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Manorial Records of Nampity & Pettigrew - Lady Day (25th March) 1748

Transcribed from LDS film 1471925 images 560-568. There images are in two parts: firstly a set of accounts and secondly a review of the ages of the lessees and the 'lives'. I have added an extra column to the accounts to include this information.

Note: In the book "My ancestors were manorial tenants” by Peter B Park, published by the Soc of Genealogists in London, Jay Venables found that the definition of HERIOT (or other spellings) is “payment in kind to the lord on the death of a tenant; traditionally ‘the best beast.’ Sometimes commuted to a cash payment.” 

Jay has also found the following definition in the Cumbria FHS magazine:

“HERIOT – the obligation, with Saxon roots, of a heir to return to the lord the military equipment of a deceased tenant, on the premise that it was originally provided by the lord. Depending on status, the apparel could include horse, harness, armour and weapons. This obligation originally applied to freemen and villeins but in later times tended to be related to copyhold tenures only. After the Conquest, the custom was superseded by the gift of the deceased’s best beast, and still later, it was commuted to a cash payment to the lord – another tax upon admission of the heir!"

At a court held the sixth day of May 1748 for ye Mannr. of Petigrew & Nampity by Jno. Enys Esq. Lord of the said Mannr. then and there present at the house of Benjamin Harris Innkeeper within the said Mannour for the receipt of Rents due to the said John Enys at Lady Day 1748.

      ArrearsTotal Rents   Dates ofFines AgesAges    Herryots    
ParishTenantsTenementsRentsof RentsDueRecedLeasesthereofLives thereonin leasenowDeadHerryotsDueRecedNotes
-Edward HAYESTregassick210----210-210-29th Sep 17336722-Richard his son621-----------
-------------------Anne &1126-33--------
-------------------Mary his Daughters722-----------
-Do.a meadow--6-----6--613th Apr 173766-the said Edward4253-----------
-------------------Mary his wife &4657-----------
-------------------Richard their son1021-----------
NampityDo.Wido. DILLON's Tenemt.-12-----12--12-29th Sep 1710822-Thos DILLON the lessee--dead---11-11--
-------------------Joseph his Brother--dead11-11-11--
-------------------Stephen son of Stephen EXBRIDGE-------------
-Joan EXBRIDGE now James THOMASHo. & Garden-26----26-2625th Mar 1737310-the said Joan2843-----------
-------------------Elizabeth her sister &1021-----------
-------------------Stephen son of Stephan EXBRIDGE1627-----------
-Do.Ho. She lives in-1-----1--1-25th March 174725-James THOMAS3637-----------
-------------------the said Joan EXBRIDGE4544-----------
-------------------Elizth. dau of Stephen EXBRIDGE2324-----------
-Jno. MENEARHo. & Garden-26----26-2627th Jan 173455-Zachary SAMPSON ye Younger33-dead----------
-------------------Zacharias his son721-----------
-------------------Richd. the son418-----------
-Nichs. DAVYESHo. & Garden-36-140-176unable to


1st Jan 17335106Anne his wife5065-----------
----------------Philippa daur of Ralph PEARSE1620-----------
-------------------Mary EDWARDS of St Anthony1419-----------
-Richd. SAWLEHo. & Garden-5-----5--5-25th Mar 1747rent--the said Richard SAWLE4041-----------
----------------reserved--Philippa his wife &4638-----------
-------------------Richard His son1213-----------
NampityGeo. SAWLE ye ButcherHobbs Tenemt.-39-73-11--11-29th Sep 1710173-the said Geo. SAWLE--dead----66-66-
-------------------Philippa his wife &--dead-66-66-66-
-------------------Geo. his son proposed tent.age not mentioned in ye lease56-----------
-Geo. SAWLE ye BoatmanOld Walls & Garden-26-76-10--2629th Sept 17332126the said Geo. SAWLEage not mentioned in ye lease56-----------
------------recd since

