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1901 Census for St Just in Roseland

Here is my transcription of census piece RG13/2217 Enumeration districts 4 & 5. Note that it has been transcribed but not checked so it may contain transcription errors. If you would like me to double check any particular record then just email me with the folio, page and schedule number plus the name of the person whose record you want me to check. If you are searching for a particular surname then try using your browser's "Find" function (usually Ctrl-F will bring this up) - otherwise just scroll down to view all the records in the order they appear in the census.

Bill O'Reilly 2009

EDFolioPageSchdHouseAddress#Rooms if<5SurnameForenamesRel.CSexAgeOccupationemploymentwork at home?CHPPlace of birthDis.Notes
43311 Bohilla2CLEMOWEdwinheadsm56Shoe Makerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   2 Bohilla LOWERJosephheadmm63Fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       LOWERMatildawifemf46-  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEFredsonmm25Carpenterworker CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEFlorencegrndau f2m-  CONFalmouth  
   3 Bohilla ROBERTSWilliamheadmm70Gardenerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ROBERTSMartha Janewifemf59-  CONSt Mawes  
       ROBERTSAlbertsonsm30Gardenerwith father CONSt Mawes  
       ROBERTSEdithdausf24- at homeCONSt Mawes  
       ROBERTSBessiedausf22- at homeCONSt Mawes  
       ROBERTSClaradausf17- at homeCONSt Mawes  
   4 Bohilla2GREETJamesheadsm57Fishermanown account SSXBrighton  
   5 Bohilla DAVEYWilliamheadmm54Marinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYCatherinewifemf53-  SSXFishersgate  
       DAVEYJaniedausf20- at homeCONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYFredericksonsm15Carpenters Apprenticeworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYHarriet Edausf13-  CONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYLena Mdausf10Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   6 Bohilla3PETERSEmmaheadsf37Lodging-house keeperown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   7 Bohilla2WHITEEdenheadmf68-  CONSt Mawes  
   8 Bohilla2GREETJosephheadmm60Fishermanown accountat homeSSXBrighton  
       GREETElizabethwifemf58Laundressown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   9 Bohilla ISABELLAlmadausf28-  CONSt Mawes  
   10 Bohilla PASCOEEmmaheadmf79-  CONTregony  
       PASCOECharlessonsm38Shipwrightown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEFredsonsm34Shipwrightown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
  211 Bohilla4COLLINSEdward Cheadmm35Carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSElizabeth J Twifemf28-  CONSt Mawes  
   12 Bohilla2HARVEYKatewifemf35-  CONSt Mawes  
       HARVEYFrancis Csonsm2-  CONSt Mawes  
       HARVEYFlorence Mdausf1m-  CONSt Mawes  
   13 Bohilla4WHITFORDJohnheadmm58Boatmanworkerat homeCONVeryan  
       WHITFORDJanewifemf59-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERMabel Edaumf21-  CONSt Mawes  
       WHITFORDWilliam Tsonsm18Yachtsmanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       WHITFORDMauricegrnsonsm13schoolboy  CONTruro  
   14 Bohilla SAWLEMary Jwifemf53-  CONSt Just  
       SAWLELouiedausf21-  CONSt Mawes  
       SAWLEFranksonsm19joiners apprenticeworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       SAWLEEmmadausf18dressmakers apprenticeworkerFalmouthCONSt Mawes  
       SAWLECharliesonsm16emgineers apprenticeworkerFalmouthCONSt Mawes  
       SAWLEShebadausf13scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   15 Bohilla3JENKINGHannahwifemf77-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGNichollassonsm54Fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   16 Bohilla CHRISTIANAMatildawifemf34-  CONSt Mawes  
       CHRISTIANACharles Asonsm18Printer & Compositorworker CONSt Mawes  
       CHRISTIANAJanie Jdausf13Scholar  OVBAmerica (British Subject)  
   17 Bohilla uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   18 Bohilla DOWRICKWilliam Hheadmm53ag labworkerat homeCON-  
       DOWRICKElizabethwifemf51-  CON-  
       DOWRICKEdward Gsonsm22carpenterworkerat homeCON-  
 34319 Bohilla4CLEMOWRobertheadmm52masonemployerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       CLEMOWBessie Awifemf46-  CONSt Columb Minor  
       CLEMOWAugustus Csonsm19masonworkerat homeCONSt Columb Major  
       CLEMOWWilliam Jsonsm17carpenterworkerFalmouthCONSt Just In Roseland  
       CLEMOWViolet Pdausf15-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   20 Bohilla4TIDDYRichard Cheadmm43sailorworkerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       TIDDYElizawifemf44-  CONWendron  
       TIDDYThomas Csonsm14at school  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   21 Manor House HICKSEdwinheadmm54builderown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       HICKSElizabeth Jwifemf52-  CONSt Mawes  
       HICKSEdwin Gsonsm22carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       HICKSLouise Rdausf19S.C. & T.P.O. Circ.workerTruroCONSt Mawes  
       WESTOBYMariegrndausf7scholar  LONHarrow  
       WESTOBYLilygrndausf5scholar  LONW. Kensington  
       MORRISONBeatrice Mvisitrsf22dressmakerworker CONFalmouth  
   22 Boys Club uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   23 Bohilla4GREENWilliam (Senr)headmm84Fisherman (retired)  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENElizabeth Twifemf81shopkeeperown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       PASCOSHarriet Edaumf37-  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOSRandolphgrnsonsm10attending school  CONSt Mawes  
   24 Bohilla1THOMASHarriet Eheadmf78Monthly Nurseown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   25 Bohilla ISABELLKittyheadmf66Nurseown accountat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
   26 Bohilla4COLLINSRichardheadmm76Pilot (retired)  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSGracewifemf76-  CONSt Mawes  
  427 Bohilla4GREENIrvingheadmm43fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREENElizabeth Mwifemf42-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENElizabeth Jdausf14-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENWilfred Hsonsm9attending school  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENHarriet Edausf7attending school  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENCyril Jsonsm5attending school  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENViolet Rdausf2-  CONSt Mawes  
   28 Bohilla4PASCOEElizabethwifemf40-  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEJohnsonsm14-  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEEvelinedausf11scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEMinniedausf9scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEHenrysonsm6scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEWaltersonsm4scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOELucydausf1-  CONSt Mawes  
   29 Bohilla4THOMASEdwinheadmm62handy manown accountat homeCONSt Teath  
       THOMASCatherine Awifemf54-  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASFrederick Jsonsm20labourerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       THOMASRichard Bsonsm17labourerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   30 Bohilla ISABELLRichardheadmm67masonown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ISABELLMary Hwifemf63-  CONSt Mawes  
       ISABELLNoradausf33teacher (assistant)workerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   31 Bohilla ISABELLJosephheadmm40carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ISABELLEleanorwifemf34-  CONFalmouth  
       ISABELLMildreddausf12scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       SPARKSMargaretma-lawmf51-  CONFalmouth  
 35532 Bohilla4PETERSNicholas Jheadmm37boat builderown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       PETERSElizabeth Awifemf28-  CONBissoe  
       PETERSIsabelle Jdausf6Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PETERSNicholas Csonsm4Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       PETERSJohn Rsonsm6m-  CONSt Mawes  
   33 Bohilla JENKINSCharlesheadmm48Trinity Pilotworkerat homeIRL-  
       JENKINSMary Jwifemf43-  SSX-  
       JENKINSThomas Csonsm22printerworkerFalmouthCONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSFrances Mdausf21-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSWilliam Csonsm18carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSAlbert Vsonsm13Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSEthel Jdausf10Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSReginaldsonsm4Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   34 Bohilla DAVEYJohnheadmm56Bakerown accountat home-Christchurch  
       DAVEYSusanwifemf54-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTMaryvisitrsf23assistantworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   35 Bohilla BLAMEYDigoryheadmm45fishermanown accountat homeCONVeryan  
       BLAMEYRachelwifemf46-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       BLAMEYCharlessonsm18blacksmithworkerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       TIDDYRichard Cfa-lawmm83fisherman (retired)  CONSt Just In Roselandblind 
   36  3THOMASEdwin Fheadmm43boatmanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       THOMASAnnwifemf41-  SCTBanff  
       THOMASElizabethdausf16-  SCTBanff  
       THOMASWilliamsonsm13scholar  SCTBanff  
       THOMASSusandausf9scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASEdwinsonsm8scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASAnndausf4scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASJohnsonsm1-  CONSt Mawes  
  637 Rising Sun Inn WHITEGraceheadsf46licensed victualerown accountat homeCONHelston  
       HANCOCKJaneboardrsf89licensed victualer (retired)  CONSt Mawes  
