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Kerrie I am trying to confirm some details re my GG Grandparents who came from the Somerset area.  I have their immigration details of 1853 (per Trafalgar to NSW) and am unable to be certain of the town my GG Grandmother came from.  The papers seem to clearly read as Acton or Anton Somerset.  I have been unable to locate a town by this name there and am wondering if it was common habit to refer to Iron Acton as just Acton. 
The names of my ancestors are: Charles FRANKS of Acton (or Anton) Somerset
My GG Grandmother was Martha STEELE (or Steel) of Nunney, Somerset
Married in Frome 1848 ( I am awaiting the arrival of the marriage certificate which I have applied for from GRO)
Of their 3 children born in England, 2 , aged 3 and 2 at time of departure, were born in Laverton and the last in Heywood, Wiltshire listed as an infant (not long before they emigrated to NSW.)  If you could help clarify the likely place name and perhaps tell me a little about it or forward me an online link I would be most grateful.
Eric Chapman My Great Great Grandfather was a Clement CHAMPENEY born 1818 in Wedmore Somerset, he was a Farmer. I know he had one daughter Louisa CHAMPENEY who died shortly after giving birth to My Great Grandfather Harry CHAPMAN.   Louisa married a George CHAPMAN born 1831 in Winscombe Somerset. Any help would be most welcome.
Julie I am researching my husband's family and several  members are buried in the Uphill Churchyard - Mary Elizabeth DIX and her husband Fred DIX; Horatio Edgar COOPER and his wife Minnie Dix COOPER (my husband's grandparents); Ernest MARCROFT and his wife Tryphena MARCROFT; Ernest's parents Joseph and Fanny Elizabeth MARCROFT; Also some of Ernest's sisters - Fanny Elizabeth; Helen and sister in law Lucy Ann MARCROFT (married to Charles Albert MARCROFT who died in Passchendaele .. we recently visited the churchyard and the inscriptions on the graves are very hard to read - is there a map or a plan of the churchyard indicating who and where people are buried. Also interested in Charles Albert MARCROFT - according to one site found on the Internet, he is commemorated on the Uphill World War One Memorial, but we couldn't find his name at all - he is actually buried in the Tyne Cot War Cemetery, but his widow Lucy Ann was living in Uphill at the time of the Memorial being built. Any help at all would be gratefully received.
Jaime I am working on my family tree and I have found data on my family in two different areas of Somerset. But I can't seem to find any more information on my great-great-great-great grandfather John WHITE who was born in Clutton, Somerset, England. All I know is that he was born in 1777 and married to an Anna.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jan Foss

I have been trying to find a birth record for Jennie Mable HEARST (spelling may vary) born 27 Sep 1870 supposedly in Somerset.  She came to US abt 1889 and married William ELDRED - I have information from her marriage on but need to find her birth.  Oral tradition was that she came to US with an older brother and perhaps a sister and that her father was a '"vetinarian " or more likely a Ferrier in England - again supposedly was credited as being the first one to set a horse's leg verses shooting the horse- it was thought his name was John.  The 1900 census says she immigrated in 1889; the 1910 census put it at 1870; the 1930 census put her coming in 1880.  Family members remember her talking about coming over as a young child so I would guess somewhere between 1880-1889 (she married William 3 Sept 1889.  It was  also believed she was a cook for the Leavenworth KS Warden's family.
ANY information that would help me find her birth  in England would be great!

Chris I am researching the name PENNY and my search has led me to the Radstock area of Somerset,now I am stuck.  I have a marriage for Robert PENNY and Ann HORLER for September 21st 1795, in St. Nicholas Church, Radstock.  Robert shown as "from Kilmersden" and Ann "from Buckland Dinham".
I have not been able to find either of their births/baptisms.  Any help would be gratefully received.
John Fisher I am researching the life of Fanny NEWMAN, my Great Grandmother.  Her Father was William NEWMAN who was a tinsmith in Wincanton, and in 1861 owned "The Bear Inn" in Wincanton.  Fanny was born on September 8th 1848.  She does not appear with her family in the 1861 census.  It is known that she went to New Zealand where she married George Arthur OBORN, on May 11 1868.  Her Mother has the surname of GREEN and I am seeking the history on her Mother's side.  I am also trying to find out how and when she travelled to New Zealand.  Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

My great grandmother was Elizabeth HIPPISLEY born 23/9/1856 in Yatton. On her marriage certificate her father John is described as a plate layer.  I believe this John may have been bom about 1820, again in Yatton but then it all becomes rather confusing as there were different HIPPISLEY families in the area and some being Quakers.  I would like to find John's wife, parents and siblings if possible so if anyone out there can help I'd be very grateful.

