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Churchwardens Rates & Accounts 1823-1824

Here's another example of the Churchwarden's Rates and Accounts for the Parish of Gerrans for 1823/24.

Look out for the names of defaulters on the rates in the expenses section!

Bill O'Reilly 2006

Five rates made for the relief of the Church and for other purposes in the several acts of Parliament mentioned Relating to the Church of Gerrans in the County of Cornwall From the 23rd day of May 1823 to the 10th of July 1824 by Mr. George HILL and Bennet SNELL Churchwardens of the said Parish being the Whole of the Rates since the 23rd day of May 1823
ANNEAR JamesPolendra22-1010
BAKER Rev WilliamEnnys Tent.3-   
Do.Secombs Treloan28184
BILLING WilliamHouse-2--10
BOLT JonothenHouse-1--7
CREGOE Esq. M.G.Trewithian & Pths6-   
Do.Jennings Tent.18   
Do.Rundles Tenement18   
Do.Ennys Tenement26   
COLLETT AmosTreluggan781184
CROXALL SamuelHouse-1--5
CREGOE MargeryHouse-1--5
DINGLE Alexr.Treleggon & Quarters7211510
DATE RichardMerras38-184
DILLON JohnHouse-1--5
ENCLEDON JemimaLanhay2--10-
FERREL RichardParkenvrane14-68
HARRIS Esq. HenryRoseteage910292
HARRIS JohnPoloughn4-   
HICKS ThomasLanhay58   
Do.Churchtown Tent.-10   
Do.Part of Rowtars Tent.-2   
HILL PeterTregassick21   
Do.Lower Tregassick32   
Do.North Tregassick3-   
Do.Tregassick (Mrs TERRALS)1-   
Do.Bennetts Tent.-4   
Do.Dillons Tent.-52103
HILL GeorgeTreloan28   
Do.Lower Treloan542--
HILL E HayesTregear1593189
HARRIS JethroLanhoose12-510
HAYES StephenHouse-2--10
HAYES CatherineHouse-1--5
JOHNS Esq. RichardTrewince134   
Do.South Peddenvadden12476
JOHNS WilliamJanes Tent.-10   
Do.House-3 57
JOHNS SeraphimTerzine-6   
Do.Part of Trendrays-6-110
JOHNS JohnPart of Trendrays29   
Do.North Peddenvadden16115
LANGDON MichaelHouse-1--7
MARTIN JohnCurgurrel23   
Do.Higher Curgurrel18   
MUSHALL EdwardTregassa46   
Do.Michells Tent.-10168
MERIFIELD JamesSea Mils1--5-
MAY ThomasHouse-2--10
MENNEAR Willm.House---2
ODGERS James Junr.Robarts Tent.1-   
Do.Trenhayles Tent.-3   
Do.North Ground-6   
Do.Part of Rowters Tent.-1-97
ODGERS James Senr.House-2--10
OLIVER WilliamHouse-2--10
OXENBERRY RalphJeffrys Tent. & House-5-23
OLIVEY WilliamHouse-2--10
PETERS Esq. J.P.Carnkeys-10-44
PEARCE HonorSaffron Meadows-4   
Do.Ennys Tent.-11   
PETERS PhillipaSeccombs Tent.-4   
PETERS NicholasHouse-1--5
PETERS Alexr.House---2
PETERS WilliamHouse---2
PADDY JaneHouse---2
PETERS JohnHouse---2
PEARCE WilliamHouse-1--5
PENVER FrancisHouse-1--5
RICKERD Johnlanhoose29-1311
RABLING JamesHouse-1--5
SNELL BennetPettigrews Tent.2-   
SAWLE AnnHouse-1--5
SAWLE James Senr.House---2
SARA Abm.House-1--5
SARA ThomasHouse11-55
TONKIN PascoePolingey2--10-
THOMAS JohnHouse-3-13
THOMAS CatherineHouse-2--10
VIGUS Elizth.Portscatha Tent.-4   
WILLIAMS Elizth.Tregassa54   
Do.Dillons Rosevine-10210-
WOODWARD Robt.Vraddenhays-8-34
WAKEM AnnHouse---2
WAKEM EdwardHouse-1--5
HILL Mr. PeterPorthcuel Malt House & Dunfield-2--10
 Total   433s 5d

Disbursements made for the relief of the Church and for other purposes in the several acts of Parliament mentioned relating to the Church of the Parish of Gerrans in the County of Cornwall. From the 23rd day of May 18 to the 10th day of July 1824 By Mr. George HILL and Bennet SNELL Churchwardens of the said Parish being the whole of the disbursements since the 23 day of May 1823
30-JunBadgers head-1-
Mr HUDGE's bill-172
WILLIAMS' bill for lead6172
Two journeys to Truro and expenses for do.-10-
Fitchers Head to Mr JOHNS' boy-1-
Peter BROAD's bill-176
16-OctJohn SAWLE's bill100
James SAWLE's bill1100
A new book for publishing banns of marriage and carriage-110
A table of degrees of marriage-116
Richard LEWARNE's bill-42
Badgers head-1-
Fitchers head--5
Clarks salary33-
Washing the Linen-5-
Bread for the Sacrament-26
Sexan's salary2--
Paid the signers2--
A dozen of Tent Wine24-
Richd PEARCE's bills-48
3 sheefs parchment-6-
Mr BAKER in lieu of wine17-
Exps. Attending the court276
Mr OXENBERRY's bill216
William MERIFIELD's bill-2-
Mr. MUDGE's bill11911
James SAWLE's bill1186
Honor PEARCE's bill-25
Badgers head-1-
John SAWLE's bill-83
Ehud SAWLE's bill-23
to a brush to sweep the Church-34
to a brush omitted in the year 1822-24
to a lock for the Church door-40
20 bushels of lime at 6d-1010
carriage of do.-36
paid John JENNINGS 2 days-39
Betsey JENNINGS for cleaning the Church-40
Defaulters on the Rate:---

     James MERIFIELD 5 rates


     Jane PADDY


     Catherine HAYES


     Ann WAKEM


     James WYNN and unreadable text

Court Fees1--
Appariter of the Court-60
Francis PENVER for Boot hire-60
Total 36 17s 10d
book indepted last year40s4d
Received by 5 Rates433s5d
Due to the Book2 5s2d

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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