   38 Bohilla4ANDREWWilliam Jheadmm29carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWEllen Lwifemf27dressmakerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWWilliam Gsonsm6scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWLouisa Mdausf4scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWEsther M Gdausf4m-  CONSt Mawes  
   39 Bohilla2THOMASElizabethheadmf72-  CONMawnan  
       THOMASDorothygrndausf12scholar  SCTBanff  
       THOMASMarygrndausf6scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   40 Bohilla4WEBBERJohnheadmm63fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       WEBBERMary Jwifemf66-  CONSt Mawes  
   41 Bohilla4PADDYRichard Hheadsm47Gardenerworkerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
   42 Bohilla4COLLINSWilliamheadmm65naval pensioner  SSXWorthing  
       COLLINSElizawifemf63-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSWilliamsonsm24carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSJosephsonsm20apprentice boiler makerworkerFalmouthCONSt Mawes  
   43 Bohilla DASHJosephheadmm59Pilot (Trinity)own accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DASHElizabethwifemf52-  CONVeryan  
       DASHEthel Onorodausf21Pupil Teacherworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DASHSamuel Francissonsm13scholar  CONSt Mawes  
 36744 Bohilla GREENJosephheadmm55marinerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREENEllen Mwifemf48-  ESSWivenhoe  
       GREENWilliam Gsonsm25fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREENMadelinedausf21-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENHenry Fsonsm16carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREENEdward Csonsm14scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENBeatrice Mdausf10scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   45 Liberal Club uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   46 Coastguard Watchouse uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   47 Beach House VINCENTSamuel Jheadmm56boatmanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTLbraindawifemf56-  CONGerrans  
       VINCENTLeveniadausf37-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTHannhadausf27-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTAlbertsonsm15carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTNormansonsm14milk boyworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTEdithgrndausf2-  -Liverpool  
       ADAMSSidneyvisitrmm30living on own means  -Lewisham  
       ADAMSAmyvisitrmf24living on own means  -Weston Super Mare  
   481Alma Villas BENNETTOGleanoraheadmf65Lodging-house keeperown accountat homeDEVTorquay  
   492Alma Villas uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   50 Blakes Quay4DOTSONJosephheadsm31fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   51 Blakes Quay uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   52   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
  853 Blakes Quay3HARRISRichard A Cheadmm45mason (general)workerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       HARRISSarawifemf47-  CONSt Austell  
       HARRISGeorgesonsm15scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISWilliam Jsonsm11scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISJoseph Csonsm9scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   54 Blakes Quay uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   55   ANDREWCharlesheadmm65Trinity Pilotown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWCatherinewifemf63-  CONSt Mawes  
       HARVEYFrancesdaumf27dressmakerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       PURCHASEEdmundgrnsonsm16scholar  WLSCardiff  
       PURCHASEAllagrndausf11scholar  WLSCardiff  
   56  3DASHWilliam Cheadmm33Rural Postmanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DASHJanie Wwifemf33-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHGwendoline Jdausf7scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   57  3GREENThomas Cnephewsm51fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       SCORBORIOElizabethauntsf74-  CONSt Mawes  
   58  4DASHWilliamheadmm54mariner (retired)  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHFredericawifemf52-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHOrphewsonsm30marinerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DASHMauddausf21domestic (servant)workerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   59  3COLLINSKezia Bheadsf65living on own means  CONSt Mawes  
   60  3VINCENTRhoda Mheadsf29Post womanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
 37961 St Mawes GREETThomasheadmm48carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREETEdithwifemf45-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETBerthadausf16-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETAnniedausf14Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETFlorencedausf8Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETAustinsonsm10Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETReggiesonsm4Scholar  --  
   62 St Mawes GREETCharles Hheadsm43Oyster Merchantown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GREETHaroldlodgersm17Bakers assistantworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   63 St Mawes4KENDELLJohnheadmm68ShipwrightworkerFalmouthCONSt Anthony  
       KENDELLMarywifemf65-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       KENDELLJohnsonmm33labourerworkerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       KENDELLGeorginadausf27-  CONSt Mawes  
       KENDELLJohn Agrnsonsm9Scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   64 St Mawes4VINCENTJohnheadmm75marinerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   65 St Mawes HALLETTM Lheadmf41-  CONSt Mawes  
       HALLETTJohn Jsonsm15-  CONSt Mawes  
       HALLETTArchibaldsonsm13-  CONSt Mawes  
       HALLETTWilford Greensonsm7-  CONSt Mawes  
       HALLETTFlorriedausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       HALLETTWilliam Bsonsm10m-  CONSt Mawes  
   66 St Mawes4HOOKERElizabethheadmf79-  CONSt Mawes  
  1067 St Mawes4DASHCharlesheadmm24labourer  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMary Cwifemf28-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHGladysdausf7scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHFredadausf5scholar  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMaydausf3scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   68   DASHLenoraheadwf54-  CONVeryan  
       DASHAlice Louisadausf25-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHEmma Segem?dausf23dressmakerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   69   DOTSONJohn Aheadmm55inn keeperown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONJane Gracewifemf55-  CONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONEdward Asonsm26post? Masterown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONWilliam Hide?sonsm20engineerworkerFalmouthCONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONThomas James?sonsm18clerk post officeworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONElizabeth Sdausf15-  CONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONFrederick Edgarsonsm14-  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWWilliamreltivsm64boatmanown account CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMaggie?reltivsf10scholar  CONSt Mawes  
   70 Post Office COLEGeorge Rheadmm32sub postmasterworkerat homeDEVMarlborough  
       COLESwifemf33-  IRLBelturbet, Cavan  
       COLEHenry Asonsm4-  DEVPlymouth  
       COLEGeorge Rsonsm2-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLEValentinesonsm3m-  CONSt Mawes  
       HOODLillievisitrsf29-  -Bristol  
 381171 Braganza HARDENE H Theadmm39MRCS Eng SRCP Lond.own accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       HARDENE Awifemf34-  MDXLondon  
       HARDENA Mdausf6-  CONSt Mawes  
       HARDENE Tsonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       GOULDENMGovnsssf22governess  NFKRedenhall  
       TREAKASHservntsf22cook domestic  CONMawla, St Agnes  
       MAGORMservntsf24housemaid  CONGwenap, Redruth  
       ROWEEservntsf28parlourmaid  CONGwenap, Redruth  
   72 Thornborough CARLYONClement Wheadmm62Lt Colonel (retired)  CONKenwyn, Truro  
       CARLYONLilian Mwifemf53-  HAMSouthsea  
       CARLYONDorothy G Ldausf20-  KENWalmer  
   73 St Mawes CROSSThomas Aheadmm49Coastguardworkerat homeDEVEgg Buckland  
       CROSSMary Jwifemf46-  DEVAshburton  
       CROSSMaydausf14scholar  DURHartlepool  
       CROSSFredericksonsm8scholar  IRLMayo  
       CROSSBertiesonsm6scholar  IRLMayo  
   74 Newton farm JAMESSpargoheadmm57Farmeremployerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       JAMESM Jwifemf57-  CONGerrans  
       JAMESKatiedausf20-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       JAMESC Psonsm18bank clerkworker CONSt Just In Roseland  
       DAVISMboardrsf27-  -Manchester, Cheetham  
       VINCENTEservntsf19servant (Genl)  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   75 Newton VINCENTThomasheadmm56farm labourer (Genl)worker CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTNorawifemf53-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTJimsonmm26engine driverworker CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTWillsonsm22farm labourerworker CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTFlossiedausf13scholar  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTLesliesonsm9scholar  CONSt Just In Roseland  
  1276 Newton Cottage4COUCHJohnheadmm38labourer (Genl)workerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       COUCHElizabethwifemf40-  CONSt Just In Penwith  
       COUCHJuliadausf10scholar  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       COUCHJohn Gsonsm8scholar  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       COUCHWilliam Rsonsm6scholar  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       COUCHLeo Gsonsm1-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   77 Waterloo Farm RUNDLEJamesheadmm47farmeremployerat homeCONSt Columb Minor  
       RUNDLEJanewifemf45-  CONCubert  
       RUNDLEMaydausf13scholar  OVBNsw Sydney, Aust.  
       RUNDLESusiedausf12scholar  OVBNsw Drake, Aust.  
