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Gainsborough Union Workhouse Board of Guardians Minutes

Book 7

These extractions from the "Minutes" book of the Board of Guardians are summaries, not the full entries. They are designed to let you know what names occur in the Minutes Book. You may need to do further research in the Lincolnshire Archives or other resources to trace your family members.

Seventh Minute Book [PL4/102/7]

26 October 1875
BURKITT James of Hemswell relieved on account of illness.

21 December 1875
OUGHTON Fanny, extra medical fee, difficult labour** (and 18 Jan)

18 Jan 1876
WALKER Frank, fractured jaw **
COOK Charles, Gainsborough relieved on account of illness.

 1 February 1876
AUKLAND Joseph, Gainsborough relieved on account of illness

29 February 1876
SMITH Jane, going into service **

14 March 1876
JENKINSON Jos'h sent to asylum

28 March 1876
LILLIMAN Jane sent to asylum

11 April 1876
LEONARD S. sent to asylum

25 April 1876
STORR Ada & children removed from E Retford Union** (and 9 May)

 9 May 1876
EVERATT Ann sent to asylum
WINTER William, Stow relieved on account of illness

23 May 1876
HOLMES John removed from asylum

20 June 1876
SLEIGHT Caroline, artificial leg **

 4 July 1876
SHUTTLEWORTH M. removed from asylum

18 July 1876
HARPHAM Charles going to service **

 1 August 1876
SLINGSBY Maria sent to asylum

15 August 1876
WARRENER John sent to asylum

24 October 1876
HEWITT Hannah sent to asylum

21 November 1876
FINNIGAN John, re attendance of medical officer **
WARRINER J sent to asylum

 5 December 1876
PINNING John, GRAY John, KERNAN Sarah & WILKINSON Annie, wantonly rang workhouse bell**

19 December 1876
Start of a series of extracts regarding death & illness caused by 
vaccination at Haxey mentions:
WHITEHEAD child, GIBSON Whittaker & Emma (parents of another child)**
ELWIS M. sent to asylum

 3 January 1877
CRAGGS Mark & Zachariah FOX, maintenance of Zachariah of Willingham **
SIZER (man named), Willingham, regarding medical attendance ** 
SLINGSBY Maria removed from asylum 
HEWITT & ROBSON removed from asylum

16 January 1877
BARNES Henry to be apprenticed **
More about vaccination and Haxey mentions:

 3 January 1877
BARNARD Emma, application from prospective employer refused **

27 February 1877
More about vaccination & Walkeringham mentions child named SISSON**

 8 May 1877
OTTER Betsy, going to service **
CLAYTON Hy sent to asylum

19 June 1877
SPINDLEY J sent to asylum

17 July 1877
PURVIS William removal from St Pancras **

14 Aug 1877
WILSON child, Misterton, has erysipelas (connected with vaccination case) ** (and 28 August)

18 August 1877
STOTHARD John of Sturton, re support of his mother**

 9 October 1877
FROW Henry, pauper lunatic, regarding his settlement**


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