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Gainsborough Union Workhouse Board of Guardians Minutes

Book 3

These extractions from the "Minutes" book of the Board of Guardians are summaries, not the full entries. They are designed to let you know what names occur in the Minutes Book. You may need to do further research in the Lincolnshire Archives or other resources to trace your family members.

15 April 1862
Out relief to:
VERNON Richard, Newton on Trent
JAMES John, Wildsworth

Meeting held 13 May 1862

BARKER George, concerning medical officer's claim for extra money** and further entry

Out relief to:
BARTHORP Thomas, Walkeringham
STORR Fredk, Fillingham
MOZLEY Edward, Gainsborough
FOX Charles, Willoughton

27 May 1862
PEART Caroline - re request for extra medical fee**

Out relief to:
PICKERING William, Walkeringham

10 June 1862
Out relief to:
COGGAN George & wife, Haxey
ROBINSON Elizabeth, Blyton

24 June 1862
COWLING Elizabeth and
DUDDING Sarah, concerning request for extra medical fee**

Out relief to:
GRAY John, Gainsborough

 8 July 1862
Out relief to:
CATLEY John, Willoughton
SEATON Thomas, West Butterwick

 5 August 1862
Out relief to:
HIND Thos, East Stockwith
CURTIS Joseph, Gainsboro

19 August 1862
PEARCY Hannah, said to be insane **

Out relief to:
KNIGHT George, Corringham
LAMBERT Samuel, Gainsboro
SLINGSBY Thomas, Bole

 2 September 1862
BAXTER George, idiot boy, advice sought from Poor Law Board** and other refs

Out relief to:
ADAMS William, Gainsboro

16 September 1862
Out relief to:
FARRER Stephen, Gainsboro
LAISTER William, Gainsboro
BOWERS William, Willingham
BROWN George, West Stockwith
GLEW William, West Butterwick

30 September 1862
Out relief to:
SYKES Charles, Gainsboro

28 October 1862
HOLMES Hannah and
DENBY Elizabeth - re complaint from medical officer **

11 November 1862
MOODY Sarah,
JARVIS William &
SMITH George, moved from Lincoln Asylum to Birmingham Asylum due to overcrowding at Lincoln**

Out relief to:
GUMMERSALL William, Gainsboro
WILKINSON George, Gainsboro

25 November 1862
PALAIN Thomas 15, chargeable to common fund, bound apprentice to Charles SPROTBERRY **

List of paupers whose relief was wrongly charged to parishes instead of common fund: **
MOORE John, Blyborough
DIXON Mary, Corringham
KIRKBY Elizth, ditto
RANBY John, ditto
BAYES Mary, Heapham
SNELL John, ditto
WILSON Elizth, ditto
BENNETT Elizth, Marton
MAKINS Roger, ditto
FARMERY Hannah, Gainsboro
SMITH Joseph, ditto
HOWARD Sarah, ditto
ROBINSON Sarah Ann, Beckingham
HOPKIN Harriet, Misterton
AUCKLAND Ann, ditto
CLIFTON Benjn, Owston
JENKINSON Mary, ditto
RICHARDS Sarah, Southorpe
BURTON Richard, Scotter
GRAINGER Ann, W Stockwith
GARLAND Michl, Walkeringham

Out relief to:
CAWKWELL Ann, Marton
HARRISON Sarah, Gainsboro
SPICER Elizth, Gainsboro
GURNHILL Thomas, Northorpe
ASHFORD Thomas, Scotter

 9 December 1862
HUTTON "the boy", to have cod liver oil **

Out relief to:
BARTON William, Gainsborough

23 December 1862
Out relief to:
ACKERS Mary, Laughton

 6 January 1863
Out relief to:
POXTON Thos, Gainsboro
BOOTH Thos, Misterton

 3 February 1863
Out relief to:
FARR William, E Stockwith
SCOTT William, Misterton
RINGROSE William, Gainsboro
ALEXANDER William, ditto

17 February 1863
Out relief to:
HINDMARSH Henry, Gainsboro
BIRKS Appleton, Sturton
HEWITT William, Gainsboro
MAKINS Roger, Torksey