       RUNDLEHelen Odausf8scholar  OVBNsw Croyden, Aust  
   78 School House TOMThos Hheadsm37certified head teacherworkerat homeCONSt Kew  
       TOMCharlottemothermf75-  CONBlisland  
       TOMMary Psistersf41-  CONBlisland  
       TOMElizabeth Jsistersf32-  CONSt Kew  
   79 Board School uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   80 Sea View Tce VINCENTJames Cheadmm38marinerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTLilla Jwifemf31-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTRoland Csonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       HODGEEdward Jboardrsm50Trinity Pilotworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   81 Sea View Tce POMEROYFrederick W Gheadmm44retired farmer  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       POMEROYMarianwifemf50teacher of musicown accountat homeIRL   
       POMEROYSydneysonsm13attending school  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   82 Sea View Tce WILKINSHenry Aheadmm26Coastguardworkerat homeHAMIsle Of Wight  
       WILKINSAnnie Ewifemf26-  HAMPortsmouth  
 391383 Sea View Terrace SCANTLEBURYJohn Bheadmm67Retired Chief Officer C.G.  DORFleet  
       SCANTLEBURYSusan Bwifemf61-  SOMNorth Petharton  
       SCANTLEBURYJohnsonsm34clerk unemployed  SOMWick St Lawrence  
       SCANTLEBURYSusan Cdausf21-  CONPendeen  
   84 Sea View Tce COLLINSMaryheadmf84living on own means  SOMStockland  
       DILLONAugustawidowmf49living on own means  DEVBranscombe  
       COLLINSMeliala Mdausf40-  DEVBudleigh Salterton  
   85 Sea View Tce WOODAlfred Dheadmm49Chief Boatman C. Guard  HAMPortsmouth  
       WOODAnn Ewifemf47-  HAMGosport  
       WOODAnnie Edausf24dressmakerown accountat homeHAMGosport  
       WOODHelen Mdausf16Scholar  DEVTorquay  
       WOODHenry Jsonsm14Scholar  DEVTorquay  
       WOODKatie Sdausf12Scholar  DEVDawlish  
       WOODAmy Cdausf10Scholar  DEVDawlish  
       WOODHerbert Jsonsm6Scholar  CONPortscatho  
   86 Sea View ANDREWRichardheadwm62Trinity Pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWElizabethdausf36-  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWWilliamsonsm28carpenterworker CONSt Mawes  
       PASCORichardgrnsonsm15carpenter apprentice  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOPulygrnsonsm10-  CONSt Mawes  
   87 Sea View WATTSFrederickheadmm55Trinity Pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       WATTSHannah Mwifemf53-  CONSt Mawes  
       WATTSMabledausf26Post Office Clerk  CONSt Mawes  
       WATTSHowardsonsm15-  CONSt Mawes  
       WATTSEtheldau f12-  CONSt Mawes  
       WATTSKathleendau f10-  CONSt Mawes  
  1488 Rope Walk, St Mawes HEARNHaniball Sheadmm30Boatman Coast Guard  DEVStonehouse  
       HEARNKathleenwifemf25-  CONSt Mawes  
       HEARNErnestsonsm2m-  CONSt Mawes  
   89 Rope Walk, St Mawes MAYLAWThomasheadmm31Boatman Coast Guard  KENAshford  
       MAYLAWSusanahwifemf31-  SSXNorthsaw  
       MAYLAWLucydausf1-  CONSt Mawes  
       MAYLAWThomassonsm10m-  CONSt Mawes  
   90 Rope Walk, St Mawes HANCOCKThosheadmm28Boatman Coast Guard  SOMTaunton  
       HANCOCKEmmawifemf25-  SOMBristol  
       HANCOCKFranksonsm7-  DEVPlymouth  
   91 Rope Walk, St Mawes SIMSWilliamheadmm41Boatman Coast Guard  DEVDevonport  
       SIMSMarywifemf43-  CONFalmouth  
       SIMSAlicedausf22-  CONFalmouth  
       SIMSEmmadausf19-  CONFalmouth  
       SIMSWilliamssm18engine smithworker CONFalmouth  
   92 St Mawes Bible Christian Chapel uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   93 St Mawes BCC Sunday School uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   94 St Mawes2ANDREWCharlieheadmm31mariner at homeCONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWHarriet Jwifemf33-  CONSt Mawes  
   95 St Mawes PASCOAlfredheadmm44carpenterworkerat homeCONSt Just In Roseland  
       PASCOSarah Annwifemf39-  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOSarah Anndausf14school  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEmma Ursuladausf12school  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOKatie Gladysdausf2-  CONSt Mawes  
 401596 St Mawes CREWSThomasheadmm60ex policeman at homeCONKilkhampton  
       CREWSMary Annwifemf56-  CONTregony  
       CREWSJane Tdausf26schoolmistress  CONSt Mawes  
       CREWSMabel Hdausf24-  CONSt Mawes  
       CREWSElizabeth Tdausf18-  CONSt Mawes  
       GILESJohnnephewsm14Visitor  DEVWackhampton  
   97 St Mawes2COLLINSJamesheadmm59Fisherman  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSElizabeth Jwifemf61-  CONSt Mawes  
   98 St Mawes2GREENJoseph Hheadmm30labourer at homeESSWivenhoe  
       GREENEliza Awifemf26-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENEliza Mdausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENBeatrice Edausf8m-  CONSt Mawes  
   99 St Mawes2LOWERPeterheadmm38mason  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERRuth Awifemf42-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       LOWERMargaret M Gdausf4-  CONSt Mawes  
   100 St Mawes3PASCOElizabethheadwf53Laundressown accountat homeSSXHove  
       PASCOEWilliam Jsonsm21carpenterworker CONSt Mawes  
   101 St Mawes3PASCOEJamesheadwm84retired fisherman  CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEMariadausf37dressmakerown account CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEAlbertsonsm35fishermanown account CONSt Mawes  
  16102 St Mawes3GERMANRichardheadmm43marinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANEllenwifemf42-  CONFalmouth  
       GERMANRichardsonsm18joinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANEllendausf16general servantworker CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANKatedausf14general servantworker CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANEmmadausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANFleetwoodsonsm7-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANAnniedausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
   103 St Mawes3LOWERJoseph Cheadmm32masonworker CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERMargaretwifemf36-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERCharles Rsonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERLeytonsonsm2m-  CONSt Mawes  
   104 St Mawes JENKINSWilliam Henyheadmm61retired trinity pilot  IRLCork  
       JENKINSMargaretwifemf57-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSJonassonsm28boiler makerworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSMabledausf24dressmakerown account?CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSLauradausf19dressmakerown account CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSAlicedausf15-  CONSt Mawes  
       PHILIPSAdaladaumf31-  CONSt Mawes  
       KENDELLAnna Mvisitrmf40-  CONSt Mawes  
       PHILLIPSLewellyngrnsonsm2m-  CONSt Mawes  
   105 St Mawes uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   106 Matlhouse uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   107 Wesley Chapel uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   108 Wesley Chapel Sunday School uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
 4117109 St Mawes LOWERM Eheadsf76Wesley Chapel Keeper  CONSt Mawes  
       TREGUNNAM Edaumf38visitor  CONSt Mawes  
       TREGUNNABeatrice Mgrndausf4-  CONSt Anthony  
   110   STEPHoratioheadmm77retired malster  DEVEast Stonehouse  
       STEPHannahwifemf79-  CONSt Mawes  
       STEPEmmadausf51-  CONSt Mawes  
       STEPBeatricedausf39-  CONSt Mawes  
   111 Old Congregational Chapel uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   112 St Mawes2LOWRYWilliamheadmm56fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYElizabeth Awifemf28-  CONTruro  
   113 St Mawes4GERMANElizabethheadwf79-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANFredericksonsm52fisherman  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANJohngrnsonsm20mason apprentice  CONSt Mawes  
   114 to let2uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   115   JENKINGCharlesheadmm72retired pilot  CONSt Mawes  
   116  3ANDREWAnnheadsf56charwomanown accountworkCONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWMary Esistersf73charwoman retired  CONSt Mawes  
  18117 St Mawes GERMANOrlandoheadmm41labourerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       GERMANRohannahwifemf37-  CONVeryan, Portloe  
       GERMANIsabeldausf15-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANGeraldinedausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANOrlando Asonsm10-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANRhoda Mdausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANEthel Vdausf4-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANJoseph Blamy?sonsm2-  CONSt Mawes  
   118 St Mawes4GREETJohnheadmm58fishermanown account SSXBrighton  
       GREETKatewifemf48-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETCharlessonsm16apprentice mason  CONSt Mawes  
       GREETJohnsonsm10school  CONSt Mawes  
   119 St Mawes GALEThomasheadmm44foreman fortificationsworker DEVTavistock  
       GALECharlottewifemf43-  DEVWembrey  
       GALEEthel A Cdausf16-  DEVWembrey  
   120 St Mawes COLLINSRichardheadmm59fisherman at homeCONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSMary Awifemf45-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSFlorence Adausf19-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSValentia? C Ddausf14-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSWinnifred Rdausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
   121 to let uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   122 St Mawes HAYWARDAgneswifemf39-  SCT-  
       HAYWARDJohn S Hsonsm15-  WARBirmingham  
       HAYWARDElizabeth Mdausf13-  WARBirmingham  
       HAYWARDAnne Sdausf11-  STABlackheath  
       HAYWARDAgnes Mdausf9-  DBYAppeckensale?  
