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From the Ashby War Memorial, by Eric Walters (with additional notations):

Name  Unit Died  Cemetery Notes
ALTOFT, John 8 N Staffs 6-Jun-18 Soissons Mem
ASHLEY, Charles Willis 8 Lincs 17-Nov-15 Hollybrook Mem
BEARD, Herbert W. 5 DOW 3-May-17 Arras Mem
BICKERDYKE, Horace 7 Lincs a
BITTRICK, T. Lincs e
BOND, Thomas 6 W Yorks 23-Oct-18 Terlincthun BC
BREALEY, Charles Thomas 7 Lincs 13-Nov-15 Menin Road South
BROWN, John Henry 2 Lincs 23-Oct-16 Thiepval Mem
BRYAN, Joseph Frederick 5 Lincs 02-Jul-16 Gommecourt Wood
BURTON, Leonard e
CHAFER, Jonathon Arthur 1 Norfolk 7-May-18 Tarnay Brit. Cem.
CHAPMAN, Albert / Arthur Edward 1 RMLI 28-Apr-17 Pont du Jour MC Athies
CLARK, Charles 5 Lincs 13-Oct-15 Loos Mem
CLARK, Joseph / James Arthur HMS Tipperary 31-May-16 Portsmouth Mem c
DANN, William 1 Lincs 25-Oct-14 Le Touret Mem
DENT, Edward 1 Lincs 01-Nov-14 Menin Gate
ELDRET, E. 33 RGA 24-Dec-16 Aveluy CCxtn
ELLMER, W. G. MP corps 27-Jan-21 Scunthorpe Cem.
FOSTER, Frederick Henry 2 Lincs 15-Mar-15 Le Touret Cty
JOHNSON, Victor Owen 1 Lincs 7-Nov-16 Vermelles BC
KEMP, Arthur 2 Lincs 27-May-18 Soissons Mem
KENDALL, Owen 213 RE 30-Mar-18 Villers Bretonneux MC
LIDGETT, Thomas 8 Lincs 26-Sep-15 Loos Mem
MARSH, Frank 6 Lincs 14-Sep-15 Pieta NC Malta b
MARSH, George Henry 8 Lincs 25-Nov-15 Chapelle- b
MAW(Y), Jack 8 Lincs 14-Nov-16 Thiepval Mem
MEEKS, William Gregory 278 RGA 28-May-17 Kemmel Chateau
PARKER, Wesley 8 Lincs 14-Mar-18 Hooge Crater
PARROTT, John 5 Lincs 20-May-15 Menin Gate
PATRICK, John H. 8 Lincs 26-Sep-15 Loos Mem
RYLATT, William 5 Lincs 13-Oct-15 Loos Mem
SCOTNEY, Charles William 188 RFA 21-Mar-16 Bethune Town Cty
SHARMAN, George Robert Lincs 23-Oct-16 Bancourt BC a
SPENCER, Charles William 11 E Yorks 8-Nov-17 Arras Mem
SPENCER, John 2 Lincs 13-May-16 Warloy-Baillon CC
SPENCER, Randolph T. 5 Lincs 26-Jun-17 Arras Mem
STAMP, Thomas Alfred 5 Lincs 6-Oct-18 St Sever Cxtn
STARKEY, George Thomas 5 Lincs 27-Jun-17 Arras Mem
STOBBART, James N. Labour Corps 1-Mar-18 Bottesford St Peter
STOW, Walter 5 Lincs 28-Apr-15 Bailleul CCxtn
TODD, A. e
WATERS, Henry HMS Hampshire 5-Jun-16 Portsmouth Mem
WEST, John W. 5 Lincs 28-May-15 Packhorse Farm
WILKINSON, Charles Henry RGA 3-May-17 Peronne CCxtn


  1. Not found in CWGC database.
  2. These men are also on the Kirton Lindsey War Memorial.
  3. HMS Tipperary was lost at the battle of Jutland.
  4. All men, except for Pvt. BITTRICK are also on the Scunthorpe Roll of Honour.
  5. Need more info. to find him.

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