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Gainsborough Union Workhouse Board of Guardians Minutes

Book 2

These extractions from the "Minutes" book of the Board of Guardians are summaries, not the full entries. They are designed to let you know what names occur in the Minutes Book. You may need to do further research in the Lincolnshire Archives or other resources to trace your family members.

Second minute book [LA Ref PL4/102/2]

19 October 1858
The following persons to be relieved on account of illness:
FOTHERGILL Richard, Gainsborough
CLARKE Eliza, Gainsborough
CLARK Mary, Gainsborough

9 November 1858
The following persons to be relieved on account of illness (all of Gainsborough):

23 November 1858
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
MARSHALL William, Gainsborough, Smallpox
HOLLINGWORTH Sarah, Gainsborough, smallpox, child

7 December 1858
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
CRAGG Zach., Willingham, diptheria
SPITTLEHOUSE Mary, Willoughton, diseased leg
CHAMBERS William, Gainsborough, diptheria
CHAMBERS William, ditto, smallpox
CROOKE Sarah, Gainsborough
KENDALL Elizabeth, Gainsborough, smallpox
GURNHILL Martin, Morton, smallpox
ROGERS Thomas, Misterton, fractured clavicle
LAISTER William, Haxey, fever

21 December 1858
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
GURNHILL John, Gainsborough, rheumatism
CAVE James, Gainsborough, jaundice
PYCOCK Ann, Gainsborough, influenza
PAPWORTH John, Gainsborough, diseased fingers
MARR George, Gainsborough, smallpox
LILL John, ditto
BLAND Henry, ditto
BROWN Henry, Willoughton, fever
PLUMTREE James, Gainsborough, smallpox
DENNIS Stephen, Newton
DAVISON John, Marton, crushed foot
FINNIGAN Mary, East Ferry
BARKER John, East Ferry, disease of the urinary organs

 4 January 1859
Persons relieved on account of illness:

TURTLE Joseph, Newton, accidentally run over
LEEDHAM Thomas, Gainsborough
ANDERSON James, Gainsborough, smallpox
SPITTLEHOUSE David, Misterton, inflammation of the bowels
PICKERING Willm, Walkeringham, severe cold
HINDS Benjn, East Stockwith, severe cold
HILL Joseph, Haxey, ague & fever
BRISTOW Willm, Misterton, fever
HUDSON Thomas, Scotter, destitution

LACEY George, repaid 6 shillings for relief received **

18 January 1859
Persons relieved on account of illness:
BACON Ann, Willingham, smallpox
WESTEARN George, Gainsborough, cold
DIXON John, Morton, gastritis
GARNER Joseph, Owston, fever
NEWBERT William, Beckingham, cold
HIBBERT George, Bole, cold
LYNCH John, East Ferry, fever

1 February 1859
Persons relieved on account of illness:
BROWN John, Blyborough, arm cut by a machine
HUDSON Thos, Scotter, severe cold

15 February 1859
Persons relieved on account of illness:
SENESCAL William, Brampton, cold etc.
ROBINSON James, Gainsborough, rheumatism
NEEDHAM Maria, Gainsborough, abscess
WILLEY Charles, Gainsborough, cold etc.
MERRYWEATHER Henry, Gainsborough, diseased toe
ROBINSON Peter, Gainsborough, rheumatic fever
JOHNSON Joseph, Marton
HOOTON Joseph, Willingham, fractured leg
TODD Susannah, Willingham
CHEETHAM Joseph, Walkeringham, illness
BERRY John, Misterton, cold etc.

1 March 1859
HANSON Joseph of Springthorpe, to be relieved on account of illness, being otherwise ablebodied

GURNHILL J, Gainsborough, repaid relief given **
WILLIAMSON N, Gainsborough, ditto **

15 March 1859
MARSHALL John alias
THOMPSON John Marshall, Gainsborough, deserted wife  **

Persons given relief on account of illness:
HODGKINSON Wm, Gainsborough
CONWAY Geo, Gainsborough, lumbago
MILLNS Chas, Gainsborough, disease of the heart
CLARK Robert, Marton
BRADFORD Charles, Gainsborough, contusion of thigh

29 March 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
WHITE Jane, Willingham
WRIGHT Charles, Gainsborough, cold
KITCHING Thos, Marton, sciatica
HOLMES Hannah, Beckingham
FITCHETT Maria, Scotter