end of court

----Mary his wife &do.54-----------
----------------John his son1126-----------
-Peter WEBB ye ElderHo. & garden in Ch. Town-46----46-4625th Mar 1747386Peter WEBB the son2626-----------
-------------------Richard the son &1519-----------
-------------------Margery DREW of Gerrans2728-----------
-Stephen JOHN's Gentl.Trewithian1-----1--1--1st May 1735300--Stephen ye son of Lessee720-----------
-------------------Abigail &1124-2---------
-------------------Anne daurs of Stephen the pty.922-----------
-Do.Pentolwaddon1136---113611366th Feb 172245--Abigail his wife-56-----------
-------------------in reven. of the said Stephenno ages mentioned in ye Lease60-34--------
-------------------Francis TAMBLIN-40-----------
-Do.Pt. of Norman's Tenemt.-6-----6--6-30th Sep 17276711-Martin POMEROY son of Old Martin1132-----------
-------------------Jenifer POMEROY his Daur.2344-----------
-------------------John WALTERS of Penzancenot mentioned in the lease40-----------
-Do.Moyety of Gardners Cellrs.-5-----5--5-24th Sep 1707---Richard JOHNS--dead---------unreadable memo mentioning Stephen his son aged 21 and Elizth(?) daur aged 13 years
-------------------The said Stephen JOHN his Br.not mentioned in the lease60----------
-------------------Nichs. his brother--dead---------
-John TOYTenemt. In Trewithian--6-----6--619th Nov 1709-1--the said John TOY &not mentioned in the lease64-----------
-------------------Dorothy his wife--dead----------
-John MENEER ye Elderho. and Garden-26----26-2623rd Dec 17454--John MENEAR the party-40-----------
-------------------Elizth. his wife &not mentioned in the lease43-----------
-------------------John their son1518-----------
-------------10-under cash----------------
-Charles TILLER ye ElderTenemt. In Trewithian-1-----1--1-3rd Aug 174433-Xtian his wife4750-----------
-------------------Chales his son & 1820--2--------
-------------------Xtian his daur2227-----------
-Mathew POMEROYPt. of Norman's Tenemt.17-17-214-214-30th Sep 17276711-Martin POMEROY son of Old Martin-33----------unreadable memo
-------------------Jenifer POMEROY &not mentioned in the lease45-21--------
-------------------John WALTERS of Penzance-41-----------
-Nichs. KEMP Esq.for a Cellar-4--4--8--8-5th Jan 1707---Arthur KEMP Esq.--dead----------
-------------------the said Nicholas &not mentioned in the lease50-----------
-------------------Charles his son-44-----------
NampityBenjamin HARRISPt. of Chimmoe's Tenemt.-26-26-5--5-1st Dec 174677-the said Benjamin3638-----------
-------------------Mary his wife &3133-----------
-------------------Barbara his Daur.1116-----------
Do.Nichs. BENNETMoyety of a Tenemt.-54-16-114-726th Jun 1713422-Nicholas BENNET the partynot mentioned in the lease56-----------
-N.B. Mr Robts. Pays 2 parts in 3 of this rent----Blanch ROWE his late wife--dead-68-68----
-------------------Stephen BENNET ye Parson.--dead----68----
-Jno. JENNINGS (x'd out and Ph. BUTLAND entered)an House called Jennings-68-134100read fines

of court

16th May 173766-the said John JENNINGSnot mentioned in the lease70-----------
----------------Elizabeth his wifenot mentioned in the lease70-----------
-------------------Thomas son of Philip BUTLAND920-----------
-do.a Cellar-683144414unreadable4th Apr 17088--Anthony MITCHELL--dead----------
------------note----William his son &not mentioned in the lease34-----------
-------------------Grace CANNON--dead----------
Do.Peter BLAMEYMoyety of a Tenemt.-108-108114read fines

of court

30th Jan 173330--Peter the father--dead---1------
----------------Barsheba BENNET--dead1--1------
-------------------Peter BLAMEY the sonnot mentioned in the lease24-----------
-Anne COCKPt. of Gardner's Cellrs.-5-10-15--5-8th Dec 1709---George COCK--dead----------
-------------------Ann his wife ye Tent. &--dead----------
-------------------Grace daur of Richd. QUINTRELLnot mentioned in the lease45-----------
-Anthony MITCHELLPt. of Chimmoe's Tenemt.-66----66read fines

