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IV Rules for Using the List
IV.A What are the List Rules?

IV.A - What are the List Rules?

Most lists have rules. They govern the topics that can be covered and may even define some simple ideas for "being nice" on the list. Violate the rules and the listowner may remind you of the rules, unsubscribe you from the list or even, in extreme cases, ban you from the list altogether.

All postings must comply with the Rootsweb Acceptable Use Policy. After all, they are our host.

The list is for the discussion of Genealogy and History, primarily regarding the county (shire) of Lincoln in England. Discussion of migration patterns, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, etc. involving this area is encouraged. Do not post your own family's current birth or wedding announcements - that is considered tacky!

DO NOT post virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, current events, items for sale, personal messages, etc. For information on virus hoaxes and urban legends see

Please DO NOT send file attachments (messages with files appended) to the list. If you have a file you would like to share with the members, announce what you have to offer, then send the file only to those who request it, via private email. Rootsweb rejects mail with attachments in order to prevent the spread of computer viruses.

NO rude comments or flaming in the list! No discussion of flaming in the list. For definitions of flaming and related information see Matisse Glossary.

DO NOT impose any other rules or conditions, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here. Do not try to regulate this list. If you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, or the content of their subject titles, take it up with me, NOT in the list. The list is for Genealogy and History.

I ask that you do not post queries about living people. Not only is it an invasion of their privacy, but respondants can be liable for prosecution. Most genealogists will not respond to such requests because of the ethical issues.

I reserve the right to unsubscribe anyone who posts commercials, political statements, rude or derogatory remarks or anything offensive or just plain stupid. If in doubt about your posting, ask the Listowner first.

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Last updated on 5-May-2003
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