Richard Anderson I'm looking for the parents of my 3rd great-grandfather, John CRIDGE. He was born in 1790 in Chard (near Taunton). His parents might be Thomas CRIDGE and Sarah CHANNING.  John was a carpenter. He married Maria BEATON on March 19, 1826 at St. Mary Magdalene in Taunton. The CRIDGEs lived at Harmony Row in Thurlbear until they immigrated to New York in 1832. Also, does anyone have access to pre 1832 Somerset directories? I'd love to know if any CRIDGEs are listed in Chard and at Harmony Row. For more information check out my web page at  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Diane and Graham

I am trying to find any records for my great grandfather William George DARBY born C1859 Taunton, Somerset and his family. I have not been able to locate any birth/christening records or any census record prior to 1891. Here is the information I have so far:

  1. Marriage certificate for George DERBY & Susan POMEROY – married 03 April 1889  Registers Office, Stoke Damerel, Devon. George’s age is listed as 30yrs on the marriage certificate. Fathers name is listed as Samuel DERBY. The occupation for George is listed as labourer. I’m not sure of his father Samuel’s occupation as it is hard to read but looks like Malaster. 
  2. Death certificate of Susan DARBY (nee POMEROY) – husband shown as William George DARBY occupation general labourer who was present at time of death. Living at time of death Blindwell, Millbrook, Cornwall
  3. 1901 census – George DARBY listed as born c1865 Taunton Somerset. Occupation listed as clay quarry man.
  4. 1891 census – George DERBEY listed as born c1857 Marilan Somerset (have not been able to locate a place called Marilan). Occupation listed as general laborer
  5. Children of George DARBY & Susan POMEROY were all born Millbrook, Cornwall and are Maud 1891, George 1897, Mabel 1898 & Samuel 1900. According to the 1911 census there was a 5th child (deceased) this could be Elizabeth born St. Germans Cornwall 1889. 
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
William Pope I would appreciate any leads to my ggggg grandfather, James POPE, born about 1720 in England, married to Mary LNU, about 1746 possibly in Smarden, Kent, England, died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, sometime after 1760.  He and his wife had three sons, George Whitefield POPE, possibly christened September 22, 1751, in Taunton St. Mary, Somerset, England; Richard, born about 1748 in England; and, Charles, born in England between 1746 and 1748.  A report in the Rowan County, North Carolina library says that James POPE was related to Alexander POPE, the poet, but I have not found anything to back this up.  Mary POPE, by then a widow, settled with her three sons in Guilford County, North Carolina, between 1775 and 1780.  George Whitefield POPE became a prominent Baptist minister in North Carolina, and died about 1818.  I do not know what became of his brothers, Richard and Charles, other than they also apparently took up residence in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Mary POPE, the widow of James POPE died in Guilford County, North Carolina, date of death unknown. 
Shirley Allen I have for some time been researching my family and have one branch that comes from St Cuthbert, Wells. My GG Grandfather was John Henry COX a mariner born in Wells, we have a copy of a death record for his father Henry COX which showed him as a garden worker and that he was 'accidentally killed'  age 30 record date 31st January 1848 (ref No 1661) however I cannot find any BMD death details and cannot therefore request a death certificate. Could anyone suggest a way forward with this? I shall be coming to Shepton Mallet area in May this year and would like to visit the local records office to continue my search. I have details that Henry Married Jane PETVIN from Street and my GG Grandfather John Henry COX was born c1842, I now know he had a sister Ann born c1844 and a brother Charles c1847 and I have copies of their baptism records but have been unable to find any further details for them. Could someone please direct me to the relevant office's. I have just joined the Somerset & Dorset FHS and am waiting for their confirmation of my membership.
Andy Wooton

I am researching one Stephen GUNNING B 1815-1887 who was resident in and around Wells Somerset in St Cuthbert Out.   He married a woman with the name of a Hebrew origin - Tirzah.   I am trying to find out if there was a Jewish community in the area at the time or if it was a fashionable thing to take a Hebrew based name.  Tirzah means delightful-pleasant.  Would be grateful for any information.  Thanks in anticipation.

