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Historic Hotels, Inns and Pubs


Hotels, Inns and Pubs often provided rooms for travellers. They were often constructed:

The value to the family historian occurs when you can find someone from your family who is "missing" from home in the census, or who has been hired from their parish to work as a maid or server in such an establishment. You will find some people worked for years at one place, only to be "promoted" by moving to another such establishment.

The Anchor Inn, 2 East Street

Open by 1842 and still operating.

Year  Person
1842 Samuel STEPHENSON
1856 Wm. & Saml. STEPHENSON
1861 William GANT
1872 John William HALL, victualler
1872 Emanuel GANT, victualler
1889 Alfred CUNNINGHAM
1900 Thomas CUNNINGHAM
1913 William PROCTOR
1930 Horace Dales LEE

The George and Dragon Inn, High Street

Often listed in old records as "The George", this Inn stands next to Saint Wilfrid's Church. It is still operating. There is a photograph on Geo-graph.

Year  Person
1842 Charles CROSS
1856 Isaac HEADLAND
1872 Mrs. Ann COPPERTHWAITE, vict.
1882 Abraham WHITTON, vict.
1889 Abraham WHITTON
1913 Mrs. Alice Hannah DALES
The George and Dragon Inn 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3259 folio 21

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head Abraham WHITTON M 41 Wainfleet, Lincolnshire
wife Isabella WHITTON F 44 Belchford, Lincolnshire
son Harry WHITTON M 12 Alford, Lincolnshire
dau. Annie WHITTON F 10 Alford, Lincolnshire
son Fred WHITTON M 4 Alford, Lincolnshire

The Half Moon Inn, 25 West Street, Market Place

The Half Moon is over 400 years old. There is a photograph at Flickr. Here are the names associated with the hotel in different years:

Year  Person
1856 Gregson ENDERBY
1861 Aaron YOUNG
1872 Aaron YOUNG, victualler
1882 Gregson ENDERBY, vict.
1889 Gregson ENDERBY
1900 John YOUNG
1913 Mrs. Laura BOTTOMLEY
The Half Moon Inn 1871 census:

R.G. 10 / 339? folio 16

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head Aaron YOUNG M 42 Burgh, Lincolnshire
wife Mary A. YOUNG F 37 Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire
dau. Eliza A. YOUNG F 10 Alford, Lincolnshire
son George A. YOUNG M 3 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant Mary A. CROFT F 19 Thimbleby, Lincolnshire
casual lodger Abraham MOMS M 55
The Half Moon Inn 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3258 folio 85

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head Gregson ENDERBY M 60 Binbrook, Lincolnshire
wife Mary Ann ENDERBY F 47 Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire
dau. Eliza YOUNG F 20 Alford, Lincolnshire
dau. Eliza ENDERBY F 13 Alford, Lincolnshire
son John YOUNG M 7 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant Betsy A. WELLS F 23 Langton, Lincolnshire
servant John MANTON M 14 Boston, Lincolnshire
boarder William SMITH M 61 Shepshed, Leicestershire
boarder Thomas WISE M 34 London, Middlesex
boarder James KEMPTON M 23 London, Middlesex
boarder Harriet JARVISON F 60 Nottingham
boarder Thomas MAUKINSON M 20 Thorpe, Lincolnshire
lodger John HURST M 50 Alford, Lincolnshire
lodger William TINDALL M 55 Lincoln, ?

The King's Head, East end

Open by 1842. Listed on High Street in 1900 (1913 given as Church Street).

Year  Person
1842 Francis ASKEW
1856 Edward BROWN
1861 Edward BROWN, farmer
1872 Richard SHELTON, vict.
1882 James BERRY, vict.
1900 Joshua DARLEY
1913 Horace LEE
1919 Solomon SUTTON, publican
The King's Head 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3259 folio 5

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head James BERRY M 52 Leicester, Leicestershire
wife Sarah BERRY F 48 Leicester, Leicestershire
daug. Kate BERRY F 18 Tetford, Lincolnshire
son Harry BERRY M 13 Stickney, Lincolnshire
son Fredrick BERRY M 11 Stickney, Lincolnshire
son Alfred BERRY M 9 Stickney, Lincolnshire
daug. Maud BERRY F 6 Sutterton, Lincolnshire
son Willie BERRY M 4 Sutterton, Lincolnshire

The Nelson Inn, West Street

Formally known as "The Lord Nelson". Open in 1842.

Year  Person
1842 John WATSON
1856 William CHRISTIAN
1872 William CHRISTIAN, victualler

We believe that William CHRISTIAN was born in Horncastle, LIN, circa 1820.

