Use the list or the sketch map to go to the table entry. Places are hundreds unless stated otherwise.

  1. Broxash
  2. Ewyas Lacey
  3. Greytree
  4. Grimsworth
  5. Huntington
  6. Radlow
  7. Stretford
  8. Webtree
  9. Wigmore
  10. Wolphy
  11. Wormelow
  12. Hereford City
Herefordshire Hundreds 1841 Hereford City Wormelow Hundred Wolphy Hundred Wigmore Hundred Webtree Hundred Stretford Hundred Radlow Hundred Huntington Hundred Grimsworth Hundred Greytree Hundred Ewyas Lacey Hundred Broxash Hundred
Transcription progress by piece. The piece order is alphabetical by hundred, with Hereford City at the foot of the table.
Piece: HO107/ Hundred or City Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
418 Broxash Avenbury, Bodenham, Bowley, Bryan Maund, Whitchurch Maund, The Moor, Bredenbury, Bromyard, Brockampton, Linton, Norton, Winslow, Bockleton, Hampton Charles, Collington, Little Cowarne, Much Cowarne, Felton, Bishops Grendon, Grendon Warren
419 Marden, Amberley, Wisherstone, Ocle Pitchard, Livers Ocle, Pencombe, Marstone Stannett, Saltmarsh, Upper Sapey, Stanford Bishop, Stoke Bliss, Stoke Lacey, St Michael Sutton, St Nicholas Sutton, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, Thornbury, Netherwood, Westwood & Fencot, Ullingswick, Wacton, Whitbourne, Withington, Preston Wynne, Wolferlow
420 Ewyas Lacey Clodock, Crasswell, Llanveynoe, Longtown, Newton, Cusop, Cwmyoy, Bwlch Trewyn, Fwthog or Toothog, Llancillo, St Margaret's, Michael Church Eskley, Rowlstone, Walterstone
421 Greytree Ashton Ingham, Brampton Abbots, Brockampton, Dorrington, Bartestree, Fownhope, Fawley, Foy, Eaton Tregoes, Hope Mansell, How Caple, Lea, Linton, Marcle Much, Yatton, Mordiford, Checkley & Sufton, Checkley Green, The Rock, Putley, Ross, Ross Borough, Ross Foreign, Soller's Hope, Upton Bishop's, Walford, Weston under Penyard, Woolhope, Buckenhill, Putley
422 Grimsworth Bishopstone, Breinton, Wareham, Bridge Sollers, Brinsop, Brobury, Burghill, Tillington, Byford, Canon Pion or Canon Pyon, Credenhill, Dinmore (Preceptory), Hampton Bishop's, Tupsley, Holmer, Huntington, Shelwick, Kenchester, Mansell Gamage, Mansell Lacy, Monnington upon Wye, Moreton upon Lugg, Norton Canon, Pipe & Lyde, Staunton upon Wye, Stretton Sugwas, Wellington, Wormesley, Yazor
423 Huntington Brilley, Clifford, Vowmine, Eardisley, Huntington, Kington, Old & New Kington, Barton, Bradnor & Rushock, Both Hergests, Lilwall, Pembers Oak & Chickwood, Whitney, Willersley, Winforton
424 Radlow Ashperton, Aylton, Bishops Frome, Eggleton, Hailmonds Frome, Leadon, Walton, Stanford Regis, Bosbury, Upleadon, Canon Frome, Castle Frome, Coddington, Colwall, East & West Cradley, Donnington, Eastnor, Evesbatch
425 Ledbury, Parkhold, Lugwardine, Little Marcle, Moreton Jefferies, Munsley, Pixley, Stoke Edith, West Hide, Stretton Grandisome, Tarrington, Weston Beggard, Yarkhill
426 Stretford Almeley, Hopley Green, Logarston, Aymestry, Conhope, Over Lye, Birley, Dilwyn, Church Dilwyn, Fawley, Haven with the Headland, Luntley, Newtown & Hurst, Sollars Dilwyn, Eardisland, Kingsland, Aston, Lawton, Street Longford, West Town, King's Pion or King's Pyon, Kinnersley, Newchurch, Letton, Lyonshall, Monkland, Pembridge, Shobdon, Stretford, Weobley
