St Just in Roseland Memorial Inscriptions

Bill O'Reilly 2009

This started out as Shirley Cattermole's transcription (thanks Shirley!) of the Memorial Inscriptions from LDS film 476219 (courtesy of the Church of Latter Day Saints). Other records have been added as have a small number of photos of headstones. Please send me any others that you have.

SurnameForenamedd_mmmYearLocation of InscriptionErrected byOther Details Image
ADAMSAlice E.28-Dec1921Churchyard-Edwin James 4-Oct 1922 age 52. Mary 30-May 1923 age 76. Robert S. 23-Mar 1925 age 83.  
ADAMSHarriet23-Apr1875Churchyard-Eldest dau of James & Mary DASH. DASH, James died 20-Jan 1906 age 90. Mary Margaret (wife) 05-Jan 1907 age 91  
ALLENArchibald03-Oct1935Tablet S. wall of S. aisle--  
ALLENGeorge27-Apr1911E. Window--  
ANDAINHenry19-Aug1864Churchyard-Mary (wife) 22-Nov 1896 age 89. Henry (son) 26-Feb 1857 age 18. Walter (son) June 1857 age 15. Jane (dau) Sep 1863 age 20. JAMES, Thomas Lugg (son in law) dates buried.  
ANDAINHubert E.01-Feb1934Churchyard-husbd. of Mary. John Henry (bro) 27-Apr 1939 age 72.  
ANDAINJohn06-Nov1913Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Jago (wife) 24-Feb 1911 age 73. John Henry (son) 27-Jan 1864 age 1.  
ANDREWEdward----See JENKING, Nicholas  
ANDREWEliza06-May1860Churchyard-Wife of James. Emma (dau) 11-Sep 1858 Inf.  
ANDREWFreddie17-Aug1903Churchyard-Youngest son of Henry & Jane.  
ANDREWFrederick----See GREEN, Charles  
ANDREWHugh-1880Churchyard-Son of Thomas & Mary.  
ANDREWJohn29-May1834Churchyard-Son of Richard & Mary  
ANDREWRhoda----See GREEN, Charles  
ANDREWRhoda Mary----See MEYRICK, Sarah  
ANDREWRichard28-Mar1888Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Mary Ann (wife) 30-Oct 1873 age 64.  
ANDREWWilliam17-Apr1869Churchyard-Eliz. (wife) 8-Apr 1886 age 76. William (son) 19-Jun 1905 age 69  
ANDREW---Churchyard-Children of Richard & Sarah. Eliz. Mary died 15-Nov 1860 age 1. Harriet Jane 29-Oct 1874 age 16. Harriet Edith 19-May 1878 age 1. Eliz. 16 May 1917 age 52.  
BARNICOATFredk. Charles28-May1925Churchyard--  
BARNICOATJohn10-Jun1885Churchyard-R.N. Eliza Ann (wife) 12-Oct 1914 age 71. Louisa (dau) 28-Jun 1882 age 9.  
BARNICOATJohn16-Aug1913Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Sarah (wife) 2-Nov 1891 age 61.  
BARNICOATWilliam08-Apr1939Churchyard-husbd. of Marion.  
BARRETTWilliam----See GEORGE, Lavinia  
BELLMANBeatrice M.----See GREEN, Irving.  
BELLMANEmma Louisa13-Dec1920---  
BELLMANFrancis22-Dec1835Churchyard-Agnes (wife) 04-Aug 1869 age 87. Agnes Jane (dau) 27-Sep 1876 age 57.  
BELLMANHenry08-Oct1854Churchyard-Margt. (wife) 12-Jan 1835 ? age 48.  
BELLMANJane Pascoe30-May1867Churchyard-Dau of Richard & Hannah of St. Mawes. Alfred (bro). Hannah died 17-Mar 1890 age 71.  
BELLMANJohn13-Nov1887Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Grace (wife) Aug 1842. George Jenking (son). Mary (dau).  
BELLMANRichard20-Feb1851Churchyard-Hannah (wife) 18-May 1873 age 89.  
BELLMANRichard15-May1873Churchyard-Drowned. Phillippa (wife) died St. Mawes 14-Nov 1900 age 67.  
BELLMANWilliam J.02-Feb1933Churchyard--  
BENNETTSAnn-1914Churchyard-BLAMEY, Ann Maria (dau) died 1930.  
BENNEYJames Gregory23-Sep1939Churchyard-Eliz. Jane 07-Apr 1912 age 50  
BERSLEYMargaret----See THOMAS, Maria  
BICKFORDMary18-Nov1826Churchyard-Wife of George  
BLAKEAnna Maria03-Apr1908Churchyard-Widow of James Junr. of Trewollock.  
BLAKECatherine----See GREEN, James  
BLAKEHannah31-Aug1856Churchyard-Dau of James & Mary. Lavinia (sis) 03-Aug 1856 age 13. Mary 20-Mar 1911 age 76  
BLAKEJames12-Jul1873Churchyard-Mary (wife) 17-Jan 1885 age 84. James (son) 28-Jul 1880 age 52. Robert (son) died Shanghai 14-Jun 1886 age 42. Sarah (dau) 05-Dec 1887 age 47.  
BLAKEMary----See GREEN, James  
BLAKEMary----See SYMONS, Mary  
BLAKEWillism13-Apr1872Churchyard-Son of Robert & Ursula of St. Mawes. Ursula (mother) born 27-Jun 1786 ? died 26-Jun 1875.  
BLAMEYAnna Maria----See BENNETTS, Ann  
BLAMEYRachel J.05-Oct1911Churchyard-C.S. (Son) 21-Oct 1906 age 24. Digory G. 19-May 1933 age 77  
BLAMEYThomas Harris-1936Churchyard--  
BLITCHFORDFaithfull28-Nov1840Churchyard-Eliz (wife) 01-Jun 1845 age 82. Eliz Mary d. of John & Mary 19-Oct 1846 Inf.  
BLITCHFORDJohn08-May1871Churchyard-Mary (wife) 06-Jun 1889 age 72. Charlotte Ann (dau) Feb 1869 age 5.  
BLITCHFORDJohn28-Sep1919Churchyard-Eliz. (wife) 17-Nov 1936 age 77. Richard James (son) John Arthur (son)  
BONDFreddie10-Dec1893Churchyard-BLIGHT, Tom 22-Feb 1919 age 75.  
BORLASEJessie----See WEBBER, John  
BORLASEJohn Blitchford28-May1899Churchyard-Mary Ann Harvey (wife) 02-Sep 1887 age 64. John Harvey Dunstan (son) 07-Apr 1869 in 20th yr.  
BRENTONCharles Henry03-Apr1885Churchyard-Son of Willm. & Eliz.  
BRENTONFrederick T.05-Apr1897Churchyard-Husbd. of Milinda  
BRENTONWilliam Cooper12-Nov1888Churchyard-of Carvinack. E.J. (wife) died Gerrans 1929 age 91.  
BROADJosiah20-May1827Churchyard-of Broad Oak  
BUDDLEEliz.30-Sep1916Churchyard-Wife of John Symons of Lower Trethem. See also JULIFF Louie G.  
BURNETTHenry15-Feb1907Churchyard-Marie (wife) 8-Dec 1913 age 78. Willm. Henry (son) 21-Sep 1839 age 24. Henry Willm. (son) 15-Feb 1862 age 2.  
BUSHELLCharles07-Dec1860Churchyard-Jane (wife) Aug 1893  
CARLYONClement Winstanley05-Jan1838Churchyard-Eldest child of Clement Winstanley & Harriet  
CARLYONClement Winstanley-1883Churchyard-Rector. (N.B. this is a mistranscription as he died in 1888 - see burials and the entry below)  
CARLYONClement Winstanley11-Dec1888Brass N. wall of choir stalls-B.A. Rector  
CARLYONCornelia Powne18-Jan1887Churchyard-wife of C.W. Rector. CROWE, Edith Mabel (granddau) wife of Francis C.M.G. Consul Genl. Salonica, died 27-Jun 1937  
CARLYONHarriet31-Mar1866Tablet N. wall of choir stalls-Wife of C.W., Rector. Reginald Vaughan (son) Lieut. H.M.S. "Rattler", died Shanghai 19-Oct 1867 age 24.  
