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St Just in Roseland Hearth Tax 1664

© Bill O'Reilly 2009

This is a transcription of a transcription of the Hearth Tax returns for St Just in Roseland.

The hearth tax was introduced in England and Wales in 1662 to provide a regular source of income for the newly restored monarch, King Charles II. Parliament had accepted in 1662 that the King required an annual income of £1.2 million to run the country. Sometimes referred to as chimney money, the hearth tax was essentially a property tax on dwellings graded according to the number of their fireplaces. The 1662 Act introducing the tax stated that 'every dwelling and other House and Edifice …shall be chargeable ….for every firehearth and stove….the sum of twoe shillings by the yeare'. The money was to be paid in two equal instalments at Michaelmas (29 September) and Lady Day (25 March) by the occupier or, if the house was empty, by the owner. If you would like to know more about the Hearth Tax then take a look at

CollanBLUETT4 ex ye house void & Mr Cock & others owners
PeterLUKE2 ex ye house void & Wm HEGO owner
RichardPYLL1 ex
WilliamFENNY2 ex
ThomazenHENDY1 ex
AnneFRAZY2 ex
JohnVINCENT1 ex very poor not rated etc by r.o.p.
HenryCLARKE2 ex
JohnGIDLY8 ex ye house void & Humph THOMAS Owner
AmbroseCOCKE3 ex now John GIDDY
MichaelBOSKENN2 ex
JohnTHOMAS3 ex
JohnTHORNE2 ex
JaneHEWGOE1 ex
HughANDREW1 ex
NicholasPEARCE1 ex
RichardWILLOWES3 ex now Tho WINSTOW
JohnRISE2 ex
WalterCREGOE3 ex now Joan CREGOE
GraceJANE1 ret one short
MichaelVINCENT4 ex now Mich VOYSEY & Peter CUNDY
MartinROW1 ex
NicholasTHOMAS3 ret one short
NicholasGREETE1 ret one short
JohnHICKES4 ex
JohnELAND4 ex
DegoryBLAKE1 ex now Hen BLAKE
JaneVEASIE2 ex
JohnLUKE2 ex
AnneCOOKE4 ex
JohnHUGOE4 ex
HaniballRANDALL4 ex now Jn RUNDELL
WilliamJENNINS1 ex
StephenHICKES6 ex
NicholasJENKYN3 ex
ThomasCOOKE3 now Margery COOKE & stopt up one
HumphryTHOMAS2 ex
RichardDAVY2 ex
WalterCOLLENS1 ex
AnthonyPARROW1 ex
ElizabethSARAH1 ex
BestianJACKE3 ex
ThomasJACKE2 ex
GeorgeBLAMY1 ex now Eliz BLAMY
EdwardSHEFFELL5 now Jn DAY & ret 4 too many by mistake
NicholasHEUGOE4 ex
ThomasJAMES2 ret one short
EdwardJENNING2 (Hearths not mentioned in the previous returns)
RichardJENKYN1 (Hearths not mentioned in the previous returns)
EdwardSHETFEILD2 (Hearths not mentioned in the previous returns)

© Bill O'Reilly 2009

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