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Free Census Project Northamptonshire, England

County status

  • The transcriptions of Northamptonshire 1841, 1871 and 1891 are underway.
  • Other census years have not been started yet.
  • If you have an interest in volunteering to help with Northamptonshire please contact me, Terry Waters-Marsh.

Northamptonshire 1841

Transcription progress by piece. The piece order is alphabetical by hundred, with Northampton Borough and Nassaburgh / Peterborough at the foot of the table.
Piece: HO107/ Hundred, Liberty or Borough Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
795 Chipping Warden Aston Le Walls, Appletree, Boddington, Upper Boddington, Lower Boddington, Byfield, Chipping Warden, Stoneton House, Edgcott, Eydon, Greatworth, Sulgrave, Woodford, West Farndon, Hinton
796 Cleley Alderton, Ashton, Cosgrove, Old Stratford, Puxley, Easton Neston, Hulcote, Showsley, Furtho, Grafton Regis, Hartwell, Salcey Lodge, Hartwell Lodge, Passenham, Deanshangaer, Paulerspury, Potterspury, Yardley Gobion, Roade, Stoke Bruerne, Shuttlehanger, Wicken
797 Corby Aashley, Blatherwycke MISSING, Brampton, Brigstock, Bulwick MISSING, Bulwick Short Leys MISSING, East Charlton, Corby, Cottingham, Middleton, Deene MISSING, Deenethorpe MISSING, Dingley, Fineshade (Ville), Geddington, Gretton, Harringworth, Laxton, Newton, Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Rockingham, Stanion, Stoke Albany, Sutton Bassett, Wakerley, Weekley, Boughton, Great Weldon MISSING, Little Weldon MISSING, Weston by Welland, Wilbarston, Pipewell
798 Fawsley St Ledgers Ashby, Badby, Barby, Olney, Braunston, Catesby, Newbold Grounds, Charwelton, Daventry, Drayton, Dodford, Everdon, Snorscomb, Farthingstone, Fawsley, Hellidon, Kilsby, Litchborough, Foxley, Newnham, Norton, Muscott, Thrupp, Preston Capes, Staverton, Stowe none Churches, Weedon Beck MISSING, Welton
799 Greens Norton Canons Ashby, Adstone, Blakesley, Woodend, Foxley, Bradden, Bengall, Duncote, Field Burcote, Littleworth, Potcote, Maidford, Morton Pinkney, Plumpton, Silverstone, Slapton, Weedon Loys, Milthorpe, Weston, Whittlebury
800 Guilsborough Cold Ashby, Long Buckby, Murcott, Claycoton, Cottesbrook, Great Creaton, Crick, Elkington, Guilsborough, Hollowell, Nortoft, West Haddon, Lilbourne, Naseby, Ravensthorpe, Coton, Stanford, Thornby, Watford, Welford, Winwick, Yelvertoft
801 Hamfordshoe Ashby Mears, Great Doddington, Earls Barton, Ecton, Holcot, Sywell, Sywell Bray Lodge, Wellingborough, Wilby
802 Higham Ferrers Bozeat, Chelveston, Caldecott, Easton Maudit, Hargrave, Higham Ferrers, Higham Park, Irchester, Knutson, Newton Bromshold, Raunds, Ringstead, Rushden, Stanwick, Strixton, Wollaston
803 Huxloe Great Addington, Little Addington, All Saints Aldwinkle, St Peter Aldwinkle, All Saints Barnwell, Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer, St Andrew Cranford, St John Cranford, Denford, Finedon or Thingdon, Grafton Underwood, Irthlingborough, Islip, Kettering, Lilford, Wigsthorpe, Lowick, Slipton, Sudborough, Twywell, Warkton, Woodford