CARLYONHubert Edward01-Jun1900Window N. of choir stallsBy brothers & sisters Rector. Late Vicar All Saints, Harlesden.  
CARLYONLilian Maria03-Feb1917Churchyard-Wife of Lt. Col. C.W. Clement Winstanley Lt. Col. R.M.L.I. died 28-Oct 1919 age 80  
CARLYONThomas A.M.14-Jan1793Tablet N. wall of choir stalls-Son of Thomas of Tregrehan. Ann (wife) dau. of William GWAVAS of Penzance & Inner Temple died 15-May 1797 age 76.  
CHAMBERSJohn18-May1886Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Mary Jane (wife) 01-Aug 1892 age 60. Jane (dau) 17-Dec 1856 age 2.  
CHENOWETHEmma27-Apr1923Churchyard-Wife of Francis  
CHENOWETHRichard25-Apr1860Churchyard-Jane (wife) 19-Aug 1840 age 55.  
CHENOWETHRichard03-Nov1890Churchyard-Eliz. W. (wife) 04-Ap 1925 age 91. Joseph Phillips (son) 20-Nov 1864 age 1. Joseph Tuzzer (son) died Apr. 1866. Inf.  
CHESTERJohn Henry14-Oct1927Churchyard-Mary Louisa (wife) 02-Apr 1926 age 64  
CHRISTIANACharles Allen----See JENKING, Nicholas.  
CHRISTIANAMatilda11-Jul1932Churchyard-Widow of W.H.L.C. of St. Mawes  
CLARKWilliam Gibb05-Nov1838Loose stone E. wall outside Church-Son of James & Eliz.  
CLEMOWHenry07-Apr1890Churchyard-Adeline (dau) 31-Mar 1866. Inf. Henry 23-Jan 1914 age 83  
CLODEFrederick08-Nov1933Churchyard-Private 2/5 Devon Regt. died Cairo 8-Oct 1915  
COCKLewis C.30-Jan1938Churchyard-Matilda J. (wife) 27-Feb 1930 age 82. Albert (son) 08-Jan 1919 age 33  
COCKLuccy09-Oct1779Churchyard-Dau of Nicholas.  
COCKThomas Edwards25-Apr1843Churchard-And Thomas Edwards died 1847 age 4, Sons of Richard & Eliz.  
COLEMANDaniel06-Aug1931Churchyard-Agnes Mary (wife) 07-Nov 1927 age 59  
COLLINGWOODAlban Stuart19-Apr1911Churchyard-Of Croftin Park, London  
COLLINSAnn Lawrence19-Jun1874Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Wife of Richard  
COLLINSAnnie----See SYMES Walter Raymond  
Elizabeth J T
Churchyard-In Loving Memory of Elizabeth J T Collins, died 21st April 1925 aged 52 years. Also of her husband Edward C Collins, died 26th Dec 1929 aged 64 years.
Gone but not forgotten
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edward Collins
COLLINSFlorence Dash03-Oct1850Churchyard-Dau of Willm & Kezia. Reginald Barrett (bro) Sep 1833 age 3. Reginald son of John & Cathne. 08-Mar 1860. Inf.  
COLLINSRichard23-Oct1908Churchyard-Grace Lean (wife) 29-Feb 1908 age 84. Beatrice wife of Michael T. 26-Oct 1908 age 35  
COLLINSRichard Samuel03-May1931Churchyard-Mary Jane (wife) died St. Mawes 24-Jun 1926 age 86  
COLLINSWilliam17-Feb1848Churchyard-Rebekah (wife) 29-Jan 1846 age 76  
COLLINSWilliam J.16-Oct1907Churchyard-Eliza (wife) 29-Oct 1927 age 87. Albert E. (son) 03-Aug 1871 age 10. Minnie (dau) 19-Oct 1940  
COOKMary----See THOMAS, John  
COOKECharles John Bowen18-Oct1920Churchyard-Engineer L& NW Railway  
COOTEMary Ann28-Mar1931Churchyard--  
CORKHILLThomas07-Feb1868Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Agnes (wife) 16-Jan 1851 age 57. Matthew (son) 10-Mar 1855 age 28. Agnes (dau) 05-Mar 1908 age 78.  
CORMACKJames Elliot01-Jan1934Churchyard--  
CORNISHJos.23-Jan1788Tablet S. wall of S. aisle-S. of John & Duane. Mary. Father, mother, brothers & sisters.  
CORYMary Christine Archbold16-Jul1932Churchyard-Dulcina Vivian (dau) 10-Nov 1925 age 29.  
CORYNicholas13-Feb1864Churchyard-Rear Admiral. Nicholas, Surgeon St. Mawes 10-Jan 1809 age 51. Eliz (wife) 11-Jan 1843 age 80. John Tippet 25-Apr 1819 age 21. Mary 31-Aug 1840 age 44.  
CORYNicholas13-Feb1864Not shown-Rear Admiral, born St. Mawes, died Plymouth. Mary (wife) died 25-Dec 1863 age 52. Nicholas. Eliz. John Tippet.  
COUCHJohn13-Mar1926Churchyard-Eliz (wife) 26-Feb 1929 age 93.  
COUCHThomas09-Jun1926Churchyard-Susanna (wife) 31-Jan 1919 age 75.  
COUCHWilliam22-Aug1938Churchyard-husbd. of Mary.  
CROWEdith Mabel----See CARLYON, Cornelia Powne.  
CRUSEThomas11-Jun1921Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Mary Ann (wife) 11-Jan 1929 age 84  
CUDLIPThomas James20-Jul1901Churchyard-Husbd. of Eliz.  
CULLENHenrietta Gybbon08-Sep1882Churchyard--  
DANDYCharles William
Beatrice M
Churchyard-In loving memory of Charles William Dandy died 2nd April 1961.
Also Beatrice M Dandy (nee Hicks) died 9th April 1976.
Parted and joined in death
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Charles William Dandy
DASHEdward Charles02-Sep1931Churchyard-Husbd. of Nettie.  
DASHFlorance10-Jun1851Churchyard-Wife of Joseph  
DASHHarriet29-Mar1882Churchyard-Wife of Willm. of St. Mawes. Harriet Jane (dau) 13-Feb 1866 age 12  
DASHJames14-Oct1873Churchyard-Louisa Vincent (wife) Born 27-Feb 1840 Died 04-Nov 1909  
DASHJames----See ADAMS, Harriet  
DASHJohn27-Jul1915Churchyard-husbd. of Martha of St. Mawes.  
DASHJoseph07-Dec1863Churchyard-Hannah (wife) 21-Apr 1854 age 81.  
DASHJoseph21-Nov1871Churchyard-Son of Joseph & Ann. Jane (wife) 11-Oct 1887 age 77  
DASHMartha06-Nov1920Churchyard-Wife of John of Holyoke. Mass. U.S.A.  
DASHMary15-Jan1846Churchyard-Dau of Joseph & Hannah  
DASHOrphew ? James05-Nov1906Churchyard-Maud widow of O.J. & wife of Edward Arthur DOTSON died 18-Jan 1941 age 59.  
DASHWilliam06-Feb1921Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Frederica (wife) 17-Sep 19227 age 78.  
DASHWilliam Vincent13-Nov1900Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Onora (wife) 10-Jan 1937 age 90.  
DAVEYGeorge15-May1829Tablet N. Wallby his nephew Richard SPRYComdr. R.N. At capture of St. Lucia 1778. Grenada 1779 Relief of Gibraltar 1782.  
DAVIESSelina Ellen13-Sep1880Churchyard-Wife of Joseph. William James (son) 22-Feb 1879 age 4.  
DAVISHugh Ralph Humfrey07-Aug1912Window N. wall-B.A. Oxon. Woods & Forests Service Nigeria  
DAVISHumfrey--Window, S. aisle-Priest  
DAVISHumfrey--Churchyard-Rector 1901 to 1930. Hugh Humfrey 7-Aug 1912 age 29.  
