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General Publications

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The Town:

Old Waltham Abbey in Pictures

King Harold's Town

A Walk round Waltham Abbey

The Legend of Waltham Abbey

The Legend of the Miraculous Cross of Waltham

Local History:

Copped Hall: A Short History

Copped Hall in its Heyday

The Bells of Waltham Abbey Church

Biography & Local Memories:

Lady Mary Wroth

Nettles in the Privy

Worthies of Waltham Abbey - Volume 1

Worthies of Waltham Abbey - Volume 2

Diary of an ARP Warden

I Remember...

The War Years

Get Some In!

Reprints & Source Material:

A List of Copyhold Tenants in 1749

Winters' The Burial of Harold at Waltham

Winters' The Pilgrim Fathers

Winters' The Pilgrim Fathers - an Index

A Poor Diet?


50 Years of History



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