       HAYWARDAlexander Gsonsm7-  CONSt Austell  
       HAYWARDAlbert Georgesonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       HAYWARDFrances Tdausf2-  CONSt Mawes  
 4219123 St Mawes uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   124 St Mawes4DAVEYRichard Jheadmm61fishermanown accountat homeHAMChristchurch  
       DAVEYAdadausf37worker at homeCONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYCharlessonsm25mason  CONSt Mawes  
       DAVEYReginaldsonsm15- at homeCONSt Mawes  
   125 St Mawes3HARRISSWilliam K?headmm78masonworker CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISSMary Annwifemf78-  CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISSMary Burgess?grndausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
   126 St Mawes PETERSRhodaheadsf56lodging house keeper  CONSt Mawes  
   127 St Mawes LOWERLilla-sf31dressmaker  CONFalmouth  
   128 Ship & Castle Hotel REDDINGEden M-wf31hotel manageress  DEVPlymouth  
       TREWELSE?George M-sm27bar man  CONTresillian  
       GERMANAlice M-sf17servant domestic  CONSt Mawes  
   129 St Mawes2ROWARTHHarriet Jheadmf45charwoman  CONGerrans  
       ROWARTHDavidsonsm13labourer  -Manchester  
   130 St Mawes4CHAMBERSCharlesheadmm71fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       CHAMBERSJanewifemf58-  CONSt Mawes  
       CHAMBERSCharles Hsonsm50fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   131 to let uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   132 St Mawes4CHESTERJohn Hheadmm39labourer  CONKea  
       CHESTERMary Gwifemf39labourer  CONPerran  
       CHESTERAdadausf9-  CONKea  
       CHESTERLewis Jsonsm7-  CONKea  
  20133 St Mawes4CARPENTERLydiawifemf38-  DEVPlymouth  
       CARPENTERJohnsonsm13-  CONFalmouth  
       CARPENTERLilydausf5-  DEVPlymouth  
       HERSWELLJohnlodgersm29brick layer  DEVPlymouth  
   134 St Mawes2DASHThomasinawidowmf38-  IRL-  
       DASHKattiedausf13-  CONFlushing  
       DASHLillydausf11-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHGertrudedausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHHubertsonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
   135 St Mawes4GERMANThos M?headmm48shipwright  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANAlicewifemf47-  LONBattersea  
       GERMANTheoduesonsm18labourerworker CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANCharlessonsm14-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANClaradausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANWilliamsonsm3-  CONSt Mawes  
   136 St Mawes4GREENJoseph Aheadmm38marinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       GREENMary Lwifemf36-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENLouisa Edausf10-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENKathleendausf7-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENMabel Gdausf6-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENAlbert Lsonss3-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENJosephsonss1-  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENVictoriadau f2m-  CONSt Mawes  
   137 St Mawes LOWERMarywifemf49-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWERArthursonsm9school  CONSt Mawes  
       KENDALLJanewidowmf95-  CONSt Anthony  
 4321138 St Mawes4COCKJamesheadmm58naval pensioner  CONSt Mawes loss of leg
       COCKMarywifemf59-  CONSt Mawes  
       COCKJohn Jsonsm24ship steward  CONSt Mawes  
   139 St Mawes4WOONJosephsonsm35bootmaker  CONSt Mawes  
       WOONAnnwidowmf67-  CONSt Mawes  
       WOONJohn Jdausf37-  CONSt Mawes  
   140 St Mawes4LOWRYJohnheadmm38Navy  CONFalmouth  
       LOWRYLaurawifemf37-  CONFalmouth  
       LOWRYJames Fsonsm12-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYErnestsonsm10-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYElizabethdausf9-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYAlbertsonsm8-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYPercysonsm6-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYAlexdriadausf3-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYKathleendausf18m-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYJohnsonsm5m-  CONSt Mawes  
   141 St Mawes ODGERSNicholasheadmm53fishermanown account CONSt Mawes  
       ODGERSElizabethwifemf48-  CONSt Mawes  
       ODGERSW Csonsm25mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       ODGERSFrancis Jsonsm12at school  CONSt Mawes  
   142 Boot Makers Shop uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   143  4CHAMBERSGracewidowmf75Parish Relief  CONWendron  
   144   GERMANRobertheadmm62-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANMdausf30-  CONSt Mawes  
       GERMANE Cgrndausf7-  -Liverpool  
  22145 St Mawes COCKLewis Cheadmm52grocerown account CONTruro  
       COCKMatilda Jwifemf53-  CONSt Mawes  
       COCKMatildadausf24shop assistant  SALMadley  
       COCKNelliedausf21shop assistant  SALMadley  
       COCKAlbertsonsm15-  SALMadley  
   146 Stores uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   147 St Mawes4THOMASAndrewheadmm65-  CONSt Mawesblindblind when 2 years of age
       THOMASEwifemf52-  CONPhillieghblindblind when 1 year of age
   148 to let uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   149 St Mawes GREENWilliamheadmm55fishermanown account CONSt Mawes  
       GREENHarrietwifemf50Refreshment House Keeperown account CONSt Mawes  
   150 Farm CHIPMANMary-sf36-  CONSt Just In Roseland address of Penpeth St Just crossed out
       CHIPMANMargaret J-sf26-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
   151 St Mawes HITCHINGSAlbertheadmm37engineerworker CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSEllenwifemf36-  CONKenwyn  
       HITCHINGSMary Edausf14-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSMillicentdausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSAlbert Lsonsm10-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSGwendolinedausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSTamson Gdausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSW E Ksonsm1-  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSEdwardfathermm79ropemakerown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   152 to let uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
 4423153 St Mawes DASHRobertsonsm58grocer  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHJamesfathermm86retired trinity pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMary Mmothermf86-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMarydausf48-  CONSt Mawes  
       ADAMSEdwin Jgrnsonsm30engineer  CONSt Mawes  
   154 St Mawes Hotel HARRISCharlesheadmm41hotel keeper  CONBodmin  
       HARRISEmmawifemf40-  CONFalmouth  
       HARRISSylvanussonsm15-  CONFalmouth  
       HARRISEtheldausf13-  CONFalmouth  
       HARRISCharlessonsm11-  CONFalmouth  
       HARRISBrycesonsm8-  CONFalmouth  
       HARRISNelliedausf6-  CONFalmouth  
       MOSES?Annie-sf16servant  CONFalmouth  
   155 to let uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   156 St Mawes ANDAINJohnheadmm66retired HM Customs officer  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       ANDAINMarywifemf63-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       ANDAINHerbert Esonsm36grocery dry storeown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       ANDAINJohn Hysonmm34grocery dry storeown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
   157 St Mawes3HOOPERHenryheadmm37ship engine driver  CONGerrans  
       HOOPERLillie Gwifemf31-  ESSWitham  
       HOOPERG Edausf11-  CONSt Mawes  
       HOOPERAlice Bdausf10-  CONSt Mawes  
       HOOPEREtheldausf8-  CONSt Mawes  
       HOOPERBeatricedausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       HOOPERClara Pdausf10m-  CONSt Mawes  
  24158 St Mawes4TIDDYSamuelheadmm60fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYElizawifemf58-  CONNewquay  
       TIDDYSaml. Jsonsm36labourerworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYCatherinedausf35-  CONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYWilliamsonsm28fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYRichardsonsm23fishermanworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
   159   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   160 St Mawes4VINCENTFredk. Aheadmm31labourerworkerat homeLON-  
       VINCENTAdawifemf28-  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       VINCENTA J Csonsm6-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTFred Hsonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
   161 St Mawes4HODGEWm Jheadsm50masonworkerat homeCONSt Mawes  
       HODGEHarrietsistersf45laundress  CONSt Mawes  
       BUDDLEHarriet Aniecesf22dressmaker  CONSt Mawes  
   162   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   163 Store uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   164 St Mawes4BARNICOATJohnheadwm70builderown accountat homeCONTregony  
       BARNICOATAdelaide Ldausf37-  CONSt Mawes  
   165 St Mawes DELBRIDGEElizabethheadmf41-  CONSt Mawes  
       DELBRIDGEEthel Mdausf12-  CONSt Agnes  
       DELBRIDGEMildreddausf11-  CONSt Agnes  
       DELBRIDGEWilliam Jsonsm5-  CONSt Mawes  
   166 grocer shop to let uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
 4525167 St Mawes THOMASEdwardheadmm45gardenerworker CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASFranceswifemf49-  SSXHastings  
       THOMASEdward Rsonsm18-  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASHedley Fsonsm17apprentice carpenterworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSIrene Aniecesf16-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSGladys Mniecesf8-  CONSt Mawes  