DAVISWilliam Henry--Window S. aisleby son Humfrey-  
DELBRIDGEWilliam11-Jan1916Churchyard-Son of Willm. & Eliz. Mildred (sis) 26-Aug 1915 age 25.  
DEVONSHIREEliz.27-Oct1848Churchyard-Wife of William. Left 5 children.  
DIKJohn Henry25-Sep1873Churchyard-of Wildeervank. Died at sea.  
DILLONAugusta17-Apr1904Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Thomas W. died Adda Foah, W. Africa 15-Feb 1874 Thomas W. Steward R.N. husbd. of Minnie 02-Mar 1907 age 34  
DINGLEWilliam29-Jun1881Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Jane (wife) 02-Dec 1879 age 77.  
DOTSONEdward12-Jul1862Churchyard.-of St. Mawes. Sarah (wife) 07-Dec 1886 age 82. Edward (eldest son) 09-Jun 1859 age 17.  
DOTSONJohn Arthur18-Oct1917Churchyard-husbd. of Mahala Mary. Jane Grace 17-Jul 1907 age 62.  
DOTSONMaud----See DASH, Orphew James  
DOTSONSamuel A.L.25-Jun1935Churchyard-Annie (wife) 12-Oct 1921 age 50. James son of William & Mary 10-Aug 1937 age 75.  
DOTSONThomas03-Jun1899Churchyard-John Thomas (son) 05-Jun 1891 age 36. Edward (3rd son) died at sea 1881 age 24. Mary Jane (dau) 10-Feb 1869 age 1.  
DOWRICKFrank06-Dec1905Churchyard-Husbd. of Jessie  
DOWRICKWilliam Sidney--Churchyard-1873 to 1938  
DUNNRichard14-Jan1837Churchyard-Dorothy (wife) 21-Jan 1820 age 66  
EASTMANW. Lewis24-Jul1933Churchyard-Rev'd.  
ECCLESHerbert Annesley04-Oct1931Churchyard-M.D.  
EDWARDSCharles18-Nov1937Churchyard-husbd. of Lena  
EDWARDSJohn25-Jan1900Churchyard-Catherine (wife) 18-Dec 1874 age 43. Rebecca (2nd wife) 19-Aug 1903 age 69. Ophelia (dau) 21-Mar 1929 age 64.  
EMMETTAnnie Amelia22-Aug1969 Churchyard-In loving memory of Annie Amelia Emmett died Aug 22nd 1969 aged 75 years Annie Amelia Emmett
EMMETTJoseph-1929Churchyard- In loving remembrance of Joseph Emmett who died July 4th 1929 aged 33 years - Rest in Peace.
Their son Lawrence Emmett died 21st January 2006 aged 80 years.
Joseph Emmett
EMMETTLawrence21-Jan2006Churchyard  see Joseph Emmett 1929 
EMMETTPhyllis02-Aug1930Churchyard- In loving memory of Phyllis beloved wife of Samuel Emmett who died Aug.2.1930 aged 51 years. Resting.
Also Samuel David, husband of the above died Sept.25.1951 aged 83 years. Re-united.
Phyllis Emmett
EMMETTSamuel David25-Sep1951 Churchyard-see Phyllis Emmett 1930 
FAIRBAIRNLaurence L.S.S.16-Sep1904Churchyard-Born Edinburgh, died St. Mawes.  
FITTOCKCharles03-Sep1925Churchyard-Mary Lydia (wife) Born 23-Nov 1853, died 07-Jun 1831 age 41.  
FITTOCKMargery15-Jul1755Tablet E. Wall outside Church-Dau of George & Mary. William (bro) 8-Sep 1756 age 25. Benjamen (bro) 10-May 1758 age 20  
FITTOCKMary07-Jun1831Churchyard-Wife of John  
FITTOCKPeter22-Sep1869Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Emma Tiddy (wife) Born 30-Aug 1831, died 25-Mar 1890.  
FREETHYChristiana09-Feb1878Churchyard-5th dau. of Ralph & Margaret  
FREETHYMargaret07-Nov1874Churchyard-Wife of Ralph  
FURSEliz.22-Jan1812Churchyard-Wife of John  
GANTJames22-Jan1869Churchyard-34 yrs. Minister Independent Chapel, St. Mawes. Alice Harris (wife) 10-Dec 1834 age 34. Mary Jenking (dau) 12-Feb 1839 age 6. James Incledon (son) 09-Feb 1834 age 3.  
GEACHJane21-Aug1841Tablet on W. wall outside Church-dau. of George & Harriet of Bodmin.  
GEORGELavinia31-Jan1858Churchyard-Wife of Edward, & dau of William & Mary BARRETT.  
GERMANJohn01-Oct1833Churchyard-Peters William (son) 23-Apr 1839 age 18. Ann (dau) 24-Jan 1841 age 7.  
GERMANRichard James29-Jan1925Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Ellen Alina (wife) 25-Jul 1935 age 76  
GIBBSA.N. Godby07-Jul1933Churchyard--  
GOOLDENFrederick William11-Sep1922Churchyard--  
GOULDWilliam George16-Sep1914Churchyard-Eliz wife of John E.S. died Falmouth 13-Apr 1882 age 30  
GOULDWilliam N.24-Nov1897Churchyard-Joanna (wife) 01-Jan 1989 age 78.  
GREENAlice M.26-Jan1927Churchyard-Wife of James died St. Mawes.  
GREENAmbrose27-Jun1898Churchyard-Eliz Ann (wife) 13-Mar 1900 age 77. Ambrose (son) 30-Sep 1867 age 25. Edgar Edward (4th son) 16-Auig 1895 age 31. Ann Louisa (5th dau) 14-Oct 1869 age 8.  
GREENCharles25-Jul1853Churchyard-Mary (wife) 6-Sep 1862 age 87. Florence (dau) wife of John MEYRICK, Mariner of Newport 20-Feb 1870 age 56. Rhoda (dau) wife of Frederick ANDREW, Born 27-Aug 1821, died 07-Oct 1878.  
GREENCharles05-Feb1900Churchyard-died St. Mawes. Matilda (wife) 26-Aug 1862 age 42.  
GREENEliz24-Oct1844Churchyard-Wife of William  
GREENEliz Ann24-Sep1921Churchyard-Wife of Joseph Hector  
GREENFlorance24-Sep1829Churchyard-Wife of William  
GREENI. Fleetwood21-Aug1916Churchyard-Lance Corporal R.E. 1nd son of Richard & Ellen. Died of wounds. Somme  
GREENIrving25-Oct1936Churchyard-William J. 08-Aug 1890 age 1. Irving E. died in action 23-Dec 1917 age 33. Beatrice M. (dau) wife of ___ BELLMAN 26-Mar 1937 age 33  
GREENJames03-Apr1916Churchyard-Mariner. Catherine (wife) dau of James & Mary BLAKE. 3-Aug 1863 age 25. Mary (2nd wife) 20-Mar 1911 age 76.  
GREENJohn16-Mar1892Churchyard-Master Mariner, died St. Mawes. Louisa (wife) 24-Jun 1889 age 56.  
GREENJoseph19-Jan1931Churchyard-Ellen Mary (wife) 21-June 1934 age 83.  
GREENJoseph--Churchyard-1835 to 1876. Jane 1805 to 1881. William 1831 to 1841. Martha Grace 1833 to 1844. Francis John 1835 to 1876.  
GREENJoseph Albert26-Dec1935Churchyard--  
GREENSamuel John15-Jan1922Churchyard-Son of Joseph & Eliz.Beatrice Emily (sis) Sep 1904 age 4,  
GREENWilfred10-Aug1939Churchyard-Husbd. of Nellie  
GREENWilliam17-May1841Churchyard-Son of Joseph & Jane of St. Mawes. Martha Grace (sis) 01-Feb 1843. Inf.  
