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Norfolk Surnames List 

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Surnames Beginning with P

This page was last updated on 23 February 2014

PACE, King's Lynn, 1895-1930,
Antony L. Pace

PACK George William, Thornage/Wisbech, 1911,
Barry Pack

PADDY, any place, 1800 - 1990,
David Paddy

PADDY, any place, any time,
Rex Paddy

PAGE, Acle, 1549-1636 & before,
Dick Marston

PAGE, Great Yarmouth, pre 1850,
Julie Beadle  

PAGE, Attleborough/Besthorpe, 1796 to 1856,
Howard Slatter

PAGE, Besthorpe/Attleborough/Wymondham, 1700-pres,
Robert Page

PAGE William, Besthorpe/Attleborough/Eccles,1800+ any time,
Shirley Betteridge

PAGE Thomas, Wymondham/Besthorpe, 1650 - 1800,
Helena Page

PAGE, Besthorpe/ Norwich,
Bridget Price

PAGE, Wymondham/Norwich, 1700 - 1930,
Elizabeth Wilde

PAGE, Ormesby, 1740 - 1870,
Peter Banham

PAGE, Ormesby St. Margaret/Great Yarmouth, 1740-2006,
Bryan King

PAGE, Hempnall, 1700 - 1800,
Alan Cash

PAGE, Hempnall/Hedenham, late 18th-early 19th C,
Jane French

PAGE, 1678,
Christopher Page

PAGE, Ovington, 1800 - 1945,
Cathy Osborne

PAGE, Wimbotsham/Crimplesham/Downham Market/Stow Bardolph, any time,
Kevin Page

PAGE, North West Norfolk, any time,
Colin Fysh

PAGE, Marham/Swaffham, 1750-1825,
Warren Hudson

PAGE, Pulham St. Mary Magdalen, 1750 - 1850,

PAGGEAT/PAGETT, North West Norfolk/Hindolveston/Norwich, 1700 - 1850,
Pam Vincent

PAINE/PAYNE, Great Ellingham, 1600's,
Eugenia Paine Rapasky

PAINE/PAYNE/PAIN, Earlham/Norwich area, 1750 - 1800's,
George P. Wilson

PAINTER, Burnham Thorpe, any time,

PAINTER/PAYNTER, Tilney All Saints/Clenchwarton/East Winch, 1800's,
Elizabeth Wiggins

PAKE/PEAKE, Rushall, pre 1890,
Barbara Miller

PAKE/PEAKE, Depwade area, 1700 - 1850,
Steve Peake

PALGRAVE, Norfolk/Suffolk/any place, any time,
Derek Palgrave

PALLING, any time, any place,
John Pelan

PALMER William, Ormesby, born about 1596,
Bruce William Palmer

PALMER William, Ormesby, before 1585,

PALMER, Thrigby/Burgh St. Margaret, 1800 to date,
Ian Nelson

PALMER, Earsham/Earlham/Little Melton, 1750/1870,
Patricia Hickey

PALMER, Little Melton, 1750 - 1850,
Cameron Gracey 

PALMER, North Norfolk, 1750 - 1850,
Sue Powell

PALMER, Foulsham, pre 1845,
Denise Woodhouse

PALMER, Stanhoe/Sedgeford, 1700 onwards,
John Kent

PALMER, Frettenham, any time,
Carol Smith

PALMER, Southery, 1750 - 1800,
Maureen Rust

PALMER, Gorleston, 1700 - 1900,
Susan Barlow

PALMER, Norwich/Gorleston, 1800 - 1900,
Joan Thomas

PALMER, Bawdeswell, 1790 - 1880,
Howard Slatter

PALMER, Methwold/Hilgay, 1850 to present,
Ann McClean

PALMER Martha, Norwich,1823,
Ann Varma

PALMER Edith Leah, Wighton, 1939,
June Powell

PALMER, Winfarthing/Burston, 1790 - 1890,

PALMER, Seething/Norwich/Loddon, 1750 - 1900,
Hadfield Palmer

PALMER, Merton, before 1799,
Lesley Anderson

PALMER Mary, South East Norfolk, 1745 - 1755,
Dominic Bruce

PALSEY, Denton, pre 1800,
Sarah Emmerson

PAMMENT, King's Lynn, 1790 - present,
Steve Novak

PANK, Norwich, any time,
Margaret Weston

PANKHURST, Norwich, 1860- present,
Wayne Milham

PANTRY, any place, any time,
Paula Hutchinson

PAPES, Binham, 1750-,
Andrew prescott

PARDON Walter George, Weston Longvillle, any time,
Jacqui Gadd

PARFITT, any place, any time,
Linda Ryder

PARFITT, Norwich, any time.
Linda Ryder

PARFREMENT, King's Lynn, 1800 onwards,
Neil Mitchell

PARFREY, Holme Hale/Swaffham/Stratford New Town, London, 1838 - any time,
Howard Ray Lawrence

