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St Just in Roseland Memorial Inscriptions

Bill O'Reilly 2009

This page consist of memorial inscriptions with photos that have been submitted by St Just in Roseland researchers. I'm hoping that over time it will become a useful resource. If you have any photos of memorial tablets then please send them to me alsong with a transcription of the inscription.

SurnameForenamedd_mmmYearLocation of InscriptionErrected byOther Details Image
COLLINSEdward C26-Dec 1929  see Elizabeth J T COLLINS 1925  
COLLINSElizabeth J T21-Apr1925Churchyard-In Loving Memory of Elizabeth J T Collins, died 21st April 1925 aged 52 years. Also of her husband Edward C Collins, died 26th Dec 1929 aged 64 years.
Gone but not forgotten
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edward Collins
DANDYBeatrice M09-Apr 1976  see Charles William DANDY 1961  
DANDYCharles William02-Apr 1961
Churchyard-In loving memory of Charles William Dandy died 2nd April 1961.
Also Beatrice M Dandy (nee Hicks) died 9th April 1976.
Parted and joined in death
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Charles William Dandy
EMMETTAnnie Amelia22-Aug1969 Churchyard-In loving memory of Annie Amelia Emmett died Aug 22nd 1969 aged 75 years Annie Amelia Emmett
EMMETTJoseph04-Jul1929Churchyard- In loving remembrance of Joseph Emmett who died July 4th 1929 aged 33 years - Rest in Peace.
Their son Lawrence Emmett died 21st January 2006 aged 80 years.
Joseph Emmett
EMMETTLawrence21-Jan2006    see Joseph EMMETT 1929 
EMMETTPhyllis02-Aug1930Churchyard- In loving memory of Phyllis beloved wife of Samuel Emmett who died Aug.2.1930 aged 51 years. Resting.
Also Samuel David, husband of the above died Sept.25.1951 aged 83 years. Re-united.
Phyllis Emmett
EMMETTSamuel David25-Sep 1951   see Phyllis EMMETT 1930 
GREETCharles Hooper23-Jan1945 Churchyard-In loving memory of Charles Hooper Greet late Trinity House Pilot died Jan 23rd 1945 in his 88th year.
Louisa Jane Green Greet beloved wife of Charles Hooper died Dec 20th 1960 in her 85th year.
And their daughter Gladys G. Skinner died in London on September 29th 1973 aged 66 years.
Charles Hooper Greet
GREETLouisa Jane Green20-Dec 1960  see Charles Hooper Greet 1945  
HICKSBeatrice M13-Oct 1957Churchyard-Beatrice M Hicks, dearly beloved wife of Edwin G Hicks. Entered into rest Oct 13th 1957 aged 78 years.
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
Edwin Gaved Hicks, died April 25th 1963. Aged 84 years.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Beatrice Hicks
HICKSEdwin28-May 1938  see Elizabeth Jane HICKS 1938  
HICKSEdwin Gaved25-Apr 1963  see Beatrice M HICKS 1957  
HICKSEdwin Walter G.
23-Apr 1953Churchyard In Loving Memory of Edwin Walter G. Hicks beloved husband of Cecilia Olive died April 23rd 1953 aged 49 years.
So bury me by some sweet garden side.
Also Olive his wife died August 29th 1976 aged 66 years
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edwin Walter G Hicks
HICKSElizabeth     see William John HICKS 1865  
HICKSElizabeth Jane25-May1938Churchyard-Elizabeth Jane Hicks died 25th May 1938 aged 90 years. Edwin Hicks died 28th May 1938 aged 92 years.
At Rest
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Edwin Hicks
HICKSJohn     see William John HICKS 1865  
HICKSJosepha05-Jun1829Churchard-Sacred to the memory of Joseph Hicks daughter of Richard and Priscilla Hicks who died June the 5th 1829 aged 9 years. Also of Thomas Hicks son of the above. Died August 12th 1829 aged 4.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Josepha Hicks
HICKSLewis23-Jul1871   see William John HICKS 1865  
HICKSMary26-Dec1837Churchyard-Wife of John Hicks
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Mary Hicks
HICKSOlive29-Aug1976    see Edwin Walter G HICKS 1953  
HICKSThomas12-Aug1829    see Josepha HICKS 1829  
HICKSWilliam John20-Jun1865
Churchyard- William John Hicks aged 22, Lewis aged 17, Sons of John & Eliz. Hicks.
John Hicks age 58 & Elizabeth age 86.
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Lewis Hicks
JAMESJames22-Oct1896Tablet S. wall of S. aisle-died Espartillar. Catherine Pope (wife) died Espartillar Chico Nr. Buenos Ayres 09-Jan 1892 age 5. Frances Eliz (dau) 28-Feb 1892 age 25. Alice Catherine (dau) 04-Aug 1892 age 24. Frederick William (son) 18-Mar 1899 age 36. Spargo Mountstephen James (photo courtesy of Cathy Murray) James James
JENKINSWilliam H.17-Jan1902Churchyard-of St. Mawes. Margaret (wife) 20-Mar 1904 age 62. William Henry (son) 09-Nov 1882 age 16. Mabel (dau) 15-Jul 1937 age 61.
(photo courtesy of Tim Knight)
William H Jenkins
LANCASTERJudith Carolyn27-Oct2003 Churchyard In loving memory of Judith Carolyn Lancaster née McMichael died 27th October 2003 aged 63 years
(photo courtesy of John Hicks)
Judith Carolyn Lancaster
SAWLEBeatrice Sheba06-Feb1982 Churchyard-In loving memory of Beatrice Sheba Sawle daughter of John & Mary Jane who died February 6th 1982 aged 94 years Beatrice Sheba Sawle
SAWLEFrancis J. 1956Churchyard -In loving memory of Francis J. Sawle 1881-1956.
Rosa M. Sawle 1886-1978.
Frank Sawle (son) 1916-1977
Francis J Sawle
SAWLEFrank    see Francis J. Sawle 1956 
SAWLEJohn04-Apr1862Churchyard- In loving memory of John Sawle who died April 4th 1862 aged 56 years
Also of Louisa beloved wife of the above who died Feb 13th 1897 aged 73 years. For so He giveth His beloved sleep
John Sawle
SAWLEJohn09-Nov1922Churchyard- In loving memory of John Sawle who died Nov 9th 1922 aged 75 years.
Also Mary Jane his wife who died Feb 25th 1932 aged 84 years
Also of Charles Frederick their son who died in S. Africa April 20th 1922 aged 37 years
John Sawle
SAWLELouisa13 feb1897Churchyard -see John Sawle 1862 
SAWLEMary Jane25-Feb1932Churchyard -see John Sawle 1922 
SAWLERosa M.     see Francis J. Sawle 1956 
SKINNERGladys G.29-Sep1973   see Charles Hooper Greet 1945 

Bill O'Reilly 2009

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