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Project 21

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Memorial Inscriptions of the Parish Churchyard and the Baptist Church Burial Ground


This transcript of the Memorial Inscriptions of the Abbey Churchyard was originally made shortly before the majority of tombstones were removed in 1977. But when the data was being prepared for publication it was soon realised that earlier records contained extra information, for instance of stones that had disappeared or faded before the 1970s.

Consequently, it was decided to delay publication  in order to compare the data with that from all four other known records of the churchyard inscriptions, made c.1710-30, 1735, 1885 and 1952.

All five sets of records are included in this Project, along with additional records from the Baptist burial ground, a bibliography, an index of personal names, and a plan showing the exact location of each churchyard gravestone before removal.

101 pages, with a bibliography and an overall personal name index.

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