PARISH, Methwold, any time,
Elizabeth Taylor

PARISH, Norwich, any time,
Mandy Cox

PARISH Robert, Norwich, 1880+, 
David Booty

PARK, Norwich, 1750 - 1880,
Ann Cooper

PARK Francis, Wiggenhall St, Mary the Virgin, 1750's,
Paul Park

PARKE, Reepham, 1600 - 1800,
Beth Speicher

PARKE, Hardingham/Reymerston, 1580-1800,
Jon Butcher

PARKER, Whissonsett, 1800 - 2008,
Colin King

PARKER, Matlask, 18th C,
Bevis Malone

PARKER, Rockland St. Mary, any time,
Carol Smith

PARKER, Rockland St. Mary, any time,
Gerry Moon

PARKER, Norwich, late 1800's & early 1900's,
Sandra Douglas

PARKER, Norwich, 1934-2001,
Carol Palmer

PARKER, Norwich, 1800+,
Clare Parker

PARKER Louisa, Norwich, 1811-1841,
Wendy Anne Rider

PARKER, Colkirk, any time,
Tina Sherwood

PARKER, Poringland/Burgh St. Peter/Norwich, 1800's,
Gail Johanson

PARKER, Attleborough/Carleton Rode/Hargham/Kenninghall, 1750+,
Trish Poock

PARKER William James, any place, born circa 1861,
Chris Hunn

PARKER, King's Lynn, any time,

PARKER, South Pickenham, any time,
Barbara Smith

PARKES James, Oxborough, 1750 - 1845,
Kay Parkes Wright

PARKES John, Wereham/Gooderstone, 1871-1901,
Kay Parkes Wright

PARKES Joseph, Wereham/Gooderstone,
Kay Parkes Wright

PARLET, East Dereham, 1700's,
Will Stevenson

PARLETT, Hillington, pre 1775,
Sarah Emmerson

PARLETT, Wereham/Marham/Stoke Ferry, 1720 - 1880,
Gail Wilson-Waring

PARLETT, Marham, 1770 - 1860,
Marie Ball

PARNELL, Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, 1840 - 1880,
Annette Vivienne Parnell

PARNELL, Foulden Area, Circa 1850,
Annette Parnell

PARNELL, Harpley/Docking, before 1850,
Linda Olliver

PARNELL, Rougham/Weasenham St. Peter/Weasenham All Saints/Foulden, any time,
Kay Sweetman

PARNELL, King's Lynn/Marshland St. James/Wisbech/Downham/Wiggenhall St. Mary/Emneth, 1890 - 1927,
Barbara Nelson

PARNELL, Foulden/Hainford/Swaffham, any time,
Ray Parnell

PARNELL, North Creake/South Creake, 1750 - 1910,
Terry Aird

PARNELL-CONSTABLE, Heigham/Hackford, circa 1787 +,
Murray Kelly

PARRISH Joshua, 11/20/1770,
James T. Rosenbaum

PARROCK, Blofield, 1744 to 1795,
Judith Jones

PARSLEY, Blofield/Yaxham/Norwich, any time,
Lesley Day 

PARSLOW, Bramerton/Norwich, 1800 to present,
David Naylor

PARSON, Ely, Cambridgeshire/Stanhoe, 1800,
Hugh Parson

PARSONS, any place, any time,
Lewis Barton Parsons

PARSONS, Hunstanton, pre 1830,
Margaret Majurey

PARSONS, Thornham/Titchwell , 1700,
Ron Mitchell

PARTRIDGE, Hockham Hall, 1600 - 1900,
John Pemberton

PARTRIDGE, Hockham Hall, any time,
Sonia Law

PARTRIDGE, Briston/Thurning, 1780 - 1910,
Malcolm Macdonald

PARTRIDGE, Foxley/Sparham, 1700 - 1800,
Judy Prokopius

PARTRIDGE, Scarning/Aylsham, 1800 - 1918,
Judy Prokopius

PASHLEY, Norwich/Fressingfield/Lowestoft, pre 1880,
Moray Henderson

PASSOVER, Norwich/Fakenham/Walsingham, 1780 - 1850,

PATE, Weeting, 1700 - 1800,
Adrian Arnold

PATE-MANSOM, Wood Dalling, 1818,
Roslyn Bradford

PATERSON, Woodbastwick/Thrigby/Burgh St. Margaret, 1780 plus,
Ian Nelson

PATRICK Elizabeth, Walsingham/Dereham/Mitford/Reymerston, 1788-2006,
Lynda Denier

