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1841 Census Images for Middlesex (original boundaries including London north of Thames) - CDs

1891 Census Images for Middlesex (Indexed by area for areas of high population) - CDs

1891 Census Images for Middlesex (partially street indexed) and London (fully street indexed) - CDs

Surname Index 1871 London Census Returns - Bethnal Green Registration District - Green sub-district (part 1) - census pieces RG10 481 to 485 (Book)

Surname Index 1871 London Census Returns - Shoreditch - Haggerstone West Sub-District (part 1) - census pieces RG10 461 to 467 (Book)

Surname Index 1871 London Census Returns - Pancras - Regents Park Sub-District (part 1) - census pieces RG10 199 to 203 (Book)

Post Office London Directory 1846 (June edition)

1851 Census of Glamorgan, Middlesex & London Strays

An Index of London Schools and their Records

London Middlesex and Surrey Workhouse Records (A Guide to their nature and location) by Cliff Webb

Genealogical Research in Victorian London by Cliff Webb - Book

St. Mary's Wanstead - Monumental Inscriptions

1851 Census of Glamorgan, Middlesex & London Strays

London Record Offices Libraries and Repositories (Map & Guide)

London Marriage Licences 1521 - 1869   (CD)

Muirhead's Short Guide to London 1947   (CD

Atlas & Guide of London 1908   (CD)

Owners of Land 1873   (Fiche)

London & North Middlesex FHS - Members' Interests 1990-1994   (Fiche)

1851 Census index - Bethnal Green   (Fiche)

1851 Census - Surname index - East & West Greenwich   (Fiche)

Clerkenwell settlement exams.- British. Isles. General index - Middlesex. 1997   (Fiche)

West Middx. FHS Members' Interests 1995 & 1998   (Fiche)

Westminster Poll Book 1749   (Fiche)

Woolwich District FHS Members' Interests 1997   (Fiche)

1851 Census - Holborn name Index Vol. X (H0107/1513-1515)   (Fiche)

1851 Census - Charing Cross   (Fiche)

1851 Census - Long Acre   (Fiche)

Middlesex/London 1851 Census Index   (Fiche)
Uxbridge, Stepney, Southwark, Kennington 1 & 2, Lambeth (Waterloo 1 & 2)

Middlesex./London 1891 Census Index   (Fiche)
Lambeth (Waterloo 1 & 2)

Burials   (Fiche)
City of London 1813-1853

Thames Riverside Parish Index   (Fiche)
Gravesend, Vol.4, 7 & 28
Putney, Vol. 24
Isleworth, Vol.36

Company of Watermen & Lightermen for River Thames   (Fiche)
"Bindings" Index 1742 - 1823
"Bindings" Index Contract Licences 1865-1926

1851 Census   (Film)
HO107 1467 (1-212) Paddington - Marylebone - St James

London and Middlesex - A Genealogical Bibliography (by Stuart A.Raymond) - Book

City of London Burials 1813 - 1853 (West Surrey FHS) - Fiche

Pigots Directory of Middlesex 1839 CD-ROM (Archive CD Books)

Memorials of Old Middlesex by J. Tavernor Perry 1909 CD-ROM (Archive CD Books)

Pigot's 1826 Directory of Middlesex and the Towns and Villages within 12 miles of London (CD)

Middlesex 1851 Post Office (Kelly's) Directory (CD)

London 1848 Post Office Directory (CD)

Six Home Counties 1851 Post Office Court & Trade Directory (CD)

London Royal Blue Book 1860 (CD)

1866 Middlesex Post Office Directory (CD)

1878 Middlesex Post Office (Kelly's) Directory (CD)

1890 Kelly's Middlesex Directory (CD)

1898 Middlesex Kelly's Directory (CD)

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex 1926 (CD)

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex 1933 (CD)

Aubrey's Directory of Middlesex 1931 (CD)

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex 1937 (CD)

Middlesex 1871 Census Registration Districts (CD)

Middlesex County Records - Sessions Books 1689-1709 (CD)

Middlesex County Records - III Edward VI to 1603 (CD)

A Calender to the Feet of Fines for London & Middlesex, Richard I- Elizabeth I

Lyson's. The Environs of London being a Historical Account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets within Twelve Miles of that Capital. (CD)

Middlesex: Little Guide (CD)

Highways and Byways in Middlesex (CD)

The Beauties of England & Wales - Middlesex (CD)

Phillimore's Marriages - Middlesex Parish Registers Full Set (CD)

St. Luke's Chelsea Registers (CD)

London Marriage Licences 1521-1869 (CD)

London Church Registers Compendium Set 1 (CD)

London Church Registers Compendium Set 2 (CD)

The London Diocese Book 1890 (CD)

The Registers of Kensington 1539-1675 (CD)

The Marriage Registers of St Mary le Bone, Middlesex and Oxford Chapel, Vere Street (CD)



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