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Beebe with alternate spellings is an English surname. Our direct line has so far been tracked back to 1535 Northampton shire, England. From old records we are gradually filling in the blanks.

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Click for full size map of Northampton, Eng.

Map of Kettering and Broughton

See borough #5 on the secondary map.

A copy of oil painting below is provided by George Wilson of Belfast, N. Ireland as an example of 17th century ship design.

The copy of an oil painting below depicts the good ship Speedwell docked in the harbor of New London, Connecticut. It  is donated by John Quibble of Morgan, Wales.

NOTE: History suggests the Speedwell first sailed with the Mayflower in 1620, but was forced to return to England for repairs.

In 1621 it sailed to Plymouth, MA and then crossed the ocean several times before 1650.

Note; One version claimed the sailors sabotaged the ship out of fear to get out of their agreement to sail the ship to America.

Large circle encloses Borough Kettering. Circle left center contains Broughton, a small village current population 2,000 where Samuel and his son John were born. Circle right shows where his grandfather Thomas Beebe, born 1535, lived.

More about Thomas Beebe and family

Information kindly provided by Jim Kyle.

Thomas Beebe was born about 1535 in Borough of Kettering, Northampton, England.

His grandson, John Beebe died 1650 during the crossing of the SS Speedwell. John had five sons and two daughters named in his will.

One of my wife's Beebe cousins has traced back a couple more generations before that; it's pretty much all on my WorldConnect page.

Jim Kyle, Proud Rootsweb contributor

Information kindly provided by Sharon B. Lytle and Robert Barnes Jr.

Samuel Beebe was born in Broughton, England  June 23, 1633 and d. 1712 Plum Island Suffolk. NY.

He was married to Mary Keene at New London, Conn., probably as early as 1660, Mary, daughter of William and Agnes Keeny was born about 1639 and  died March 9, 1725, "aged about 76 or 77. 

She testified at New London, Sept 30, 1662, as Mary Beebe, "aged about twenty-two years." Across the bay at this time in history was New Amsterdam. In 1664 the city was renamed New York City.

SOURCE: ( HEAMPSTEAD's  Diary, pg 155).

    Their children were (the order of births are slightly speculative):

    Samuel Feb 9, 1681-2 to Elizabeth Rogers.

    Mary 1681 to Aaron Fountain.

    Agnes Oct 22, 1685 to John Daniels.

    William to Ruth Rogers; had second wife Hannah

    Nathaniel to Elizabeth Wheeler, Jul 2, 1697

    Susanna to Thomas Crocker, as second wife, April 23, 1700.

    Jonathan to Bridget Brockway, settled in East Haddam, Conn.

    Mercy to Richard Tozer, April 8, 1702

    Thomas to Ann Hobson, Dec. 17, 1702

Kindly provided by cousin Daryl Lytton

Going back to Samuel Beebe born in 1535; his grandson John was born in Broughton, Northampton, England.

He was the one who died on the Ship Speedwell on the crossing and made his will onboard the ship.

In case you don't have the date, John d. May 18 1650 aboard the SS Speedwell, and is the grandson of Thomas b. abt 1535 England.

If you need a copy of John's will, just let me know.

NOTE: John had seven children onboard, five sons and two daughters who were named in his will.

Samuel was married to Mary Keeny (1639-1725) children Samuel, Mary, Susannah, William, Agnes, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Mercy, Thomas.

William Beebe (1665-1750) Ruth Rogers (1667-1718) children: Joseph, Samuel, Mary, Stephen, Nathan, William, Guy, Ezekiel, Lydia.

Ezekiel Beebe (1705-1779) Hannah Rogers (1710-1770)children Hannah, Jemima, Ezekiel, James, Jerusha, Sarah, Zadock, Seth, Thomas

James Beebe (1741-1814) Ruth Brooks (1741)       children Esther, Ruth, Isaac, James

NOTE: The names of all children are provided to help other researchers of this family. Names repeated time and again are difficult for researchers to sort out.

Our direct line in this record is Samuel, William, Ezekial, James and Isaac.

This line continues below by Cousin Sue.

Thanks to Sue who kindly provides further information on Isaac.

These are the ancestors of Isaac Beebe. The Beebe's that married into my Day line descended from Samuel Beebe as well.  