PATRICK/PARTRICK, Morley St. Botolph/Attleborough, any time,

PATTERN, Thornham/any place, pre 1851,
George Pattern

PATTERSON, North Burlingham/Acle, 1820 or earlier,
Roger Waters

PATTLE, any place, any time,
Mary Pattle Hover

PAUL, Norwich/Bungay, 1720 - 1820,
Marion A McLeod

PAUL, North West Norfolk, 1700 & 1800's,
Pat Upsall

PAUL, Costessey, any time,
Anne Doyle

PAWLEY, any time, any place,
John Pelan

PAWLEY, Hempton, 19th C,
Carolyn Pawley

PAWSEY, any place, 1700 - 1900,
Felicity Pawsey

PAXMAN, any place, any time,
Craig W. Paxman

PAYNE, Marsham/Aylsham, 1750 - 1900,
Graham Gall

PAYNE, Aylsham, any time,
Margaret Hall

PAYNE, any place, pre 1800,
John Trudgill

PAYNE/PAINE, Flegg, 1800's-1900's,
Bryan King

PEACH, Ketteringham Hall, 1785-1835,
Rhiannon Boardman

PEACHEY, Methwold/Thetford area, 1700 - 1900's, (no valid email address)
Thomas Peeke

PEACHMAN, Lyng/Rackheath/Thorpe St. Andrew, 1670 - 1850,
Steve Ecclestone

PEACHMENT, any place, any time,
Edward Peachment

PEACHMENT, any place, any time,
Claire Pearce

PEACOCK, Shelfanger/Morley St. Botolph, before 1850,
Kirsty A Newell

PEACOCK, North West Norfolk, 1700 - 1800,
Antony Broad

PEAD, any place, any time,
Bruce Gilligan

PEAKE, Stoke Ferry area/any place, any time,
Maureen Baisden

PEAKE, Morley St. Botolph & surrounds, any time,

PEAKE Thomas & family, Harling, 18th C, blacksmiths,
Trevor Peake

PEAPES, any place, any time,
Andrew prescott

PEAPS, any place, any time,
Andrew Prescott

PEAR, Norwich, 1860-2008,
Bryan King

PEARCE Ann, North East Norfolk, pre 1850,
Pat Upsall

PEARCE Ann, Great Plumstead/Norwich, pre 1854,
Mabel Sharp

PEARCE, Newton by Castle Acre, 1940,

PEARCE Margaret, King's Lynn, married to Dr. Arthur GARDINER, 1885-1920?,
Sandra Gardiner

PEARCE William and Samuel, Rushall area, pre and post 1771,
Kay Pearce

PEARL/PURL, any place, 1807-1900,
Sandra Parker

PEARMAIN, any place, pre 20th century,
Sarah Pearmain

PEARSON, Denver, circa 1800 - 1830,
Gerald Irion

PEARSON, any place, pre 1845,
Danielle Perrett

PEARSON, Great Yarmouth, any time,
John Gross

PEARSON William, Walsoken, 1805,

PEARSON, West Winch, pre 1853,
Kathy Grant

PEART, Norwich, any time,
Bridget Price

PEASE, Mitford, pre 1850,
Shirley Cooper

PEASE, Norwich/Great Yarmouth,
Andrew Pease

PEASE, Norwich, 1801-1950,
Michael Pease

PECK, any place, 1700+,
Janet M Bye

PECK, Heigham, 1600's,
Robert D. Bee

PECK, Loddon/Earsham, 19th C,
Ron Stallard

PECK, Hardley/Surlingham, any time,
Paul Stammers

PECK, King's Lynn/Norwich, any time,
Moira Cornwell

PECK Robert, Norwich, St. Michael at Thorn, 1790 - 1850,
Rex Harrison

PECK, Stody, 1891 onwards,
Patsy Jennett

PECK, Guist/Thornage/Stody/Brinton, 1700 - 1900,
Robbie Cozens

PECK Hannah, Dunston & nearby, late 18th C,
Andrew Hockey

PECKALL, West Norfolk/Cranwich area, pre 1750,
Ruth Dunlap

PECKETT, Southery, 1700 - 1850,
Graham Pratten

PEEL, Wymondham/Wood Rising, any time,

PEEL, Costessey, 1860 - 1870,
Keith Bloomfield

PEEL, Fundenhall/any place, any time,
Norman Saliba

PEELING, Mileham and around, pre 1900,
Joe Fisher

PEELING, Stanfield, pre 1847,
Steven Poole

PEELING, Stanfield, and general area, pre-1900,
Stan Hoadley

PEELING, Stanfield/Great Ryburgh, 1800 - 1910,
Jill Hyams

PEEPS, any place especially King's Lynn, any time,
Andrew Prescott

PEESE, any place, 1800 to 1900,
Julie Akhurst

PEGG James, any place, 1817,
Jim Pegg

PEGG, Erpingham and district, 19th C,
Lynda Smith

PEGG, Swanton Novers/Wood Norton, 1755-1841,
Phil Booth

PEGG, North Norfolk, from 1750's,
Karen Draper

PEGG, Sheringham/any place, any time,
Lizzie Rees

PEGG Walter, Little Walsingham/Fakenham, 1865-1891,
Denise Cladd

PEGGS, Honing/Lessingham, 1780 - 1830's,

PEIRCE, Caistor/Stoke Holy Cross, 1550 -1700,
Rosemary Frost

PELL, any place, pre 1800,
Chris Watts

PELL, Great Yarmouth, 1852 onwards,
Wendy Reeve

PELL, Holt, circa 1700 - 1900,
Wanda Sinclair

PELL, East Rudham, 1750 - 1800,
Sue Powell

PELLS, Hempstead by Holt, pre 1850,
John & Ev Tate

PELLS Mary, South East Norfolk, 1750 - 1765,
Dominic Bruce

PEMMANT, King's Lynn, 1790 - present,
Steve Novak

PEMMENT, King's Lynn, 1790 - present,
Steve Novak

PENDLETON, Norwich/Lancashire, before 1469 to present,
Josephine Lindsay Bass

PENDLETON Philip, born 26 Mar 1654 Norwich,died 9 Nov 1721 King and Queen Co. Virginia,
Josephine Lindsay Bass