12 April 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
DRIFFIELD Samuel, Corringham, bronchitis
CARLISLE Annie, Marton
ROYS John, Gainsborough, smallpox

3 May 1859
BARKER John, payment for 5 catheters **

Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
HIGGS Charles, Gainsborough
CHERRELL Charles, Gainsborough, fever
HUNSLEY John, Scotter, fractured leg

17 May 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
BARKER Nathan, Kettlethorpe
RICHARDSON Mary, Gainsborough, diseased hand
FOULSTON Jane, Gainsborough
SWINDON Hannah, Misterton
CLARKE Mary, Haxey
HILL Robert, Haxey, fever
COGGAN James, Haxey, abcess

31 May 1859
COBB Jane, East Stockwith, to go to service **

14 June 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
BONNINGTON Thos, West Stockwith, fever
HOLLINGSWORTH Fredk, Blyton, cold

28 June 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
DRIFFIELD Samuel, Corringham, consumption
BRATT Jane, Gainsborough, debility
LILL John, Gainsborough, rheumatism

12 July 1859
Persons to be relieved on account of illness:
SPINDLER Wm, Lea, Struma?
CREASEY Wm, Sturton, cold etc.
GURNHILL Wm, Gainsborough, phthisis
HIRD Mary, Springthorpe, diptheria
CLARK Wm, Haxey, debility etc.
HUDSON Thos, Scotter, debility

26 July 1859
BROUGH Harriet, Owston, going to service **
BATTY Wm, Owston, to be relieved on account of illness being otherwise able bodied.

9 August 1859
Out relief given to:
MERRYWEATHER Henry of Gainsborough
WILSON W. belonging to Owston, 3 18s paid for his maintenance

23 August 1859
Out relief given to:
CLARKE Eliz, Gainsborough, english cholera
STOTHARD Wm, Springthorpe, rheumatism
BLACKBURN Vincent, Gainsborough, diptheria
MITCHELL Mary, Gainsborough, dislocation of elbow
FARR Robert, Willingham, disease of heart
ROBERTS Richard, Misterton, diseased lungs
SCOTT Wm, Misterton, dyspepsia

6 September 1859
GILBERT Sarah of Marton to go into service with Mr Thomas JACKSON of Willingham **

Out relief given to:
GARNETT Mary, Gainsborough, diptheria
ESBERGER Thos, Gainsborough, English cholera
EMMETT Crowder, Gainsborough, diarrhoea
MIDDLETON Fredk, Gainsborough, diarrhoea

20 September 1859
CARR Charlotte to go a month on trial with Mr Charles LEADBEATER of Sheffield

Out relief given to:
BURTON Eliz, Gainsborough, diptheria
SMITH Wm, Gainsborough, diarrhoea
CLARK George, Misterton, asthma
SPENCER Ann, W Butterwick

4 October 1859
FLETCHER John of Marton to go to Mr Thomas ADDEY of Epworth Gardener **
GILBERT Sarah Jane, Marton, sent home by her master **

Out relief given to:
ROSE Henry, Gainsborough, consumption
CROPPER Michl, Scotter, illness

18 October 1859
FLETCHER John, Marton to be apprenticed to Thomas ADDEY **

Out relief given to:
CREASEY Ann, Sturton, diseased leg
LEEDHAM Thos, Gainsborough, diptheria
CONWAY George, Gainsborough, rheumatism
CROOKS Edward, Gainsborough, dislocated shoulder
TATE John, Misterton, injury from fall

1 November 1859
Out relief given to:
BAINES? George, Stow, consumption
SOUTH John, Torksey, typhoid fever
SOUTH William, Torksey, debility after fever
ELLIOTT John, Gainsborough, diseased leg

15 November 1859
BAINES George, Stow, Mr MURPHY to attend to explain non-attendance **

Out relief given to:
WESTEARN Thos, Gainsborough, syphilis
TUTTY Daniel, Willoughton, fever

29 November 1859
Out relief given to
BARRY Henry, Gainsborough, scarlatina diptheria
MERRILLS William, Marton, diseased leg
PRIESTLEY Ann, Willoughton, ditto

13 December 1859
Out relief given to:
CRANFORD George, Hemswell, congestion of lung
PEARSON Henry, Gainsborough, bronchitis
RAYNER George, Gainsborough, apoplexy