Valerie I am seeking information about my great grandfather, Thomas JEFFERIES (JEFFRIES) who was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, UK, in 1838. I have no knowledge of his parents or siblings, have not been able to find him on the census or bmd,  but am told that as a young boy he emigrated (or stowed away) and jumped ship in Newfoundland, Canada.  The first documentary evidence I have is of his marriage to Jane Langdon on Exploits Island, Newfoundland in December 1867.  Any further information would be most welcome.  Many thanks. 
Douglas Wisner My Grandfather Douglas LLEWELLYN was born on November 24 1881, in Bath, to Salome LLEWELLYN, a teacher of music,  The Father was not listed.  I am unable to find any records on Salome LLEWELLYN in any BMD, 1881 or any other census returns.  Any help on how I may be able to trace my Grandmother would be gratefully appreciated.
Alice Lockwood Brenner

I am trying to find more information on the following WEBB Families:  James WEBB b. Oct 28, 1826 in Somerset England married Ruth ROBINSON b.  Feb 19 1829 in Somerset, England.  James WEBB's father was Jonathan WEBB b. 1805 who married Elizabeth ROUSE b. 1805.  Any  help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

Beverly John O. ROOKE was born 28 Oct 1814 son of William ROOKE and Sarah CRIDGE. He was apparently christened at Stogumber. Left England abt 1837 and came into Canada and then United States. I have an 1841 Eng Census which a Wm ROOK and a Sarah ROOK. This is all the start I have to find my William, Sarah and family.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sue My brick wall is that I know my ggg grandmother was born in the Taunton area about 1789.  Her names was Sarah DIBBLE.  I have found 3 Sarahs born/baptized around that  time in Lydeard St Lawrence.  My Sarah married Henry WILLOUGHBY in Cheltenham  9th April 1817.  I hope that there may be someone at the Somerset end who knows that their DIBBLE family moved to Cheltenham.  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you.
Kenneth Poole My great-great-grandfather WILLIAM POOLE was baptised in Bridgewater, Somerset, on 3 January 1800. His father JOHN was married to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Sarah PRIOR, on 13 December 1782 and buried, I think, on 1 March 1840. Is there any further information about him or his forebears. My guess is that he is a grandson or great grandson of JOHN , who married Grizil SEALY in 1688.  Any help with this brick wall would be gratefully appreciated.
Peter Jones I am researching my SMITH family connections in South Wales, but it appears that they originated in Somerset.  My 2 x great grandfather was James SMITH who I think was born in Pensford in 1846.  From his marriage certificate I know that his father was Joseph SMITH, but I am having trouble in establishing his details from the 1851 census where there are several possible matches.  If anyone has access to parish records or the like, any help in resolving this would be gratefully appreciated.
Janet O'Flaherty
My 3xggrandfather William COUSINS married Hannah PRIDIE 1810 in Oxford, Hannah died in 1829. William married again to Fanny JACKSON.   The only marriage I can find for this is 20 Jan 1830 in Walcott, Somerset.  Is there SKS who could look up this marriage and see if there are any more details?
Fanny Jackson nee` PRIDIE was the sister of Hannah (an unlawful marriage, which might explain why they married in Somerset instead of Oxford where they were from).  I think Fanny died in Weston Supermare Somerset in 1864, (waiting for the certificate).  William and his family were non-conformists so the marriage might have been in a Chapel.  Any help would be very much appreciated.
Ron Counsell Our family name is COUNSELL It comes from the Country Somersetshire in England.  I have been doing a lot of research on the name and found out that Somersetshire at one time was called the Counsell land due to the land grand’s that they were given. I would like to find out more info on this if possible. I am doing history on our family tree and I have got up to the 7th generation of the COUNSELL family. Is there anyone that can give me more info? I am a COUNSELL and a descendent of King James 1.  Thank you 
William Thomas I am seeking any information on the following:

John THOMAS, born March 29,1663 in North Petherton, Somerset Co. EnglandName of the Wife(?) of the above John THOMAS.  John THOMAS, born November 20, 1686 in North Petherton, Somerset Co. England.  Married (1)Joan WHITE, born, Novermber 29, 1710 in North Petherton, Somerset Co England.  Married (2) Jonne DYKE, December 26, 1729 in North Petherton Somerset Co England

Any information on the following John THOMAS's who were born in North Petherton from1588 to 1699
John Thomas born 10 January 1588----Father (?)_________Mother(?)_________
John Thomas born 9 February 1617----Father ________Mother(?)_________
John Thomas b 29 March 1663---Father John Thomas, Mother(?)__________
John Thomas born 8 September1678---Father William Thomas, Mother Elizabeth MEADE
John Thomas born 20 November 1686---Father John Thomas, Mother Joan WHITE
John Thomas born 10 December 1699---Father John Thomas, Mother Katherine (?)