PENNELL, Norwich, 1800+,
David Booty

PENNINGTON, Holkham, 1740 to 1780,
Rick Crume

PENTNEY, any place, 1700's & 1800's,
Susan Robison

PENTNEY, any place, 1870's,
Ros Davies

PENTNEY/PENTEN/PENTENY, Bodham/Baconsthorpe/Holt, 1800-,
Ros Davies

PEPYS, any place, any time,
Andrew Prescott

PEPYS/PEAPES/PEAPS/PEEPS/PAPES, Burnham/King's Lynn/Norwich/Great Yarmouth,
Andrew Prescott 

PEREMENT, any place, pre 1900,
Roydon Loveley

PERFECT/PERFITT/PARFETT, any place, 1600 to 1850,
Shaun M. O'Hara

PERKINS Thomas Stephen, any place, 1860 - 1901,

PERKINS, East Dereham, pre 1840,
Philip Jones

PERKINS, Bawburgh/Hethersett, pre 1840,
Phil Hillier

PEROWNE James, Norwich, any time,

PERRY, Necton, 1800 onwards,
John R. Ellis

PERRY, Necton, 1800 to present ,
Godfrey Brown

PERRY, Reedham, any time,
Mike Goffen

PERRY George, Norwich, 1790 - 1820,
Martin Harriss

PESCOD, King's Lynn/North Walsham, 1700-1800,
Glenda Boulter

PESTELL, North East Norfolk, 1700+,
Bob Pestell

PESTELL, Gorleston, 1910 - 1960,
John Leeder

PESTELL, Great Yarmouth, any time,
Susan Branton

PETCH, Swaffham/any place, any time,
Graham Stuart Petch

PETCH, Swaffham/King's Lynn, 1750 onwards,
Pamela Campbell

PETCHEY, Dersingham/Brancaster, any time,
Heather Gooch

PETRE, Westwick, any time,
Stewart Addley

PETT, Hingham/Forehoe, 1851 & earlier,
Melanie Witt

PETT, Walpole St. Peter, 1780 - 1850,
Elizabeth Lloyd

PETTENGILL, Mautby/Caister-on-Sea, 1750 - 1820,
Mary Jacob

PETTINGILL, Great Yarmouth/Fritton, 1800 onwards,
Judy Dennis

PETTIT, Scole, 1790 - 1800,
Barbara E. Taylor

PETTIT Harriet, Old Buckenham, 1840 - 1890,
Fiona Youlton

PHIL(L)IPS, Necton/Swaffham, 1760 - 1840,
G Wright

PHIL(L)IP(P)O, Stibbard, pre 1845,
Denise Woodhouse

PHILLIPPO, Caistor St. Edmund/Stoke Holy Cross/Ludham, 1891+,
David Booty

PHILLIPPO, Ludham/Smallbourgh, 1700 - 1810,
Derek John Phillippo

PHILLIPPO, Bintry/East Rudham/Docking/Holme next the Sea/Ringstead/King's Lynn,
Kathleen Anast

PHILLIPO, Briningham/Swanton Novers area, any time,
Sandra Craske

PHILLIPS, Norwich, about 1820,
Calvin E. Phillips

PHILLIPS, Norwich, 1840 - 1930,
Steve Glover

PHILLIPS, Old Buckenham, pre 1840,
Patricia O'Neill

PHILLIPS, Swaffham, 1800 - 1860,
Gerry Wright

PHILLIPS Christopher, West Raynham, 1560 - 1625,
Pam Sulzer

PHILO, Mattishall, pre 1850,
Colin Moretti

PHILO, Swaffham, any time,
Cathy Burton

PHILO, Swaffham/East Dereham, from 1670, particuarly Swaffham 1851,
Paul Philo

PHILPOT/PHILPOTT, Burston, 1827-1884,
Vicki Barrett

PHINN, Great Yarmouth, any time,
Gillian Wallhead

PICKIS/PICKES, Norwich, 1700 - 1800,
A O'Brien

PICKLETON/PIKELING, Great Yarmouth/any place, pre 1800,
Lorraine Davidson

PICKRELL, Congham/Hillington/Flitcham/Grimston, 1818-1859,
Florence Wilson

PIDGEON, Great Yarmouth, any time,
Rachel Hill

PIGG, Norwich/New Catton, 1850 onwards,
Val Hobson

PIGGEN, Norwich, before 1875,
Paul Howes

PIGGEN/PIGGIN, Norwich, any time,
David Booty

PIGGIN, Norwich & surrounds/any place, 1460 - 2007/any time,
Richard John Crickmore

