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Brigg (Glanford Brigg)

Note: Brigg is NOT an ancient parish of Lincolnshire. It was first formed in 1864.




Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 650
1851 H.O. 107 / 2116 thru 2118
1861 R.G. 9 / 2398
1871 R.G. 10 / 3420 & 3429
1881 R.G. 11 / 3284
1891 R.G. 12 / 2625 & 2626
1901 R.G. 13 / 3102

Church History

Brigg St. John Evang.

Brigg St. John Evang.


Church Records


Civil Registration


Description and Travel

Brigg (Glanford Brigg) is a large village, market town and a parish 163 miles north of London, also 16 miles southwest of Hull and 24 miles north of Lincoln. Wrawby parish lies to the north and Broughton parish to the west. The area is flat, drained by many small canals. The parish covers only 462 acres.

The village lies on the east bank of the New River Ancholme, which flows north toward the River Humber. A small part of the town lies on the west side of the river, but this section is within the parishes of Broughton and Scawby. If you are planning a visit:








Military History


Military Records

Michael PECK provides us with: "Brigg (St John) Roll of Honour has now been recorded. Names, ranks and arms of service mentioned are:"

Brigg branch of the British Legion. Lest we forget.

Page 2 - In memory of those our comrades who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Page 3 - They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Page 4 - Navy

  1. Barnes W. AB RNR HMS Hawke
  2. Batchelor F. Gunner RMA HMS Hogue
  3. Bridgewater W. Steward HMR(?) FA Thrush
  4. Clark CF. Stoker HMS Diadem
  5. Denton AJ. Warrant Officer RN
  6. Draper F. AB RN
  7. Rushbrook W. Private RND
  8. Harrison T. Petty Officer SS Horne

Page 5 - Army

  1. Huskinson FJ. Captain Inniskillings
  2. Sowter GHJ Captain 5th Lincs
  3. Bean KF Lieut Royal Scots
  4. Hartley WP. Lieut 5th Lincs
  5. Hett RT. Lieut ASC 2nd Lincs
  6. Hubble HL. Second Lieut 4th Lincs
  7. Margetts PA. Second Lieut 6th Lincs
  8. Nainby W. Second Lieut 2nd Lincs

Page 6

  1. Page MS. Second Lieut 2-4th Lincs
  2. Sowter FJ(?) Second Lieut 4th Buffs
  3. Temple W. Second Lieut London RC(?)
  4. Westoby RH. Second Lieut 3rd Lincs
  5. Darcy G. Sergt Major 9th Kings
  6. Young T. Staff Sergt MT-ASC
  7. Draper A. Sergt 5th Lincs
  8. Hyke E. Sergt 5th Lincs
  9. Tweed A. Sergt 5th Lincs
  10. Farrow H.S. Corporal RF East Surrey

Page 7

  1. Brown A. Private 1-5th Lincs
  2. Burman J. Private West Yorks
  3. Cade J.W. Private Lincs
  4. Clark J. Private 10th Lincs
  5. Cleary M. Sapper RE
  6. Coney H. Private Lincs
  7. Daubney E. Private 2-5th Manchesters
  8. Dann CS. Private 1st Essex
  9. Devine T. Private Grenadier Guards
  10. Drayton F. Private RFA

Page 8

  1. Dunderdale JT. Private 6th Lincs
  2. Edlington FJ. Trooper 1st Lincs Yeomanry
  3. Elliott J. Private 5th Lincs
  4. Ellis W. Driver ASC
  5. Forth G. Private East Yorks
  6. Fosket J. Private 1-5th Lincs
  7. Goates S. Private London Scottish
  8. Hayman G. Private Lincs
  9. Heath MT. Private Lincs

Page 9

  1. Holmes H. Private West Yorks
  2. Holmes W. Private Lincs
  3. Johnson H. Private 12th East Yorks
  4. Kenning WH. Private RAMC
  5. Leaning JW. Private 1-5th Lincs
  6. Leaning F. Private West Yorks
  7. Maltby FA. Gunner 21st Div RFA
  8. Neal J. Private Kings Royal Rifles
  9. Newbury C. Private Lincs
  10. North F. Private 2nd Durham LI