GREENWilliam08-May1890Churchyard-Ursula Ann (wife) 25-Dec 1894 age 42  
GREENWilliam01-Oct1892Churchyard-Ursula (wife) 30-Jan 1909 age 89  
GREENWilliam13-May1903Churchyard-Eliz.T. (wife) 12-Jan 1913 age 93.  
GREETBennet31-Jan1852Churchyard-Jane 07-Mar 1860 age 75.  
GREETCharles Hooper23-Jan1945 Churchyard-In loving memory of Charles Hooper Greet late Trinity House Pilot died Jan 23rd 1945 in his 88th year.
Louisa Jane Green Greet beloved wife of Charles Hooper died Dec 20th 1960 in her 85th year.
And their daughter Gladys G. Skinner died in London on September 29th 1973 aged 66 years.
Charles Hooper Greet
GREETGeorge10-May1925Churchyard-Mary Jane (wife) born 22-Jun 1850 died 05-Jul 1921  
GREETJohn16-Dec1884Churchyard-Mary Ann (wife) 09-Jun 1893 age 76. Mary Ann (dau) 17-Jun 1886 age 26  
GREETLouisa Jane Green20-Dec1960   see Charles Hooper Greet 1945 
GRIFFITHSJ.H. 11-Feb1932Churchyard-Sergeant R.G.A.  
GROWTHERWilliam21-Dec1931Churchyard-of Sheffield.  
GWAVASAnn----See CARLYON, Thomas  
HANCOCKFrederick28-Dec1904Churchyard-Lina (wife) dau. of William & Mary Jane SNOW. 18-Aug 1898 age 46. Charles SNOW 28-Feb 1904 age 21. SNOW, William died St. Mawes 16-May 1881 age 68. Mary Jane (wife) 27-Apr 1882 age 63. James Peters (son) 21-Sep 1872 age 21. Minnie (dau) 26-Aug 1886 ag  
HANCOCKJohn28-Apr1885Churchyard-Dorothy (wife) 02-Feb 1884 age 60. Charles James (son) 10-Oct 1875 age 21. John 27-Jul 1925 age 76. Jane (wife) 03-Aug 1929 age 64. Lina M. (granddau) 22-Apr 1886. Inf.  
HANCOCKWinifred M.04-Oct1895Churchyard-Dau of Charles A & E.  
HARDENHarry Douglas14-Jan1935Tablet S. wall of S. aisle-Rector's Warden. WEIGALL, Theyre Hamilton (son in law) son of Justice W. of Melbourne. Born 31-Aug 1901, died 07-Mar 1935.  
HARDENHarry DouglasJan?1935Churchyard-of Hove.  
HARDWICKHelena Justice02-Sep1929Churchyard--  
HARRIESWilliam27-May1869Churchyard-Son of William & Mary. HARRIS William. Kinsman 25-Mar 1904 age 82. Mary Ann 23-May 1909-88  
HARRISCharles Henry28-Jan1916Churchyard-Sarah (wife) 20-Jul 1933 age 87  
HARRISGeorge K.15-Jul1931Churchyard-Husbd. of Lillian R.  
HARRISMabel21-May1938Churchyard-Wife of Leo Edward  
HARRISRichard25-Jun1900Churchyard-Edward 21-Jun 1898 age 68  
HARRISRobert24-Jun1898Churchyard-Son in law of J.O. Tiddy. Husband of M.  
HARVEYThomas03-Jan1872Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Florence (wife) 01-Sep 1894 age 64. Margaret (dau) 02-Jun 1882 age 14. Kate 18-Jan 1930 age 64. William G. 18-May 1934 age 69.  
HAWKEEmma----See WILLIAMS, James  
HAWKENKate Gladys31-Dec1930Churchyard-Wife of Alfred.  
HAWKINSChristopher Henry Thomas26-Jul1903Brass tablet on S. wall of nave & N. wall of his widow, Jane Ellenof Trewithen.  
HEMBURYFrank23-Feb1934Churchyard-Esther Ann (wife) 01-Jan 1930 age 67.  
HENDERSONArthur Henry25-Sep1936Churchyard--  
HENDYBenedict--Churchyard-Wife Eliz. Old Stone. Latin. No date? From Registers "Bennet HENDY, Yeoman. Mard. 06-Feb 1702. Eliz d. of Step. JOHN. Gent of Gerrans died 12-Aug 1738.  
HICKESHumphry25-Aug1859Churchyard-Humphry (son) 18-Apr 1885 age 74. William Smith son of Humphry & Martha 20-Jun 1868 age 11  
HICKESMaryBinney----See QUINTRELL, Mary Binney  
HICKSBeatrice M
Edwin Gaved
Churchyard-Beatrice M Hicks, dearly beloved wife of Edwin G Hicks. Entered into rest Oct 13th 1957 aged 78 years.
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
Edwin Gaved Hicks, died April 25th 1963. Aged 84 years.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Beatrice Hicks
HICKSEdwin Walter G.
Churchyard In Loving Memory of Edwin Walter G. Hicks beloved husband of Cecilia Olive died April 23rd 1953 aged 49 years.
So bury me by some sweet garden side.
Also Olive his wife died August 29th 1976 aged 66 years
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edwin Walter G Hicks
HICKSElizabeth Jane
Churchyard-Elizabeth Jane Hicks died 25th May 1938 aged 90 years. Edwin Hicks died 28th May 1938 aged 92 years.
At Rest
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edwin Hicks
HICKSHumphry05-Feb1934Churchyard-Humphry (son) died France 09-May 1915 age 30.  
Churchard-Sacred to the memory of Joseph Hicks daughter of Richard and Priscilla Hicks who died June the 5th 1829 aged 9 years. Also of Thomas Hicks son of the above. Died August 12th 1829 aged 4.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Josepha Hicks
HICKSLewis Gavid16-Sep1931Churchyard-Son of E.J. & M.  
HICKSMary26-Dec1837Churchyard-Wife of John Hicks
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Mary Hicks
HICKSWilliam31-Dec1827Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Honour (wife) 16-Mar 1832 age 71  
HICKSWilliam John
Churchyard- William John Hicks aged 22, Lewis aged 17, Sons of John & Eliz. Hicks.
John Hicks age 58 & Elizabeth age 86.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Lewis Hicks
HINGSTONCaroline02-Dec1891Churchyard-Mabel Annie dau of John & Caroline 11-Dec 1879 age 8.  
HITCHINGSJoseph Edward10-Nov1901Churchyard-Died St. Mawes  
HITCHINGSWilliam11-Dec1873Churchyard-Maria (wife) 11-Mar 1879 age 73.  
HOBBSKey--Churchard-1869 to 1939  
HOCKINGAndrew20-Nov1845Churchyard-Grace (wife) 11-Dec 1844 age 78  
HODGEAdelaide L.21-Aug1934Churchyard-Wife of Edward James  
HODGEEdward16-Apr1890Churchyard-Jane (wife) 01-Apr 1887age 71. Edward James (son) 27-Dec 1915 age 65.  
HOLMESGeorge10-Sep1923Churchyard-Methodist Minister Born Chagford died St. Mawes.  
HOLMESGertrude Emma23-Nov1940Churchyard-Wife of Ralph M. H.  
HOOKERAnn 29-Dec1853Churchyard-Wife of John  
HOOPERRosina30-Dec1940Churchyard-Wife of D.  
HOWARDThomas27-Jul1810Churchyard-Esq. of Gomanog, Caernarvon. Major 4th Foot.  
HUNTJohn06-Feb1806Tablet N. wall of N. recess-R.N. H.M.S. "Glory & Barfleur" 5th son of Rowland of Boreaton, Salop.  
IAGOWilliam30-Jan1827Tablet S. wall of S. aisle-Mary (wife) 04-May 1840 age 72. Robert, John & William died in infancy.  
ISABELLEleanor Beatrice11-Aug1926Churchyard-Wife of Joseph A.O. Michell Agnes Maud wife of Frank died Polvarth 02-Dec 1925 age 57. Frank 26-Apr 1932 age 62?  