804 Kings Sutton Aynho, St James Brackley, St Peter Brackley, Halse, Chalcombe, Croughton, Culworth, Evenly, Farthinghoe, Helmdon, Hinton in the Hedges, Kings Sutton, Astrop, Charlton, Purston, Walton, St Lawrence Marston, Middleton Cheney, Newbottle, Radstone, Stean or Stene, Stutchbury, Stutsbury, Syresham, Thenford, Thorpe Mandeville, Wappenham, Astwell, Falcutt, Warkworth, Grimsbury, Nethercote, Whitefield
805 Navisford Clapton, Pilton, Stoke Doyle, Thorpe Achurch, Thrapston, Titchmarsh, Wadenhoe
806 Nobottle Grove Althorpe, Chapel Brampton, Church Brampton, Brington, Little Brington, Nobottle, Brockhall, Bugbrooke, Dallington, Duston, Floore, East Haddon, Harlestone, Harpole, Nether Heyford, Upper Heyford, Holdenby, Kislingbury, Ravensthorpe, Teeton, Upton, Whilton
807 Orlingbury Brixworth, Broughton, Cransley, Little Cransley, Hannington, Hardwick, Great Harrowden, Little Harrowden, Isham, Lamport, Hanging Houghton, Faxton, Mawsley, Old or Wold, Orlingbury, Pitchley, Scaldwell, Walgrave
808 Polebrook St Andrew Barnwell, Benefield, Upper Benefield, Lower Benefield, Hemington, Luddington in the Brook, Oundle, Biggin, Churchfield, Elmington, Ashton, Polebrook, Armston, Thurning, Warmington, Winwick
809 Rothwell Arthingworth, Barford, Little Bowden, Little Oxenden, Braybrook, Clipston, Desborough, Draughton, East Farndon, Glendon, Harrington, Haselbeech MISSING, Kelmarsh, Loddington, Maidwell, Marston Trussell, Thorpe Lubbenham, Great Oxenden, Rothwell, Orton, Thorpe Underwood, All Saints & St Peter Rushton, Pipewell, Sibbertoft, Sulby, Theddingworth, Hothorpe, Thorpe Malsor
810 Spelhoe Abington, Great Billing, Little Billing, Boughton, Kingsthorpe, Moulton, Moulton Park, Overstone, Pisford or Pitsford, Spratton, Little Creaton, Weston Favell
811 Towcester Abthorpe, Foscote, Cold Higham, Grimscote, Fosters Booth, Potcote, Gayton, Bambury Lane, Pattishall, Ascote, Cathems End, Dalscote, Darlscot, Eastcote, Foxley, Tiffield, Towcester, Caldecote, Handley, Wood Burcote
812 Willybrook Apethorpe, Moorhay Lodge, Colley Weston, Cotterstock, Duddington, Easton, Fotheringhay, Glapthorn, Kings Cliffe, Spa Lodge, Westhay, Lutton, Luddington in the Wold, Nassington, Southwick, Crosswayhand Lodge, Tansor, Wood Newton, Yarwell, Sulchay Walk, Sulchay Lodge
813 Wymersley Castle Ashby, Chadstone, Blisworth, Brafield on the Green, Cogenhoe or Cooknoe, Collingtree, Courteenhall, Denton, Grendon, Hardingstone, Cotton End or Far Cotton, Delapre Abbey, Horton, Great Houghton, Little Houghton, Milton or Middleton Malzor, Piddington, Hackleton, Preston Deanery, Quinton, Rothersthorpe, Whiston, Wootton, Yardley Hastings
814 Northampton Borough All Saints, St Giles, St Peter, St Sepulchre, Priory St Andrew or Town Part
815 Soke of Peterborough
Liberty of Peterborough
Nassaburgh Hundred
Bainton, Peterborough, Nassaburgh, Barnack, Pilsgate, Southorpe, Borough Fen(Ville), Castor, Ailesworth, Sutton, Upton, Etton, Woodcroft, Eye, Glinton, Helpstone, St John the Baptist, Dogsthorpe, Eastfield, Longthorpe, Newark, Marholm
816 Maxey, Deeping Gate, Newborough, Northborough, Paston, Gunthorpe, Walton, Werrington, Peakirk, St Martin Stamford, Wothorpe, Thornhaugh, Ufford, Ashton, Wansford, Whittering
817 Peterborough St John the Baptist, Peterborough Minster Close Precincts


Northamptonshire 1871

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG10/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Brackley RD
