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Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 628 & 640
1851 H.O. 107 / 2117
1861 R.G. 9 / 2401
1871 R.G. 10 / 3434
1881 R.G. 11 / 3288
1891 R.G. 12 / 2628
1901 R.G. 13 / 3106

Church History

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church

St. Andrew's Church


Church Records


Civil Registration


Description and Travel

Messingham is a parish just south of the city of Scunthorpe. Scotter parish lies to the south.

If you are planning a visit:



Year  Person
1842 Thos, ROWBOTHAM, vict.
1868 George SOWERBY, farmer
1872 George SOWERBY, farmer & vict.
1882 Walter HOPKINSON, vict.
1900 John SLEIGHT
1909 John SLEIGHT
1913 Claude Harry SISSONS
1930 Charles WIlliam BROWN


We have a "Court Baron" for Messingham, provided by Rex JOHNSON:

Court Baron for Messingham dated 27th day of October 1788.

Manor of Messingham: To wit Estreats of all and singular ffines and Amerciaments set imposed and offeered at The View of Frank Pledge with the Great Court Baron of Margaret Walker Spinster Lady of the said Manor held at Messingham and for the said Manor the 27th Day of October 1788

By William Barnard the younger Gentleman Steward

Mr Sowerby for his Horses Trespassing in the cornfield ------------------------6d
Thomas Mason for the like-----------------------------------------------------6d
Jas Holland for his Mare Poultry Trespassing in ye cornfield ------------------1s0d
Mr Charles Morley for his Horse Trespassing in ye cornfield ------------------6d
William Peart for Tethering in the Etruick--------------------------------------- 6d
Jno Rowbottom for his horse Trespassing in the cornfield -----------------------6d
Mr Cross for the like -----------------------------------------------------------6d
Mr Stocks for Mowing & leading Thatch from the Common --------------------6d
William Shadforth for the like ---------------------------------------------------6d
John Ashforth for the like -------------------------------------------------------6d
William Hall for the like ---------------------------------------------------------6d
Geo Benson junr for Grazing & Leading Baggs out of the Common -------------6d
John Fish for the like ------------------------------------------------------------6d
Joseph Lockwood for the like --------------Excused ----------------------------6d

Francis Jobson for 4 Inmates ----------------------------------------------------4d
Mr John Stocks for 2 Ditto ------------------------------------------------------2d
John Elsome for 1Ditto ----------------------------------------------------------1d
Ralph Rowbottom for 2 Ditto ----------------------------------------------------2d
Mr Plummer 1 Do. --------------------------------------------------------------1d
Richard Roadley 2 Do. ----------------------------------------------------------2d
Thomas Wakefield 1 Do. --------------------------------------------------------1d
Robert Gibson 1 Do. ------------------------------------------------------------1d
Mr Thomas Raven junr 1 Do. ----------------------------------------------------1d
Mr Raven 1 Do. ----------------------------------------------------------------1d
William Laughton 1 Do. ---------------------------------------------------------1d
John Barker 1 Do. --------------------------------------------------------------1d
Richard Sharp 1 Do. ------------------------------------------------------------1d

Carry Over 9s 1d

In chase and out chase at Holme:
William Sharp for in chase and out chase ----------------------------------1d
John Elsome for Do. ------------------------------------------------------1d
Charles Croudson for Do. ------------------------------------------------1d
James Holland for Do. ----------------------------------------------------1d
William Peart for Do. -----------------------------------------------------1d
Joseph Milson for Do. ----------------------------------------------------1d
Thomas Sowerby for Do. ---------------------------------------------------1d
John Berry for Do. --------------------------------------------------------1d
John Booth senr for Do. ---------------------------------------------------1d
Moses Sharp for Do. ------------------------------------------------------1d

At Twigmoor:
John Ashforth for In chase and out chase ----------------------------------1d
Mr Nathan Hopkin for Do. ------------------------------------------------1d
John Walker Carpenter for Do. --------------------------------------------1d
William Walker for Do. -----------[illegible comment in brackets] ----------1d
William Stow senr for Do. --------------------------------------------------1d
John Barker for Do. --------------------------------------------------------1d

At Botsford:
Edward Fowler for In chase and out chase ---------------------------------1d
Thomas Winks for Do. -----------------------------------------------------1d

At Butterwick:
George Benson junr for In chase and out chase -----------------------------1d
William Rainforth for Do. ---------------------------------------------------1d
Thomas Campbell for Do. --------------------------------------------------1d
Thomas Fowler for Do. -----------------------------------------------------1d
Robert Benson for Do. ------------------------------------------------------1d

At Burringham:
Joseph Lockwood for In chase and out chase --------------------------------1d


11s 1d

Manor of Messingham:
To the Bailiff of the said Manor and his Deputy-
These are to Authorize and require you to demand of the several persons above named the several and respective Sums on them respectively set and imposed And on refusal or neglect of payment to distrain the Goods and Chattels of the said respective persons for the same for the Use of the Lady of the said Manor Given under my hand and seal this 25th Day of November 1788
Wm Barnard junr



Military History


Military Records

For a photograph of the Messingham War Memorial and the list of names on it, see the Roll of Honour site.


Names, Geographical


Politics and Government


Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.



    Year  Inhabitants
1801 505
1831 1,250
1841 1,548
1871 1,372
1881 1,133
1911 1,141
2001 3,715



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