ISABELLRichard06-Sep1919Churchyard-Mary Hannah (wife 23-Jan 1902 age 64.  
ISABELLRichard24-Aug1(8)77?Churchyard-Johanna (wife) 1(8)74? age 74  
JACKEHonor19-Nov1704Tablet N. wall of N. recess-Only dau of Richard & Honor  
JAGOJohn30-Dec1873Churchyard-Son of John & Mary. George (bro) 29-May 1883 age 27.  
JAMESEdward John27-Aug1874Churchyard-4th son of Thomas & Mary.  
JAMESFrederick Charles18-Oct1930Churchyard-M.B. of St. Mawes  
JAMESJames24-May1797Churchyard-Jane (wife) 11-Apr 1852 age 84. Spargo (son) 15-Oct 1843 age 47. William (son) Lieut. R.N. died London 04-Jan 1853 age 61. Frances (dau) dates buried  
JAMESJames18-Sep1864Churchyard-Grace (wife) 01-Apr 1863 age 59. William (son) 31-Dec 1838 age 1. Eliz (eldest dau) 11-Jan 1917 age 90.  
JAMESJames22-Oct1896Tablet S. wall of S. aisle-died Espartillar. Catherine Pope (wife) died Espartillar Chico Nr. Buenos Ayres 09-Jan 1892 age 5. Frances Eliz (dau) 28-Feb 1892 age 25. Alice Catherine (dau) 04-Aug 1892 age 24. Frederick William (son) 18-Mar 1899 age 36. Spargo Mountstephen James (photo courtesy of Cathy Murray) James James
JAMESSpargo29-Jun1930Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Margaret Jane 21-Feb 1928 age 84. Charles Pope 10-Mar 1939 age 54.  
JAMESThomas Lugg----See ANDAIN, Henry  
JAMESW.-1846Window S. aisle-Lieut. R.N.  
JANEPeter21-Jun1810Churchyard-Anne (wife) 20-Oct 1838 age 65.  
JANEWilliam13-Apr1861Churchyard-Mary (wife) 20-Dec 1897 age 81.  
JENKINWilliam Lower22-Jan1855Churchyard--  
JENKINGEdward11-Jan1933Churchyard-Charlotte Lucy (wife) 23-Mar 1915 age 65.  
JENKINGJohn29-Oct1815Churchyard-Eliz. (dau) 1815 age 1. Mary (dau) 1826 age 24. Ann (dau) 1834 25  
JENKINGMartha--Churchyard-Wife of James Green. 1853 to 1937  
JENKINGMatilda31-Jul1750Churchyard-Wife of William & dau of Matthew & Agnes SHARROCK.  
JENKINGNicholas13-Dec1896Churchyard-Pilot of St. Mawes. Thomasin (sis) wife of Edward ANDREW, Mariner died 17-May 1902 age 86. Edward (husband) born 17-Jun 1814 died 14-May 1901.  
JENKINGNicholas16-Apr1923Churchyard-of St. Mawes. CHRISTIANA, Charles Allen (nephew), son of Henry & Matilda. died 26-Sep 1916 age 34.  
JENKINGThomas12-Mar1856Churchyard-Anna (wife) 07-May 1912 in 89th year. OLVER, Eliz Ann wife of W.H. died Truro 30-May 1899 age 45.  
JENKINSJonas05-Feb1895Churchyard-Jane (wife) 21-Dec 1892 age 81.  
JENKINSLily Laura25-Sep1938Churchyard-Wife of Joseph Peters.  
JENKINSMary Jane12-Jul1926Churchyard-Wife of Charles. Charles 16-Oct 1937 age 84.  
JENKINSWilliam H.17-Jan1902Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Margaret (wife) 20-Mar 1904 age 62. William Henry (son) 09-Nov 1882 age 16. Mabel (dau) 15-Jul 1937 age 61.
(photo courtesy of Tim Knight)
William H Jenkins
JOHNArthur31-Mar1905Churchyard-1st husbd. of Edith Louisa. LEUTY, Henry John (2nd husbd.) 0-8-Dec 1931 age 58.  
JOHNSStephen01-Sep1905Churchyard-of Portscatho  
JONESThomas20-Sep1829Churchyard-Eliz (wife) 07-Aug 1883 age 81  
JORDANThomas12-Jan1846Churchyard-Catherine (wife) 30-Nov 1842 age 62  
JULIFFLouie Grace27-Aug1912Churchyard-Wife of Sidney, dau of J & E BUDDLE  
KELLIELaurence20-Aug1932Churchyard-Singer & Composer. Leslie (son) Killed in action 1917. Esmond (son) Killed in action 1915  
KELLYNathaniel14-Feb1869Churchyard-Eliz.(wife) 30-Jul 1902 age 81. Gustavus C. 01-Jan 1874 age 22. Laurenza Grace Born 1859 died 02-Dec 1904  
KENDELLAnnie----See TIDDY James Oxenberry  
KENDELLWilliam10-Mar1899Churchyard-Jane (wife) 04-Feb 1912 age 79  
KENDELLWilliam Williams19-Jan1901Churchyard-Son of John & Mary of St. Mawes. John (Father) 29-Sep 1909 age 77.  
KENNERLEYJoseph Charles14-Feb1905Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Frances Ann (wife) 09-Jan 1905 age 78  
KNEESarah01-Jul1808Churchyard-Wife of Andrew  
LANCASTERJudith Carolyn27-Oct2003 Churchyard In loving memory of Judith Carolyn Lancaster née McMichael died 27th October 2003 aged 63 years
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Judith Carolyn Lancaster
LANEEliza Anna14-Jun1883Churchyard-Wife of William of Newport, Mon. Born at Nowers, Wellington, Somerset, died Falmouth.  
LASKEYJohn04-Nov1790Churchyard-Mary (wife) 00-May 1803 age 71  
LEANRichard23-Nov1782Churchyard-Of St. Mawes. Eliz (wife) 27-Sep 1802 age 72. James (son) Capt. 25-Dec 1802 in 46th yr.  
LEUTYHenry John----See JOHN, Arthur  
LEWELLINPaddy08-Mar1935Churchyard-Comdr. P & O Co.  
LIBBYJoseph16-Mar1829Churchyard-Ann 07-Aug 1843 - 67  
LIBBYRichard28-Oct1839Churchyard-Ann (wife) dates ?  
LIBBYSamuel28-Jan1876Churchyard-Comdr. R.N. Eliza (wife) 25-Jul 1902 age 96. Emma (2nd dau) 17-Jan 1855 age 16.  
LIBBYSusanna--Churchyard-See SARGEANT, Susanna  
LOCKEGeorge Henry13-Aug1845Churchyard-Son of William  
LOVICKAlfred Lloyd05-Oct1930Churchyard--  
LOWERJoseph-1832Churchyard-Son of Arthur & Eliz.  
LOWERJoseph24-Mar1912Churchyard-Matilda J. (wife) 15-Apr 1931 age 73.  
LOWERMargaret13-May1927Churchyard-Wife of Joseph  
LOWMANAnnie--Churchyard-See SYMES, Walter Raymond  
LOWRYAda Maud28-Feb1882Churchyard-dau of W.G. & S.A.  
LOWRYAdelaide Frances11-Jun1857Churchyard-dau of Francis & Margaret  
LOWRYFrancis10-Sep1872Churchyard-Margaret (wife) 29-Oct 1876 age 53.  
LOWRYMargaret13-Apr1859Churchyard-of St. Mawes.  
LOWRYSamuel03-Apr1865Churchyard-of St. Mawes.  
LOWRYSarah15-Sep1818Churchyard-Wife of Frank. Frank (son) Inf. Sarah (dau) Inf.  
LOWTHERWilliam02-Mar1812Churchyard-husbd. of Thomasin, leaving widow & six children  
MACKENZIEJ.23-Aug1915Churchyard-Seaman R.N.R.  
MARKThomas14-Mar1838Churchyard-of Polruan Nr. Fowey  
MARTINErnest Alexander02-Jan1928Churchyard-Comdr. R.N.  