427 Webtree Abbey Dore, Allensmoor, All Saints, Grafton, Bacton, Blakemore, Bredwardine, Upper Bullingham, Lower Bullingham, Callow, Clehonger, St Devereux, Didley, Dinedore, Dorstone, Vowmine, Dulas, Eaton Bishop, Euryas Harold, Haywood Forest Liberty, Holm Lacy, Kender Church or Kender Howton, Kentchurch, Kingstone, Madley, Moccas, Peterchurch, Preston Upon Wye, Thruxton, Tiberton, Turnastone, Vowchurch, Mornington, Straddle, Wormbridge
428 Wigmore Aston or Pipe Aston, Aymestry, Leinthall Earls, Mortimer's Cross, Nether Lye, Shirley, Yatton, Brompton Bryan, Boresford & Pedwardine, Bucknell, Buckton & Coxall, Burrington, Byton, Cascob, Litton & Cascob, Downton, Elton, Upper Kinsham, Knill, Leinthall Stokes, Leintwardine, Adforton, Stanway, Payloe & Grange, Brames, Heath & Jay, Kington, Marlow, Walford, Letton & Newton, Whitton & Trippleton, Lingen, Presteigne, Combe, Lower Kinsham, Litton & Cascob, Rodd, Nash & Little Brompton, Stapleton, Willey, Lower Hampton, Stanton upon Arrow, Titley, Wigmore, Limebrook
429 Wolphy Almley, Brimfield, Wyson, Croft, Newton, Docklow, Docklow Gate & Hampton Wafer, Edvin Ralph with Butterley, Eye, Luston, Moreton & Ashton, Eyton, Ford or Fordbridge, Hatfield, New Hampton, Little Hereford, Upton, Hope under Dunmore, Humber, Risbury, Kimbolton
430 Laysters, Leominster, Brierley, Broadwar, Cholstrey, Eaton, Hide & Wintercott, Ivington, Newtown, Stagbalch, Stretford & Henner, Wharton, Letton, Hurstley, Lucton, Ludford, Middleton on the Hill, Orleton, Puddlestone with While, Brockmanton, Richard's Castle, Rochford, Sarnesfield, Stoke Prior, Risbury, Wickton, Little Wickton, Stottesden, Farlow, Yarpole, Bircher
431 Wormelow LD Bridstow, Ganarew, Garway, Goodrich, Glewstone, Huntisham, Hentland, Altbach, Kynastone, Treaddow Tressick, Llangarren, Kilgreague, Llangunnoc, Langstone & Tre-Evan, Trecilla, Tredoughan, Tretilla, Llanrothall, Marstrow, Peterstow, Tretire with Michaelchurch, Welsh Mewton, St Weonard's, Whitchurch
432 Wormelow UD Aconbury or Acornbury, Ballingham, Little Birch, Much Birch, Boulstone, Little Dewchurch, Much Dewchurch, Dewsall, Foy, Harewood, Haywood Forest Liberty, Killpeck, King's Caple, Llandinabo, Llanithog, Llanwarne, Orcrop, Pencwyd, Sellack, Triville
433 Hereford City All Saints, St John Baptist, St Martin, St Nicholas, St Owen, St Peter

Herefordshire 1861

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG9/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Ledbury RD
1808 Ledbury Mathon (WOR) [1], Colwall, Eastnor, Donnington, Coddington
1809 Bosbury, Castle Frome, Canon Frome
1810 Ledbury
1811 Yarkhill Bishops Frome, Eggleton, Stretton Grandsome, Yarkhill, Tarrington, Ashperton, Munsley, Pixley, Putley, Aylton, Ledbury, Parkhold, Little Marcle, Much Marcle, Woolhope
Ross RD
1812 Sollershope Sollershope, Brockhampton, Kings Caple, Sellack, Foy, How Caple, Much Marcle, Yatton, Upton Bishop, Brampton Abbotts, Peterstow, Bridstow
1813 Ross Ross
1814 Ross, Weston Under Penyard, Lea, Upper Lea, Lower Lea, Newland, Lea Bailey (GLS), Hope Mansell, Ruardean (GLS), Lydbrook, Bishopswood, Goodrich, Marstow
1815 St Weonards Llangarren, Long Grove, Tretire with Michaelchurch, St Weonards, Hentland, Pencoyd, Llanwarne, Llandinabo, Harewood, Ballingham
Hereford RD
1816 Dewchurch Boulstone, Little Dewchurch, Aconbury, Little Birch, Much Birch, Much Dewchurch, Dewsall, Callow, Allensmore, Clehonger, Haywood, St Martin, Grafton, Upper Bullingham, Lower Bullingham, Donedor, Holm Lacy
