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While maintaining the GenWeb Huntingdonshire pages I am often asked about researchers for the area. With my links to the Cambridgeshire Family History Society I have come into contact with various researchers. The following researchers have been recommended to me but I cannot personally vouch for their work although I know them all personally as I have met with them in various record offices.


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Huntingdonshire Emigrants

For those of you researching Huntingdonshire Emigrants to the USA I received the following email which may or may not be useful. I cannot prove the authenticity of these details:

Mr. Martin Edwards
England GenWeb

Dear Martin:

I would like to be of assistance to anyone who would like original documents and material pertaining to their family members who immigrated to the United States. While engaging in genealogical research for individuals here in the U.S. and abroad, I realize what an asset it is to be located near the primary National Archive that has original information no other archives have in the U.S. - I have obtained documents and information about members of my family tree from U.S. Censuses, Passenger Ship Manifests, military records of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War, as well as a host of other primary sources at the National Archives, such as:

Documents & Records

  • U.S. Census, 1790-1920
  • Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (Federal)
  • Military Service Records, 1775-1903
  • Military Pensions, 1775-1916
  • Pension Application Files of Remarried Widows
  • Bounty Land Warrants for Revolutionary War Service
  • Bounty Land Warrants for War of 1812 Service, 1815-1858
  • Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914
  • Passenger & Immigration Ship Arrival Records, 1600s-1800's
  • Passenger Lists, 1820-1954 (Customs & Immigrations)
  • Passport Applications, 1791-1926
  • Land Records, 1800-1974 (in the public land states)
  • Indian Records
  • [Many More Categories]
  • Documents & Records, Civil War

  • Original Military Pension Records (Union only); compiled Service Records and Troop Movements (Union & Confederate - Field/Staff, Regimental, Unit levels);
  • Original Union Prison Records and Andersonville Records;
  • Lists of Soldiers Captured at Vicksburg.
  • [Many More Categories]
  • I can provide service to those who would like such information (photocopies of available original documents, records, or otherwise) at reasonable rates as I live in Washington, DC and have ready access to information in the U.S. National Archives, much of which is not available in county, state, or even regional national archives.

    There are no legal concerns about copyrighted material because the information in the National Archives is in the public domain for all the American people.

    After examining the many areas of resources available on my Webpage, could you be so kind as to put a link on your Webpage(s) to my Website at - ------ [Must have last slash]

    Thank you for any consideration you may give.

    Michael Anderson
    Independent Researcher

    Member - Military Order of the Stars and Bars (M.O.S.&B.)
    Member - Sons of Confederate Veterans (S.C.V.)
    Member - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (S.U.V.C.W.)
    B.A. - History; M.S.M.

    International Researcher List

    For those of you wishing to find more information about researchers worldwide there is a list called "International Researchers List" which is broken into two categories:

    1. Researchers (who charge for their services)

    2. Lookups (volunteers who work for free and are willing to lookup specific information)

    This site is maintained by Wendy Jones, the volunteer co-ordinator for Vancouver Island - part of BC GenWeb

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