MARTINEthel30-May1896Churchyard-Dau of R.W. & M.A. M.A. 09-Aug 1907 age 47.  
MAYHarry08-Mar1937Churchyard-Master Mariner. Husbd. of Betsy  
MEYRICKFlorence--Churchyard-See GREEN, Charles  
MEYRICKSarah16-Mar1893Churchyard-Wife of John of St. Mawes. Rhoda Mary dau. of Frederick ANDREW died 27-Aug 1895 age 43  
MICHELLAgnes Maud--Churchyard-See ISABELL, Agnes Maud  
MICHELLJ.21-Mar1917Churchyard-Private. D.C.L. Infy.  
MICHELLJohn N. 23-Nov1857Churchyard-of Nanshut Hall. Eliz (wife) died Portscatho 10-Mar 1897 age 68. John N.J. (son) died 11-Oct 1863 age 5.  
MICHELLJohn Thomas05-Jan1933Churchyard-Eliza Ann (wife) 27-Mar 1932 age 86. Mary Selina (dau) Nov 1910 age 33  
MICHELLJoseph08-Dec1914Churchyard-Susan (wife) May 1928 age 93.  
MICHELLMary D.-1890Churchyard-Percival J. Born 1889 Died 1890  
MICHELLRalph28-Feb1896Churchyard-Mary (wife) of Nanshut Hall 08-May 1882 age 58. Eliza Maria (dau) age 17.  
MITCHELLRobert21-Feb1872Churchyard-of Trethem. Eliza (sis) wife of Richard PASCOE 30-Mar 1875 age 22  
MOSSSarah Ann03-Sep1939Churchyard-Wife of Ernest W. of Falmouth  
MURRAYWilliam Berkeley26-May1932Churchyard-M.R.C.S.  
NANCARROWJohn14-Oct1921Churchyard-Mary (wife) 22-Jun 1861 age 29. Marion Peters (dau) Born 1857 died 14-Oct 1899  
NANCARROWWilliam16-Apr1838Churchyard-Grace (wife) 27-Dec 1875 age 64. Catherine (dau) 22-Sep 1838 Inf.  
NANCARROWWilliam01-Apr1850Churchyard-Ann (wife) 24-Aug 1880 age 91. Ann (dau) 21-Apr 1919 age 90.  
NAPIERPleasance Robina27-Feb1930Churchyard--  
NAPTONThomas26-Jan1843Churchyard-of St. Mawes  
NAPTONWilliam05-Jun1837Churchyard-Dorothy (wife) 01-Nov 1830 age 72.  
NAPTON---Churchyard-Daughters of William & Dorothy of St. Mawes. Ann 18-Dec 1868 age 79. Eliz 08-May 1870 age 70. 16-Oct 1880 78?  
NICHOLLSRichard30-Jan1865Churchyard-Mary (wife) 28-Oct 1891 in 94th yr.  
NICOLJohn Terrill06-Aug1931Churchyard--  
NORTONFrederick Laplalla20-May1829Churchyard-2nd son of James Armiger  
NORWAYArthur01?-Oct1827Churchyard-Eldest son of John Arthur Armiger  
O'BRIENKatherine Frances Clausen-1936Churchyard--  
ODGERSNicholas22-Apr1915Churchyard-Eliz Jane (wife) 14-Feb 1922 age 69. Nicholas (son) Killed in H.M.S. "Cressy" 22-Sep 1914 age 35  
OLVEREliz. Ann--Churchyard-See JENKING, Thomas  
OSBURNFrancis William03-Aug1923Churchyard-Paymaster R.N.  
PADDYCatherine H.26-Sep1900ChurchyardBy son Richard H.Wife of William  
PADDYGeorge04-May1824Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Mary (wife) Dates hidden  
PADDYJoseph23-Aug1862Churchyard-Jane (wife) 17-Jan 1864 age 33.  
PADDYRichard07-Oct1917Churchyard-Ann 12-Jan 1906 age 77. Mary (dau) wife of Wybert SANDOE 05-Jan 1918 AGE 54  
PADDYRichard Harris16-Dec1927Churchyard--  
PADDYWilliam29-Jan1888Churchyard-John Harris (son) gunner R.A. Bur. Colombo 09-May 1875 age 20. William (son) 09-Mar 1864 age 4. Catherine (dau) 09-Mar 1864 age 2.  
PALMERFrances May19-May1928Churchyard--  
PASCOMaria Thomas27-Aug1911Churchyard-Wife of Frederick A.  
PASCOMary--Churchyard-See WILLIAMS, John  
PASCOMatthew23-Nov1891Churchyard-Emma (wife) 01-Sep 1904 age 82. Eliz 27-Mar 1856 age 10. Matthew 06-Nov 1871 age 22. Andrew Hocking 04-Jan 1873 - 19.  
PASCORhoda Jago07-Apr1929Churchyard--  
PASCOSarah Ann30-Nov1936Churchyard-Wife of Alfred  
PASCOWilliam25-Nov1915Churchyard-Shipwright. Bessie Jane (wife) 22-Aug 1925 age 72.  
PASCOEAgnes Winifred11-Oct1936Churchyard--  
PASCOEEliza--Churchyard-See MITCHELL, Robert  
PASCOEGrace26-Apr1863Churchyard-Ursula 26-Feb 1868 age 72.  
PASCOEJames E.04-May1884Churchyard-Eliz. (wife) 24-May 1917 age 69.  
PASCOEJohn15-Jul1891Churchyard-Mary (wife) Born 1811 died 28-Nov 1903. Ursula Jago (dau) Born 11-Oct 1926 age 84.  
PASCOEJohn Lowry26-Nov1938Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Eliz (eldest dau) 02-Aug 1891 age 3.  
PASCOEMabel01-Mar1919Churchyard-Dau of R. & J. Richard (bro) 19-Dec 1887 Inf.  
PASCOENicholas James13-Jan1927Churchyard-Died Philleigh. Eliz H. (wife) 23-Jul 1930.  
PASCOERichard13-May1922Churchyard-of Trethem. Jane 13-May 1922 age 72  
PASCOERichard--Churchyard-See MITCHELL, Robert  
PASCOESolomon05-Apr1887Churchyard-Mary (wife) 17-Feb 1853 age 42. Emma (dau) 1853. Inf.  
PASCOEWilliam James26-Oct1939Churchyard--  
PETERSNicholas James12-Apr1838Churchyard--  
PETERSWilliam27-Sep1879Churchyard-Mary (wife) 05-Apr 1893 age 86. Rhoda (dau) 05-Dec 1910 age 65. Eliz (3rd dau_ 30-Dec 1920 age 84.  
POLLARDReginald Nelson04-Dec1938Churchyard--  
POMERYErnest Augustine24-Jun1935Churchyard--  
POMERYNorman Cecil03-Apr1910Churchyard-2nd son of Ernest & Louise of Commerans.  
PRESANTThomas18-Apr1885Churchyard-Lt. Col.  
PRESTONAlfred EleyFeb?1908Churchyard-MICE. "Fanny Bennett (wife) 01-Sep 1933 age 83. Frank Mathew (son) AMICE died Vancouver 1932 age 52. Richard Amyas RAMC (son) died France 1918 age 26.  
QUICKHarriet Dunn27-May1822Churchyard-dau of James & Harriet. John (bro) 03-Nov 1929 age 1.  
QUINTRELLMary Binney10-Sep1855Churchyard-Wife of W.I. & dau of Humphry HICKES  
RAVENEdward27-Jun1905Churchyard-Pastor, St. Mawes  
READERGeorge02-Jan1873Churchyard-Harriet Jane (dau) 30-Sep 1863 age 2.  
READERGeorge20-Apr1879Churchyard-Died Falmouth  
RICEHugh16-Nov1848Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Selina Grace (wife) 17-Jun 1854 age 32  
RICEHugh20-Apr1851Churchyard-of St. Mawes  
RICENicholas22-Sep1817Churchyard-Ann (wife) 15-Dec 1829 Age 81.  
RICENicholas08-Dec1819Churchyard-Nicholas (2nd son) 09-Jul 1842 age 22.  