 3 March 1863
Out relief to:
SMITH George, Sturton
HUDSON Samuel, Gainsboro
HARPHAM Harriet, Sturton
CLARK Stephen, Gainsboro
CLARK John, Misterton
GARNER William, Owston
HUDSON Thomas, Scotter

17 March 1863
Out relief to:
CARTER Benjamin, Gainsboro
ROUNDING John, Walkeringham
PICKERING William, ditto

31 March 1863
Out relief to:
WILSON Thomas, Gainsboro
JENKINSON William, Owston

14 April 1863
Out relief to:
BATEMAN Elisha, Willoughton
TROOP John, ditto
JAQUES John, Corringham
BRODERICK William, Morton

28 April 1863
Out relief to:
MACKLIN James, West Stockwith

12 May 1863
Out relief to:
FORD William, Willoughton

 9 June 1863
HEMPSELL Maria, Misterton, to be taken by Mrs MAJOR of Lea as servant **

Out relief to:
STEEDMAN George, Haxey

23 June 1863
Out relief to:
MILLNS William, Torksey

 7 July 1863
SEYMOUR "case of a woman named" - no biographical info** and other refs

21 July 1863
Out relief to:
WRIGHT Charles, Gainsboro
ROY Isabella, Laughton

 1 September 1863
Out relief to:

15 September 1863
PARKIN Mary Jane to be servant to William WILSON **

Out relief to:
CLARK William, Scotter
TINKER William, Haxey
RAINTHORPE Maria, West Stockwith

29 September 1863
Out relief to:
LUMBY Benjamin, Gainsboro
COOK Henry, Morton
TAYLOR William, Walkeringham
BOOTH Robert, Haxey

13 October 1863
Out relief to:
LAISTER William, Gainsboro
LEEDHAM John, ditto
DOOK Frances, Haxey
SMITH Joseph, Scotter

27 October 1863
WRIGHT Charlotte, 16+, to go to service **

Out relief to:
ROY Isabella, Owston

10 November 1863
Out relief to:
DICK William, Gainsboro
NEWBERT William, Beckingham
BARLOW Henry, Walkeringham

24 November 1863
SEYMOUR Hannah, "case of", no biographical info ** of Willingham in further ref.

Out relief to:
HALL John, Kexby
JENKINSON Thos, Newton
STEPHENSON Thos, West Butterwick
SCHOLEY Benjamin, Owston
OTTER Henry, Misterton

 5 January 1864
Out relief to:
LATHAM Sarah, West Stockwith
WATERHOUSE Joseph, Owston

 2 February 1864
Out relief to:
NEWTON John, Gainsboro
CLARK Stephen, ditto
SCOTT William, Misterton

16 February 1864
Out relief to:
PILKINGTON William, Gainsboro
TOMLINSON William, Brampton

 1 March 1864
Out relief to:
SYKES Robert, Gainsboro
BRIDGE William, ditto
HOLMES George, Northorpe

15 March 1864
PICKERING William of Walkeringham, mentioned in complaint agst medical officer 
for not filling in details properly **

 5 April 1864
Out relief to:
HUNT John, Scotter

12 April 1864
MOODY William, re letter from Poor Law Board **

Out relief to:
FENTON Charles, Kexby
PINNING Charles, Morton


Book 3 "Lunatics"

"Lunatics" were often repeatedly listed in the Minutes Books as their care was frequently reviewed, as were charges for keeping them in asylums. Some were kept out-of-county, if the facilities and financial arrangements were reasonable. Here is a list of those individuals and when they were "first mentioned" in the Book:

First mentioned 11 Nov 1862
BODY Eleanor
BARR Caroline
PINDER Elizabeth
GURNHILL Samuel Kitchen
JARVIS William
CLARKE Elizth - not mentioned 3 Feb 1863
SMITH George
KING Thomas

First mentioned 3 Feb 1863
WARD William

First mentioned 12 May 1863

First mentioned 4 August 1863
PARKER William

First mentioned 10 November 1863

First mentioned 16 February 1864

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