   168 St Mawes4TOMSWilliamheadmm80naval pensioner  SOMStugmeny??  
       TOMSJane Holmwifemf73-  CONMylor  
   169 St Mawes4DANIELLouisa Jheadwm56-  CONSt Just  
       DANIELSamuel Daonsm17apprentice carpenter  CONSt Just  
   170 St Mawes HANCOCKJohnheadmm49butcher/farmerown account CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKJanewifemf36-  CONSt Just  
       HANCOCKF C Rsonsm78-  CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKJohn Jsonsm5-  CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKWilliesonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKD M Ldausf2-  CONSt Mawes  
   171 St Mawes IRVINW H Cheadmm53naval pensionerworker OVBHm Ship Ocident, Rio De Janerio  
       IRVINSusanwifemf49-  CONMawgan  
       IRVINJessie Edausf17-  CONCadjwith  
       IRVINRoda? Mdausf15-  CONCadjwith  
       IRVINLilliandausf13-  CONSt Mawes  
   172 Butchers Shop uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  CONSt Mawes  
   173 St Mawes DASHJohnheadmm56-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHMarthawifemf49-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHElizabethdausf19-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHNorman Jsonsm18-  CONSt Mawes  
       DASHEdithdausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
  26174 Sy Mawes SPRAKECharloteheadwf55boarding housekeeperown accountat homeDORBridport age 51 or 55 or 56 - overwritten
       SPRAKEHenrysonsm27fishermanown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       SPRAKEOndinedausf21-  CONSt Mawes  
       SPRAKEDouglas Hsonsm20naval architectworker CONSt Mawes  
       BOWDENMarymotherwf85-  CONFowey  
       LONGGeorge Swifesm51living on own means  IRL-  
   175 St Mawes4EDWARDSNichs.headmm39navy  CONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSJanewifemf38-  OVFS. America, Chilli  
       EDWARDSWilliamsonsm13school  CONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSJohnsonsm5-  CONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSCharlessonsm2-  CONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSLilliandausf11-  CONSt Mawes  
   176 St Mawes4SPRAKEJohnheadmm86Coal Merchant  CONGerrans  
       BABBITTMatildadaumf49-  CONSt Mawes  
   177 St Mawes JENKINGEdwardheadmm52master marinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGChartlote Lwifemf51-  DORLulworth  
       JENKINGCharlote Adausf22postal clerk Bodminworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGRobertadausf15app to Millinerworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGFredadausf11school  CONSt Mawes  
   178 St Mawes ANDREWEdwardheadmm86retired master mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWThomasinawifemf85-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGJaneniecesf50-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGAnnie Mniecesf22-  CONSt Mawes  
 4627179 St Mawes BENNETTOEdwardheadmm36mason  CONSt Mawes  
       BENNETTOMary Mwifemf35-  CONMevagissey  
       BENNETTOMaydausf7-  CONSt Mawes  
       BENNETTOWinifreddausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       BENNETTOEdward Esonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
       BENNETTOE Ediedausf3-  CONSt Mawes  
   180 St Mawes VINCENTOliviawidowmf67lodging houseown account CONTregony  
   181 St Mawes JOHNSR F Cheadmm26fishermanown account CONPortloe  
       JOHNSKatewifemf23-  CONFalmouth  
       SIMMONSFrances Mniecesf2-  CONFalmouth  
   182 St Mawes4COLLINSThos Bheadmm60fisherman  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSMary Jwifemf64-  CONSt Mawes  
   183 St Mawes4TIDDYEarnestsonsm34boatman  CONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYGracemothermf72widow  CONSt Mawes  
       DEVONSHIREPalinadaumf27-  CONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYTheresadausf24-  CONSt Mawes  
       DEVONSHIREFredagrndausf2-  CONSt Mawes  
   184 St Mawes WESTReginaldheadmm35artistown accountat homeMDXPinner  
       WESTMinniewifemf22-  GLSShir????  
       WESTJoandausf12m-  CONSt Mawes  
       MORLEYElizabeth-sf18nursemaid  STSHoneywalk?  
   185 St Mawes PATRICKA Bheadmf52widow own means  CONSt Mawes  
  28186 St Mawes JENKINSThomasheadmm58Trinity Pilot  --  
       JENKINSMary Annawifemf52-  IRL-  
       JENKINSGeorge Hsonsm15clerk in Spanish? Telegraph office  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSPercysonsm13-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINSVioletdausf9-  CONSt Mawes  
   187 to let uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   188 St Mawes COLLINSRd Sheadmm56mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSMaty Jwifemf57-  CONVeryan  
   189 St Mawes HOLMESWilliam H (Ba)headmm36Wesleyan Methodist Minister  HERBaldock  
       HOLMESSarah Ewifemf39-  LANWigan  
       HOLMESHarriet Mdausf5-  -Stirling N.B.  
   190 St Mawes FITTOCKCharlesheadmm46Trinity Pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       FITTOCKPhilippawifemf43-  CONSt Mawes  
       FITTOCKMariondausf14-  CONSt Mawes  
       FITTOCKEmmadausf11-  CONSt Mawes  
       FITTOCKChas Hsonsm4-  CONSt Mawes  
   191 St Mawes HYNEFredk Aheadmm48medical practitioner  JSYSt Helier  
       HYNEM A Awifemf46-  OVBKingston, Jamaica  
       HYNEMaryanne Jdausf12-  DEVUffculma?  
       MCCLUNSarah Jwidowmf50domestic servant  -Liverpool  
   192 St Mawes LIBBYElizawidowmf94-  CONSt Mawes  
       SAWLESusan-sf41servant  CONSt Mawes  
       TIDDYEmma-sf38servant  CONSt Mawes  
 4729193 St Mawes JENKINGWilliamheadmm76shop keeper  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGJenniferwifemf51shop keeper  CONSt Mawes  
       BAWDENJessiedausf26house maidworker CONSt Mawes  
       BAWDENLillieniecesf12school  HAMPortsmouth  
       ISABELLLillaniecesf23shop assistantworker CONSt Mawes  
   194 Church of Eng. Mission Church uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   195 Church of Eng. Mission Church Sunday school uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   196 St Mawes3LEWISThos.headmm66army pensioner  WLSPembroke  
       LEWISMargaretwifemf53-  DEVTotnes  
   197 St Mawes3JOHNSWilliam Jheadmm26contracts foreman  CONNewlyn  
       JOHNSFrances Mwifemf25-  CONNewlyn  
       JOHNSWilliam Jsonsm1-  CONNewlyn  
   198 Congregational Chapel uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   199 Congregational Sunday School uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   200 St Mawes4THOMASJ Sheadsm48shop keeper stationery  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASElizabethsistersf50assistant  CONSt Mawes  
       THOMASGrace Bauntsf78retired housekeeper  CONSt Mawes  
   201 not at home uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
  30202 St Mawes BELLMANWilliam Jheadmm45mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       BELLMANEmmawifemf44-  ESSWitham  
       BELLMANBeatrice Mdausf10-  CONSt Mawes  
   203 to let uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   204 St Mawes LOWRYJohnheadmm62naval pensioner  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYMarywifemf62-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYMinniedausf27-  CONSt Mawes  
   205 St Mawes ANDREWAnnawifemf56-  SSXHove entered as Hugh and crossed out
       ANDREWWill. Jsonsm33schoolmaster  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWThos Edwinsonsm31carpenterworker CONSt Mawes  
       PASCOEMary Jniecesf24-  CONSt Mawes  
   206 St Mawes4EDWARDSRebeccawidowmf68tailoressown accountat homeCONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSCatherine Ldausf31-  CONSt Mawes  
       EDWARDSEdith Edaulawmf25-  DEVDartmouth  
   207 St Mawes4CLARKJosephheadmm75mariner  CONMevagissey  
       CLARKMariadausf43housemaid  CONMevagissey  
       CLARKLiliangrndausf18dressmaker  CONSt Mawes  
   208 St Mawes BELLMANAlicedausf39-  CONSt Mawes  
       BELLMANMarydausf34-  CONSt Mawes  
       BELLMANRichardsonsm26-  CONSt Mawes  
       PIERCEJohn Tboardrmm30clerkworker DEVPlymouth  
       PIERCEEdith Mbrdwifmf32-  DEVPlymouth  
       PIERCEElsie Cdausf7-  DEVPlymouth  
       PIERCEEdithdausf1-  DEVPlymouth  
 4831209 St Mawes HARRISCharles Hheadmm50naval pensioner  CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISSarahwifemf53boarding house keeperown account CONSt Mawes  
       HARRISSarah Jdausf23-  CONSt Mawes  
       FARRERJosephboardrmm43home missionary Society of Friends  -Kendal, Westminster  
       FARRERHelenbrdwifmf37-  YKSLeeds  
       FARREREvelynbrddausf6-  YKSLeeds  
       FARRERJosephinebrddausf4-  YKSLeeds  
   210 St Mawes4HITCHINGSJoseph Eheadmm39butler  CONSt Mawes  
       HITCHINGSSusan Awifemf30-  CONStithians  
   211 St Mawes4LOWRYPriscilla Gwifemf32-  CONSt Mawes  
       LOWRYMinniedausf5-  CONFalmouth  
       LOWRYIrenedausf3-  CONGerrans  
       LOWRYJohn Hysonsm3m-  CONGerrans  
   212 St Mawes4TONKINThosheadmm27Police Constable  CONNewlyn  
       TONKINJaniewifemf26-  CONNewlyn  
   213 St Mawes4ANDREWThos Eheadmm54mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWMarywifemf53-  SSXBrighton  
       ANDREWEdwin Csonsm25carpenter  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWMary Annadausf15-  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWEmlinedausf12-  CONSt Mawes  
   214 St Mawes4ROBERTSElizabethsinglesf54-  CONSt Mawes  
   215 St Mawes3BURNETTJohnheadmm24farm labourerworker CONSt Just  
       BURNETTElizth Awifemf22-  CONSt Mawes  
       BURNETTVida Mdausf1-  CONSt Mawes  
  32216 St Mawes4BELLMANJamesheadmm78-  CONSt Mawes  
       BELLMANAnnawifemf67-  LON-  
       BELLMANJamessonsm24-  CONSt Mawes  
   217 St Mawes4FILEWOODVictoria Mwidowmf46school caretaker  DEVWeymouth  
       FILEWOODVictoria Mdausf18domestic  IRL-  
       FILEWOODMaliel?dausf13school  CONLandrake  
       FILEWOODO Jsonsf11school  DEV-  
       FILEWOODClemant-sm8school  CONSt Mawes  
   218 St Mawes4GREENHarry Theadmm46Trinity Pilot - Falmouth  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENMary Ewifemf46-  CONFalmouth  
   219 St Mawes PRESTONAlfred Eheadmm46civil engineerown account HRTCheshunt  
       PRESTONFanny Bwifemf47-  NBLNewcastle On Tyne  
       PRESTONElsie F Wdausf21-  CONCamborne  
       PRESTONFrank Msonsm20-  CONPenzance  
       PRESTONArthur Bsonsm8-  YKSBradford  
       PRESTONRichard Gsonsm10-  YKSBradford  
       WARRICKJohnfa-lawmm82-  CBLAlgarth?  