27 December 1859
Out relief given to:
PEARSON Thos, Gainsborough
SMITH James, Gainsborough, accidental fall
CLARK Stephen, Gainsborough, diseased leg
HARDING Thos, Gainsborough

10 Jan 1860
Out relief given to:
BINGHAM Joseph, Misterton
PICKETT Christr, Willingham, measles
CLARKE Richard, Gainsborough

24 January 1860
COLLY Robert, boy inmate, apprenticed to Mr John BURTON of Sheffield **

 7 Feb 1860
Out relief given to:
DRIFFIELD Saml, Corringham
SCRIMSHAW James, Hemswell, fever
JOHNSON Sarah, Gainsborough

21 February 1860
Out relief given to:
COOK Thos, Hemswell, fever
EMMITT Crowder, Gainsborough
WESTEARN George, Gainsborough, phthisis
PYCROFT Charles, Corringham, disease of spine
COOPER William, Walkeringham, cancer
RUSBY Mark, Wildsworth

 6 March 1860
GREGORY Thomas and
ASHTON John, to be sent to Mr Edwin IBBERTSON of Sheffield knife maker on a months trial

Out relief given to:
MILLER Ellen and 1 child, Gainsborough, disease of heart
CATLING Henry, Owston, ill from cold
LAISTER William, Haxey, illness
BINGHAM William, E Stockwith, lame

20 March 1860
PEARSON Edward, boy, to be sent to Mr DOWMAN, tailor, Gainsborough, for a month on trial

Out relief given to:
CURTIS Joseph, Gainsborough, bronchitis
HODGKINSON Henry, Gainsborough
TURTLE James, Sturton, diseased knee

 3 April 1860
CROOKE Mr paid 9 2s for the maintenance of his child **

17 April 1860
FISH Williamson, boy, Haxey, bound apprentice to Mr Henry Tunstall SHERRIFF of Gainsborough, book binder & paper hanger
ASHTON John, Sturton and
GREGORY Thomas, W Stockwith bound apprentice to Mr Edwin IBBERSON
Sheffield **
THORESBY William, Hemswell, to be relieved on account of illness
WILSON W, Owston, 1 19s paid for his maintenance

 1 May 1860
PEARSON Edward, boy inmate, apprenticed to Matthias DOWMAN, Gainsborough, tailor

Out relief paid to:
WELLS William, Walkeringham, lame hand
SLIGHT Thomas, Laughton
TESH John, Hemswell, fever
ROBINSON Peter, Gainsborough, rheumatism

18 May 1860
Out relief paid to:
RAMPOLDI Angelo, Owston, illness
DEMPSTER Wm, Haxey, cancer

29 May 1860
VICKERS Smith, Hemswell, to be relieved on account of illness

12 June 1860
Out relief given to:
SHEARWOOD Ann, Gainsborough
ALLOTT Wm, Owston, carbuncle
CUTLER Wm, W Stockwith

26 June 1860
BAXTER William, younger, Stow, to maintain son George in wkhouse **

Out relief given to:
BORRILL Dawson, Willoughton, fever
TOYNE Elijah, Willoughton, fever
COOPER Wm, Walkeringham, diseased jaw
BINGHAM Wm, E Stockwith, lame
MASON Edwd, Owston

10 July 1860
BRIGGS George, Gainsborough, to be relieved on account of illness

24 July 1860
BAXTER, idiot boy, to be sent back to his father at Stow **

Out relief given to:
CLARK Joseph, Gainsborough, bronchitis
TWIDALE Hannah M, W Butterwick

WILSON Wm, Owston, 1 19s paid for his maintenance by Mr CROOKE

 7 August 1860
ROBINSON John, Blyton, to be relieved on account of illness

18 September 1850
SIMPKINS Henry, 16, Thomas, 14 and
PALAIN Thomas, 14 and
COOK James, 13, ordered to be sent to Eyam nr Sheffield to Mr SCHOFIELD, wholesale shoemaking establishment **

JOHNSON John, 17, to go to Mr David ANDERSON, Glentham, tailor, on trial

Out relief given to:
HOLMES Robert, Sturton, diseased eyes
HODGKINSON Hy, Gainsborough, abcess
WAINWRIGHT Mordecai, Gainsborough
CUTLER William, W Stockwith, lame

16 October 1860
BAXTER George, idiot boy, to be removed to Stow **
KEY John, Lincoln Union declines to relieve him **

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