‘Leicestershire Genealogical Resources’


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?? Thomas George


Allsopp Charles

Angrave Eliza & Woodcock Sarah

Angrave Brothers

Angrave James (of Rushy Fields)

Angrave Mary_1

Angrave Mary_2

Angrave Matthew

Angrave Thomas & Anna

Angrave & Simpson

Babb Elizabeth

Bampkin John

Bates James

Bates James & Elizabeth

Bates William

Benson Richard

Beston Elizabeth

Beston William

Beston Willliam & Elizabeth

Boley John

Beston Joseph

Bramley Joseph

Branson Family

Branson Henry

Breedon Elizth

Broadas Richard

Brookes Mary

Brown Ann

Brown George Sewell

Camm John Baldock

Campbell Annette Montgomery

Cawrey Edward Singleton

Cawrey Frs & Elizth

Cawrey Francis

Cawrey William

Church Notice Board

The Church Yard

Clipson William

Cook Family

Crompton Edward

Cross Catherine

Cross Sarah

Cunningham John

Dashwood Maria

Dawson Elizabeth Ann

Dexter John Ridgway

Dickman John

Dongworth William

Draper Ezra

Foster Willliam

Foulds Elizabeth

Fowler John


Gowers Leonard & Wainwright Lucy

Gray John


Green Joseph

Gutteridge John

Gutteridge Sarah

Hamilton Ann Josephine

Hardy Catherina

Hardy John

Hayward Rosa

Heanes Edward

Heanes Elizth

Heanes Mary

Heanes Thomas

Heich Edward


Henderson William

Hensman Betsy

Hensman John


Herrick John

Herrick Thomas Bainbrigge

Herton Samuel

Hickman Louisa & Ann Maria

Hind Henry

Holland Rebecca Louisa

Holwell Thomas

Hudson Elizabeth

Hull John

Hull Sarah


Huntsman Mary Gertrude

Hurst Alice

Johnson Owen

Johnston RT Greer

Judd Lucy

Kennedy James

Lawrence Richard

Leake Children

Leake Clarissa

Leake Joseph Chapman

Leake Thomas

Leake William & Clarissa

Lester Henry

Lester Thomas Hallam

Machin Arthur William

Machin Thomas

Maclean Family

MacVinish Alexander

MacVinish Hector Henry

Marshall Mary

Marshall Men

Massey Ann

Mavius Elizabeth Maria

Murray David

Neal Frederick Edwin

Neal Robert

Palmer Elizabeth

Parley William

Patchett Joseph

Patchitt Family

Peet Ellen

Pollard Elizabeth

Poulton Mary

Preston Ben

Preston Benjamin

Preston Benjamin & Anne

Preston Mary

Preston Stephen

Price Willliam

Read Joseph

Read Louisa

Riste Ann

Rossel Sophia

St George Martin Sir Robert Andrew

Sarson James Foster

Shephard Joseph

Shephard Thomas

Shepherd Joseph

Shepherd Joseph Jnr

Sibley James

Sibley Mary

Simons Charles

Smith  Abigail

Smith (Child of Ben & Elizth)

Smith Elizabeth

Smith Henry

Smith William

Soars Joseph


Squires Isaac

Squires John

Squires Robert

Stafford William

Stevenson Joseph

Taylor Elizabeth

Taylor Joseph

Thomas Elizabeth & Angrave George

Varnam Sarah

Wainwright Braeisby

Wainwright Edward

Wainwright Francis Edward

Wainwright Thomas

Wainwright William

War Memorial

Watkinso n George

Webster George

Wesley Thos

Whathall William

Wheeler Louisa

White Mary

White William

Whittle Elizabeth

Whittle Family

Whittle Sisters

Whittle William

Woodford Francis

Woodford John

Woodford John & Hannah

Woodford Joseph

Woodford Katherine & Jane

Woodford Thomas

Woodford Thomas & John

Woodford Wives

Woodforth James

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