Any Information on Francis THOMAS, (Sr). born July 24, 1724 in North Petherton
Mary PARKHOUSE--- Have no information on Mary Parkhouse

Could not find a marriage for Francis and Mary---A Bastardly Order was issued by Church Wardens for support of Francis Jr.

Any Information on Francis Thomas (Jr) PARKHOUSE born 30 September 1766 in Cheddon Fitzpaine Somerset England.  Francis Thomas(Jr.) PARKHOUSE at some point moved to Bath, Walcot Parish and married Eleanora DISCUNB who was born in 1764 in probably Devon County England 

I would appreciate any information on these THOMAS's in Cheddon Fitzpaine.

Scott Griffin

 I have researched my family tree back to Somerset but now I'm at a dead end. 

My relative is William GRIFFIN (born 1575 in West Pennard, Somerset, England/died 1666) - he was married to Mary ROGERS (born 28 Apr 1576 in England).  They had at least one son, also named William (born 26 May 1596).  If you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated.

Angela Cooke

I am not sure what the procedure is joining/asking for help?  I have a lot of ancestry in Somerset who came over to South Wales during the coal rush.

1) I have managed to get back to Thomas COOK/E married in Brent knoll in 1823 to a Maria NORRIS.  I have found her, but he remains very elusive before that date. I have tried all the usual sources.  They are down in 1841 as living in 'Vole'

2) Ditto for his son Gilbert Alfred COOK/E, born in 1824,brent knoll, married Sarah FISHER (mark) in 1848, had a son Edward in 1851 in Shapwick, but ALL these disappear until Edward turns up in Cardiff in 1881 only to disappear again-although family rumour has it this time he left his family and went to the US.

Where on earth does one go now!  I have been trying to overcome these problems for about 8 years.  Time is always against me!-so any lead would be fantastic.  Thanks

Marie Cox
New Zealand

I am trying to find information regarding my 2x great uncle Henry COX who was born at Brean Somerset on the 25th March 1879.  His father was Jeffrey COX and his mother Adelaide Cox nee PETHERAM.  The family lived at Plaish Farm in Mark Somerset. 

I have found Henry still living at home with his parent's on the 1901 census but cannot trace him after that.  Unfortunately I do not know if he married or not so am unable to provide any other info.  Family thought he may have gone to Canada like his sister Una but research there has also drawn a blank.

If you are able to help in any way I would be very grateful. 
Ian Byers

My g-g-g-grandfather was John ROWLAND (jnr), b. c. 1816, a native of Ruishton, Somerset (?), whose parents were John ROWLAND (snr) b. c. 1782, and Jane SULLEY (birth date unknown), John jnr's parents married in St Mary's Church, Taunton on 29 Dec 1806. 

John jnr's siblings were - John b 1807 (d. before 1816), Elizabeth b 1810, who married Ephraim COZENS c. 1834, Hannah b. 1812, Mary b. 1814 and Martha b. 1817. John's mother Jane d. c. 1839. 

I would be interested to know any information on John jnr's grand-parents, and Jane SULLEY's parents & grand parents.

Betty Looking for Descendants of James PHILLIPS & Caroline BOWERMAN
Newland PHILLIPS b: 04 FEB 1889 in Wellington, Somerset,  was the youngest son of James PHILLIPS (1844 - 1898)  & Caroline BOWERMAN (1848 - 1892) who were married 27 SEP 1871 in Wellington, Somerset, England.  Newland was a home child sent to Canada by the Dr. Barnardo organization, arriving in St John, New Brunswick, Canada aboard the SS Scotsman 03 APR 1899, with his older brother Harry PHILLIPS b: 1887. Newland and Harry were separated and Newland lost track of Harry's whereabouts and unfortunately had no further contact with his family back in England. Newland died 31 JAN 1986 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Caroline I am researching my new son in law's family who emigrated from North Curry / Stoke St Gregory and married in Western Australia. I have been unable to trace any evidence of when he emigrated. Charles Henry Dare Hawker b 1873 in North Curry, Somerset. He was still resident in 1881 in North Curry and married in 1898 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (Mabel Taylor). Any help much appreciated.



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