PIGGIN, Norwich, before 1875,
Paul Howes

PIGGIN/PIGGINS, any place, any time,
Jean-Baptiste Piggin

PIGGON, Norwich, before 1875,
Paul Howes

PIGMAN, Hunstanton/Norwich, 1600-1748,
Curtis Pigman (Pigmon)

PIGNEY, any place, 1800-2000,
Jane Green

PIGNEY, Stockton, 18th C,
Jane Green

PIGOTT, Salthouse and surrounding area, pre 1900,
Helen Burrell

PIGOTT, Salthouse, pre 1900,

PIKE, any place, 1700 to 1920,
Shaun M. O'Hara

PIKE/PYKE, Emneth, 1700+,
Dorothy Harris

PIKE, Great Yarmouth/Barton Turf/Tunstead, before 1900,
Bret Busby

PIKE, Norwich, 1670 - 1740,
Steve Ecclestone

PIKE, Foulsham/Marsham/Norwich /Great Yarmouth, 1716 - 1860,
Anne Hall

PIKELING/PICKLETON, Great Yarmouth/any place, pre 1800,
Lorraine Davidson

PILCH, North Runcton/Brisley, pre 1750,
John Polhemus

PILCH, Brisley/North Runcton/Middleton, 1600 - 1750,
Brenda King

PILCH, Brisley, 1700's, 
John Forster

PILCHER, Swaffham area, 1866 onwards,
Pauline Poustie

PILE, any place, any time,
Gillian Barnes

PILE, Winterton/Great Yarmouth to America, 1600 to 1850,
Robert DeVowe

PILE, Brandon Parva, circa 1700+,
Ann Tenthy

PILE/PYLE, Norwich, 1750 - 1830,
John Burgess

PILGRIM, Wighton, 1700 - 1800,
Ken Bennett

PILMER/PILLMER, King's Lynn, 1800 - 1850/any time,
Jean Purkiss

PINCHEN William, Holt, 1820 - 1900,
Mary Jenkin

Gerry Hayward

PINFOLD, any place, any time,
Mike Lundy

PINNOCK, Norwich,1700 - 1900,
Sue Pinnock

PIPE, Holt, pre 1790,
Peter Banham

PIPER, Norfolk/Suffolk, 1940 - 1950,
Eion Fleming

PIPER, Watton/Ovington area, 1700's,
Kim Semmence

PITCHER, any place, any time,
Howard Godfrey

PITCHER, any place, any time,
Susan Oakley

PITCHER, North East Norfolk, 1700 +, ,
Jane Cummins

PITCHER, Flitcham/any place, 1800-present,
Amanda Wood

PITCHER, Ingoldisthorpe/Flitcham/West Newton/Dersingham, 1700's/1800's,
Amanda Wood

PITCHER, Norwich, 1700's -1800's,
Hilary Hutson

PITCHER, Docking area, 1600 onwards,
Elizabeth Pugh

PITCHER, Docking, any time,
Shaun Pitcher

PITCHER, Ringstead, 1700,
Ron Mitchell

PITCHERS, any place, pre 1840,
John Trudgill

PITCHERS, Gillingham, 19th C,
Jane Green

PITELEN, Melton, 1750 - 1810,
Julie Pitelen

PITT, any place, pre 1850,
Trevor Price

PITT, Great Yarmouth, before 1830,
Peter J Richardson

PITT/PITTS, any place, pre1800,
Audrey Fawn

PIZZY, Garboldisham/ East Harling, anyt ime,

PLAIN, Stow Bedon, 1809,
Ronald Manchen

PLANE, Walsingham/North Norfolk, c1800-,
Tina Sherwood

PLANE, Sculthorpe/Great Snoring/Little Snoring, any time,
Tina Sherwood

PLANE, King's Lynn,1850,
Jenni Hodges

PLANE, Caistor/Flegg/West Somerton/Martham, pre 1800,

PLANE, Great Yarmouth, 1818 - 1900,
Sue Coe

PLANE, Norwich, any time,
Catrin Parry-Jones

PLATFORD, Mattishall, before 1800,
Paul Howes

PLATTEN, any place, 1770+,
Christine Astell

PLATTEN, any place, 1831-1852,
Vicki Barrett

PLATTEN, Norfolk/Surrey, any time,
Robert Platten

PLATTEN (James), Timber Hill, Norwich,
Jenny Watson

PLATTEN, Letheringsett, 1700's,
Janet Bye

PLATTEN Sara Anne, Carbrooke, 1830 - 1860,
Tom Anderson

PLAYFORD, any place, any time,
Howard Godfrey

PLAYFORD, Corpusty, early 1800's,
Kathy Playford-Hinderliter

PLAYFORD, Great Yarmouth, 1750 - 1900,
Deborah Collins

PLAYLE, Wretton, 1850 on back,

PLEASANTS, Sculthorpe, pre 1800/1800 to date,
Andrew Stevenson

PLEWS, Westenton, 1900-present,

PLOUGH, Bergh Apton/Rockland St. Mary, 1550 to 1700,
David Booty

PLOWRIGHT, any place, 1600 - 1730,
Anne Murray

PLOWRIGHT, King's Lynn/Castle Rising, 1800's,
Carol Pointer

PLOWRIGHT, Hindolveston/any place, pre 1841, researching any possible connection between the Norfolk Plowrights and the Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Plowrights,
Linda Sokalofsky

