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Huntingdonshire Facts
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  • Ancestors from Huntingdonshire

  • These pages are dedicated to various researcher's portraits of their ancestors who were born or lived in from Huntingdonshire. If you have a colourful character(s) that might fit why don't you send them in.

  • Huntingdonshire - Samuel Lewis 1831

    Details from Samuel Lewis Topographical Gazeetter 1831 of Huntingdonshire giving an overview of the area and links to other information

  • Genealogical & History Societies

  • Details of societies and historical organisations linked with Huntingdonshire.

  • Internet Links

  • The Internet contains a variety of information about Huntingdonshire. Links can be found here to various relevant pages.
  • Locations & Buildings

  • There are many buildings throughout Huntingdonshire with historic backgrounds. Huntingdon has its fair share and most of these are well known bcause of it large tourist trade, but what of the other towns and villages?
  • Mayors of Huntingdonshire 1902

  • Details of various mayors of Huntingdonshire towns in office during 1902. With the details of the persons in office are short synopsis of the town.
  • Oliver Cromwell

  • Oliver Cromwell must be the most famous son of Huntingdonshire. A short history of his life is given here.


  • Places in Huntingdonshire

  • A linked list of information about places within Huntingdonshire from various directories and books.


  • Professional Researchers

  • Once you have found a professional researcher then you normally stick by them. These researchers have all been recommended by various subscribers to the Rootsweb mailing list dealing with Huntingdonsire (
  • Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades

  • Definitions from A-Z of Ranks, Professions, Occupations or Trades that may ne encountered when researching your genealogy or local history.
  • Railways in Huntingdonshire

    A brief overview of the rise and fall of the railways in Huntingdonshire and the effect on brick-making.

  • Transcriptions

  • This section contains transcriptions of various types taken from varying sources. The index describes the various transcriptions and will lead you to them. If you have a transcription that you think belongs here then please contact me.
  • War Memorials/Rolls of Honour

  • Through out the centuries there have been memorials and rolls of honour for those killed in the the service of their country who were born or lived in Huntingdonshire. These men and women are remembered on various memorials/rolls throughout the county. These pages are the transciptions of various of these memorials/ rolls.
  • What is.....

    A series of brief definitions covering parishes, hundreds, parish registers, parish clerks. These cover frequently asked questions.

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