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Old Waltham Abbey in Pictures

K. N. Bascombe

A delightful little volume of old photographs of the town and its people.

A5 booklet.
Price: 2.00
Order Code: GEN001

King Harold's Town

John Camp and Dinah Dean

A literary tour of the historic old town centre.

A5 booklet.
Price: 85p
Order Code: GEN002

A Walk round Waltham Abbey

Ken Bascombe

A visitor's walking guide to the sights and history of Waltham Abbey. With illustrations by John Bentley.

A5 booklet.
Price: 80p
Order Code: GEN003

The Legend of Waltham Abbey

William Burges

A reprint of William Burges' account of the famous legend, together with a history of the Abbey. Originally published in 1860, whilst the author was restoring the Abbey Church.

A5 booklet.
Price: 1.00
Order Code: GEN004

The Legend of the Miraculous Cross of Waltham

Dinah Dean

A modern-language presentation of the 12th Century account De Inventione Sanctae Crucis Nostre, written by one of the Canons of Waltham Abbey and translated by F. S. Baker and K. N. Bascombe.

A5 booklet.
Price: 75p
Order Code: GEN005

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