       JOHNSMary Aservntsf27cook (domestic)  CONSt Just In Roseland  
       FILEWOODAliceservntsf16Housemaid  IRL-  
   220 St Mawes VINCENTMatildawifemf51-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTJamiedausf25-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTErnestsonsm22engone fitter navy  CONSt Mawes  
   221 St Mawes HANCOCKFrederickheadwm51Trinity Pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKWinifred Sdausf20-  CONSt Mawes  
       HANCOCKCharles Ssonsm18appt. Carpenter  CONSt Mawes  
 4933222 St Mawes ANDREWMary Jwifemf52-  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWEmmadausf22-  CONSt Mawes  
       ANDREWCharlessonsm18appr to engineerworker CONSt Mawes  
   223 St Mawes GREENAlicewifemf39-  ESSWitham  
       GREENOliviamotherwf74-  CONSt Mawes  
   224 St Mawes REALWilliamheadmm54chief officer c. Guard  CONSt Mawes  
       REALMary Lwifemf46-  DORLyme Regis  
       REALVictoria Adausf19-  DORLyme Regis  
       REALFlorence Rdausf19-  DORLulworth  
       REALFrederick Csonsm12-  DORStudland  
       REALAlfred Esonsm9-  DORStudland  
       REALEthel Mdausf8-  DORStudland  
       REALGladys Mdausf6-  DORBranscombe  
   225 St Mawes KENDALLJanewidowmf68-  WILLudgershall  
       MAHONYKatiegrndausf22-  LONVauxhall, Glyn Rd  
   226 St Mawes VINCENTWilliamheadmm74retired trinity pilot  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTMary Awifemf74-  CONSt Mawes  
       VINCENTEdithdausf33-  CONSt Mawes  
   227 St Mawes DOTSONSamuelheadmm35carpenter  CONSt Mawes  
       DOTSONAnniewifemf30-  UNK-  
       DOTSONCyrilsonsm6-  UNK-  
  34228 St Mawes JENKINGJosephheadmm40Capt steam boatworker CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGMarthawifemf42-  CONTywardeath  
       JENKINGFlorencedausf18-  CONSt Mawes  
       JENKINGJosephsonsm13-  CONSt Mawes  
   229   GREENJamesheadmm70master mariner  CONSt Mawes  
       GREENMarywifemf65-  CONSt Just  
       GREENCatherinedausf28-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEMatthew Svisitrsm6-  CONSt Mawes  
   230 St Mawes RYDERAda Jheadwf39livind on own means  LON-  
       CAUTLEYJuliamotherwf67-  -Roath  
       WOODEva-sf18general servant  DEVTorquay surname could be Ward
   231 St Mawes SAWLEMargaretheadwf48-  CONSt Mawes  
       SAWLEFrancis Jsonsm6-  CONSt Mawes  
       CORNHILLAgnesauntsf66-  CONGunwalloe  
   232 St Mawes EASTMANW Lheadmm39Congregational Minister  DEVBideford  
       HANCOCKHoracenephewsm13-  CONSt Mawes  
   233   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
 5035234 St Mawes BLITCHFORDFaithfulheadmm50living on own means  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDCeliawifemf38-  LONPimlico  
       BLITCHFORDMauddausf16-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDFaithfulsonsm14-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDElsiedausf11-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDKathleendausf9-  CONSt Just  
       ROBINSONJ A Clayton-mm34boarder - clerk in holy orders  KENGravesend  
       MCLAYJames-sm26boarder - clerk in holy orders  SCT-  
       BULLENArthur R-sm22boarder - clerk in holy orders  CONFalmouth  
       BOSKEEMFrank F-mm60-  CONTruro  
       BOSKEEMLinie?-sf23-  WARBirmingham  
   235 St Mawes4COLLINSGeorge Gheadmm48coachmanworker CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSFlorence Gwifemf47-  CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSMarthadausf21assistant schoolmistressworker CONSt Mawes  