Isaac Beebe b) 1775 New London, CT. d) 1834 Jackson, MI. married - 1800 Marshall, Oneida, NY Olive Soule b) 1776 Marshall, Oneida, NY d) 1 Aug 1830 Chardon twp., Gueaga, OH. Children: Calvin, Fanny, Isaac, Nancy, Catherine, George W, Julia, Mary, Laura Hart, Eli, Nelson, Sally


Jul 31, 1806 a son Isaac Beebe Jr. was born at Paris, Oneida County, N.Y. This family located to Geauga County, OH.

Marriages recorded in Geauga County, OH: Alpha-numeric characters refer to the marriage book.

Alvaro to Nancy BENTON 30 Jan 1822 A 179 Chardon twp.

Calvin to Submit STARR 19 Nov 1823 A 237 Chardon twp.

Eli to Olive MERRITT 17 Feb 1836 190 Parkman twp.

George to Mahala STEVENS 07 Jun 1829 B 125      Chardon twp.

Isaac to Phoebe WILCOX 16 Jun 1824 A 257

Nelson to Caroline THWING 21 Jan 1849 D 239  Chardon twp.

Isaac and Phoebe raised their children in Ohio. It is  unclear if grandfather Isaac went to Geauga, CO. He died 1834 in Johnson County, MO.

The children of Isaac and Phoebe were born in Geauga County, Ohio, and some of them may have moved to Lee County, Iowa with their older brother Milton.

Milton M. b 1825 (3gfather)
Clarice b 1827
Alvero Nathan b 1832 (several Alveros in family.)
Nephi Espie b 1832
Enira Eunice b 1835
Isaac M b 1838      (still another Isaac)
Sarah b 1848.

NOTES: Ten years difference between births of Isaac and Sarah. Did Phoebe die, and does Sarah  have a different mother?

Nov 11, 1849 in Iowa an Isaac Beebe married a Serfe Kenny. Is this a second wife for Isaac?

In 1889 bio Milton M. Beebe was born in Ohio.

Geauga Co., Chardon twp. Ohio

1850 Milton came from Geauga County, Ohio, to Iowa near Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa in 1849.

He was about 24 years old and a wagon maker by trade.


Enumerated 1850 census in Montrose Township he was newly married and a wagon maker.

His bride, Leanah Van Ausdell was born in 1826 in Lawrence County Ohio.

Her parents were William and Polly (Hedrick) Van Ausdell, whom were both born in Ohio.

Question: Was the surname Van Ausdell Dutch?

1851 Milton and Leanah located Shelby County and lived in Picune Twp. near Manteno, Iowa between 1851 and 1857 while he was sheriff.

Although a wagon maker by trade, Milton was a successful Merchant, active in public affairs and the elected Sheriff of Shelby County for five years.

Five children were born between 1851 and 1860:

Luella G, (m Isaac Fouts).
Georgianna V. (m George Williamson)
Cornelius A. (m Mary Williamson)    (2gfather)
Kate I. (m Henry Urfer)
Mary M. (m Marion Hawley) 

They left Iowa in 1857 so Kate and Mary were born in MO or KS, between 1858 and 1865.

In 1857 Milton's sister Enira of Council Bluffs with husband Robert Dunning also moved to Wyandotte Co. Find Dunning family data here. Dunning#1   Dunning#2

Grandma Williamson Beebe and Grandma Beebe Pruitt told me Milton was robbed and murdered on his way home from the Civil War. May have been about 1865.

1866 The widow Leanah with five children returned to Shelby County, Iowa. Here the Williamson and Beebe families connect by marriage.


In the joint Williamson/Beebe bio Chauncey Williamson came to the Council Bluffs, Iowa area.

In 1869 his wife Elizabeth died at age 39 years.

In 1872 Chauncey wed the Widow Beebe.

Essentially The Beebe and Williamson children grew up in the Williamson household. Several of the Beebe and Williamson kids married each other.

Cornelius Alvero Beebe married Mary Elizabeth Williamson. Estimated date of marriage 1884 and the place the LDS Church in Manteno, Shelby Co. Iowa. Elizabeth would have been 20 years old then.

Their first child was Milton who was born in Shelby County. Milton finally married very late in life, at about the age of 60. There were no children from that union. The remaining children were born in Belton, MO.

Click photo to enlarge.

Names in the photo:

Milton b 1885 Shelby Co. Iowa

Floy Mable b May 25, 1887 Belton, Missouri.

Perlene b 1889 Belton, Missouri.

Rosie b 1891 Belton, Missouri.

Leonard b 1901 Gainesville, Texas.

There the Beebe family united in marriage with the Pruitt family.

After that the Beebe and Pruitt families lived in the Indian Nations and traveled together as a family group in steps through Oklahoma and eventually to Arkansas.