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50 Years of History

When Waltham Abbey Historical Society decided to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2003, a longer-than-normal newsletter was planned, containing references to Society activities and successes over the years. But it very quickly turned into this 100-page book!

Chapters include the Society's formative years, its fight to establish a local museum and to save the town centre from 'modernisation' (both successful), an overview of the latest knowledge of the Abbey's history as learnt through WAHS' forays into archaeology, accounts of Society events and publications over the years, and a list of every archaeological dig WAHS has been involved with, together with details of their published reports.

A5 book.

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Three computer-generated views, based on archaeological evidence, of the Norman church of the secular college, begun c.1090 and keeping King Harold's chancel (c.1060) as its transept.

The Augustinian Abbey church which followed in 1177 involved a great extension to the east of this transept.

The nave shown in these views survives today as the present parish church.

Price: 20p each.

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