RICE---Churchyard-Daus. of John & Thomasin. Agnes died 16-Feb 1752 age 1. Ann 08-Apr 1752 age 2.  
RICHARDSErnest Caldwell29-Apr1928Churchyard--  
RICHARDSWilliam Real10-Aug1842Churchyard--  
RICKARDThomas18-Sep1825Churchyard-Son of Thomas & Margaret Bawden. Henry Eva son of same 23-Oct 1825 Inf.  
RICKEARDEmily Jane19-Sep1879Churchyard-2nd dau of Faithfull of Trethem. William Son of William & Emily of Buckhurst Hill. Feb 1889 age 20. Burd. Chingford, Essex Cemetery  
RICKEARDFrederick13-Sep1844Churchyard-Son of John & Jenefer. Alfred (bro) 17-Jan 1845 age 3. Eliz Ann (only sis) 07-Jun 1851 age 19.  
RICKEARDJames Wakem19-Aug1884Churchyard-Died Messock. Mary (wife) 02-Jan 1927 age 86. James Wakem (son) 15-Jun 1868. Inf. Kate 17-Jun 1870 age 1. Eliz 07-Dec 1882 age 3.  
RICKEARDJohn11-Jun1853Churchyard-Son of John & Jennifer. Died London. Faithfull Britchford (bro) 11-Dec 1861 age 31.  
RICKEARDWilliam21-Nov1869Churchyard-Charles (son) 1839 age 2. Jane (wife) 07-Mar 1873 age 62.  
RICKEARDWilliam30-Jun1913Churchyard-Emily (wife) 02-Mar 1896 age 67.  
ROBERTSHelen Courtenay13-Aug1937Churchyard--  
ROBERTSJohn16-Apr1803Churchyard-Jane (wife) 30-Oct 1784 age 35. Grace (dau) 04-Jun 1793 age 19. John (son) 30-Oct 1807 age 30. Martin R.N. died Portscatho Oct 1890 age 79  
ROBERTSMartin03-Oct1761Churchyard-Son of Martin & Grace.  
ROBERTSRobert27-Aug1843Churchyard-Prudence Secomb (wife) 04-Nov 1869 age 92. Richard Symons (son) 06-Feb 1814. Inf.  
ROBERTSWilliam19-Mar1908Churchyard-Martha J.(wife) 05-Apr 1904 age 62.  
ROBERTSONGeorge15-May1926Churchyard-Revd. Born Huntly, Aberdeenshire  
ROBINSONTemple Augustus14-Jun1939Churchyard--  
ROUTHRosalind Harriet11-Oct1927Churchyard--  
ROWEEliz Ann17-Mar1910Churchyard--  
SANDOEMary--Churchyard-See PADDY, Richard  
SARGANTSusanna24-Apr1810Churchyard-Wife of John dau. of Henry & Eliz LIBBY  
SAWLEBeatrice Sheba06-Feb1982 Churchyard-In loving memory of Beatrice Sheba Sawle daughter of John & Mary Jane who died February 6th 1982 aged 94 years Beatrice Sheba Sawle
SAWLECharles Frederick20-Apr1922 Churchyard-see John Sawle 1922 
SAWLEFrancis J. 1956Churchyard -In loving memory of Francis J. Sawle 1881-1956.
Rosa M. Sawle 1886-1978.
Frank Sawle (son) 1916-1977
Francis J Sawle
SAWLEFrank    see Francis J. Sawle 1956 
SAWLEJ.H.12-Jan1900Churchyard-Capt. died St. Mawes. Margaret (wife) died Truro 30-Oct 1933 age 86  
SAWLEJohn04-Apr1862Churchyard- In loving memory of John Sawle who died April 4th 1862 aged 56 years
Also of Louisa beloved wife of the above who died Feb 13th 1897 aged 73 years. For so He giveth His beloved sleep
John Sawle
SAWLEJohn09-Nov1922Churchyard- In loving memory of John Sawle who died Nov 9th 1922 aged 75 years.
Also Mary Jane his wife who died Feb 25th 1932 aged 84 years
Also of Charles Frederick their son who died in S. Africa April 20th 1922 aged 37 years
John Sawle
SAWLELouisa13 feb1897Churchyard -see John Sawle 1862 
SAWLEMary Jane25-Feb1932Churchyard -see John Sawle 1922 
SAWLERosa M.     see Francis J. Sawle 1956 
SAWLEWilliam16-Aug1891Churchyard-Eliz (wife) 12-Dec 1896 age 87. Nicholas Thomas (son) 13-Aug 1854 age 20. William (son) 24-Mar 1866 age 33.  
SCANTLEBURYJohn Bartley02-Mar1913Churchyard-Susan (wife) 30-May 1910 age 75.  
SCOBLEThomas01-Feb1853Churchyard-Jenifer (wife) 08-Mar 1859 age 70.  
SCOTTJames J.28-Nov1937Churchyard-Louisa Charlotte (wife) 24-Sep 1921 age 55  
SHARPPatrick Duart08-Oct1940Churchyard-R.A.F. Eldest son of Helen Macvey ROSE. Killed in action  
SHARROCKMatilda--Churchyard-See JENKING, Matilda  
SHEWENGeorgina Sophia06-Mar1897Churchyard-Widow of Col. E.T.H. Royal Marines  
SHRIMPTONEliz19-Dec1916Churchyard-Wife of Revd. S.  
SIMONDSElsie Marian01-Mar1927Churchyard--  
SKINNERGladys G.29-Sep1973   see Charles Hooper Greet 1945 
SLOSSMoses Charles Blamey30-Dec1875Churchyard-grandson of Richard & Fanny TIDDY  
SNOWWilliam----See HANCOCK, Lina  
SPRAKEDavid12-May1898Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Charlotte (wife) 18-Aug 1929 age 83.  
SPRYRichard----See DAVEY, George  
STANTONWilliam11-Mar1823Churchyard-Eliz (wife) 05-Aug 1836 age 62.  
STEPGeorge James07-Jun1859Churchyard-Son of Horatio & Hannah  
STEPHoratio07-Mar1907Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Hannah (wife) 14-Apr 1914 age 92  
STEPHoratio F.J.20-Jul1897Churchyard-Louisa (wife) 08-Jun 1917 age 54. Horatio Francis. Sergt. 16th London Regt. Killed 14-Apr 1917 age 24.  
STEPHENSCharlotte11-Jun1935Churchyard-Howard Allen (son) Born 02-Nov 1883 died 02-Nov 1937  
STEPHENSEliza Jane02-Sep1939Churchyard-Wife of Henry.  
STEPHENSONPhillipa Sarah Bye20-May1929Churchyard-Wid. of Robert M.A. of Southport. Died St. Mawes.  
SYMESWalter Raymond19-Sep1872Churchyard-2nd son of Revd. Charles of St. Mawes. COLLINS, Annie wife of R. died St. Mawes 10-Dec 1878 age 26. Annie Lowman (dau) died 16-Dec 1878. Inf.  
SYMONSMary01-Apr1892Churchyard-2nd dau of Robert & Ursula BLAKE of St. Mawes. BLAKE, Ann (sis) Born 1828 died 13-Nov 1858. HATCHER, Emily (niece) 15-Aug 1863 age 7.  
TAUNTONGeorge Edwin10-Sep1894Churchyard--  
THEODOREHarry16-Jan1919Churchyard-Mary Eliz (wife) 06-Mar 1919 age 65.  
THOMASArthur Inkerman01-Oct1936Churchyard-Master Mariner  
THOMASEdward Roberts07-Feb1904Churchyard-Son of Edward & Frances. Hedley Francis (bro). Entered Philadelphia U.S.A. Died 19-Nov 1910 age 26.  
THOMASJohn04-Apr1704Churchyard-Son of Nicholas & mary (dau of Thomas COOK) of Tredrin  
THOMASMaria01-Nov1864Churchyard-Wife of John of Gorran. BERSLEY, Margaret (dau). 02-Aug 1856 age 24.  
