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Gainsborough Union Workhouse Board of Guardians Minutes

Book 6

These extractions from the "Minutes" book of the Board of Guardians are summaries, not the full entries. They are designed to let you know what names occur in the Minutes Book. You may need to do further research in the Lincolnshire Archives or other resources to trace your family members.

Sixth Minute Book [PL4/102/6]

18 April 1871
SHUTTLEWORTH - conveyed to asylum

 2 May 1871
PARKIN Charles - regarding burial fees **
COWLING Jane - removal to the Lincoln Union **
JUBB J, conveyed to asylum

Payments for Lunatics - Full list given here only once, additional names
only in future: BODY Eleanor, MAKINS Thomas, BARR Caroline, BEDFORD Grace,
SNOWDEN Elizabeth, BINGLEY Mary, WRIGHT Sarah, LILLEY Thomas, KING Thomas,
BAXTER George, DEMPSTER Johnson, NEWTON Ann, MOODY Sarah, JARVIS William,
William alias JOHNSON Charles, BELLAMY John, LAMBERT Wm, MILNER Thos,

KITCHIN Philip - to be given out relief

16 May 1871
COOPER M E removed from asylum

30 May 1871
PEARSON George and
TISSINGTON Ann of Misterton - Doctor had not reported cases **
CLIFTON John Tom - emigration to Melbourne (later called "a boy") **
KEYWORTH John, to receive out relief

13 June 1871
BROWN James removed to asylum
TURNER William & Charity his wife - removed from East Retford **

27 June 1871
BETTISON - aggravated assault on Thomas WESTERN in the house **

Payments for Lunatics - new names:
ROWE Caroline
TOOLEY Mary Jane

 8 August 1871
Payments for Lunatics - new names:

ROBINSON Samuel, Walkeringham, to receive out relief

 5 September 1871
SLEIGHT Charles, imprisoned York Castle for murder**
LONG Catherine, her 2 children, removed from St Giles in the Field Union**
TAYLOR Frederick, children of, settlement Beckingham **

Out relief to:
MIDDLETON John, Gainsborough
HOWLETT George, Gainsborough

19 September 1871
SMEDLEY Ann - regarding relief **
SMITH Thomas wife & family - ditto**

 3 October 1871
FISH Joseph - apprenticeship**

17 October 1871
BREARS Sarah - refused to repay loan**

14 November 1871
LEAMAN E - removed to asylum - removal [LEEMAN] mentioned at meeting held
9 Jan 1872

26 December 1871
Out relief given to:
BRAMFORD John, Scotter
HARRISON Thomas, Scotter

23 Jan 1872
BUTTON Frank - to service on trial**
HOPLEY Sarah, Butterwick - medical officer requests remuneration for services **

 5 March 1872
NEEDHAM G, sent to asylum

Out relief given to:
FRANCE William, Gainsborough
BONNINGTON George, ditto
SHIPHAM John, ditto

19 Mary 1872
Out relief given to:
CAMMACK George, Kexby
STARBUCK Jas, Gainsborough
HERRICK Geo, ditto

16 April 1872
CAWKWELL G, sent to asylum
RENSHAW William Joseph - lunatic, removal from Edinborough**

14 May 1872
ROBINSON Anthony, Beckingham - medical case not reported **

Payments for Lunatics - additional names:

Out relief given to:
HARRISON Thomas, Scotter

CLARK Rachel, sent to asylum

11 June 1872
HARPHAM - gone to service

25 June 1872
SCOT Rebecca, Misterton - medical officer requested additional fee**
SCRAFIELD John - smallpox patient**

23 July 1872
LANE Sarah removed to asylum
JUBB J removed from asylum
TINKER Louisa removed to asylum

 6 August 1872
THOMPSON Stephen, removed to asylum

Out relief given to:
FRY Edward & family, Gainsborough

20 August 1872
Out relief given to:
THORPE Godfrey & Jane & two children
GARNETT Henry, wife & 4 children

 3 September 1872
Out relief given to:
BRETT James, Gainsborough
TALES Richard, ditto

1 October 1872
KELK George - complaint about the porter **
GABITAS Jno, removed to asylum

15 October 1872
Out relief given to:
FOTHERGILL Geo, Gainsboro
ATKIN Geo, ditto
RICHARD James, Kexby

29 October 1872
BRADFORD Fras, Corringham - medical officer had ordered "extras" **

12 November 1872

Out relief given to:
LEONARD Samuel, Gainsboro
ALLEN George, ditto

26 November 1872
Out relief given to:
SAMPSON F, Blyboro
THEAKER Jos'h, Gainsboro
SEYMOUR Wm, ditto

24 December 1872
TURNER Emma removed to asylum

 7 January 1873
KENT Mary, removed to asylum
BRADLEY John, Gainsboro, received out relief

21 January 1873
ASHTON Elizth removed to asylum

 4 February 1873
Out relief given to:
MOBBS Moses, Gainsboro
PERRY Henry, ditto
BRELSFORD John, Corringham

18 February 1873
GOODE Henry - fetched from Lincoln Hospital**
WRIGHT George, 15 - apprenticeship **
FRY Ed'd, given out relief