of court

1st Dec 174610913-The sd. Anth. MITCHELL2830-----------
----------------Ann his wife &2830--68-------
-------------------Nicholas CANNON (son of Ralph CANNING)814-----------
-Gilbert PADDYPt. of Rowter's Ho.-3-----3--3-12th Sep 171112--Gilbert PADDY40------------
--(late A. MITCHELL)----------------Ann(?) his wife30------------
-------------------Gilbert their son9------------
NampityMrs TRENHAYLEa Tenemt.-11--11-12----30th Feb 172088-the said Mrs. TRENHAYLEnot mentioned in the lease50----------date as written
-(James TRENHAYLE Lessee)----------------John ROWTAR &--dead-17--17-----
-------------------Nicholas his brother--dead----17-----
-John DILLONRowter's Cellar-26-26-5--------This is a Rack rent yearly-------------
NampityStephen PADDY (x'd out)Rowter's 2 Clr. Closes-66----66---Jult 174625--the said John PILL3032-----------
-(John PILL Lessee)----------------Joan his wife in Roven.(?) of2830-----------
-------------------Margt. PADDYnot mentioned in the lease58-----------
--brought over£7163£189£950£766------------------
-James JENNINGSAn House-2--14--16----23rd Oct 171333-James SELBY--dead----2-----
-------------------James son of Stephen JENNINGSnot mentioned in the lease40--2--------
-------------------Armental xxx Lessee-------2-----
-Wm. CREGOEPt. of Hayne's Tenemt.-1010-1010118-101026th May 1698135--the said Wm. CREGOE--dead----------
-------------------Armanitta his wife &--dead----------
-------------------William ADAMS of Penrynnot mentioned in the lease70-----------
-Stephn. EXBRIDGEPt. of Hayne's Tenemt.-1-----1--1-4th May 17154--the said Stephn. EXBRIDGEnot mentioned in the lease70-----------
-------------------Mary his wife &not mentioned in the lease70-----------
-------------------Stephen his son-26dead----------
-Richard JENNINGSHayne's Ho.-2-----2--2-7th Jun 173145-Richard825-----------
-------------------Stephen &623-----------
-------------------Martin sons of Richd. ye party421-----------
-Saml. EXBRIDGEHo. & garden ye Clift-1-----1-read fines

of court

6th Sep 17137--Soloman EXBRIDGE--dead----------
----------------Saml. the present tent.not mentioned in the lease------------
-------------------Anne his daur.--dead----------
-Do.Ho. & garden-2-----2-read fines

of court

20th Nov 171022-Richard SARAH--dead----------
----------------Armanell his daur. &not mentioned in the lease58-----------
-------------------John his grandson-54-----------
-Jno. BENNETCellar in ye Clift-4-18-112--4-28th Jan 1707---Thomas BENNET--dead----------
-------------------Anne his daur. &not mentioned in the lease45-----------
-------------------Nicholas his son-56-----------
Nampitydo.Tenemt. In Nampity-54-32-86read fines

of court

10th Apr 17421818-the said John BENNET-58-----------
----------------Mary his sister &not mentioned in the lease-dead-10--------
-------------------Robert his son-19-----------
do.Wm. BABBGeorge's Tenemt.-10--15-15-15-18th Dec 1708---Jane wife of Hen. GEORGE--dead----------
-------------------John her son &--dead----------
-------------------Francis his sonnot mentioned in the lease50-----------
-Ferdinando HILLDavy's Tenemt.-4--4--8-read fines

