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Occupation, Employer, Employee or Unemployed

There appears to be a small problem on INCENS when coming to input the data from the Census Transcription Fiche for columns 11, 12, 13, & 14

11 = Occupation

12 = Employer

13 = Employed

14 = Neither Employer or Employed.. i.e. Unemployed

When you TAB down to the Occupation Box when inputting your Data from the fiche to INCENS, 
you have a choice of typing in the occupation or you can press the Page Down button on your keyboard.
This will bring you up a list of Occupations, choose the one you want and click on OK.
You will now be back on the input page. Your cursor will be still in the occupation BOX  just after the occupation you have just chosen.
Without moving your CURSOR,  look on your fiche and see if there is a X in either column
12, 13, or 14.
If there is,  you need to enter it into INCENS.  To do this follow these  instructions.
Press the F key (or PF key at top of your keyboard)  corresponding to where the X is.
X  in  column 12 press  F6
X  in  column 13 press  F7
X  in  column 14 press  F8
This will insert the correct data.
Press the TAB key to continue.

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