PLOWRIGHT, King's Lynn, pre 1850,
Sharon Pimm

PLOWRIGHT, Wells next the Sea, 1700 - 1900's,
Margaret Chirnside

PLUMB, Rackheath, 1780 - 1820,
Steve Ecclestone

PLUMB, Docking/South Creake, 18th C,
Gill Thompson

PLUME, any place, any time
D G Plume

PLUMMER, Sandringham House (head gardener), 1870 onwards,

PLUMMER, Postwick, any time,
Carol Holdstock

PLUMMER, Great Yarmouth/Norwich, 1780 - 1821,
Sharon Finn

PLUMPTON, Old Buckenham/Attleborough, 1730 - 1836,
John E Plumpton

PLUNKETT, Norwich, 1800 onwards,
Maureen Cooke

PLUNKETT, Norwich/Wymondham, any time,
Kim Andrews

POINTER, Docking, before 1850,
Linda Olliver

POINTER Benjamin, Wymondham, 1800 - 1841,
Maureen Butcher

POINTER, St. Faith's, any time,
Linda Ryder

POINTING/POINTEN/POINTIN, Briningham, 1800 - 1900 PeterLowe@Bigfoot.Com
Peter Lowe

POLL, North Tuddenham/Elsing, 1700 - 1900,
Mark Wales

POLL, Wymondham/Spooner Row, 1700 onward,
Suzanne Thomas

POLL Ishmael, Wymondham, 1750 -1850,
Maureen Butcher

POLL Mary, Wymondham, 1801 -1881,
Maureen Butcher

POLL Elizabeth, Wymondham, 1740 - 1850,
Alfred Coggles

POLL, Bilney/Pentney, 1750 - 1870,
John Wareham

POLLARD, Norwich St. Benedict/St. Augustine/Heigham/St. Mary, 1851 onwards,
Catherine Keelan-Parsons

POLLARD, any place, pre 1856,
Frances Smith

POLLARD William, married Norwich St. Stephen,1810,
Ann Tenthy

POLLARD, Hickling/Catfield/Potter Heigham, 18th-20th C,
Dr Geoffrey Taylor

POLLARD Samuel, Hickling, 1823-1904,
Dr Geoffrey Taylor

POLLINGTON, Great Dunham, 1764,
Bonnie Leather

POMFREY, any place, 1850 - 1935,
Bruce Sheardown

POND, Swanton Morley/East Dereham/Longham/Bawdeswell/Bintry, pre 1800,
Paul Crewe

POND, Norwich, any time,
Diane Baker

POOLE, Norwich, 1730 - 1800,
Marion A McLeod

POND, Wimbotsham, 1800+,
Jenny Cooper

POOLEY, Necton and environs, any time,
Mark Vygus

POOLEY, Necton, 1795 - 1873,
Frank Thomas Haylett

POOLEY, Bradenham, 1841 to 1881,
Sarah Grafinger

POOLEY, Methwold, 1700-present,
Kathy P.

POOLEY, West Dereham, 1700 - 1850,
Ellen Maki

POOLEY, Croxton by Thetford/Norwich, 1700+,
Rosemary Clarke-Barkes

POOLEY, Horsford, 1700 - 1780,
Steve Ecclestone

POOLEY Ann, Swaffham/Houghton next Harpley, 1740,
Pamela Campbell

POPAY, Ashmanhaugh, 1750 - 1800,
Nancy McLaughlin

POPAY, Winterton on Sea,1900-2008,
Barrie Popay

POPE, Welney/Hilgay, 1800 onwards,
Shane Strawson

PORRET, Hevingham/Felthorpe/Horsford, pre 1815,

PORRETT, Sea Palling, 1828,
Janet Drury

PORRETT, Mattishall/Hellesdon/Norwich/Calthorpe, 1800 - 1970,
David Porrett

PORTER, Clackclose Hundred/any place, pre 1850,
Brian Porter

PORTER, Southery/Hilgay, any time,
Anne Singleton

PORTER, Southery/Hilgay, pre 1820,
Christopher Shaw

PORTER, Southery, 1700 - 1800,
Maureen Rust

PORTER, any place, pre 1800,
Lorraine Davidson

PORTER Frederick, Norwich, 1900 - 1910,
Colin Porter

PORTER, North Pickenham, 1790 - 1880,

PORTER William, born 1811, Shouldham,
Vince Clark

PORTER Sarah, Scole/Thorpe Abbotts, about 1761-1840,
Valerie Elliott

PORTER, Cley next the Sea, any time,
Claire David

PORTER, Norwich, 1800 - 1900,
Peter Spurgeon

PORTER Ann, Dickleborough area, 1780 onwards,
Jenny Manning

PORTFLEET, any place, any time,
Richard Johnson

PORTLER, any place, pre 1850,
Brian Porter

POSTLE, Sco Ruston/Brumstead/Norwich/Blofield to Australia, 1490 to 1973,
Judith Jones