of court

23rd Aug 172912--John DAVY--dead----------
----------------Jacob his son726-----------
-Stephen PASCOE ye ElderHouse--6-----6--625th Mar 174711-the said Stephennot mentioned in the lease54-----------
-------------------Bennet &1920-----------
-------------------Stephen his sons1213-----------
-Martin POMEROYNewys Tenemt.-10-10-10-2614th Feb 17054--Jenefer the wife of Edward HOBBS--dead----------
-(Geo. BLAMEY in July 1746 had a Revsn. Of this Tenemt. For 2 lives - then unreadable)----Martin POMEROYnot mentioned in the lease65-----------
-------------------Abigail his wife--dead----------
-Thos. TREGIDGEOHo ye late Jacob DAVYS-2-----2--2-3rd Nov 172222-Elizabeth the wife of sd. Thomasnot mentioned in the lease50-----------
-------------------Paul STODDEN &-27dead----------
-------------------Anne daur. of the said Thomasnot mentioned in the lease25-----------
-Geo. WALTERSA Cellar-4--4--8----11th May 1676---Thomasin wife of H WALTERSnot mentioned in the lease75-----------
-------------------Anne HAWKINS of Helstone Wido.not mentioned in the lease70-----------
-------------------Jane KEMP--dead----------
-Do.Ho. & garden-44-44-88---9th Nov 1??04--Honour wife of Hen. WALTERS--dead----------
-------------------Henry their son &not mentioned in the lease------------
-------------------Honour their daur.-------------
NampitySolomon PASCOEHo. & garden-24----24-2418th Oct 17183--The said Solmon PASCOEnot mentioned in the lease55-----------
-------------------Joan his mother &--dead----------
-------------------Grace STEPHENS of St Anthony--dead----------
--brought down£12181£11136£24117£1208------------------
-Richd. TREGIDGEOPt. of Harris's Tenemt.-58-58-114-11423rd May 16814--William WALTERS--dead----6-----
-Nichs. KEMP Decd. Lessee----------------Thomasin wife of H WALTERSnot mentioned in the lease75dead-6--------
-------------------Anne all daurs of Richd. KEMP-70dead----------
-Jno. SAWLERemr. Of do.-58----58-5826th Mar 174711-The said Jno. SAWLE2728-----------
-------------------Martha his wife3031-----------
-------------------Martha his daur.23-----------
-David PIDENWm. PADDY's ho.-2-----2--2-16th May 173736--Tobias GATTY--dead----------
-(Tobias GATTY lessee)----------------Prudence his wife &2839-----------
-------------------Thomas their son617-----------
-Thos. TREGIDGEOCouche's ho.-4--4--8-read fines

of court

20th Nov 17103--Thomas TREGIDGEO--dead----------
-(Richd. COUCH lessee)-------------Anne his wife--dead----------
-------------------Jane daur of Richd. COUCHnot mentioned in the lease50-----------
-Joseph DILLONHouse in Rosevine-4--16-1-----9th Dec 173488-Joseph DILLON the party--dead----4-----
-------------------William his son &822--4--------
-------------------Edward his son519-----------
-Martin STODDENRostoricks Cellar-4--4--8--8-28th Jan 1707---the said Martin STODDENnot mentioned in the lease60-----------
-------------------Thomas DILLON--dead----------
-------------------Joseph DILLON--dead----------
-George ROBERTSEastrn pt. of Haynes's Tenemt-910----910only half


29th Sep 174765--the said George ROBERTS7071-----------
----------------Ben. HARRIS3031-110--------
-------------------Jno. ROBTS. Son of Martin ROBTS. of Just1011-----------
-George ROBERTSWestern part of do.-910----910-91020th Sep 174765--the said George ROBERTS7071-----------
-------------------Ben. HARRIS3031-110--------
-------------------Jno. ROBTS. Son of Martin ROBTS. of Just1011-----------
-Hen. JENNINGSa Messge. on ye Clifts-1--2--3--3-----unreadable memo-------------
-Daniel JENNINGSAn house-1-----1-read fines

of court

29th Sep 173310--Stephen son of the said Daniel--dead----------
----------------Dorothy &not mentioned in the lease20-----------
-------------------Mary daurs. to ye sd. Daniel-18-----------
-Wm. REYNOLDSWm. BENNET's house-1-----1--1-24th Jun 172855-The said William REYNOLDSnot mentioned in the lease57-----------
-------------------Charity his wife-50-----------
-------------------Geo. their son828-----------
NampityThomas JANETenemt. In Nampity136---1361366th Oct 1740165--The said Thomas JANE3240-----------
-------------------Susannah his wife2230-24--------
-------------------Wm. TERRILL son of Nichs. TERRILL210-----------
-Mary JEFFORDDwell ho. Garden orch. and meado & ye Hill01362062146read fines