       COLLINSLilliandausf17dressmaker  CONSt Mawes  
   236 The Haven KENNERLEYJas Chead   county magistrate Cornwall  LONWestminster  
       KENNERLEYFrances Awife   -  LONWestminster  
       COATESRosinaservnt   Parlourmaid  ESSWitham  
       COLLINSFlorence Kservnt   cook (domestic)  CONSt Mawes  
       BESTA Lservnt   Nurse Maid  CONSt Austell  
       JOBLouisaservnt   Querry?? Maid  CONPortscatho  
   237 St Mawes Castle HEMBERYFrankheadmm39soldier (Gunner R.G. Artillery)  SOMWid???  
       HEMBERYEstherwifemf35-  CONCadgwith  
       HEMBERYE Mdausf5-  CONSt Mawes  
       HEMBERYR Mdausf8m-  CONFalmouth  
       HAWKINSGeorge G-sm28soldier (Bombadier R.G. Artillery)  KENAshford  
       LILLYStephenvisitrsm32soldier (Sergeant R.G. Artillery)  KENDover  
  36238 St Mawes TRESIDDERAnnheadwf87-  CONPerranarworthal  
       TRESIDDERE Adausf47tailoressworker CONGwennap  
   239 St Mawes ESCOTTJames Hheadmm31general labourerworker CONPortscatho  
       ESCOTTKatiewifemf36-  CONSt Mawes  
55411 Trethewell MICHELLJohn Thomasheadmm52Asst Overseer and Rate collector  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLEliza Annwifemf56-  SFKSaxmundam  
       MICHELLMargeret Bdausf24schoolmistress  CONSt Anthony  
       MICHELLEliza Anndausf18miliners apprentice  CONSt Anthony  
       MICHELLJohnsonsm16pupil teacher  CONSt Anthony  
       MICHELLEmmasonsf14Asst Schoolmistress  CONSt Anthony  
   2 Trethewell4ANDREWCharles Hheadmm54cattle dealerown account CONPhilleigh  
       ANDREWJanewifemf48-  CONSt Just  
       ANDREWWilliam Asonsm14-  CONSt Just  
       ANDREWFrederick Jsonsm12-  CONSt Just  
   3 Trethewell4GOODFELLOWThomasheadmm76ordinary agricultural labourer  CONMylor  
       GOODFELLOWMary Awifemf72charwoman  CONGerrans  
       GOODFELLOWJanedausf40charwoman  CONSt Just  
   4 Trethewell PASCOEWilliamheadmm80farmer  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEJanewifemf72-  CONGerrans  
       PASCOEMarydausf28-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLAlfred Rgrnsonsm5-  CONSt Just  
   5 Trethewell WILLIAMSThomasheadmm53ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       WILLIAMSAnnwifemf52-  CONMerther  
       WILLIAMSEmmadausf15-  CONPhilleigh  
   6 Trethewell PASCOEJohnheadmm53Police pensioner  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEJessiewifemf49-  MDXLimehouse  
       PASCOEJessiedausf24teacher school  MDXShadwell  
       PASCOECharlottedausf17pupil teacher  MDXRatcliffe  
       PASCOEErnestsonsm11-  SRYRotherhithe  
   7 Trethewell BURNETTHanryheadmm76Farmer  CONSt Just  
       BURNETTMariawifemf67-  CONSt Austell  
   0 Trethewell uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   8 St Just Lane4JULIFFFrederickheadmm25ordinary agricultural labourer  CONPhilleigh  
       JULIFFMablewifemf20-  CONFalmouth  
  29 St Just Lane PADDYThomasheadwm75ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       WILLIAMSMary Jdauwf49-  CONSt Just  
       PADDYEliassonsm42ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       WILLIAMSThomas Mgrnsonsm17-  CONSt Just  
   10 St Just Lane PASCOESelinawifemf34-  CONSithney  
       PASCOELauradausf10-  OVFUs America  
       PASCOEMinniedau f7-  CONBreague  
       PASCOELenadau f6-  CONSithney  
       PASCOEMarydau f3-  OVFUs America  
       PASCOEAlfredson m10m-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
   11 St Just Lane WILLIAMSJosephheadmm79coastguard superannuated  CONVeryan  
       WILLIAMSAnniewifemf48-  CONVeryan  
       WILLIAMSMauricesonsm19blacksmith  CONVeryan  
       COUCHLouisadaumf23-  CONVeryan  
       COUCHRubygrndau f1-  CONSt Just  
   12 St Just Lane3WILLIAMSCharlotteheadsf71-  CONSt Just  
   13 St Just Lane3MAYMary Janeheadwf73-  CONGwennap  
   0   uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   14 St Just Lane PASCOECharlesheadmm29farmer  CONSt Just  
       PASCOECharlottewifemf26-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEGladysdau f4-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOENormanson m2-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOECharlesunclesm53cattle dealer  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEMary Aauntsf61-  CONSt Just  
   15 St Just Lane PASCOEMaryheadwf89retired grocer  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEUrsuladausf59grocer shop keeper  CONSt Just  
       PASCOERhodadausf54grocer shop keeper  CONSt Just  
   16 St Just Lane3WILLIAMSElizaheadwf60living on own means  CONTruro  
       WILLIAMSJohnsonsm32horse breaker  CONSt Just  
       HAWKEEmmamotherwf84living on own means  CONKea  
 55317 St Just Lane CLEMOWJosiahheadmm67living on own means  CONSt Just  
       CLEMOWGracewifemf65-  CONSt Just  
   18 St Just Lane4BEHENNAEdwardheadmm31ordinary agricultural labourer  CONGerrans  
       BEHENNAAnniewifemf31-  CONPhilleigh  
       BEHENNAEricson m8-  CONSt Just  
       BEHENNAGladysdau f6-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
       BEHENNAIdadau f3-  CONSt Just  
   19 St Just Lane3SARAEdwardheadmm64road labourer  CONSt Just  
       SARAElizabethwifemf65-  CONLamorran  
       SARAEdithvisitrmf26-  CONSt Just  
   20 St Just Lane COLLETTJamesheadwm58shoemaker  CONPhilleigh  
       COLLETTRichardsonsm24insurance agent  CONSt Just  
       COLLETTMary Adausf23housekeeper  CONSt Just  
       COLLETTBenjaminsonsm21labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
   21 St Just Lane3MAYWilliam Hheadmm32gardener and general labourer  CONFeock  
       MAYJemimawifemf40-  CONMylor  
   22 St Just Lane CLEMOWHenryheadwm71accountant  CONSt Just  
   23 St Just Lane4VINCENTJamesheadmm32labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTElizawifemf31-  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTJohnson m2-  CONSt Just  
   24 St Just Lane4COUCHWilliamheadmm54labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
       COUCHElizabethwifemf60-  CONSt Just  
   25 St Just Lane BARNICOATElizaheadwf57-  CONSt Just  
       BARNICOATWilliamsonsm32merchant seaman  CONSt Just  
       BARNICOATFredericksonsm22ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       READERMarydaumf29-  CONSt Just  
   26 St Just Lane3COUCHThomasheadwm80ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just age 'about 80'
       COUCHMarydausf46-  CONSt Just  
  427 St Just PASCOEWilliamheadmm49shipwrightemployer CONSt Just  
       PASCOEBessiewifemf47-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEFredericksonsm23shipwrightown account CONSt Just  
       PASCOEBerthadausf16-  CONSt Just  
   28 St Just RICKEARDWilliamheadwm67farmer  CONGerrans  
       RICKEARDJulia Adausf35-  CONSt Just  
   29 St Just4FERRISWilliamheadmm29fisherman  CONFeock  
       FERRISMarywifemf30-  CONCamelford  
       FERRISEdithdau f8-  CONCamelford  
       FERRISHettiedau f1-  CONFeock  
       FERRISWilliamson m7m-  CONSt Just  
   30 St Just4PASCOEJosephheadmm44labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEElizabethwifemf43-  CONGerrans  
       BEHENNAIsaacfa-lawwm73ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Anthony  
   31 St Just4FERRISJohn Sheadmm40fisherman  CONFeock  
       FERRISMary Awifemf39-  CONPerranzabuloe  
   32 St Just3RICHARDSAliceheadwf48charwoman  CONSt Just  
       RICHARDSClaradausf8-  CONSt Just  
       ANNEARSimonfatherwm88retited ordinary ag lab.  CONVeryan  
       ANNEARJohnnephewwm15blacksmiths apprentice  CONSt Clement  
   33 St Just DOWRICKFrancisheadmm54gardenerworker CONRuan Lanihorne  
       DOWRICKRebeccawifemf56-  CONSt Just  
       DOWRICKThomassonsm13-  CONSt Just  
       DOWRICKEtheldausf17-  DEVPlymouth  
       GORINJohn Egrnson m4-  DEVDevonport  
   34 St Just COUCHJohnheadmm61ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       COUCHElizabethwifemf65-  CONPerranzabuloe  
   35 St Just2CLEMOWRufusheadmm54masonworker CONSt Just  
   0   uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
 56536 Trewollack WILLIAMSHenryheadmm63farmer  CONCrowan  
       WILLIAMSMarywifemf55-  CONLanivet  
       WILLIAMSTryphenadausf24-  CONSt Clement  
       WILLIAMSArthursonsm19-  CONSt Just  
       WILLIAMSDoradausf15-  CONSt Just  
       EASTERBROOKLouisavisitrwf40-  CONSt Winnow  
       PENHALIGONFredservntsm15-  CONGerrans  
   0 Nancarras uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   37 Trevennel POMERYArthurheadsm32farmer  CONVeryan  
       GEORDEHenriettahsekprsf30-  CONSt Just  
       NEALCatherinevisitrsf47-  HAMIsle Of Wight  
   38 Vaskelly MICHELLCharlesheadmm39farmer  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLMarywifemf37-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLFrederickson m13-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLBerthadau f9-  CONSt Just  
       VIVIANCharlesvisitrmm61adjuster weights & measures  CONCamborne  
   39 Vaskelly BORLASEThomasheadmm69ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       BORLASESusanwifemf65-  CONSt Just  
       BORLASEFaithfulsonsm27blacksmith  CONSt Just  
   40 Nanshuthall MICHELLWilliamheadsm42farmer  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLEmmasistersf34-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLMaryniecesf23-  CONSt Anthony  