POSTLE, any place, pre 1800,
John Trudgill

POTTER, any place, pre 1750,
John Trudgill

POTTER Susan, any place, any time,
Sandra-Faye Nagy

POTTER, Norwich St. Peter Mancroft, 1800 to ?,
Mark Howells

POTTER, Besthorpe/Old Buckenham, 1750 - 1850,
Pauleen Marriott

POTTER, Banham/Kenninghall, any time,
Stuart Foulstone

POTTER, Banham/Kenninghall, any time,
Barbara Smith

POTTER, Snettisham/Gaywood/Dersingham, 1830 - 1980,
Andrew Whitfield

POTTER, Horsham St. Faith/Worstead, any time,

POTTER Joshua, Tivetshall, any time,
Karen Kristiansen

POTTER, Sedgeford, 1700 - 1800,
Andy Whitfield

POTTER, North West Norfolk, any time,
Colin Fysh

POTTLE, Carleton Rode area, early to mid 1700's,
Annette Watson

POTTS, Gorleston, any time,
Debbie Gentry

POTTS Mary Ann, any place, any time,
Yvonne Garry

POWDITCH, any place, 1196-present day,
John Algar

POWELL, Great Yarmouth, 1851 to 1920,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Stephen (father: William, mother: Rackham), Hainford, 1795-1805
Joy Hansen

POWELL, East Rudham, pre 1800,
Martin Reeve

POWELL Alice Selina, Great Yarmouth, 1872-1917,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Benjamin, Great Yarmouth, 1798-1882,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Horace, Great Yarmouth, 1892-1976,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Joseph, Great Yarmouth, 1824-1907,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Thomas W M, Great Yarmouth,1851-1919,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Joe, Great Yarmouth, 1849-1926,
Timothy Walker

POWELL William T, Great Yarmouth, 1874-1931,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Nellie P, Great Yarmouth/Gorleston/London, 1903-1965,
Timothy Walker

POWELL Reverend John, Castle Acre,
Andrew Dawson

POWELL, Stoke Ferry, any time,
Lesley Powell

POWELL, King's Lynn, any time,
June Gamble

POWLES, any place, 1564-1960,
Kevin George

POWLES, any place, any time,
Derek Powles

POWLEY, Guist, 1890's,
Lyane Kendall

POWLEY, Weeting with Broomhill, circa 1908,
Lyane Kendall

POWLEY, Sporle/Necton, 1800 onwards,
John R. Ellis

POWLEY, Docking, before 1800,
Linda Olliver

POWLEY, Gorleston, any time,
Viv Johnson

POWLEY, Tunstall/Little Plumstead, 1700-to present,
Sue Pinnock

POWLEY, Martham/Flegg, 1700 - 1900,

POWLEY, Holme Hale/Hilgay/Swaffham, 1786- 1857,
Howard Ray Lawrence 

PRATT, West Walton, 1800 to 1900,
Colin Handley

PRATT, Horsford/Norwich, 1750 - 1900,
Sue Powell

PRATT, Smallburgh, any time,
Tina Sherwood

PRATT, Horsham St. Faith, pre 1810,

PRATT Samuel Thomas, Threxton/King's Lynn, 1806-1880,
Alasdair Pratt

PRATT, Worstead, 1800 - 1900,
Dr Geoffrey Taylor

PRATT, Trunch/Needham, before 1850,
Suzanne Maiden

PRATT Robert & Alice, Trunch, 1775-1850,
Suzanne Maiden

PRATT Mary Ann, married Jerome Denny BRIGHT in 1818 at Needham,
Suzanne Maiden

PRATT Elizabeth, Swafield, 1834 - 1852,
Marie Henderson

PRATTE/PRATT Robert, married Alice PYKE in 1793 in Trunch,
Suzanne Maiden

PRECIOUS & variants, South Norfolk, pre 1800,
Alan Gooding

PRECIOUS, Attleborough, 1773 to 1876,
Brian Mayes

PRECIOUS, Hilborough/Saham Toney/Swaffham, 1700 - 1850,
John Harrowven

PRENTICE, South Lopham, 1850 to present,
Steve Poole

PRENTICE, Norwich, about 1840,
Hilary Stanton

PRENTICE, Norfolk/Banham, 1868-1920,
Ruth Fritz

PRESANT, any place, any time,
Steve Presant

PRESANT, Norwich, 1750 onwards,
Christine Astell

PRESANTS, any place, any time,
Julian Heyes

PRESTON, Bale/Norfolk,
Flick Miller

PRESTON, Bale, 1750 - 1900,
Susie Squires

PRETTY William, Hall Farm Ditchingham, post 1881,
Judy Miller

PRICK/PRYKE/PRIKE, Cley next the Sea/Norwich/Lingwood, 1800-1900,
John Buckley

PRIDGEON, East Walton/North Runcton/King's Lynn, 18th/19th centuries,
Richard Brothwell