1467 Brackley Aynho, Finmere (pt OXF) [1], Brackley St James, Brackley St Peter, Westbury (BKM), Mixbury (OXF), Turweston (BKM)
1468 Croughton, Evenley, Hinton in the Hedges, Steane or Steen, Kings Sutton, Astrop, Charlton, Whitfield
1469 Sulgrave Helmdon, Wappenham, Astwell, Falcott, Biddlesden (BKM), Culworth, Thorpe Mandeville, Moreton Pinkney, Eydon, Thenford, Fartinghoe, Greatworth, Marston St Lawrence, Westrop, Radstone, Stuchbury, Sulgrave, Syresham, Crowfield
Towcester RD
1470 Abthorpe Abthorpe, Carms Ashby, Adstone, Blakesley, Woodend, Foxley, Litchborough, Bradden, Maidford, Plumpton, Weedon Loys, Milthorpe
1471 Abthorpe, Weedon Loys, Weston, Silverstone, Slapton, Whittlebury, Wappenham
1472 Towcester Cold Higham, Grimscote, Forsters Booth, Pattishall, Foxley, Astcote, Eastcote, Gayton, Blisworth, Stoke Bruern, Shutlanger
1473 Tiffield, Greens Norton, Duncote, Towchester, Caldecote, Wood Burcote, Handley, Easton Neston, Hulcote
Potterspury RD
1474 Potterspury Calverton (BKM), Stony Stratford (BKM), Wolverton (BKM)
1475 Wolverton (BKM), Alderton, Ashton, Furtho, Old Stratford, Cosgrove, Grafton Regis, Hartwell, Salcey Lodge, Passenham, Deanshanger, Puxley
1476 Passenham, Old Stratford, Paulerspury, Heathencote, Pury End, Potterspury, Yardley, Gobion, Wicken
Hardingstone RD
1477 Brafield Yardley Hastings, Whiston, Castle Ashby, Denton, Brafield on the Green, Cogenhoe, Little Houghton
1478 Hardingstone Hardingstone, Piddington, Hackleton, Great Houghton, Quinton, Horton, Preston Deanery
1479 Milton Wootton, Collingtree, Milton, Milton Malsor, Middleton Malsor, Roade, Courteenhall, Rothersthorpe
Northampton RD
1480 St Giles Great Billing, Little Billing, Abington, Weston Favell, Northampton
1481 Great Billing, St Sepulchre
1482 St Sepulchre
1483 St Sepulchre, St Andrew Priory
1484 Northampton, St Sepulchre, St Andrew Priory
1485 Northampton, St Andrew Priory, St Giles
1486 All Saints Dallington, St James End, Dunston, Kingsthorpe
1487 Northampton, All Saints
1488 Northampton, All Saints, St Peter
1489 Bugbrooke Bugbrooke, Kislingbury, Upton, Harpole, Nether Heyford, Upper Heyford
Daventry RD
1490 Weedon Brockhall, Dodford, Everdon, Snorscombe, Farthingstone, Fawsley, Floore, Newnham, Preston Capes, Little Preston, Stowe Nine Churches, Upper Stowe, Church Stowe, Weedon Beck, Little Preston
1491 Daventry Canons Ashby, Woodford cum Membris, Farndon, Hinton, Byfield, Charwelton, Catesby Abbey, Newbold Grounds, Hellidon, Staverton, Badby, Daventry
1492 Daventry, Drayton, Braunston, Little Braunston
1493 Long Buckby Ashby St Ledgers, Norton, Muscott, Thrupp, Long Buckby, Murcutt, Watford, Murcott, Welton, West Haddon, Whilton, Winwick
Brixworth RD
1494 Spratton Great Creaton, East Haddon, Guilsborough, Hollowell or Holywell, Nortoft, Spratton, Little Creaton, Holdenby, Naseby, Cold Ashby, Cottesbrooke, Ravensthorpe, Teeton, Coton or Coaton, Thornby
1495 Moulton Brington, Great Brington, Little Brington, Nobottle, Althorp, Boughton, Church Brampton, Chapel Brampton, Harlestone, Moulton Park, Moulton , Overstone, Pitsford
1496 Brixworth Walgrave, Draughton, Mawsley, Faxton, Lamport, Hanging Houghton, Hannington, Hazelbeech, Holcot, Maidwell, Old or Wold, Scaldwell, Brixworth
Wellingborough RD