of court

29th Sep 171092--Mary daur of Marth PARSONS now JEFFORD-56-----------
----------------Marthinsalah PARSONSnot mentioned in the lease60-14--------
-------------------Marthinsalah JEFFORD her brother1459-----------
-Jno. RICEMessge. & Tenemt. on Pettig.214-1422822825th Dec 17184305-The said John RICE4------------
-------------------Nicholas RICE--dead2--2--2---
-------------------John son of Stephen RICE of St Just--dead2--2--2---
-Richd. QUINTRELLSaffron Meadow-961261120---29th Sep 1711523-Mary daur of Marth PARSONS now JEFFORD1956-----------
-------------------Mary daur. of Richd. QUINTRELL 1249--16--------
-------------------Nichs. son of Arthur KEMP Esq.1451-----------
-do.ho. George BLAMEY's Tenemt.-2--6--8-read fines

of court

29th Sep 174017--Peter son of the said Richard2630-----------
----------------Anne the daur. &2234-----------
-------------------John the son of Peter QUINTRELL½8dead----------
-Wm. GEAKEFowley's Tenemt.-39-39-76---4th Feb 1720173-Mary wife of the said Wm. GEAKE-------------
-------------------Patience FOWLEYnot mentioned in the lease-dead-6--6-----
-------------------Elizth. Daur. of sd. Wm. GEAKE634-----------
NampityThos. DILLONan Ho.--1-----1--112th Nov 17377--Thomas DILLON &--dead----------
-(John BENNET Lessee)----------------Elizabeth his mother-?4----------age unreadable
-------------------N.B. Thos. DILLON pays 3/6 for this tenement after the deaths of Geo. BLAMEY and Wm. BLAMEY 
---brought from other side1469------------------
-Peter MAYCh. PASCOE's Tenemt.-1-----1-read fines

of court

29th Jul 17452--the said Peter MAY4048-----------
----------------Mary his wife &4043-----------
-------------------Richard their son1114-----------
-Thos. DAVYESho. he lives in--1-----1read fines

of court

25th Mar 17474--Elizth. JENNINGS - in Revfa(?)3031-----------
----------------the said Thomas andnot mentioned in the lease------------
-------------------Mary his wofe-------------
-Michl. WOOLCOCKho. & garden-1-----1--1-7th July 174410--the said Michael5054-----------
-------------------Sabina his wife &4953--2--------
-------------------Stephen SAWLE1014-----------
-James ROWTARho. & garden-1-----2--1-29th Jul 17452--the said James ROWTAR4043-----------
-------------------& Mary his wife in Rov.Fn.(?) of4043-----------
-------------------Blanch his mothernot mentioned in the lease------------
-Geo. ROBERTShouse & garden-1--2--3--3-25th Mar 174510--Mary the wife of B HARRIS33------------
-------------------Martin JENNINGS son of Richard ye Blacksmith19---2--------
-------------------Mary daur of Thos. HARVEY of St Just10------------
-Henry BUTLANDPearse Pascow's Tenemt.-36----36-3629th Sep 1747---the said Henry4041-----------
-------------------Nicholas SKITT919-----------
-------------------Philip BENNETS45-----------
--brought down£2327£2289£45114£19197------------------
--Recd of Geo. ROBTS. For ROWTAR's part -14------------------
-------------------    -------
-------------------    -------
-Expenses at Gerrans Court£sd---- --------    -------
6th May 1747Paid Mr JOHNS for an high rent due on Trewithian to

Mr JOHNS Mannr of Tredrim.

---------------- Fines & Heryots reced. At this court & from whome£sd-------
--26-------------Reced. Pt. of Jno. SAWLE's fine-144-------
-allow Mr John RICE for Land Tax on his rent as usual-4--------------Reced. In full-58-------
-Paid the Cryer as usual--6------------- 100-------
-Expenses of the house as below----------------Reced. As rents as above212-------
-Allowd Mathew POMEROY 3 yrs land tax-60------------- £222-------
-Allowd to do. 2 yrs do.-40-------------deduct expences etc as on the other side appears230-------
-Pd. Bill at this court130------------- £1919-------
-Pd. Coming and going at ye passage-30-------------unread 10s under cast in unread side-10--------
---£230-------------9th May 1748 Pd. Mr Enys this money£209-------
additional entry on following page-----------------------------
-Mary NICHOLSfor Nowys Tenemt.-26----26-2628th Jul 174614--the said M NICHOLS &not mentioned in the lease------------
-(Geo. BLAMEY Lessee)----------------John BLAMEY NICHOLS Grn son1012-----------
-------------------in Reven. of Martin POMAROY-65-----------

© Bill O'Reilly 2006

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