PRIKE/PRICK/PRYKE, Cley next the Sea/Norwich/Lingwood, 1800-1900,
John Buckley

PRIM, any place, 1500 to 1900, (no valid email address)
Alan R Prime

PRIME, any place, (One Name Study), any time, (no valid email address) 
Alan R Prime

PRIME, Diss, 1750 to 1850,
Bernard Metcalfe

PRIME, Redenhall with Wortwell and Harleston/Alburgh, any time,
Marilyn Hatcher

PRINGLE George MD, Hackford/Reepham, 1750 - 1790's,
Robert Pringle

PRIOR, Horning/Thurne/Ludham, 1775-1842,
Scott Prior

PRIOR, Hellesdon/Norwich, 1700 - 1800,
Pete Dady

PRIOR, Wisbech & surrounds, any time,
Donna Williams 

PRITTY, Harleston, pre 1800,
Martin Reeve

PROCTOR, King's Lynn, 1800 - 1850,
Joanne Mason

PROCTOR, Shouldham, any time,
Barbara Butcher

PROCTOR, Wymondham, 1600 - 2000,
Sue Nelson

PROCTOR, Wymondham, any time,
Tony Everett

PROUDFOOT, any place, any time,
Howard Godfrey

PROUDFOOT, any place, before 1885,
Gillian Bangay

PYKE Mary Ann, any place, 1750 - 1820,
Steve Henser

PRYKE/PRIKE/PRICK, Cley next the Sea/Norwich/Lingwood, 1800-1900,
John Buckley

PRYME, any place, any time, (no valid email address)
Alan R Prime

PUCKLE, any place, any time,
Jean Davidson

PUCKSLY, Gimingham/Aylsham, 1700 - 1800,
Alan Cash

PULFER, Great Yarmouth/Flegg District, early 1900's - 1800's,
Ross Pulfer-Ridings

PULFORD, Billockby/Clippesby, 1800 onwards,
Noel Dodd

PULFORD, Great Yarmouth area, <1800 - 1835,
Vicki Snyder

PULFORD,  Great Yarmouth/Waveney Valley, before 1830,
Peter J Richardson

PULL, Aylsham, 1790 - 1900,
Graham Gall

PULL, Hackford/Reepham, any time,
Angela Wright-Nicolaou

PULL, North Walsham, 18th C,
Paul Manning

PULL, Bradfield/Paston/Southrepps, any time,

PULPHER, Kenninghall, 1800 - 1860,

PULPHER, East Harling/West Harling, any time,

PUMFREY, Horsford/Barton Bendish/Beechamwell, 1750 to 1912,
Susan Harnwell

PUMFREY, Great Yarmouth, pre 1930, (no valid email address)



PUNCHARD, any place, any time,
Beverley Davies

PUNCHARD Phoebe, South East Norfolk, 1770 - 1780,
Dominic Bruce

PURDANCE/PURDAUNCE, Norfolk/Suffolk, 1300 - 1500,
Russ Spurdens

PURDY, Watton, pre 1810,
Keith Purdie

PURDY, any place, pre 1800,
Lorraine Davidson

PURDY, Sheringham/any place, any time,
Lizzie Rees

PURDY, Upper Sheringham/ Sheringham, pre 1776,
Vinnie Purdy

PURDY, Stiffkey/Briningham, any time,
Norma Purdy

PURPLE, any place, any time,
Jennifer Purple

PURSE Fuller, Ashill, 1866-,
Jane Powell

PURT, King's Lynn, 1800's,
Carol Pointer

PYCRAFT/PYCROFT, Filby/Ormesby St. Margaret/Great Yarmouth, 1714 to 1900,
Sue Coe

PYE George, Swanton Abbott/Norwich, 1928,
Fred Pye

PYE Barnard, Cawston, 1816-1893,
Fred Pye

PYE George J, Cawston,1874,
Fred Pye

PYE Martha, Cawston,1855,
Fred Pye

PYE, Southrepps, 1700 - 1850,
Jane Brown

PYE, Great Yarmouth, 1700 - 1750,
Wendy Ford

PYE, Ovington/Watton, 1900 to present,
Ed Bristow

PYKE Alice, Trunch, 1775-1850,
Suzanne Maiden

PYLE, any place, any time,
Gillian Barnes

PYLE/PILE, Norwich, 1750 - 1830,
John Burgess

PYMER, Saxlingham and nearby parishes, 1750 and before,
Jenny Manning

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