1497 Earls Barton Sywell, Ecton, Mears Ashby, Earls Barton, Grendon, Easton Maudit, Strixton, Bozeat, Wollaston
1498 Higham Ferrers Poddington (BDF), Hinwick (BDF), Farndish (BDF), Wymington (BDF), Higham Park, Newton Bromshold [2], Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Irchester
1499 Higham Ferrers
1500 Wellingborough Wilby, Hardwick, Great Doddington, Little Harrowden, Great Harrowden, Isham, Orlingbury, Finedon, Wellingborough
1501 Wellingborough
Kettering RD
1502 Kettering Pytchley, Burton Latimer, Cranford St John, Cranford St Andrew, Barton Seagrave, Warkton, Kettering
1503 Kettering
1504 Rothwell Broughton, Cransley, Harrington, Loddington, Thorpe Malsor, Barford, Glendon, Desborough, Wilbarton, Pipewell, Great Oakley, Rushton, Thorpe Underwood, Orton
1505 Rothwell, Thorpe Underwood, Orton, Desborough
1506 Corby East Carlton, Cottingham, Middleton, Beanfield Lawns, Corby, Stanion, Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Newton, Geddington, Weekley, Grafton Underwood
Thrapston RD
1507 Thrapston Great Addington, Little Addington, Aldwinkle St Peter, Aldwinkle All Saints, Brigstock, Clapton, Islip, Lowick
1508 Sudborough, Twywell, Slipton, Thrapston, Tichmarsh, Woodford
1509 Raunds Denford, Ringstead, Chelveston cum Caldecote, Stanwick, Covington (HUN), Hargrave, Raunds, Bythorn (HUN), Keyston (HUN), Molesworth (HUN), Brington (HUN), Old Weston (HUN)
Oundle RD
1510 Oundle Stoke Doyle, Pilton, Wadenhoe, Lilford cum Wigsthorpe, Thorpe Achurch, Barnwell All Saints, Barnwell St Andrew, Winwick (pt HUN), Thurning (pt HUN), Great Gidding (HUN), Little Gidding (HUN), Hemington, Luddington in the Brook (pt HUN), Polebrooke, Armston, Lutton (pt HUN)
1511 Lutton (pt HUN), Oundle, Ashton
1512 Weldon Upper Benefield, Lower Benefield, Great Weldon, Little Weldon, Deene, Deenethorpe, Bulwick, Blatherwycke
1513 Fotheringhay Apethorpe, Kings Cliffe, Yarwell, Locks Lodge, Nassington, Old Sulehay, Wood Newton, Glapthorn, Southwick, Cotterstick, Tansor, Fotheringhay, Warmington, Elton (HUN)
Peterborough RD
1514 Stilton Water Newton (HUN), Alwalton (HUN), Chesterton (HUN), Haddon (HUN), Morborn (HUN), Washingley (HUN), Folksworth (HUN), Normans Cross, Caldercot (HUN), Denton (HUN), Glatton (HUN), Holme (HUN), Daintree, Stilton (HUN)
1515 Stilton (HUN), Yaxley (HUN), Normans Cross, Orton Waterville (HUN), Orton Longville (HUN), Standground (HUN), Farcet (HUN)
1516 Peterborough Standground (pt HUN, pt CAM), Fletton (HUN), Woodstone (HUN), New Fletton, Peterborough, Eastfield, Newark, Minster Close Precincts, Dogsthorpe
1517 Minster Close Precincts, St John the Baptist
1518 Minster Close Precincts, St John the Baptist, Dogsthorpe
1519 Minster Close Precincts, Dogsthorpe, St John the Baptist, Longthorpe, Castor, Ailsworth, Sutton, Upton, Marholm, Paston, Gunthorpe, Walton, Werrington
1520 Crowland Borough Fen, Newborough, Crowland (LIN)
1521 Glinton, Etton, Woodcroft, Helpstone, Maxey, Deeping Gate, Peakirk, Northborough, Eye
1522 Thorney Thorney (CAM), English Drove (CAM), Thorney Dyke (CAM), Knarr Fen (CAM)


  1. Finmere is divided between pieces 1424 (Buckingham RD, BKM) and 1467
  2. Newton Bromshold is divided between pieces 1498 and 1537 (Bedford RD, BDF)

Northamptonshire 1891

Transcription progress by piece. Pieces are grouped by Registration District.