 4 March 1873
HILL Mark, removed to asylum

Out relief given to:
TEMPORAL Wm, Willingham
HUNT Thomas, Gainsboro
GRAY William, ditto

18 March 1873
CLARK Rachel removed to asylum

15 April 1873
PYCOCK William - aprenticeship **
KENT Mary, removed from asylum

13 May 1873
Out relief given to:
TURTLE Jos'h, Sturton
BINGHAM William, Gainsboro
CUCKSON Jos'h Gibson, ditto

24 June 1873
JONES Thomas, Craizelound - not maintaining father Thomas, Gunthorpe**
WHITEHEAD Johnson, Sheffield - ditto mother Dinah, Haxey** 
FOWLER Eli West, Westwoodside - ditto grandchildren ** 
BRADLEY John, Gainsborough, received out relief

 8 July 1873
LONG Geo removed to asylum

5 August 1873
SMITH Robt removed to asylum

19 August 1873
RENSHAW removed to asylum
ASHTON removed from asylum

 2 September 1873
BINGHAM George - apprenticeship **
ROW Caroline removed from asylum

16 September 1873
RICHARDSON John - settlement Bleasby, removal to Southwell **

30 September 1873
KEY Joseph, 65, residing Lincoln **
BRETT Charles, on tug boat, maintenance of wife and children**
ASHTON A E, removed to asylum

14 October 1873
BINGHAM Mary - removed from Pelham to the wkhouse**
LONG Geo removed from asylum

28 October 1873
JUBB Robert, bricklayer, maintenace of parents**
FENTON B, removed to asylum

11 November 1873
SWIFT Robert Key, residing Workshop Union with gmother**

25 November 1873
HOLLINGS Thos, in Lincoln Asylum, belongs to Melton Mowbray**

23 December 1873
SYKES William, Gainsborough, received out relief

20 January 1874
SHUTTLEWORTH Mary removed to asylum

 3 February 1874
HUMPHREYS Sarah - going out to service **

17 February 1874
BARNES Samuel - going out to service **

Meeting held 3 March 1874
ROBINSON Caroline Sophia sent to asylum

17 March 1874
RAINFORTH Elizth, sent to asylum

Out relief given to:
DOWS Mary, Fenton
[illegible] George, Newton

31 March 1874
TURNER Emma removed from asylum

12 May 1874
CHAMBERLAIN, E Stockwith, medical case not reported**

26 May 1874
BARNES Samuel, to go out to service **
SMALLEY John, ditto **
BLAND H, sent to asylum

 9 June 1874
BULLIVANT John, neglect of vaccination act **
FELL Benjamin, Scotter, declined to have children vaccinated**
PILSWORTH Charles, police searching for him**

23 June 1874
MUSGRAVE Joseph, neglected to have child Mary vaccinated**
SQUIRES Edward, WARD Henry, BATCH John, KIRKBY John Charles or John Henry,
neglect of vaccination laws** 
TURNER H removed to asylum

21 July 1874
AISTROP George, Gainsboro, neglect of vaccination laws**
HOLMES John Thomas, Harpswell, ditto **

 4 August 1874
Neglect of the vaccination act by:
SIMPSON George William
FOX Thomas
LIVERSIDGE Charles Frederick
BEAL Thomas, all of Gainsborough **

BRAITHWAITE John, lunatic, maintenance

18 August 1874
CHAMBERLAIN E. removed from asylum

15 September 1874
WHITTON William bound apprentice **

27 October 1874
Out relief given to:
GREEN Joseph, Gainsborough
CLIXBY Betsy, ditto

24 November 1874
HOLLIS Thos removed from asylum

Out relief given to:
PINDER Pogson, Haxey
HOLLIS William, Brampton
LASCELLES George, Morton

 8 December 1874
WRIGHT George, apprentice to Alfred D WILSON of Everton **
BECKETT Mary, Gainsborough, given out relief

22 December 1874
ROOK George, regarding Medical Officer's returns **
COBB & wife, exposed to person with smallpox whilst waiting in the
workhouse hall **

 2 February 1875
BARNARD Emma - Mr. BACON, Gainsbro, offered to adopt her **

 2 March 1875
MAW Thomas, Owston - Medical Officer hasn't reported case **

16 March 1875.
CROAKE Elizabeth & 2 children, regarding removal from Bristol **
OYTCH Mary removed to asylum

30 March 1875
MARSHALL Elizabeth, in wkhouse, to be removed to asylum **
NOON Barney &
METCALFE Dinah, cases not reported by MO **

25 May 1875
BINGLEY Mary removed from asylum

 8 June 1875
MASSINGHAM removed to asylum

22 June 1875.
HARRISON W removed to asylum

 6 July 1875
GOODE Henry, asked to come into wkhouse **
BAKER Ann removed to asylum

20 July 1875
PARROTT Charles, boy at Upton, illegally employed by a farmer **

31 August 1875
LAYNE G - "Artificial arm for G. Layne 4.10.0"
NAYLOR Mary removed to asylum


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