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A listing of  family researchers with interests in Landulph, to allow those working on the same families to make direct contact.

            Ken Neal --

Ivor Jones --
Bayley:  16th - 19th centuries
Nanscawen:  18th century

David Henwood --
Deacon:  c. 1800 - c. 1900
Emmett:  c. 1650 - c. 1750
Hoke:  c. 1650 - c. 1750
Moon(e):  1636 - c. 1790
Skinner(d):  1696 - present
Snell:  c. 1600 - c. 1850
Wake(ha)m:  c. 1650 - c. 1750

Nigel Cummings --
Braund family:  17th century to present
Cloke/Cloak/Cloake families:  17th century to present
Landulph history -- all time periods

Andrew Barrett --
Barrett family:  17th century to present
Evans family:  19th & 20th centuries
Hodge family:  16th - 18th centuries
Petherick family:  18th century
Prout family:  18th & 19th centuries
Scantlebury family:  18th century
Wymond family:  18th & 19th centuries

Andrew has also studied the local history of the church and parish.

Julie --
Cloke/Cloak/Cloake:  16th & early 17th centuries; 19th & 20th centuries   
Richard Barratt, ca. 1770 - 1880

If you would like to be listed here, please send your name, email address, family/families researching, and approximate time frame they were in Landulph to this email.
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