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Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 612
1861 R.G. 9 / 2339
1871 R.G. 10 / 3346
1891 R.G. 12 / 2576
1901 R.G. 13 / 3041

Church History

Saint Peter and St. Paul Church


Church Records


Civil Registration


Description and Travel

This village and parish lies 7 miles south-west-by-south of Boston, 11 miles north of Spalding and just west of Sutterton parish. The parish covers about 3,500 acres and includes the hamlets of Burtoft and Hoffleet Stow.

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Military History

The parish church has a stained-glass window and an alabaster tabled which were dedicated in December, 1920, to the 19 men who died in World War I.

The church also contains a parchment book with the names, records and, in most cases, photographs of everyone from the parish who served in World War I.


Military Records

Michael PECK advises: I recently stumbled across 2 unusual Rolls of Honour (one for WW1 and another for WW2) at Wigtoft (St. Peter and St. Paul Church). They are unusual in that they have a short record of the service of the men (and 2 women) involved and, most importantly, most have a photo attached. Unfortunately the books are beginning to show the effects of damp and the photos are of variable quality,

WW1 Died: WW1 Served Abroad: WW1 Served Home: WW2 Died: WW2 Served:
John Curtis Chesman Joseph Wm. Aspland Charles Herbert Bugg James Henry Bradshaw Roland Carrott
Herbert Cyril Cummins Fredk. Wm. Baxter Percy Barton (no photo) Albert Henry Firth Fredk Wm. Elkington
Ernest Dawson Percy Collyer Baxter Stanley Chambers David Harris Gough John Charles Firth
Joseph Goldsmith Fred Bannister Arthur Cope Peter Murray Rogerson Norwood Firth
Albert George Grocock Ernest Beecham Harry Drinkall Ralph Edward Summerfield Reginald Firth
Albert Grooby Jessie Bosnell John Franks Helen Elizabeth Leggott
(nee Haseler)
John William Harrison Harold Hurrell Bowser Ozhare Johnson Geo. Kenneth Louth (no photo)
George Hilton Horace Arthur Bradbury Geo. Edward Moses Arthur Edward Massam
Fred Hollingsworth Arthur Leslie Bugg Walter Murley Charles Wm. Massam
Arthur Ernest Hufton Robert Geo. Bugg Herbert Robert Padley Norman Padley
Norwood Levers Thos Edward Bugg Geo. Alec Sanderson Ronald Padley
Richard Moses Sidney Chambers Fred Robinson Taylor John Alfred Patchett
Ernest Albert Moulds Robert Henry Collins Horace Herbert Taylor Robert Rae Rogerson
John Wm. Moulds John Cope Arthur Twigg Wm. Sanderson
Frank Rodgers Joseph Cecil Copeland Joseph Whaley (no photo) Bertha Mary Smith
(nee Prestige - no photo)
Albert Scarboro Frank Sidney Lake Crawford Albert Thompson
Thos Scarboro Harold Creasey Frank Thompson (no photo)
Frank Sydney Diggins Herbert Thompson
Arthur Diggle Walter Thompson
Arthur Elkington Leslie White
John Wm. Elkington
Walter Elkington
Charles James Wm. Firth
Frank Crane Fovargue
Fred Goldsmith (no photo)
James Goldsmith
Robert Goldsmith
Cyril Norman Graves
Leonard Arthur Graves
Arthur Grooby
Herbert Grooby
George Hall
Geo. Edward Harrison
Geo. Wilfred Hicks
Charles Hutton
John Wm. Hollingsworth
Wallis Bourne Jackson
Albert Wm. Kennerley (no photo)
Fredk. Geo. Massam
John Richard Moses
Walter Moses
Frank Leonard Neve
Harry Porter
Arthur Raynor
Albert Richardson
Arthur Richardson
Fred Richardson (no photo)
Herbert Richardson
Jesse Richardson
John Geo. Richardson
Ernest Rodgers
John Thos. Rylott
Wm. Sanderson
Geo. Scarboro
Wm. Robert Oliff Sharpe
Harry Tasker
Harry Dawson Taylor
Reuben Herbert Taylor
Wm. Thompson
Geo. Herbert Tunnard
Francis Wilson
John Edward Young

Politics and Governance


Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.



    Year  Inhabitants
1801 536
1811 555
1821 637
1831 697
1841 713
1851 741
1871 699
1881 675
1891 653
1901 693
1911 723
1971 445



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