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Headstone Photographs courtesy of Mick Foreman

Adcock Daniel and Mary

Adco ck Harri ott

Adcock Mary Ann and Ann

Adcock Pickard

Adcock Thomas and Eleanor

Allen Joseph Freema n

Allen Mary and Elizabeth

Allott William

Angrave Elliza and Sarah

Angrave John and Mary

Audinwoo d Elizabeth Botham

Barwell Edward and Ann


Beeso n




Bent Elizab eth

Berry Thomas

Bingley Betsey and Sarah

Bingley James and Jane

Bingley John

Black Thomas

Blunt/Fr eerson

Branston Emma


Brown Ann

Brown Sarah Ann and John Thomas


Bryan Thoma s


Bunney Stephen

Carnall Catherin e

Carnall Elizabet h

Carnall John

Carnall John

Carnall John

Carnall John and Elizabeth

Carnall John and Mary Ann

Carnall John

Carnall Sarah

Carnall Thomas and Mary

Carnall William (infant)

Carter/Rod gers

Carvell Thomas and Elizabet h

Carvell Thomas and Elizabeth

Carvell William

Chamberla in Daniel

Chamberl ain William

Chamberl ain Willliam

Charle sworth James

Charles worth Joseph and Jane

Charles worth Joseph

Charles worth Mary

Charles worth William Joseph

Charlesw orth William Joseph

Charleswo rth Windsor

St Mary's Church Front

St Mary's Church Side View

Clark Charles Henry

Clayton Sarah

Clements Henry


Cook Henry

Coope r Harriet and William

Cooper John

Cooper Joseph and Mary

Cooper Lois Eunice

Cooper Sarah

Cooper William and Ann

Cooper Willliam Arthur

Cooper William and Mary


Cooper /Henson

Cunningt on Alfred and Ann

Dakin Benjamin

Dakin Elizabeth

Dakin Francis William (of Manches ter)

Eaglesfi eld Francis

Earby Elizabeth

Felstead Edward

Fewkes George

Fieldiing Francis

Fielding Sarah

Frearson Henry

Frears on John and Sophi a

Frearson Thomas


Frett George


Frostler Ann


Gisborn Mary

Gisborn William



Grice John

Griffin John

Halford John

Hartsho rn Richard and Sarah

Hartsho rn William

Haynes Francis and Elizabeth

Haynes Frederic k and Elizabet h

Haynes Hannah

Heggs Daniel and Elizabeth

Heggs John and William

Henson Ann

Henso n John

Henson William

Hoare Edward

Hobson George

Hobson Mary

Hodges John and Mary

Hodges John

Hodges Mary

Hodges Saray

Hodges William

Hollling Elizabeth

Holling Wm

Holmes John

Hull Mary

Hunt Joel

Illston Eliz and George William

Illston John

Illston John

Illston Thomas

James Henry

Jarrom John

Jarrom John Frank

Johnson Mary

Kemp Ann

Kinton William

Kirk Alice

Kirk Arthur and Eliza

Kirk Mary

Kirk Thomas and Esther

Kirton Elizab eth

Kitchen Daniel

Kitchen Thomas

Lakin William Brewin and Jane


Lee Elizabeth Ann

Lee Francis

Lee George Edwar d


Lewin Edward

Lewin Elizabeth

Lewin Hannah

Lewin James

Lewin Luke and Mary

Lewin Luke

Lewin Mary

Lewin William

Lewin Willia m


Loseby Thoma s

Lowe Frederi c and Elizabet h

Mason Elizabet h

Matther s

Moore Charlo tte Annie

Morris John

Needh am Mary

Needh am Mary

Needham William

Needham William

Newton Isaac

Nickels Lucy

Norwell George Frederic k

Norwell Henry

Norwell James

Norwe ll John and Mary

Norwell Mary Ann

Norwell Thomas


Norwell Thomas

Orton Thomas Draycott

Percival Ann

Percival James


Perkins James Henry and Walter

Pettifor Harriet Eliza

Phipps Ann

Phipps George and Ann

Pick Richard

Pick William and Rebecca

Pick Mary Ann

Pick William

Pickbur n George Field

Pickbury John Taylor

Plummer Edward

Pratt Ann

Pryor John

Ramsde n Willliam and Ann

Ridley Margar et

Ridley Robert

Riley Anna

Riley Edward

Riley Thomas

Robinso n Ann

Robinson Elizabeth Ellen

Robins on Georg e and Jane

Robinso n Isaac

Robinson Mary Ann and John George

Robins on William

Robinso n/Charle sworth

Rodwell John (Snr)

Sarson Benjamin

Sarson Children

Sarson Jane

Sarson Mary


Scampton Mary

Scampton Thomas

Sharples Hannah

Sharple s James

Sharples James

Sharples William

Sharples John

Sharples s William and Sarah

Sharpless William and Comfort

Sheffield Hannah

Simpson Alexander

Simpson Ann

Simpson Esther

Simpson Francis

Simpson Francis

Simpson Henry

Simpson Mary

Simpson Ruth

Simpson Thomas

Simpso n Watkin


Smith Elizabeth

Smith John

Smith John

Smith Thomas

Smith Thoma s

Smith William Matthe ws

Squires Henry and Mary

Stacy Elizabeth

Steel Thomas and Ann

Stevens on Ann

Stevens on John and Sarah

Stone Henry and Annie

Stone Joseph

Stubbs John

Stubbs Mary


Thomas Barbara

Toon Charles

Toon Thomas


Towns end/Cu nningto n


Tyers Thomas Curtis

Walk er Jemim a

Ward Ann

Watkin Ann

Watkin s Sarah Maria

Wells Joseph and Ann

While Hannah

While John

While Mary

White Eliza

White Constance

White Luke

White Thomas

White William and Mary

Wolfe Ann

Wooldrid ge Thomas and Hannah

Worth William


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