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The Helpers site is just for that purpose,  to ask for Help  with your problem or to give HELP or assistance to someone else's problem.

The 'Chat' site is for just that 'To Chat'  in general about anything to do with the Project , or anything else you wish to share  for that matter.

If you are not yet on the HELPERS  site, please let me know.



A Spreadsheet version is available for Transcribing  as well as Incens, XP users please note you will have to use this as InCens will not operate under XP.

If you are OK with INCENS then stick with it......

If you have problems with Incens,  or you update your PC to WINDOWS XP please let me know and I will arrange the conversion of your INCENS file  into the Spreadsheet version. 

There is also a Spreadsheet help line on
If you are new to,  or unsure of how to use spreadsheets in Transcribing, then subscribe yourself to this site.
Remember the Spreadsheet Help Files link below covers several different spreadsheet packages, not just Excel.

Follow the link below and you will see an example of what the Spreadsheet Format looks like when DATA has been typed in from the Fiche/CD.

Useful Links

Spreadsheet Format Example

Excel and other excellent spreadsheet help files

Another excellent site to find out more about all the Census and the type of information collected is
Census Returns for England and Wales 1841 - 1901

Spreadsheet Tips for Newbies Please be patient as this takes a while to load - Acrobat 5.0 is best.

1891 hints


Rootsweb homepage

Sample Census File

Spreadsheet Help Files