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Wainfleet St. Mary

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Wainfleet St. Mary is both a village and a parish that lie on the North Sea near Skegness, almost 40 miles east of Lincoln. Wainfleet All Saints parish forms the northern border, along with Croft parish, with the Steeping River being the general boundary. Friskney parish lies to the south. The parish includes the hamlet of Wainfleet Bank and encompasses 6,916 acres of land.

In the parish are the remains of some ancient salt pans, dating back to Roman times. See F. McAvoy's paper in "Medieval Archeology," 1994, vol 38, "Marine Salt Extraction, the salterns of Wainfleet St. Mary, Lincolnshire," pages 134-163. Prior to the draining of the Fens, this parish was a principle source of cranberries for England. And, because of the swamps, it was a popular place for waterfowl and those who hunt them. For more on the local history, see if you can find a copy of Oldfield's, "History of Wainfleet," published in 1829.

Wainfleet was a busy port in Medieval times, but silting of the River and accretion of sand bars off the coast cut off access to the sea. For many decades, Gibraltar Point was the closest ships could get to Wainfleet. That, too, was abandoned in the early 20th century due to accretion of sand banks. The last commercial boats to use The Haven near the point left in the 1920's.

There is a town of Wainfleet in the Niagara Falls area of Ontario, Canada. The link to Lincolnshire is via Governor Simcoe who selected the names for the townships of what was formerly Lincoln County.

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Piece No.
1851 H.O. 107 / 2109
1861 R.G. 9 / 2373
1871 R.G. 10 / 3389
1891 R.G. 12 / 2602

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In 1851, Wainfleet (All Saints and St. Mary combined) had a population of 2,082.

    Year  Inhabitants
1801 421
1831 660
1851 717
1861 730
1871 721
1881 705
1901 669
1911 686
1921 789
1951 959
1971 923
1991 965



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