The Railway Hotel, Station Road

This establishment was opened before 1861 and was open in 1882. Early versions of the name are "The Railway Tavern Etc." Here are the names associated with the hotel in different years (Taken from published Directories):

Year  Person
1856 Lucas WILKINSON
1861 Lucas WILKINSON
1872 Lucas WILKINSON
1882 Joseph BROWN, victualler
The Railway Hotel 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3258 folio 78

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head Lucas WILKINSON M 64 Farlesthorpe, Lincolnshire
wife Elizabeth WILKINSON F 60 Guntum, Norfolk
dau. Susannah M. WILKINSON F 26 Farlesthorpe, Lincolnshire
dau. Sarah Louisa BROWN F 30 Farlesthorpe, Lincolnshire
grandson Harry L. BROWN M 4 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant Sarah BUCKNALL F 20 Strubby, Lincolnshire

The Victoria Hotel, Station Road (also shown as West Street)

Year  Person
1842 John SHAW, victualler
1856 John Davey SHOWLER
1861 Edward HUFTON, coal merchant
1872 John SHAW, victualler
1882 John SHAW, vict.
1900 Henry Soulby HUGGINS
1913 Robert SHAW
Victoria Hotel 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3258 folio 78

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head John SHAW M 50 New Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire
wife Ann SHAW F 47 Spilsby, Lincolnshire
dau. Betsey A. SHAW F 12 Gunby, Lincolnshire
servant Annie LANCASTER F 16 Stickney, Lincolnshire

The White Horse Hotel, West Street

Year  Person
1842 William CHARITY
1856 Henry HIBBITT
1861 Henry HIBBITT
1872 Mrs. Jane HIBBITT
1882 Brewster HIBBITT, victualler
1900 Thomas UPTON
1913 Edmund VAMPLEN
1930 Frank APPLEWAITHE, agt.
White Horse Hotel 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3258 folio 86

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head Brewster HIBBITT M 36 Alford, Lincolnshire
wife Elizabeth HIBBITT F 33 Alford, Lincolnshire
son Henry HIBBITT M 6 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant E. J. INSLOVE F 22
servant M. BRUMBY F 22
servant Martha COLE F 24
servant William MUNTON M 30
servant John WILKINSON M 40

The White Hart, South Street

Open by 1842. Had closed in recent decades but has reportedly re-opened.

Year  Person
1842 Thomas SHAW
1856 Richard TAYLOR
1861 Richard TAYLOR
1872 Charles ROWSON, victualler
1882 John Clarke HODGSON, victualler
1889 Mrs. Hannah GOODRICK, publican
1900 Titus GREEN
1913 Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth FORTESCUE
1919 Solomon SUTTON, publican
1930 George GREEN
The White Hart 1881 census:

R.G. 11 / 3259 folio 13

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head John C. HODGSON M 50 Dalby, Lincolnshire
wife Mary E. HODGSON F 38 Winthorpe, Lincolnshire
dau. Mary E. HODGSON F 4 Partney, Lincolnshire
dau. Florence HODGSON F 1 Alford, Lincolnshire
dau. Rachel HODGSON F 0 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant Jessie SIMS F 19 East Keal, Lincolnshire
nurse Elizabeth YOUNG F 58 Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire
boarder George VINES M 35 Holbeach, Lincolnshire

The Windmill Hotel, 10 Market Place

This establishment was opened before 1842 and is still open. The Hotel has its own website. Here are the names associated with the hotel in different years:

Year  Person
1842 Sidney SUTTON
1856 Thos. HOSE
1861 Mrs. Mary Ann HOSE
1872 John Henry WHITTON, victualler
1913 Mrs. M. A. BIRKETT
1930 Matthias SUTTON, propr.
The Windmill Hotel 1871 census:

R.G. 10 / 339? folio 19

Relationship Name Sex Age Where born
Head John H. WHITTON M 41 Sulgrave, Northamptonshire
wife Annie WHITTON F 33 Park Fields, Buckinghamshire
son J. Henry WHITTON M 7 Denton Lodge, Huntingdonshire
son Frank WHITTON M 6 Denton Lodge, Huntingdonshire
dau. Elizabeth A. WHITTON F 5 Denton Lodge, Huntingdonshire
dau. Edith E. WHITTON F 4 Denton Lodge, Huntingdonshire
barmaid Betsy PINNEY F 30 Bilsby, Lincolnshire
barmaid Betsy ROBERTS F 24 Langford, Nottinghamshire
servant Mildred MILES F 25 Hundleby, Lincolnshire
servant Hariet A. BROCKLESBY F 20 Leake, Lincolnshire
servant Emma J. HACKNEY F 20 Alford, Lincolnshire
servant George F. LAWN M 24 Farlesthorpe, Lincolnshire
servant George HACKNEY M 16 Alford, Lincolnshire

There were also the "Stag's Head" on West St., the "Red Lion" on High Street and the "Three Tuns". The Stag's Head opened before 1842 and was demolished in 1870.


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