1817 Fownhope Fownhope, Mordiford, Hampton Bishop, Tupsley, Lugwardine, Dormington, Bartestree, Weston Beggard, Stoke Edith, Westhide, Withington, Preston Wynne, Marden, Amberley
1818 Burghill Sutton St Nicholas, Sutton St Michael, Moreton on Lugg, Marden, Wellington, Dinmore, Burghill, Tillington, Credenhill, Kenchester, Stretton Sugwas, Pipe cum Lyde, Holmer, Holmer & Shelwick, Huntington, Breinton, Eaton Bishop
1819 Hereford City Hereford, All Saints, St Peter, St John the Baptist, St Nicholas
1820 All Saints, St Peter, St Owen, St Nicholas
1821 Hereford, St Peter, St John the Baptist, St Owen, St Martin, St Nicholas
1822 Madley Thruxton, Kingstone, Madley, Tiberton, Peterchurch, Turnastone, Vowchurch, St Margaret
1823 Kentchurch Treville, Abbey Dore, St Devereux, Wormbridge, Kilpeck, Orcop, Orcop Hill, Kentchurch, Grosmont (MON), Llanqua (MON), Kendervhurch, Ewyas Harold
1824 Clodock Rowlstone, Llancillo, Walterstone, Clodock, Longtown, Llanveynoe, Crasswall, Newton, Dulas, Bacton, Michaelchurch Eskley
Weobly RD
1825 Weobly Blakemere, Preston upon Wye, Moccas, Monnington upon Wye, Brobury, Staunton upon Wye, Letton, Hurstley, Kinnersley, Almeley, Weobly, Norton Canon, Yazor, Mansell Gamage, Byford, Bridge Sollars, Bishopstone, Brinsop, Mansell Lacy
1826 Dilwyn Wormsley, Sarnesfield, Dilwyn, Eardisland, Stretford, Birley, Kings Pyon, Canon Pyon
Bromyard RD
1827 Bromyard Pencombe, Grendon Bishop, Bredenbury, Wacton, Bromyard, Winslow, Ullingswick, Little Cowarne, Felton, Morton Jefferies, Stoke Lacy
1828 Bishops Frome Ocle Pitchard, Much Cowarne, Bishops Frome, Evesbatch, Cradley, Storridge, Mathon, Acton Beauchamp (WOR), Stanford Bishop, Avenbury
1829 Brockhampton Bromyard, Linton, Norton with Brockhampton, Saltmarsh, Whitbourne, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, Lower Sapey (WOR), Upper Sapey, Wolferlow, Collington, Edvin Loach (WOR), Edvin Ralph, Thornbury Netherwood, Bockleton, Hampton Charles
Leominster RD
1830 Leominster Hatfield, New Hampton, Puddlestone, Laysters, Old Wood, Middleton on the Hill, Kimbolton
1831 Leominster in Ivington
1832 Bodenham Leominster, Leominster Ivington, St John, Docklow, Hampton Wafer, Humber, Stoke Prior, Ford, Fordsbridge, Bodenham, Hope under Dinmore, Monkland, Croft, Newton
1833 Kingsland Croft, Kingsland, Eyton, Eye, Eye Moreton & Ashton, Luston, Yarpole, Lucton, Orleton, Shobdon, Aymestrey


  1. Mathon is divided between pieces 1808, 1828 and 2088 (Martley RD, WOR)

Herefordshire 1891

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG12/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Ledbury RD
2051 Ledbury Ledbury, Bosbury, Coddington, Colwall, Donnington, Eastnor, Wellington Heath
2052 Ledbury, Mathon (WOR)
2053 Yarkhill Stretton Grandison, Eggleton, Yarkhill, Tarrington, Ashperton, Munsley, Pixley, Putley, Aylton, Little Marcle, Much Marcle, Woolhope, Castle Frome, Canon Frome
Ross RD
2054 Sollershope Sollershope, Yatton, How Caple, Brockhampton, Kings Caple, Sellack, Foy, Brampton Abbots, Upton Bishop, Peterstow, Bridstow
2055 Ross Ross
2056 Ross, Weston Under Penyard, Lea, Hope Mansell, Walford, Goodrich, Marstow, Ruardean (GLS)
2057 St Weonards St Weonards, Llangarren, Langrove, Hentland, Hoarwithy, Pencoyd, Tretire with Michaelchurch, Michaelchurch, Harewood, Llandinabo, Llanwarne, Ballingham