Piece: RG12/ Reg. Sub District Parish, Township or Hamlet Status
Brackley RD
1185 Brackley Astwell and Falcott, Aynho, Biddlesden (BKM), Brackley, Croughton, Culworth, Evenley, Eydon, Helmdon, Hinton in the Hedges, Moreton Pinkney, Old Town, St Peter, Steane, Thorpe Mandeville, Westbury (BKM)
1186 Astrop, Charlton, Farthinghoe, Finmere (OXF), Greatworth, Kings Sutton, Marston St Lawrence, Mixbury (OXF), Newbottle, Radstone, Stuchbury, Sulgrave, Syresham, Thenford, Turweston (BKM), Westbury (BKM), Westhorpe, Whitfield
Towcester RD
1187 Abthorpe Abthorpe, Adstone, Blakesley, Bradden, Litchborough, Olney, Siverstone, Slapton, Wappenham, Weedon Lois, West End, Weston, Whittlebury, Woodend
1188 Towcester Astcote, Blisworth, Caldicote, Cold Higham, Duncote, Eastcote, Easton Neston, Fosters Booth, Gayton, Greens Norton, Grimscote, Hulcote, Pattishall, Shutlanger, Stoke Bruerne, Tiffield, Towcester, Wood Burcote
Potterspury RD
1189 Potterspury Alderton, Ashton, Cosgrove, Deanshanger, Furtho, Grafton Regis, Hartwell, Lower End, Old Stratford, Passenham, Paulerspury, Potterspury, Wicken, Yardley Gobion
1190 Calverton (BKM), Lower Weald (BKM), Middle Weald (BKM), Stony Stratford (BKM), Upper Weald (BKM), Wolverton Assigned
Hardingstone RD
1191 Brafield Brafield on the Green, Castle Ashby, Caddeston, Cogenhoe, Denton, Little Houghton, Whiston, Yardley Hastings Assigned
1192 Hardingstone Cotton End, Far Cotton, Great Houghton, Hackleton, Hardingstone, Horton, Northampton, Piddington, Preston Deanery, Quinton Online
1193 Milton Collingtree, Courteenhall, Milton or Middleton Malsor, Roade, Rothersthorpe, Wootton
Northampton RD
1194 St Giles Abington, Great Billing, Little Billing, Northampton, St Giles, Weston Favell
1195 St Giles, St Sepulchre
1196 St Sepulchre
1197 St Andrews Priory, St Giles, St Sepulchre, Town Part
1198 St Andrews Priory, St Sepulchre, Town Part
1199 St Giles, St Sepulchre, Town Part
1200 All Saints Dallington, Duston, Kingsthorpe, St James End
1201 Kingsthorpe, Northampton, All Saints
1202 Dallington, St Peter
1203 Bugbrooke Bugbrooke, Harpole, Kislingbury, Nether Heyford, Upper Heyford, Upton
Daventry RD
1204 Weedon Brockhall, Dodford, Everdon, Farthingstone, Fawsley, Floore, Newnham, Preston Capes, Stowe Nine Churches, Weedon Beck
1205 Daventry Badby, Braunston, Byfield, Canons Ashby, Catesby, Charwelton, Daventry, Drayton, Farndon, Hellidon, Hinton, Staverton, Woodford cum Membris
1206 Long Buckby Ashby St Legers, Long Buckby, Norton, Watford, Welton, West Haddon, Whilton, Winwick
Brixworth RD
1207 Brixworth Althorp, Boughton, Brington, Chapel Brampton, Church Brampton, Draughton, East Haddon, Faxton, Great Creaton, Guilsborough, Hanging Houghton, Hannington, Harlestone, Haselbeech, Holcot, Holdenby, Hollowell, Lamport, Maidwell, Mawsley, Moulton, Moulton Park
1208 Brixworth, Cold Ashby, Coton or Coaton, Cottesbrooke, Moulton, Naseby, Old or Wold, Overstone, Pitsford, Ravensthorpe, Scaldwell, Spratton, Teeton, Thornby, Walgrave