Page 10

  1. Parkin R. Private Lincs
  2. Rayner H. Private 6th Lincs
  3. Roberts AM. Private KOYLI
  4. Roberts GF. Private 1-5th Lincs
  5. Roberts WJ. Private East Yorks
  6. Robinson GW. Private 1-5th Lincs
  7. Robinson WL. Private 9th Lincs
  8. Rose T. Private 1-5th Lincs
  9. Simpson A. Private Lincs

Page 11

  1. Jackson GH. Corporal 12th Royal Sussex
  2. Wray J. Corporal 5th Lincs
  3. Brown GH. Lance Corporal RAMC
  4. Henderson DA. Lance Corporal 52nd West Yorks
  5. Cross G. Lance Corporal KRR
  6. Leeson JW. Lance Corporal 2nd Lincs
  7. Long WHC. Lance Corporal 1st Lincs
  8. Rogers A. Lance Corporal 12th Middlesex
  9. Sipling F. Lance Corporal Lincs
  10. Walker J. Lance Corporal Lincs

Page 12

  1. Eggleston J. Bombadier RFA
  2. Ainger H. Private London Scottish
  3. Alcock HD. Private 5th Lincs
  4. Altoft E. Private East Yorks
  5. Bains WH. Private Sherwood Foresters
  6. Bird A. Private 1st Lincs
  7. Bannister AW. Private ASC
  8. Bell G. Private 1st Lincs
  9. Binns JW. Private Devons
  10. Boston JE. Private 6th Lincs

Page 13

  1. Sipling F. Gunner RGA
  2. Smith H. Private 5th Lincs
  3. Spight L. Private 1st Lincs
  4. Standerline JW. Private 1st Lincs
  5. Stephenson A. Private Lincs
  6. Streets R. Private 1st Leicesters
  7. Streets W. Private Royal Marines
  8. Symonds PB. Driver 2nd Batt OTAGO
  9. Taylor TE. Private 2nd Borders
  10. Temple H. Private 10th Lincs

Page 14

  1. Tingay HS. Signaller 1-8th West Yorks
  2. Turtle A. Gunner RGA
  3. Usher GB. Sapper RE
  4. Whitelam E. Private Lincs
  5. West H. Lance Sergt 5th Lincs

Royal Air Force

  1. Bean WS. Lieut RE. RFC
  2. Harrison BPB. Lieut RFC

Page 15 - The following also gave their lives in the Second World war 1939 - 1945

Page 16

  1. Algar SA. Gunner
  2. Altoft J. Private
  3. Barke R. Corporal
  4. Barton WK. Sergt
  5. Barratt GE. Private
  6. Blanchard JWA. Private
  7. Beel CE. Sapper
  8. Booth LG. Driver
  9. Brown GE. Private
  10. Boston J. Private

Page 17

  1. Carnaby S. Gunner
  2. Drayton JW. Gunner
  3. Dalton GA. Sergt
  4. Dodds JD. Flight Sergt
  5. Durham LG. Gunner
  6. Ellerby H. Sergt
  7. Fisher JW. Private
  8. Goates JP. LAC
  9. Green H. Private
  10. Heath AE. Private

Page 18

  1. King FPC. Flight Sergt
  2. King AL.(MC) Lieut
  3. Lang J. Lance Corpl
  4. Longbottam GP. Sergt Pilot
  5. Neall HK. Private
  6. Neall F. AB
  7. Newbury LW. Sapper
  8. Odlin ED. Sapper
  9. Parkin F. Sergt
  10. Parker S. AB

Names, Geographical


Names, Personal

BENTLEY, Henry, Furrier
CLIFFE, Benjamin, Furrier
FOSTER, William, Linen-draper
GOODWIN, Jonathan and John, Corn-factors
HILDYARD, John, Cutler
HOLDGATE and MACE, Corn-factors
HOLDGATE, William, Linen-draper
HOLLINGWORTH, Wm. Corn-factor
LEADBEATER, Roger and Joseph, Furriers
NICHOLSON, Richard, Attorney at Law
TOST, Benjamin, Corn-factor
WOODWARD, John, Linen-draper



Politics and Governance


Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.



Population figures may include parts of Brigg urban district in other parishes. In 1841, for example, the town's population was given as 2,300. And in 1872, as over 3,165.

    Year  Inhabitants
1801 1,327
1811 1,361
1821 1,674
1831 1,780
1841 1,816
1851 2,201
1861 1,704
1871 1,692
1881 1,651
1911 3,343
2001 5,076



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