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A List of Copyhold Tenants in 1749

Compiled by L. Greenall

This transcript of a document held at Northamptonshire record Office lists 136 copyholders of the manor of Waltham Holy Cross, together with details of their places of abode. A table is included, showing that only about half the copyholders actually lived locally. Just the sort of information a stuck genealogist dreams of!

A5 booklet.
Price: 20p
Order Code: GEN017

The Burial of Harold at Waltham

William Winters

A forcefully argued assertion that king Harold was buried at Waltham Abbey, with quotations and references to many respected writers of different ages. First published as a limited edition of 750 copies in 1892.


A5 booklet.
Price: £1.50
Order Code: GEN018

Memorials of the Pilgrim Fathers

William Winters

Biographical accounts of John Eliot and his associates of Nazeing and Waltham Abbey. Almost 2,000 personal names are mentioned in the text. First published in 1882 for the Royal Historical Society.

A5 booklet.
Price: £2.50
Order Code: GEN019

Memorials of the Pilgrim Fathers - an Index

Compiled by Cliff Gould and Janet Grove

A comprehensive index to the nearly 2,000 personal names to be found in the text of William Winters' Memorials of the Pilgrim Fathers. Each index entry includes a brief biographical note on its subject.

A5 booklet.
Price: £1.00
Order Code: GEN020

A Poor Diet? Food and Clothing at Waltham Abbey’s Workhouse in 1818

L. Greenall

A transcript of a list of foodstuffs and household requisites printed by the Church Vestry for their newly-established workhouse in 1818, in order to attract tenders from local tradesmen. Details of the successful tenders are also given.

An accompanying article discusses various oddities of the list; for example whilst it includes a wide range of meats, “good Dutch cheese” and “good Irish butter”, it mentions no fruit and hardly anything worthy of being called a vegetable.

A small peep into the diet of early 19th century Waltham Abbey.

A5 booklet.
Price: 25p
Order Code: GEN021

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