THOMASMaryJul?1698--Wife of Joshua of Nanshutell & dau. of Andrew FRIND of Holbeton, Devon  
TIDDYJames Oxemberry16-Aug1898Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Mary Ann (wife) 15-Sep 1887 age 67. Minnie (dau) 21-Aug 1857 age 3. Eliz B. (dau) died Wallaroo, Australia 16-Sep 1880 age 32. Matthew Thomas died Adelaide 20-Dec 1893 age 42. Annie (dau) wife of Capt.J. KENDELL 29-Dec 1907 age 47.  
TIDDYJohn11-Mar1853Churchyard-Ann (wife) 06-Apr 1853 age 66.  
TIDDYJohn23-Mar1854Churchyard-of London. Burd. Norwood Cemtry. Louisa (wife) 25-Mar 1856 age 36. Josiah Nicholls (son) 1854 age 2.  
TIDDYMargaret Ann30-Jul1855Churchyard-Wife of James. Margaret Ann (dau) 1855 Inf.  
TIDDYMary H.03-Sep1863Churchyard-Charlotte (sis) 26-Oct 1872 age 32.  
TIDDYMatthew22-Aug1820Churchyard-Bathsheba (wife) 08-Jan 1831 age 51.  
TIDDYRichard--Churchyard-See SLOSS Moses Chas Blamey  
TIDDYRichard Couch30-Jul1904Churchyard-Frances (wife) died St. Mawes 22-Mar 1892 age 75.  
TIDDYRichard Couch27-Mar1923Churchyard--  
TIDDYRichard Couch21-Feb1924Churchyard--  
TIDDYWilliam James18-Jun1935Churchyard--  
TIDDY---Churchyard-Children of John & Ann. John 1816 age 5. William 1816 age 2. Emma Inf. Matthew 1883 age 16. Mary Nennis 1883 age 11.  
TIDDY---Churchyard-Daus of William & Ann. Rachel died 1829 age 18. Eliz. 1817 age 1/. Rachel dau of Richard & Frances. Dates hidden.  
TOMSWilliam01-Dec1901Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Jane Helen (wife) 07-Apr 1908 age 79.  
TRESIDDEREliza Ann21-Jul1910Churchyard-Dau of James & Ann, died St. Mawes  
TREVARTHENJoanna18-May1835Churchyard-Died Parsonage  
TREVARTONRichard17-May1918Churchyard-Died Didworthy. Son of W.J. & A.  
TUCKERArthur Gavid07-Jul1853Churchyard-Jane (wife) 13-Sep 1864 age 72. John (son) 19-May 1843 age 29. Ann Laurance 11-Feb 1843 - 13. Lavinia 1864 age 26.  
TUCKEREzekiel Gavid17-Mar1889Churchyard-Died St. Mawes. Anna Maria (wife) 18-Mar 1897 age 86.  
TUCKERJohn06-Aug1867Churchyard-of Liskeard. Excise Officer. Died St. Mawes.  
TUCKERMary Ann Durham27-Jul1842Churchyard-Dau of John & Mary of Liskeard.  
TUCKERWilliam H.S.05-Mar1869Churchyard--  
TUCKER---Churchyard-Sons of last. John Arthur 04-Jun 1863 age 43. Ezekiel Gavid 23-Aug 1863 age 9.  
VERCOESamuel28-Apr1828Churchyard-Son of Philip & Jane.  
VINCENTE.J.06-Jan1860Churchyard-2nd dau of William of Salcombe, Devon.  
VINCENTEdmund Charles-1936Churchyard-husbd. of Mary of Penryn. Bennet died 17-May 1859 age 25.  
VINCENTHenry21-Jun1849Churchyard-Phillippa (wife) 15-Dec 1852 age 84.  
VINCENTJames21-Nov1930Churchyard-Eliza Ann (wife) 27-Aug 1936 age 66.  
VINCENTJohn28-Mar1917Churchyard-Sexton. Agnes (1st wife) 20-May 1910 age 77. Betsy (2nd wife) 15-Feb 1912 age 71. Ann (dau) Wife of ---- WEBB. 09-Dec 1931 age 66.  
VINCENTJohn Charles20-Apr1940Churchyard-Lilla (wife) 12-Oct 1918 age 48.  
VINCENTMary08-Jul1849Churchyard-Wife of John  
VINCENTNicholas08-Oct1879Churchyard-Harriet (wife) 21-Apr 1867 age 37. Eliz 03-Jun 1849 age 18. Ellen 14-Dec 1849 age 3. Mathew Henry 1850 age 1. Matilda 1856 age 14.Philippa 1858 age 23. Fanny Marian 1860 age 6. Harriet Jane 1865 age 35. Ophelia 1879 - 34.  
VINCENTNicholas16-Mar1931Churchyard-Matilda Jenking (wife) 06-Jun 1927 age 77.  
VINCENTSamuel James30-Sep1920Churchyard-Clarinda (wife) 02-Mar 1939 age 95. Albert (son) 05-Jun 1882.  
VINCENTThomas31-Dec1931Churchyard-husbd. of Amy.  
VINCENTWilliam14-Mar1843Churchyard-Margaret (wife) dates buried.  
VINCENTWilliam05-Feb1914Churchyard-Mary Ann (wife) 16-Jan 1903 age 78.  
VINCENT---Churchyard-Sons of Josept J & O. Albert E. died 24-Sep 1880 AGE 18. Nicholas 28-Apr 1881 age 24. Francis D. 25-Jun 1887 - 32.  
WAKEMNancy03-Jun1816Churchyard-dau of James & Jenefer. Nancy (sis) 25?-Dec age 10.  
WALLACEJohn Thompson24-Apr1930Churchyard-M.B. of Bristol. Late St. Mawes  
WARDRichard17-Dec1842Churchyard-Jenifer (wife) 23-Dec 1846 age 80  
WARDEHannah17-Dec1842Churchyard-Wife of Robert  
WATERMANEliz Margaret04-Sep1932Churchyard--  
WATTSFrederick Charles01-Oct1931Churchyard-Hannah Maria (wife) 13-Dec 1925 age 78. Beatrice (dau)1886 age 5. Eliz (dau) 1886 age 2. Ethel (dau) 1885 age 16. Reginald (son) 1931 age 44?  
WEBBAnn--Churchyard-See VINCENT Agnes  
WEBBHenry02-Aug1854Churchyard-Died at sea.  
WEBBERAnn25-Mar1848Churchyard-Emma (dau) 1848. Inf.  
WEBBERJohn13-Sep1925Churchyard-Mary Jane (wife) 20-Mar 1935 age 100. Douglas J. (son) 21-Aug 1900 age 19. BORLASE Jessie E. 24-Aug 1906 age 31  
WEBBERWilliam26-Nov1826Churchyard-Son of James & Jane Douglas. Wm. John Augustus 1833 age 1.  
WEIGALLTheyre Hamilton----See HARDEN, Henry Douglas  
WEIGELLTheyre Hamilton07-Mar1935Churchyard--  
WHISTONEliz19-Apr1777Churchyard-dau of Lieut. John & Eliz.  
WILLIAMSHenry03-Aug1914Churchyard-of Trewollack.  
WILLIAMSJames19-Apr1879Churchyard-Eliza Jane (wife)01-Apr 1912 age 73. HAWKE Emma (grandmother) 02-Feb 1902 age 86.  
WILLIAMSJames Sidney21-Feb1940Churchyard--  
WILLIAMSJohn09-Jan1757Churchyard-of Gerrans. Armgr. PASCO Mary dau of Walter & Modlin 30-Jul 1757 age 11. Arms a hound ? courant between 3 ravens? (WILLIAMS) impaled with 3 triradiate arms flexed at the elbows conjoined at the shoulder (TREMAYNE of Helligan, Cornwall  
WILLIAMSMother"05-Mar1920Churchyard-died Trewollack  
WILSONEthel Margaret26-Sep1929Churchyard-Wife of Henry Francis of Broughton House, Preston, Lancs. Died Falmouth.  

Bill O'Reilly 2009

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