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Census Records for St Just in Roseland

Cornwall is really well off when it comes to the availability of census transcriptions. This is mainly due to the work of the Cornwall Online Census Project (COCP) which has set out to transcribe and make freely available all the 19th century Cornwall census records. This is an international team of volunteers of which I am a member. The transcription project is complete and you can find out more about it at COCP.

The links to the transcriptions for St Just in Roseland are as follows:

Year Date Taken Piece Reference Browse Here Search Here
1841 7th June HO107/147 EDs 1 & 2 40147d.html#BK11 FreeCEN
1851 30th March HO107/1909 EDs 6a & 6b 51909c.html#ED6a
1861 7th April RG09/1553 EDs 4 & 5 61553.html#ED4
1871 2nd April RG10/2274 EDs 4 & 5 72274.html#ED4
1881 3rd April RG11/2307 EDs 4 & 5 82307.html#ED4
1891 5th April RG12/1827 ED's 4 & 5 1827.html#ED4
1901 31st March RG13/2217 EDs 4 & 5 my transcription  
1911 2nd April RG14/13814 EDs 3 & 4 my transcription  


Entry in St Just in Roseland Parish Register for Baptisms (1801)

A return made the 16th of April instant by the Overseers of this Parish in answer to questions proposed by an act passed last session of Parliament for ascertaining the Population of Great Britain.
First, the number of inhabited houses in the Parish, including the town of St Mawes169
Second; uninhabited houses010
Third; number of families321
Fourth; number of males626
Fifth; number of females790
Total Population (children included)1416
Of the above
persons chiefly employed in agriculture119
in trade manufacture & handicraft156
the remainder fishermen, pilots, women, children and of no particular description 1141

The above is inserted in this parish register by J. Pasmore Rector of the Parish (who thinks it may not be uninteresting to posterity) April 30th 1801. He also remarks that in this and the preceding bear all kinds of the necessities of life have been dear beyond all example in our times; wheat selling at three pounds the bushel (three Winchesters) and barley at thirty six shillings. Meat, butter & potatoes dear in proportion. JP


Bill O'Reilly 2009

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