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First day of   backup:          Floppy number    (first day of transcribing,)

Second day of   backup:     Floppy  number 2 ( second day of transcribing)

Third day of   backup:        Floppy  number 3   i.e.( third day of transcribing)

Then  back to the beginning , using them in rotation.

 i.e. use Floppy  number 1 for  say Thursday (or whatever day you are transcribing)

Use Floppy  number 2 for Friday  (or whatever day you are transcribing)

use Floppy  number 3 for Saturday etc  (or whatever day you are transcribing)

This is just in case you have a mishap, or PC failure for example..
You can then back up, to a choice of  3 days...
You close at the end of the day and back up on floppy.
The program will save it to your Hard drive as well.
The next time you go on you just open the program, and click on ' live'  and carry on  transcribing.
With luck you should  never need the back up.

And,  NO you can't change anything after you have saved the household, (that's down to  the checker)


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