   41 Nanshuthall BURNETTCharlesheadmm59ordinary agricultural labourer  CONGerrans  
       BURNETTCatherinewifemf62-  CONSt Anthony  
       BURNETTCharlessonsm29-  CONGerrans  
       BURNETTJanedausf22-  CONSt Just  
       GREENFleetwoodgrnson m6-  CONSt Just  
  642 Bosloggas PENHALIGONJohnheadmm42ordinary agricultural labourer  CONPadstow  
       PENHALIGONTryphenawifemf42-  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONAnniedausf18mother's help  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONWilliamsonsm16horseman  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONCharlessonsm12-  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONGeorgeson m11-  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONLiliandau f9-  CONGerrans  
       PENHALIGONPercivalson m7-  CONSt Just  
       PENHALIGONHenryson m5-  CONSt Just  
       PENHALIGONOlivedau f3-  CONSt Just  
       PENHALIGONMonadau f1-  CONSt Just  
       PRIMEEdwardnephewsm14-  CONGerrans  
       EMMETTWilliamboardrsm20fishermanown account CONSt Anthony  
   0 Lime kiln uninhabited - but in occupation -   -  --  
   43 Halwartha4EMMETTSamuelheadsm33fishermanown account CONTruro  
   44 Halwartha HICKSLucy Hheadmf44-  CONLadock  
       HICKSHumphreysonsm16drapers apprentice  CONSt Just  
       HICKSMary Edau f12-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDHarriettniece f8-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLJanemotherwf67-  CONLadock  
   45 Halwartha4VINCENTCharlesheadmm41labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTElizabethwifemf31-  CONGerrans  
       GREENErneststpson m9-  CONSt Just  
       GREENFlorencestpdau f4-  CONSt Just  
   46 Tregeavean4SARAJamesheadmm39ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       SARAHarriettwifemf35-  CONGerrans  
       SARAMariondau f7-  CONSt Just  
       SARACyrilson m4-  CONSt Just  
       SARAWinifreddau f2-  CONSt Just  
 57747 Tregeavean MICHELLFrankheadmm31farmer  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLAgnesswifemf32-  CONFalmouth  
       MICHELLFrankson m3-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLJohnson m1-  CONSt Just  
       MICHELLLenadau f1m-  CONSt Just  
       LOWERElizabethservntwf64monthly nurse  CONSt Just  
   48 Church Town CHENOWETHElizabethheadwf67farmer  CONSt Austell  
       CHENOWETHWilliamsonsm39farmer's son  CONSt Just  
       CHENOWETHJosephadausf33-  CONSt Just  
       CHENOWETHElizabethdausf30-  CONSt Just  
   49 Ractory ATWOODHenry Cheadmm60clergyman of Church of England  OVBN.S.W. Australia  
       ATWOODAnna Ewifemf58-  OVBGermany  
       ATWOODMarydausf24-  MDXHarkesden  
       ATWOODDavid Csonsm20-  MDXHarkesden  
       ATWOODRuthdausf18-  MDXHarkesden  
       HALLMabelservntsf22cook domestic  OVBIndia  
       HARRISHilda Fservntsf16housework domestic  CONVeryan  
   50 Ractory VINCENTJohnheadmm55gardener & farmer  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTAgnesswifemf68-  CONGorran  
   51 Bar VINCENTThomasheadmm32fisherman  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTAmywifemf24-  CONMylor  
       VINCENTGwendolindau f5-  CONSt Just  
       VINCENTAgnessdau f1-  CONSt Just  
   52 Bar BLIGHTThomasheadmm65-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
       BLIGHTSarawifemf44-  CONGerrans  
       BLIGHTHarryadpson m2-  LONLondon  
   53 Lanzague BLITCHFORDJohnheadmm49farmeremployer CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDElizabethwifemf42-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDLucydausf18-  CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDRichardsonsm13farmer's sonworker CONSt Just  
       BLITCHFORDArthurson m11-  CONSt Just  
  80   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   54 Sunny Corner4BLAMEYThomasheadmm47fisherman  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYMariawifemf45-  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYBerthadausf13-  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYRichardson m12-  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYArthurson m10-  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYClaudson m8-  CONVeryan  
       BLAMEYHoraceson m4-  CONSt Just  
       BENNETTOAnnma-lawwf73-  CONVeryan  
   0   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   55 Luke's Tenement4COUCHThomasheadmm56farmer & ag. Lab.  CONSt Just  
       COUCHSusanwifemf57-  CONSt Just  
       COUCHWilliesonsm23labourer contractors  CONSt Just  
       COUCHHarrysonsm17ag. Lab. Horseman  CONSt Just  
       COUCHEvelinadausf20-  CONSt Just  
   0 Luke's Tenement uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   56 Luke's Tenement2BENNYJamesheadmm41ag. Lab. Horseman  CONSt Columb  
       BENNYElizabethwifemf37-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
       BENNYLouisadaudf16-  CONSt Just  
       BENNYJamesson m12-  CONSt Just  
       BENNYAnndau f9-  CONSt Just  
       BENNYHenriettadau f4-  CONSt Just  
   57 Tregorland MICHELLJamesheaddm66farmeremployer CONGwennap  
       WILLIAMSRichard-mm26ordinary agricultural labourerworker CONTruro  
       WILLIAMSCharlotteservntmf24cook domesticworker CONSt Just  
   58 Messack RICKEARDMaryheadwf60-  CONSt Agnes  
       RICKEARDJamessonsm26farmer  CONSt Just  
       RICKEARDKatedausf21-  CONSt Just  
       RICKEARDWilliamsonsm19carpenters apprentice  CONSt Just  
       YUNGHANNSAlbertvisitrsm20farmer's son  OVFGermany  
 58959 Carwarthen ADAMSOliverheadmm59farmer  CONPhilleigh  
       ADAMSJanewifemf59-  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSJamessonsm30farmer's son  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSOliversonsm19farmer's son  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSMinniedausf26-  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSMauddausf25-  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSFanniedausf23-  CONSt Just  
       ADAMSMaryvisitrsf60-  CONPhilleigh  
       HARRISFredservntsm14-  CONVeryan  
   60 Cammerrans POMERYErnestheadmm36farmer  CONVeryan  
       POMERYLouisawifemf34-  CONSt Just  
   61 Cammerrans4HARRISHenryheadmm43ordinary agricultural labourer  CONVeryan  
       HARRISMarywifemf39-  CONVeryan  
       HARRISJohnsonsm18ag lab & horseman  CONVeryan  
       HARRISAmeliadau f13-  CONVeryan  
       HARRISLovedaydau f11-  CONVeryan  
       HARRISRichardson m9-  CONSt Just  
       HARRISNelliedau f7-  CONSt Just  
       HARRISHenryson m5-  CONSt Just  
   62 Roecussa PASCOEJohnheadmm57farmer  CONPerranuthnoe  
       PASCOEKatewifemf55-  CONSt Kew  
       PASCOEJohnsonsm27farmer's son  CONGerrans  
       PASCOEBessiedausf18-  CONSt Enoder  
       PASCOERichardsonsm10-  CONSt Just  
       HAWKEYKatie Mvisitrsf24-  CONSt Just  
   63 Tolcarne MICHELLJosephheadmm61farmer  CONGwennap  
       MICHELLSusanwifemf60-  CONSt Just  
  1064 Penpeth Creek PADDYRichardheadmm75labourer estate  CONSt Just  
       PADDYAnnwifemf73-  CONSt Just  
       PADDYElizabethdausf45-  CONSt Just  
       PADDYEdithdausf30-  CONSt Just  
       PEARCEJohnbrolawsm72ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
   65 Penpeth MARTINJabezheadmm35farmer  CONSt Just  
       MARTINHilda Fwifemf30-  CONVeryan  
   66 Treverras PASCOEWilliamheadmm34farmer  CONGwennap  
       PASCOEE Awifemf28-  CONGwennap  
       PASCOEE D Adausf3-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEW Percyson m2-  CONSt Just  
   67 Tredellans JULIANBenheadmm38ordinary agricultural labourer  CONVeryan  
       JULIANAlbinawifemf31-  CONSt Just  
       JULIANDorothydau f9-  CONSt Just  
       JULIANSusiedau f7-  CONSt Just  
       JULIANGeorgeson m4-  CONSt Just  
   68 Carvinack BRENTONWilliamheadmm34hind  CONSt Just  
       BRENTONDorothywifemf37-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
       BRENTONHarryson m11-  CONRuan Lanihorne  
       BRENTONAdadau f3-  CONSt Just  
   69 Carvinack BRENTONElizabethheadwf61laundress at homeCONKea  
       HARRISCharlesvisitr m8-  CONKea  
   70 Trethem PASCOERichardheadmm55farmer  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEJanewifemf52-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEMabeldausf16drapers assistant  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEEtheldausf13-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEPercyson m10-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOELeslieson m8-  CONSt Just  
       PASCOEDaisydau f6-  CONSt Just  
   0 Trethem uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
 591171 Pulpry JULEFFJamesheadmm61trapper  CONLadock  
       JULEFFMarywifemf55-  CONSt Just  
       JULEFFEmmadausf30-  CONPhilleigh  
       JULEFFSydneysonsm21hind  CONPhilleigh  
       JULEFFAnniedausf20-  CONPhilleigh  
       HALLHerbertstpsonsm29ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
       JULEFFStanleygrnsonsm2-  CONTruro  
   72 Pulpry2ANNEARWilliamheadsm27ordinary agricultural labourer  CONSt Just  
   0   uninhabited - not in occupation -   -  --  
   73 Polendra BORLASESamuelheadmm29farmer  CONSt Just  

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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