Wellingborough RD
1209 Earls Barton Bozeat, Earls Barton, Easton Maudit, Ecton, Grendon, Mears Ashby, Strixton, Sywell, Wollaston Assigned
1210 Higham Ferrers Farndish (BDF), Higham Ferrers, Higham Park, Hinwick (BDF), Irchester, Irthlingborough, Newton Bromshold, Podington (BDF), Wymington (BDF)
1211 Rushden Assigned
1212 Wellingborough Wellingborough
1213 Wellingborough
1214 Finedon, Great Doddington, Great Harrowden, Hardwick, Isham, Little Harrowden, Orlingbury, Wellingborough, Wilby Assigned
Kettering RD
1215 Kettering Barton Seagrave, Broughton, Burton Latimer, Cranford St Andrew, Cranford St John, Cransley, Kettering, Pytchley, Warkton
1216 Kettering Online
1217 Kettering Kettering
1218 Rothwell Barford, Desborough, Glendon, Harrington, Loddington, Orton, Pipewell, Rothwell, Rushton, Thorpe Malsor
1219 Corby Beanfield Lawns, Corby, Cottingham, East Carlton, Geddington, Grafton Underwood, Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Middleton, Newton, Stanion, Weekley
1220 Thrapston Aldwincle St Peter, Brigstock, Clapton, Great Addington, Islip, Little Addington, Lowick, Newtown, Slipton, Sudborough, Thrapston, Titchmarsh, Twywell, Woodford Assigned
1221 Raunds Brington (HUN), Bythorn (HUN), Chelveston cum Caldecote, Covington (HUN), Denford, Hargrave, Higham End, Keyston (HUN), Molesworth (HUN), Old Weston (HUN), Raunds, Ringstead, Stanwick Assigned
Oundle RD
1222 Oundle Armston, Ashton, Barnwell All Saints, Barnwell St Andrew, Chapel End (HUN), Great Gidding (HUN), Hemington, Lilford cum Wigsthorpe, Little Gidding (HUN), Luddington in the Brook, Lutton pt (HUN), Oundle, Pilton, Polebrooke, Stoke Doyle, Thorpe Achurch, Thurning (HUN), Wadenhoe, Winwick (HUN)
1223 Weldon Benefield, Blatherwycke, Bulwick, Deene, Deenethorpe, Great Weldon, Little Weldon
1224 Fotheringhay Apethorpe, Cotterstock, Elton (HUN), Fotheringhay, Glapthorn, Kings Cliffe, Nassington, Southwick, Tansor, Warmington, Wood Newton, Yarwell
Peterborough RD
1225 Stilton Alwalton (HUN), Caldecote (HUN), Chesterton (HUN), Denton (HUN), Farcet (HUN), Folksworth (HUN), Glatton (HUN), Haddon (HUN), Holme (HUN), Morborn (HUN), Orton Longville (HUN), Orton Waterville, Stilton (HUN), Washingley (HUN), Water Newton (HUN), Yaxley (HUN)
1226 Peterborough Fletton (pt HUN), Standground (pt CAM pt HUN), Woodstone (pt HUN)
1227 All Saints, Minster Close Precincts, St Mary
1228 St Mark
1229 Dogsthorpe, New England, St Mark, St Paul
1230 St John the Baptist
1231 Ailsworth, Castor, Eastfield, Gunthorpe, Longthorpe, Marholm, Newark, Paston, St John the Baptist, St Mary, Sutton, Upton, Walton, Werrington
1232 Crowland Borough Fen, Castle End, Crowland (LIN), Deeping Gate, Etton, Eye, Glinton, Helpstone, Maxey, Newborough, Northborough, Peakirk
1233 Thorney Causeway (CAM), English Drove (CAM), French Drove (CAM), New Cut (CAM), Thorney (CAM)