Hereford RD
2058 Dewchurch Aconbury, Callow, Allensmore, Cobhall, Much Birch, Little Birch, Holme Lacy, Bolstone, Lower Bullingham, Grafton, Clehonger, Much Dewchurch, Little Dewchurch, Dewsall, Haywood, Dinedor
2059 Fownhope Fownhope, Mordiford, Hampton Bishop, The Vineyard, Tupsley, Lugwardine, Hagley, Dormington, Bartestree, Weston Beggard, Stoke Edith, Westhide, Withington, Preston Wynne
2060 Burghill Breinton, Burghill, Tillington, Credenhill, Upper Breinton, Lower Breinton, Holmer and Shelwick, Holmer (Within), Huntington, Kenchester, Stretton Sugwas, Sugwas Pool, Pipe cum Lyde, Moreton on Lugg, Marden, Wellington Heath, Dinmore, Sutton, Eaton Bishop
2061 Hereford City Hereford, St Peter, St Nicholas, All Saints
2062 Hereford, All Saints, St Nicholas, St Owen, St Peter
2063 Hereford, St Nicholas, St John The Baptist, All Saints, St Owen, St Peter, St Martin
2064 Madley Kingstone, Thruxton, Madley, Upper Cublington, Lower Cublington, Tiberton, Peterchurch, Turnastone, Vowchurch, St Margaret
2065 Kentchurch Abbeydore, Ewyas Harold, Llangua (MON), Llangiwa, Grosmont (MON), Kentchurch, Orcop, Kilpeck, St Devereux, Wormbridge, Treville, Kenderchurch
2066 Clodock Dulas, Bacton, Newton, Walterstone, Llancillo, Rowlstone, Longtown, Llanveynoe, Michaelchurch Escley, Crasswell
Weobley RD
2067 Weobley Weobley, Almeley, Wootton, Norton Canon, Staunton on Wye, Bishopstone, Brinsop, Mansell Lacy, Brobury, Monnington on Wye, Byford, Bridge Sollers, Mansell Gamage, Yazor, Letton, Kinnersley, Preston on Wye, Ploughfield, Moccas, Blakemere
2068 Dilwyn Dilwyn, Eardisland, Canon Pyon, Westhope, Kings Pyon, Lidgemoor, Stretford, Birley, Sarnesfield, Wormsley
Bromyard RD
2069 Bromyard Bromyard, Bredenbury, Wacton, Little Cowarne, Much Cowarne, Moreton Jeffreys, Felton, Pencombe, Grendon Bishop, Grendon Warren, Stoke Lacy, Ullingswick, Winslow
2070 Bishops Frome Acton Beauchamp (WOR), Avenbury, Much Cowarne, Cradley, Evesbatch, Bishops Frome, Ocle Pitchard, Stanford Bishop
2071 Brockhampton Collington, Edvin Ralph, Edwyn Ralph, Edvin Loach (WOR), Wolferlow, Thornbury, Hampton Charles, Lower Sapey (WOR), Tedstone Wafer, Upper Sapey, Tedstone Delamere, Saltmarsh, Norton Brockhampton, Lower Brockhampton, Linton, Whitbourne
Leominster RD
2072 Leominster Hatfield, Puddlestone, Laysters, Newhampton, Middleton on the Hill, Kimbolton, Stockton, Leominster Borough
2073 Bodenham Leominster Out Parish, Ivington, Wharton, Docklow, Hampton Wafer, Humber, Ford, Stoke Prior, Bodenham, Hope under Dinmore, Upper Hill, Newton, Monkland
2074 Kingsland Aymestrey, Leinthall Earls, Croft, Lucton, Eye Moreton & Ashton, Luston, Eyton, Kingsland, West Town, Orleton, Comberton, Shobdon, Yarpole
Kington RD
2075 Brilley Brilley, Eardisley, Huntington, Michaelchurch on Arrow, Newchurch on Arrow, Winforton, Willersley
2076 Radnor Glascwm (RAD), Colva (RAD), Gladestry (RAD), Llandegley (RAD), Llanfihangel Nant Melan, Harpton (RAD), Trewern and Gwithla (RAD), New Radnor (RAD), Old Radnor and Burlingjob, Walton & Womaston, Lower Harpton, Evenjobb (RAD), Newcastle (RAD), Barland (RAD), Burva (RAD), Kinnerton (RAD), Salford (RAD), Badland (RAD), Ednol (RAD)
2077 Kington Kington, Titley, Staunton on Arrow, Pembridge, Lyonshall, Holmes Marsh
2078 Kinsham Byton, Kinsham, Lingen, Knill, Rodd Nash , Little Brampton, Combe, Stapleton, Willey (SAL)